Monday, December 5, 2011

Do you remember the pact that you have made with the Ancient Ones?


(Originally written in 2008.)

I thought I would re-post it today so that our purpose for being is found and we can recognize the importance of standing for whatever we may believe in so strongly that it will transcend space and deliver to you the time to wake within your core so that your very self will find time to react to the surroundings that we are facing today.  You then will be able to accomplish each and every goal and or task that you are required to do in this life.  We are not mistakes, everything happens for a reason and often times the reasons are bigger than ourselves. Without a reason to be, we will not do the things we must; We will fail in our mission for a cure and many will have been killed or will have died in Vain.  For we are all here for a reason and we must accomplish our purpose for being or the misery, the negativity, the destruction and the apathy will befall you and your loved ones in life and in death. Stand strong, wake yourself to this reality.

Good Luck.

Much Love,
A Kindred Spirit.

It began:

This was all voluntary.............;

When two souls join back together after learning each lesson and/or after experiencing, seeing and understanding every one of those lessons and/or experiences then we will know that we are in is what will be called “The Continue”. Knowing that some of you will be forever lost, this is the cost each of you willingly accepts as the price to cure this disease. Those of you that become lost will be cherished by each and every one of us for eternity. As a protection/inoculation from this disease and to impress and stamp urgency on your souls, one of you shall be immortal and the other invincible. This will be written on your soul at the beginning of your journey. You will not know now which stamp you will receive, but this stamp will be you homing device if the other has caught the disease and is dying. Because this disease takes no preference to the victim, the stamp shall be interchangeable between you to ensure that if the disease is contracted by one or the other of you. This is the best and quickest map back to the other before they die.

This journey is perilous and many of you will not return. We do not know the source or cause of this disease, which is why this is being done. On the same note, this means we do not know who will fall victim or why. This journey that you are about to embark on will give us these answers. With that knowledge we can create a cure. We know that when this disease is contracted, some die and others remain sick. However, they continue to pass it on, either knowingly or unknowingly. We are not certain how this works. Knowing that if this disease is contracted, you are either killed by it or you become a carrier is where the strength and conviction each of you have in your matched soul will be your guide.

Those of you that lose your match, you will be protected from any further threat, also you will not continue this journey with the same agenda. The loss of your match will be . . . well, it is felt amongst us now, so you will then embark on a journey of healing yourself. When this journey begins you will then remember all that is now being said, you will be able to draw some strength to continue on towards the next phase of your journey. You will now know that this has been a last effort for a cure. Look around, remember the power that surrounds all of you now. As long as you are able to feel this in your soul, then you will know the battle for the cure has not ended. Knowing this you will leap to you next task, each of you will need signs, reminders and vessels to draw strength from; to remind your soul of all this being said and to remember that it will take only one set of matched souls to end this disease. No matter what the progression or how many it has infected, the two souls that find their match with the knowledge of this disease and how it is being spread, you both will immediately be empowered by the other. This will be the beginning of the end of this disease that is bringing mankind to extinction. The hurt will be unfamiliar because you have not known all of this that is being said, know this and draw your comfort in the knowledge that this will be over for all of us when the first two have the cure. At this moment, we will all win this battle against eternal death for each and every soul. This cure will be the vaccine that enables man to take the next step through time.

You all will be at risk of the unknown and that is why this has all been voluntary. The purity of a matched set of souls is our best defense and also the biggest risk. Should one of you become ill and not die and your matched soul does not get to you soon enough to . . . ; then you will become our biggest threat. Your memories, power and sight will remain with you but you will be filled with sickness. The actual impact is not known to us, so, it will be left up to each of you to decide what to do, and compassion shall be your guide. The sight of one of your own soul circle using knowledge, power and sight to destroy not only the weak but if recognized will destroy you without hesitation. Only at that moment will you be filled with the wisdom to act.

A personal note from me, dated 12/4/2011.

Much love from a Family that cannot be, but is!! Standing strong against the adversary of Time, Force and the Faith that speaking with Liberty and Freedom of thought, mind and spirit is a right not an accepted factual law given by the ones that would like you to meet your death.  Even if a Contract must be written to end you in what would appear a natural act.  Oh Well, at least me and mine shall fall as one, that leaves you.

I wonder what our purpose is on this Earth and then I realize that it is nothing more than becoming who we must Naturally BE!!


The day that you suffer,
will be the day that I dare,
for you to take or stop this blare,
of all this rage and bare the age,
that you could also be a sage.

I see it coming,
I see it clear,
I hear your minds,
they speak of lines.
It sounds just like your vocal sound,
rolls off your tongue, with words your done.

So stop the pain, I cannot gain,
for silence roars, I play the game.
Find the Man that knows these ways,
your luck may change before I rage.
From words that stick inside your brain.

The Begin

The proper AIM, when TIME is taken to be truthful and not mean Spirited!!

I see anger,
there is rage,
I've seen red in the memories of a Sage.
I engage.

What will you run from?
No Regrets can be had?
You destroy without thought or regard?
What exactly is it you have sought?

People don't change?
Years of the same?
History through passages,
eternity stopped!

Why the accusations?
Why do you blame?
The blood that does run goes both ways,
or do you believe that it is a sum?

Adds up? What you are, it takes two to continue!
Creation will seek the delivery, it was mean!
Assumption so strong,
no name was acknowledged,
the blame,
the contempt was well aimed,
it was true, it hit with poison too.

It even said "Thank You,"
not once but it said twice.
Signed by a person who has no mind to address.
There was no name to insult,
taken away, couldn't even get that.

You took the rights that I had,
made a Trash Can that day.
A letter should be announced,
so you see; the intention was true,
the hurt was felt hard and definitely, from you.

To only have signed your improper name,
was on purpose, was by your design.
You made it so, that I am not obvious or seen,
I am invisible, you have damned me.

So, turn your cold shoulder,
search for your relief,
for my dear Rebecca, the differences in reasons,
you would have never believed.

Lies do not tout,
years you've been out.
I never told you anything about.
My Life, nor my birth, my death or this Earth,
for I only survived,
my Mother did drive.

The difference between she and I,
my mother and me
My Mother can't stop,
and I just will not.