Friday, February 14, 2014

Tools Of The Trade

May love be the Arrow tipped with a Kiss and the Bow deliver the Hug that should never be missed.

Curiously Asked

May the guest be of invitation. A shirt is a statement of sorted relation. Masked with more than worn-out, a curious sort of wow, displays that entice the crowd.

The persons symptoms seem to say, I feel so lucky albeit a pace. People scramble to see the face, I wonder is there missing type that states the case?

The City fills up these halls, the board rooms seemed a little displaced, the courage it took to not walk away, I must admit, the strength in stayed, amazed me on that video replay.

Smiles worn, squished in scorn? couldn't tell, looked to the right and said 'oh,well' I guess it's good to know the Tell, that seemed so strange, almost like Hell.

The venture followed, the mirrored effect, a pin to show, the lonely room, the poolside venue, no laughter boomed, do you have the resources for, these flights that seem to be ignored?

Not that I worry, I am like a mouse, I just was curious about the tout, that is pictured upon wherever you're found, seems as if you're making a signaled route.

Really, it's just a question that I won't hear, the answer is, yours to fear, after life seems to cheer, upon your chest I see it clear: Wondering?

No Contest.

Forward Views Passed News

 The danger in risk is not in the miss,
it's the hit, the advancement of what proves to list.

Original in Written,
the stance barely told,
the story of life,
amazingly old.

The centered idea, a mind within cord,
imagination is better as knowledge is stored.

This mortal body, a prison thereof,
is only a chore in this given role,
 releasing such bars to See so much more!!

Escaping with ease,
a well-practiced move,
to galaxy dimensions,
to Read better clues.

The 'Work' of this 'Balance'
robotic response,
the journey of the quest,
is to train for the test.

As Over-World reads,
to be just a deed,
the breath I don't inhale,
warms me to ski.

A zone or a drift,
to lift this exist, the next life was scene,
in simply a tip.


Lead Lines

The Picture, the Verse,
a Mind on display,
connections are certain,
to play with words.

The paraphrased stanza,
are riddles in form,
a poetic rhythm in simply performed.

The rite of a conscience,
the delicate ink,
lends 'purchase' to find,
we all do not think.

In streaming of do,
I imagine the 'Proof'
a human relation,
now Satellites move.

No longer the touch of what proves a 'Race'
the 'Love' or the 'Place'
instead it's the tender of spoken erased.

Long 'Past' forgotten,
books now in sought,
common themes become,
letter and words,
 only dreams that are brought.

The whip or the chains,
the fifty-shades brain,
the watch of the talk,
makes empty to plain.

Know action conversed,
the ream in rehearsed,
lost Ages are Pages,
the service on turf.

Obedience, Control,
discipline is bold.

The Order is Set,
the doing of told,
the role of the follow becomes only Script,
if lives are not born with practiced equipped.

To spark in ignite,
the more in the night,
the extension of hands,
develops new plans.

Now I ride difference with lyrics in said,
the only place driven the Lairs of not dead.

A dungeon presents a life to a View,
the sensual drive to the steer of what's been,
the Flame of my Hymn.

Knot 'Watched' nor believed,
my mind issue's peek,
at what makes the curious,
an interesting take!! 


The extraction of the hymn,
the verse of a blend,
the words will know healing,
a Life in a bend.

This Circle of Find,
all alone in a wind,
reversing repetition,
releasing intertwined.

The melody of music,
heard without news,
commercial reminds,
that blue is attuned.

Post Haste to turn-off,
this faucet or walk,
to seek-out no record,
in karmic debate.

To repeat the same mistake,
a Life is not paved,
the stick of this talk,
a carrot of trade.

To stoke only burnt,
remains of the play,
the script of a past,
a future in caved.

To have sought out the keep,
the dungeon of route,
the rails so loud,
in an open kowtow.

The minds of a crowd,
the matter so black,
the whole in the fact,
the Site to look back.

Silk Threads