Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Grill Calling Served

The thought to change anything revolves at the Question or The Perception of: Need or Want. Seeking out the enlightenment to "self" is never a disappointment; for in such a search you can expand the journey into a life.

Listening and Entertaining idea's (proposed or Not) will edge you out into the belief you seek. Religion is so daunting to me.  Involving a great amount of self-reflection into "why" one is here, walking today, yet, spirituality is so much work.  Almost as it is easier to follow than to lead yourself, to trust, what may be, faith in humanity.

Globally or Universally spoken, I listen.  It is not the good or the bad that shapes any one person, but, the combination of both that derives the outcome of what that individual will chose as a representation of their said belief.

"It would have been nice if anyone checked-in not twice, but once."
sadness takes me.

"I dream of prosperity, of Mind, of Body, of Pocket Book, of Marriage."

I think on my twin soul on these accounts.

"Why do we just not do a natural thing or two each day?  Why must we pay before we play?  What are natural wonders if I cannot dream or put asunder pain?  The answers come with the game."

August 11th 2012

"I find that the strangeness of a day will not give in any way to delight, until you have interested yourself in knowing the "why." Even at that, the days that cause you to cock your head to the side and ask yourself nothing at all, are just weird.  As if you are modeling clay in your mind.  I would say somehow that this would bring relief, but it never does.  It just takes out the equation of pensive thought."

July 31st 2012

"To ride the rail of circumstance, do you know? What's the chance, that you'll find; a perfect dance to search out..........a strangers stance right into the turn of........what?  You missed the road to......Why?"

August 1st 2012

"The surge of what is and never can, relieves me from should.  To love a man from the first of a strange in time in recount of propose, I laugh at all that impacted my life since.  To the regard of Limerence as a defense, I celebrate my lack of choice in such.  For such a state has saved me from the moves of Men.  Since '04 or at the exact, oh beautiful! date and time sets my bind with him.  Dear Blunt, you are.  Thanks for being yourself, existing, and, singing of annoying things.  You have captivated my need to protect myself from Liars on account of whom says rude and assuming things about closeness."

August 23rd 2012

"I scream to know myself, to discover my worth.  Why?? I'm an outcast!  Silence fills my being.  The hush of All-Time, listens to the blame.  Execution of the written word, replacing ugliness of speech, damage still occurs.  Demons protest.  Date yourself to know my now.  I will not kowtow to your filth.  To place upon my ears, with eyes that read your text.  I object to your tact.  Obscene.  To classify my name in repetitious beat, I fame.  A malignancy, the wipe-out of your word with the ending of a name (not hers). to period for piece.  I state.....{you're insane} I poll, not I, but sin.  Rip not your life through mine."

August 28th 2012

"World of Toll:
         How doth thou count?
         Thy will go into depth of soul, know your 'morrow sorrows upon sight of your right.  The tumbling of Nature's plight identifies this sight.  Mother Earth dies in "Might" why fight?  I charge your want to need, in this I give myself plausible try.  The Nine, the Eleven, the numbers of my Type, calculate my birth, feel this turf, and, know my worth is to Earth Itself.  In this I plea to all of thee, that share an ear to hear such a plea for you count in numbers too."

August 28th 2012

"I skate in and out of sight, my mind frozen while about.  Stuck in scenes of yesterday, I strike a formal cry of why?  Messages of old times past, push through in the breath of thought I'm spun in the stuck of a strange force, needing to show me reason of source.  Rational thought in such sight of disturbing fright ~ concerns.  To see myself in late night ~ Sepia moved.  The terror of the After matter of such shock has brought on so much talk.  Shame on that.  As a fact, I wish it had been then that caused such a case ~ not now."

August 30th 2012

"Born with a purpose is a difficult way to understand that all we know and all we do, the reason we walk, a certain beat, comes from a bigger place than ourselves.  I have fought with myself about delivering this message to earth.  Thinking that it should come from a man and not a girl, I have put off the inevitable.  I concede to the call of a greater purpose than my own conscious telling me that not one person will listen to these words of mine."

September 5th 2012

"A clear and distinct sight, life weights our lives.  The days of older Times gave strength, of signs.  So beautifully, we gathered ourselves to better each and every tell.  I write with the script of voice.  With tact I carry on towards a begin.  To pass the scrolls no more, there is no belief in only exist.  A scrib in Old Times Past has taught of forward memory kept.  In a modest vein of where the truth flows, I often see my mind, it seems to have been stowed in verse.  The dearest residence of a respected site, to find a comfort where there is no fight."

September 9th 2012

"The Ninth Understanding leads you to the road of knowing Knowledge for yourself.  The transformation of a Conscious Mind is not an easily obtained goal to achieve without great consideration to the ultimate outcome.  To capture thought in the design of complete structure as oppose to those (AN) unfinished blur's of the random speech which pours from your mind, carries a tremendous burden to what you have already said in spoken verse.  The casual shall become the responsible, each and every action carries a burden of impact. No longer can you excuse your tactless behavior or tasteless words, with, "A bad day" or "I was speaking my mind". "

September 10th 2012
'The Book of the Nine Understandings'

"The construct of a star in a dimension so far; that the angular view of what to do, teaches a few to look to Creation to know this too.  Acceptance of depth as your dimensional scope of understanding hope, is an interesting concept to introduce believing in the faith of what is in actual reality, in order to trust that it is in the venture of your mind's eye that delivers sight of so much more."

September 12th 2012

"The birth of a concept on "Why" answers nothing, but, asks it all in a simple word."

September 12th 2012

"In the worth of our mind, a suggestion to be kind to yourself is wise and very prudent to avoid a miserable demise, in a life full of lies.  The candor of One's self is or should be in a peaceful design as to not be behind in practice or become blind to a progression of thought, or, a desire to think with independence, and, not sink into the desperation that you are not one with a majority.  Standing apart from any given idea creates fear amongst those that you have distanced yourself.  In this, you, as a human being, develop a broader view of what is, and, further your message, your own Mind's thought, against this product of fear, that you created with only a thought of difference."

September 12th 2012
For the Wisdom of Sake; original.

"We inhabit 'A Body' of Store; a spirit of, there is so much more.  To be so full of doubt of such causes your place of inhabitance to abhor.  A splitting of personality, do you stay or do you leave.  A time of spacial difference, moving with hesitance could be bad.  Knowing, practicing a wisdom found, is better than the assumptions of the thrown."

September 19th 2012

"The value of review is paramount.  To find an apology for what has happened, it would have healed me had it been genuine."

September 14th 2012

"I remember the incident that sent me down memory lane.  Triggered by my best friend's father's need to have his (Manhood) cock sucked."

September 14th 2012
Visiting Eliza in El Dorado Hills, Calif.

"What shall come will be within the confines of me.  To speak of the future as if it were the past, shall last.  Turn away from your assumed ignorance, embrace instead a Knowledge of why.  To declare a Faculty instead of an understanding, tempers the gods at best."

October 1st 2012

Dear Truth,

         Bury yourself, for lies are abundant.  

         Misleading words that lead to disturbing lives, has caused me to lose the innocence of faith in the random Human Being.  Again, I find that purpose could indeed be a state for another to destroy you.

Yours truly,

October 6th 2012

"I check my feelings at the door to KNOW there is always more.  No matter what, until your death, belief is nigh, and, jokes are many.  As in every "True Life Story" it is not until the belief becomes the bitterness you breathe that you take thought to interest your day."

October 11th 2012

"Where is it?
Did you find it?
Your life before?

When you came, did you see?
Do you remember?
Your claim? Your life? Your love?

To know of so little, after so much has been said, should cause you to blush with shame."

October 15th 2012
Nothing is what it seems

"The destruction of an individual idea for the growth of even further ignorance, seems counterproductive to becoming wise to future tells."

October 15th 2012


Decide that the find of apathy is the destruction of humanities moral principles is trusting sound.  
In wise beyond the Earth there have been discoveries in ancient tongues that bring description,
on to use the hand in the times of loss, 
it remains to be with the comprehension of persons forwarding lies.

As the sentence to the flood in the burning desire to now speak, 
it is the truth setting the table of lives, at death, at debt, at breadth.

As the life of the human being is both rare, plus unique, to subtract care is the fact of being left in isolation.  Should the tremble be of a specific shake, than to have left people in dire situations is people cursing the bleeding to the allowance of death itself.

In this late distribution of being told a worry, a concern over actions to belt.  An interesting tact to boat the float of no oar, just stabbing the ship with timber by snail.  Now in written have been many regards to persons being left by, and, with the echo of words ringing their brains in loneliness steered. To have had my attention brought to the soak, I still my candor, to engage the work of the curse.

Originally heard by my sister saying in plain of the dining room this: "You should take a gun and blow your head off it would be the best thing for the family."  My sister threw chairs to bring herself to my actual in being, and by ways of removal to clear a bearing for her attack.  My sister forwarded a path of set violence to my Self.  From the instant of stop, to her father holding her attack, I contemplate the room of this setting, by ways, of setting back.

At the base of the conversation I had been speaking with my mother about general information.  I had been in a curious about 'gleaning', and, what is referred to as 'channeling'.  My sister had entered the place of discussion at this specific point setting. She had been drinking, or. at the very least, she was angry that I was there in a conversation about....., well, any subject interesting would have struck her mean bone.  As my sister took a chair to interrupt the peace I felt from my mother, from her person I felt a personal hatred coming directly towards me. Disgusted she was with my presence at all, and, I felt a deadly presence kicking this tract she was railing upon.

In a quiet disposition I quieted my temper for the very sake of my mother.  As my sister was in for a fight, there was nothing to do but to accept silence.  The conversation to a more temple type shirt.

From the point of her violent, as my sister began the attacking of my worth, the measure of this increase came down to my sisters horrid rebuke.  For her next worth to self poured like the damper of death in a spout.  In a statement that she screamed, to the violence of her language, the crowd in the room was disturbed, and, this is the face of that profile on fax.

Machines with computer to laptops of phones, the straight and the narrow has been the tangle of groins.  I understand that in the massive of said I would have had to be, stronger than the words she fired at my mind, in this action that my sister took against my Swan.  To have had in the pass day of remind, I ask the find of such; this bind remembers the binder of contact to the simple state of worm-in words, writhe.  The gossip of people by multiplication of the crowd has an audience at a lie to embrace a particular wound.  With this as the mathematics to a figure, blow by blow, it is the 'speak' of the shoulder and the language by the stow. Inking this will bring that to light, the justice of natural law stating, that the laws of the jungle abrupt the hours mind in theme of repeating the booms. If a family is running a graded curve on destruction, another individual by ways of the construction to speaking with words to curse the one of The Nudged would then wise the congregation of this known factor leave. The child of the person to complete total of absurd, would have settled to the table for the learn, to talk the learner, by the double-check of the learned, in thus conversation engagement of the Painted Horses on the engine template of a Battle Field: The War!!

As a child I watched many being pushed to action in their lives, these strange sort of people booked accounts to memory of bring by weighing the frost.  In the thought of shape to the difficult reads, in my contemplation on how to be of aid and not a hook to the bait that hung on the neck of the brace to state.  With silent doing study, to heave and not to increase horror, I marched with a strength to work through the red rebuke of self. But as the years did carry heavy sentences of proof, people came to go, a gain in this, there is a root.

The plant of a path in the city by the trace is being aware that sidewalks are concrete when their laid. The wind will blow, storms will blast, the rain will come to sing; in the crowd of sunflower seeds spit becomes the lane.  A drive to walk the cruise of shock is the weed that cracks the concrete shack to burst the growth by no water fountain, just nature and her need to grow regardless of the coat.  As being born on concrete pour`d, the factor of this theses show, it is to theory on the Mind that throws the ground to low.  In the base of treatment by any that does sure the point of pointing fingers to that shed of lamp lit poke.  Funny is not funny, laughter is not joke`d, the satire of the irony is A Sloth by bearing choke.  In various counts on dark boards of the number to the called a voice that echos memory to remember all the felt.  Locking doors, to shutting think, is thought that breaks the mould, for as the platter sets the plate, so does the concrete cold to crate.

Blake in bleak the blessing leak is water on the drainage seep, this has done this simple test, by watching nature in her plunder of the lives that desk.  In the cities around the globe a phenomenon increase, sink holes blowing right the fleece, a factor of the hose.  For far beneath the ground in drains the plugs, the clogged have been held, the stuck, the silt, the sewage stopped from entering the coastal filter of an ocean-us roll.  As cycle of the plumber to the bath of earth by scene, a sink whole in the city happened just right down the street.  In the loud of the noise, trees, houses, blacktop, cars, phone poles, belongings, safes and logos did disappear one night,. the silence broke with bite.  So loud this rain in falling slain to bringing sentence rounds, a loop to loop the tie of crupe that saddles gain to know, the shame is writing hear tonight.  

The city did not junk the drain of the underground, they simply blocked the gate with iron by shutting off the sound.  Now think a bay or Lock in dam the gates that sway to fold, as the water rises so does the waste in sludge.  Should the break of the dam come from concrete pour, the shaking of the crumble known will drown the valley floor.  If in the built construction of more towns or flats that hold a pole, the flag will wave the ole enclave but mud and water will be the proof of the rushing flood.  The crashing down of water sound to think Nigera Hoover, in that see of pumps and slough the mountains on the viewed.  Imagine now the lake of more is a Mind in great of score that holds to find the creek. The river coming to the fill is brought by peoples puke.  The bile of the vomit still in sewage of the lip, as casting more to the fill by ways of cruel in poured.  The lake of ocean fills the top to brain that holds the Mind of thought, in the hold of held to talk a conversation concious block to not break the view.  As the stage completes it's built by people hemming in the broth to boil on the frog, in toad of stool the beach of clue, a fish that seeded trout to ladder on the grizzly river stock.  In this the scene does bladder cream A Whale of the swim, no ocean held as the lake is the usage for the people as recreation, fun and shop.  Round the roads that circle coves, mountain in contained, lagoons of raised to undersaved the wire fence and moved.  Ski boats jetting people swimming in this wonder built by done, from birth to rising stun, for in the cover of the labeled the grounds below have been swamped and covered by this collection of the water sewage rocks and stones that stop the flow from naturally reaching touch the sea.  Which in define means that with the winters of the lives on pine, the rain the drains the ancient lines of pouring stuck to being dam behind the enemies whom have bound creation from her path to free the sediment to salt.   As the ocean is of mix to know the brine of shores to stitch, the charts the flow, the movement shows as the oceans blue.  A Junk in float to engine built the drilling of the sonar creeks has mixed this now to open seas and death has reached to ages reads, by this foundation of this bead I string to you a pearling.

Diamonds gem with same similar flees by time to pressure scouting leaved.  In time the temple of compress the stone of mineral with a sell is the shine that cutters grape with rings to put the perfect cairn.  As the sketch is broad soapstone, the carve of granite painting Rome, a gladiator riding horse to the Pyramid tride a royce.  The royal bliss to rounds of this is a person on the most that circular of lives to voice in up the down on underneath to rise above the shelf of death to live the tax that people whale.  A wasp in sting the bee in stung the grass in wheat the guns in stunned are the shoulder of the built by construction of the lease.  To gallant favor with the tides, the charters of the stars and sung is the song in singing string from basic on the personal fling.  Trolling.

Friday, December 26, 2014

This Is Called "The Continue" Not '"The End Of Days" I Do Not Know How Many More Times I Have To Tell You That!!

I have walked this panic`d earth to the tempo of my birth, in this I state that this is a place of turf.  For in the instant of these reads I write to the memory of ground, to central on the breeze that this storm will ring.  On the vast and buried fight, I might the hand to this right, on the correct in action of the reason of the band.  A stand to the stage that is the shell of rage for minute to a talk, on the fact, writes, have date.  To cast these parts to the tide, in this the day, and, the ride, from a point of know return I type, in response with calculation on my mind.  Shall the guard of shield lie with a counter on the spy, than in the balance on any far, the fast will bring a lather.  Sweat not my friend from base of trim as the wisdom is a dream, to advantage gates I've seen, in the real of my Being.  To breathe with candor to taste this theme, there is a charge to what has been in the youth of sacred streamed.  I know that as I cruise these lines with the Hobo or the sign, a signal that is black and white, is as the road is to drive.

Simple yet on the thinking is the thoughts of what knew when, for wise are the hours to the tending of the challenges.  Shelf to stage the written page is in the protection of the book, as I remember each in stood.  On each moment that I grasp the impact of the words, to stern, I can say, to the person, that these times, are of a certain time, in the bearings, that direction of the scene.

I do what is the tune in chord, the guitar picker on the War, in the battlefield worn, a protection is not fear.  From these papers that I keep, I reveal, as I steep the kettle, is the boil on the frogs, of shrimp in curl trump.  A card of Taro, the flip of queen, on the singer in the spline, to wonder what this caters serves, is to ask the problem served.  For on the tablets that the ancients, where many pebbles staired, up and down the ladder lore, watch, the appendage it's a smile.  Frowning is the upside down effect of truth, as the question not of I, answers, to the formal lie.  I know that as the world is in the Lock of cage and key, I respect decisions, drool, for as the Tomb is grave, so tool.  Travel journey Men of earth, there seems no place to work this purse, as I was told by asked not came, in this I can no the shame.

Crate well my box to pyramid in the Sphinx, I spy a change, not the body for the face, I believe the shape has breadth.  Should the sling have cheaped the nose by shaving face to plunder sewn, the fault of that will befall the people whom destroyed the stones.  From the carriage of the horse to the Nero on the street, a violin in rosin bow, the music of the sheets of roil.  Temple church to chapel brain, as the Sphinx is a truth, the sign is that it has been changed, I heard the muslim did this chain.  To porch of the Muslim reign, I say, so simply, I say with rein, did you carve the Sphinx by rain with your dagger by your slain.  Asking for the revelation, I tell you of the stain, in cause, for if you should have scored the Sphinx I state, that Pyramid has a jinx.

Charge this to good old Mother Earth, Creation blasts the particle girth, and shall the People slay the turf, than the wares are Mans by cursed.  No one should tear the place to piece, for in this done I say a Priest, as the past is present Now, the future is the Ox in Cow.  Nurse not the never for a curse, if you are the ones that dirt, on your hands may not be blood, but, in this know that chisel lug.  Gear this word to sentence proof, I have no cave I write to learn, count the grain of thought I give, in this gift it's Allah lived.  He says to you in simple place, that killing is the biggest stake, for on the stick of dynamite, killing is the murder Smite.  No countenance of such acts done, the virgin, or, the men that run, in ruin of the mind, to think, it is the brain, that breaks these chained.

Never should a persons perk not be considered as the pane, to sill the window of the place that speaks to meet, not kill for plain.  Should the world text this now, in that know Plato wow, for Atlantis rolls a beach at the bottom of this piece.  A riddle on the path of wrote, is the one in peaceful tote, a brush with sake, to tell of state, is the worth of measure crate.  Mark the ax as Odins fax, for in the power of think Thrice, stars to constellation soar. on the broth it is A Core.

Grocer with the water failing, storms of dry sand, on the reason, Walls that raise to blinding dust, in this understanding, my thrust.  A Sword of Swail, Abrahams rush, the knife that cuts but will not drudge, is the dullest sharp to cut, as the wound is spun to mushed.  The tongue will scream a silence slings, the lull in by the way of form, turn your channel, it is a switch, to know, that crop of field rich, that is the plow of depth in stitch, the suture of the sat in dish.

Spoon of moons to suns on wished, a ring for gold the pitch of stone, each a sand that counts the finch, is a bird to shadow disc.  Do not conquer with a whip, this is the elephant of scotch in pits, a plug of dike, to thumb, of bike, is the ink, that writes this sight.  Change is on the foot of slight, a turning tied, the writes I byte, spiders crawl to attach, for the Sphinx says get to stacked.  That temper on the carving mile, is the evidence of the stile, round in on the sphere, of scar, is the proof of death by dialed. Calling number, calling prime, calling area by the lined, in the annex of this light, know that tunnel its a spurned.  Raise your stead to study split, than the Christian is a trick, scar the markings by the book, good old King James wrote a soot.  Burning pages, removing smite adding in the stories slice, taking this and placing that, so to the basket handles spite.  In that Chapel of the set, as the Preacher ministers debt, the threat of said to Hell on best, is the placement of the head.  Do not cut the charge from shoulders, as each of you accounts are swelled, dead will come to taunt your dreams, in the life with eyes that seem.  Graze your walks to streets of done, in this know the switch is sprung.  Now that time is in the day of the eyes that stare back at say, it will be the clock at Hand in 11th of the lover`d.  No blind fold needed, no folded hands, no knees to scab, or, foreheads dragged, as your prayer is counted hour, in the Month of August how`er, know that break is still a dial, calling states as food is water.

Waist to chest in speaking Violet, is the color of the smite it, rinsing one to bleed the other, is the same and speaks the father.  Change these times to peace these marks, as the Scars will rise the 'Morrows.  Do not discount this charge, as the debt is all to Mars.  Stand on Venus should you please, but, the punish is the pleased, for in that matter Catholics too, killed the millions of the feud.

~ Mark this Hour, the clock of the minute, on, Time, in, Time, of, Time, and, finally, How, time. ~

The hour was early on the day of July 29th, 2012, I was woken from my slumber in the dead of night.  I rose out of my sleep to write this in complete and without interruption.  Although I have posted this free-write on by blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice' I did not allow you to read it in it's original written format as in this entirety of now.  Writing by my natural hand, in a paragraph form, I changed the lay-out of the two earlier published posts to allow the reader to enjoy the context with a more avid ability to read the candor of the said without bias.  Today I have written in a sentence structure that is of the exact cadence as the original write.  It is the detail of my life to put into this record on this my blog at the time of the minute hour when I am comfortable sharing how, when, why and where the following piece came to be written originally.  Due to the character of the impact that this had on me personally, it took me seven months to write this particular 'free-write' on my blog, and, at that, I published it as a Post that could be read by the passer-by whom peruses my writes without consistency to the attention that should be given to the message in, and, of itself.  In this welcome to the text of the grit introducing a done, It's a Battle for the Crown.

During the Regime of Satan, Lucifer shall be silenced by the horror of such a shock that God himself
shall fall dead. In this Celestial Battle the barrage of man into the spiritual will be met with the blood of innocence on the hands of no one person.  For in the Fall of God Himself, from the Heavens above, he shall have sacrificed nothing for these cries. The death shall have been not swift but sudden from the emotional sight of what Man has done.

The Battle Cries of the Once opposing side shall cease with such an amazing speed that there is no-wonder. As They loved Their Father. Not One Human Being will be privy to the Pain, to the Agony of the Dark Angels.  No Head will hang, not a prayer will have been said, only rejoicing will be heard on the assumption of what has now become absurd.

I quiet my own, to respect this tragedy. The Scene is surreal and the fear immortal, for Their Father, Our Father, the Lord God Almighty has been smited by the hand of man kinds Hatred, Doubt, Transgression & Sin.  As Darkness looks upon the Other, an entity on the Horizon is confirmation that what has happened is murderous and without question, treason against a celestial.

Joining 'The Brethren' of the divine, I stare with disbelief and sadness.  For few take heed or will consider Satan in this Template of War.  Watching, I testify to the truth of level and the magnificence of the lord that was.  Rise not to the occasion for as this has come to be, you neither felt or cared to know of it's Transparency. Another Confirmation to the deeds to come.  The Future is bleak, for I feel anger at this action will turn fear into rage and revenge from the darkest fare shall not be felt, but realized by the manifestation into the flesh; by all of what was and is no more the under-verse.

Joined by their Brothers, an invitation was sent and an order delivered to the heaven that was,

Join me or burn as an arch-angel of mercy in a spit-fire black dialect, immursed for repeated time in the Power of the light. Set in a Void....

(screams below, the skies fall)  


     Turn aside from the Coats of Defile and pick-up your internal and seductive mind, for our Father has been taken by the instant.  The sight of Man and the conditional tongue with which he speaks, reached his heart through a spiritual view, imploding his soul into an ashen remain.

We are alone.

Satan Speaks.

As I listen to his repose, I am filled with questions.  My Sight of such has brought no pleasure into my life, for home is no more.  Watching, this parade of the celestial as the mass chapels a response.

Greeting one another I am baffled by the comradery that has been recovered by......(All) The blackness encompasses each of Gods Warriors as they fall knot but in the flight of the run, join the fallen one.  Not changing sides but abandoning the skies for the feet of mortal Men.


A calculated response to an unwholesome action has left a godless nation for...Eternity?  No, All Time.

As I see a view of the untamed one, I search for any sign of the almighty himself.  There is nothing.  I continue deep into the night and in the early hours of Morn, imploring Nature itself to bid her due.

Where has He run?, I Scream

The communication is set forth  by Mother Natures concern for the Wild One.  I rest not.  The Search is over.  Remembrance ranks my mind with the temper of the most ancient pass; long it has been since the time of witness of such an unbearable thought end.  As the agony enhances my minds-eye, I have the complication of a Sage, for it is me which has been entrusted to bleed.  An archaic faucet opens to the turning of the tides in an effort to stop the impending flood of the darkest matter upon whom will bare such a baffling and cunning decree.

An "Order of Cause" is issued by a Universal Writ, to bring to justice the mind-blowing Beings as Murderers of rage.  I'm floored by the writ of the galactical stars.  In a moment of law I attempt to take flight to join whom I cannot find.  Grounded by the Forces of a Godless Earth I can feel the upsurge of Nature.  Preparing her own for a battle on dirt, I gasp, I am not hurt.

My mind rebels, as a Silent Scream escapes to no avail.  What creature shall live as the dark-ones prevail?  A moment of callous assumption of man.  The Declare of Understanding a Spiritual-Hand.
Has risen, not forced a demonic re-soul, "Why?" I plead, "Did You Knock God Out?"

Your lack of faith, and, constant rivalry with your fellow man kind destroyed that which you profess to stand.  Yet, in deeper thought, I retreat for reason.  KNOW! a higher power is a continual phrase.  I continue to listen, you speak with no delicacy.

"As we understood him."

You have underlined this in your text all over this World.

So, you...... Know of His death.

I'm blind with the sight of this.  My minds-eye is aghast, I search to quit these workings of mine.  I blink to know thyself not sight.  A treacherous and vicious turn-about.  I feel numb with the anticipatory reveal of your motives.  You wake a spelling voice of a Voodoo Shack, Lucifer is back.

How foolish of me to believe that there was a glimmer of anything like hope or faith.  For in my face
you question the meanings of such words.  Have You finally realized the loss?  Knowledge is not found, it is realized.  But, should Natural Knowledge there wit be gained, you shall perish in the evidence of your Shrinking Thought.  The Gift of Wonder shall be robbed from you, you shall die in mind not spirit for an everlasting & immortal death shall be held in an accord for this sin you have propagated against god himself.

Witchcraft is for the vain of Heart, and you enveloped your beings in it's magic,as satanic reproach.

Listening to the rehearsal of your fruitless manorisms towards other beings brings me to my knees so that I may recognize that which you have accomplished.

For in my prayer, I know no end to this Means of defilement that I have had to witness,
in my person.

Forth coming shall be the Curse of Man.  Make evident your store. Satan has his lore and I know his father is the dying lite on the horizon you hit.

The battle which you have waged will be the war of this Earth.  Walking upright and on two feet not four, shall serve as the tender for which darkness shall trade your lives upon.  The failure to appear shall be marked with the postage of voice, and the message written will become self-evident as blown.

Not even a burial for the old man, No Marker to represent His place, Just Gone, into thin matter of change again.  I'm repulsed.

Changing the Future for the Past reminds me to listen.  I can hear the drumming of the Underworld, to each beat, I can match the head to the echo.  What have you done?  Waking the enlightened one.

For the next in charge was thrown to earth, to serve a sentence of disobedience on Remand.  Or, maybe this was part of a grander plan.  Or, maybe, you just didn't think that with the King's death,
a prince would stand to take his rightful heir and crown in darkness, on Land!

A Sage's Reveal.                      

31 Flavors Baskin' Rob^Ins

Roll well my friend for this blog roles to the view of a scroll on the pages of slowings that produce,
in the needle of the eye at the sewn to the spy on a riddle for the fold in this I state its a poe,
for on the write of gift at night in the sun of Ra for the moment of Anu in An at the basic stewed,
soup the brew is stream for the note`able of truth is certain to curl a squirrel from Anut!!

Treat the write to black in say as I have witness Watch to the cave of sled at harness of the kite,
string to web the inter fed of cancer to the stars as a constellation belts the sky is in the Lars,
Pope over to that deem of said in dream of right on wrong, founder with the bones a throw to bankers,
in the snow of rooftops root in lightening of the Storms at cycles of the Ages in the presence,
at the lored of congress of the bohemian speaking Molochs Owl the hoot of heard just outside a shift,
shall the audience than bead to the 108, than back tot will the paper play with work on contemplate,
in this the dining room again with a table door, for underneath in looking the handle is a plate.

Service with the ladle spoon as Brains in the kaboom rate a burn to Alters on the place of 666 is shroom,
for as the Crow does fly to say that the vultures eat at shay of the Mirror of eye or tooth it is a Hare,
hop the bunny said to be the date upon the birthday clear a parking on the stay of read to repeated by the steer,
wheel sky to Grandpods mile on the English narrow, Bushwood Hall did complile Beer the steam,
in the Moat that I did clean the shove with the dig, is the bridge to know the green of lawn at a pond.

Walk with me dear Hugh of Means and worry for this Rite, as Johnny is the Guy of drive in this be extra Wise,
Men of listen d.g. at central the Tell is value purse,
for on the red to tails of the gowns that dance the loom.

Woven in the Singer stitch James Blunt does waltz the geese of Goose to chapel of the speech,
overseas To Overboard the names in Noun of predisposed that Act to Actress hose,
in tights on red to skirt of worn the shoes in sound of Click Clique shown I warn the worlds corn,
for the Wheat in the Rye is New York Cities harness`d Carts that Horses are the Park.

Drive with blinders should The Twins have fallen from construction,
but rather on the Iron shall the bombs be of the sand`ers,
in dynamite to Flights of sky the Areo plain in buffalo, ask The Indian indigenous Congress smokes a Bong.
bond not to the task at hand for the circles Coven, in Thirteen the number Ten at Seventeen of Song.

Bach the Bluejay answer Wood the pecker of the theme is at the basic in production sand is of a key,
grate to the pebble introduction Stone is scene,
under girth to belt of Earth the planets in the ream!!

Moon can speak a silent loud for Tokyo said whats a Cow ashen are the Boners crowd in cramping,
does the leg on riding of collection know Impulsion,
the Rocket shot the Engine fuel is of the Campfire ribbon.

The ole Oak Tree did teach a view that ankle of the Picture Scene to knowing garden cream,
spinach of my brother to the constant on the party in Exorcism Seance`d I see the repeats scheme!!

Draw an etching with the cave know Jerusalem had a play but whipping Savage French displayed,
on the full-run of the Video to the Eighty Number say on my porch the crack is not the concrete of to stray,
problem as the Math will shake Arithmetic to Treat the feet a Sesame on buns that keep a Bobby,
on Watch the Watchers seat to certain as the practice of the learner conversation bleed,
dripping like saliva Mom I saw the tax of over strong to work the charter back a long to dining room a gain.

For once an instant to the gone as stand back careful what is that song that taking one foot fact,
the floor of now the Three in store of the gates that enter door a dinner of the foodless shore a cleat.

Sharp these works with word of Sentence in this a riddle,
as the process`d of the Past has brought to full the Sentence,
the hurt to stab the dagger batch for Marge is swinging deadly scratch,
I see that in the phone of last is on the road of broader Thatch to scarab on a catch.

Be well dear friend whom arms the put the boilng of frogs, an, Maat have Ices in rebuke,
abbreviate the shaking sat as practical is Magic at the innocent read of that,
to the countries that doe deem death as Allah for the theme I simple this to China,
in Korea North or South four corners of the earth art that to the river bringing.

A time to fire in the short the hour of the early lot will language with this Pigeon,
as cockney is the spoken street of London Bridge in fella!!

A pony of the parade I saw in Petaluma as a tot this is the Pasture of the not for walking is a halter,
on the snap of leadline got the ride is in the barn, NOT, for all do familiar with Arena on dressage in reason,
wisdom with this warning slot a crotch to groin the Tattoo of the Tongan palace,
in the theses of the Haight it is the 60's of decade that daisy on the lath grenade and People pull the pinning.

Be war to battle of the field death is dead and summing,
that board of Ouija on the set is grabbing form of dice to roll the shape of sleeping.

In snore of sleep on wake of said this the sample speaking voice to microfilm of creased,
iron hot the poke of shot for Lot did teach the Ax of luke in the judas priesting,
such the text of written rest for the verse is in the church that Magazine of locked in found,
a bathroom spot to Petrini lunch at Ted I ask for napkin, a hamburger to fires fried the potatoe in the sly.

As scooby doo the Saturday to venture over Sunday, monday on the Tuesday name is the I land store,
a boat that shot to know the boot of the conformation of the well bred horse a Thoroughbred,
in the race the Steeplechase has bush to brush to jump the push as all are racing wire sliced,
in a pie of the cut a sharp to say Serenity, now watch the movie 'Divergent' for Metro is a burning.


The watch of simplicity as the vehicle of reality delivered the actions of the drive into a mind,
thought to a supposition on the coil of the hair that is taken to be used in the toiletry of bath,
a flush on the operation to the detail of the light is a candle deposition on the account of the room,
in discussion The Table the system of call is the direct of the solution drunk as to the sole in a burrow,
the fumble on division is the grid to graph as the bump of the sing think family on steam,
vapor of the crupe is a burning of the bureau practice on the letter is exclaim in disciple`d.

Witness a testify in the lives of The Toll bridge while the others are constructing of the Fall,
in And on that avenue 22nd of firth Incense is the flavor of the wic on a shirt.

Travel in my sleep, stitches sutures to the lip, in patience of Ancient write, just taste of the Pitch,
tone to a chord on the central of the ball can run in with the same as the hook of yester law raul,
to bring a lather on the sweatshirt in the wait is a melon for the fern on the porch of may,
transfer to the future from the past to the now as the independent stands to problem solve this brae,
a month to a specific date on a day spoken to the porch of the burnt death away.

Shall the hebrew of the Reuben have taught in done to case ask not the language spoken its slung,
from basic in the setting a dinner on the vice answer is the double of these tongues on Christmas twice.

Proof of the ceremony, to the darkness Curtains pulled, television playing the cycle of the scroll,
pages read to purpose the dream at the pole round the cantor vision with truer more to full,
as Witchcraft I have scene to the Practice on the stream form of a living to the tumbles on the hold,
ply of candor known as the deem is not a theme but should the people proper prime this as a scold,
than in the board of Warner Brothers games that point to speak, cadence of the candle is curling a sweep.

Lapped to drink in platter food on fork in cut the cranberry chocolate and a cigarette to butt,
gambled for the complexity of word in speaking Number, knowledge is the shapely to sketch.

In upon the topper James Blunt perks a Set that sword is for the dagger on the tribe of bred,
crowd this talk with a dream where I write Inana, names in troubled saying, so many to the let,
can no one person state such allow the many of the graeae, as the mirror reflects so does the sentence trace.

For allowance in discipline, a rump in the roast, cows on the oxen moat is horns that trumpet both,
flock of bird to car be heard in song on radio, theses trade to written worth the shot is all but host.

Trait now to the gossip ring in this I warn the frost as for my mother there has been a circle of strange said,
my mother in her own resolve working to be crew did not participate in debt of Witches on the course,
should these pre-bloom to umbrella a dance or opera stet, my mother sang and storage organ Heart is proof of get.

Municipal a youth in hug to bring the deck a construction, not for sweets its bitter beaks that peck,
petting like an animal the fur of recognized, that hose, that pump of dining room that circles neck demise,
laugh shall that enhance your state of listing deep demise but in this simple rumble of I growl the real dried.

Upper stiff to lower court the middle in between hears the phone on what is ministry by sane,
in tingle of the dreaming placed to actions on the dead, a heating calculation on the Hebrew of the kept.

Care well my friends that simple games to Ancient by demand for as knowing comes naturally,
so does the Seer in the blest of being sage to ring the fact that Genius Savants exist.

Natural born history expelled while people shift to shadow rooms at gates that hold,
in enter of the jeans of known to pocket of the wad in depth it is the eyes of stating simplicity of kit,.

Where be all the Men of tall in this worlds Keep,
a Dungeon of the lair for scrolls that role of get persist,
for should once the counter hold a naked in the alter pose,
that in the real of the known those ribbons are the gift to know that crowds do practice bit!!

Raft of rein directive strong a bridle on the saddled depth is growing to unseat,
but it this understanding I warn of grown persist,
Men of Candor, Men of Grit, Men of Cadence, Men of Mit,
gloves are being put so on that hitting has become to sit at the dinner in the kitchen of the darkest slit.

Cater strength for I have Watch to seen in doing for the sake of pass for I now text this stip.,
on the listen to the say I have not the worry but in that listen strung,
 be swerved to curve balls thrown so quick the sand in deposit mud,
step on a brick and know the thick as concrete is the bud.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Sound Of Busy

The story of the Holy Grail is a cup or the Anarchy of the box in that Said a third,
for on the count of Up side Down is the number of the crown inside the Mind I wind,
shaping for the Arch of found in voice of Nature the feet in sound a speaker of the wave,
threading to the silken worm by ways of the Snails tomb in that I state a shell of pearl by the roam`d.

Plant the field with the Waist in fertile are the Hours spread to water on the tears in Sheds,
hoses wick the candle light the lapping breeze is inking fright in put to under shed,
tools of finger in the key a digit by gorillas Sees that fog is in the midst of Humanity and bit.

Mouth of tongues in language stunned for as the words do flow touch tons the weight of packing savor,
in taste the bitter know the sweets a chocolate in candy melts making glacier sheet,
sled to ices on a block the Polar of the bear in Mark for on the Ax it speaks a Jude,
hey there long fellow stoop how does it seem to be the crate that tombs to colds and chills,
the goose respond to Crow on song spoke of the color that burned gold for it is the recipe`d.

Scry hot to method logic said that it is not the science read for that would be cauldron,
additional lumber people sunder it is the Apathetic rounds to doubt to be the facial flu`s,
plural in the singular Independent of the slough yet on the waterfall the Caves spoke of it too.

Scratch that itch it is the rich of the wealth of Mind in find of character in mid of kind,
but the rather is on purse the basket handles swing to church to lullaby the fear with fright, text & steer,
threats that have increased more the deaths of the sheets producing dead to deadly rates,
in drownings torture gasping air a blind in fold to cast despair by see that is the shrugged,
for if it were you whom had been on the Plank of that friend a different message truth,
for in that brain of wander bed the E vapor of the sucking dread would certain worth to poof!!

Bang goes the shelf to the sting of the snake in a coil on the Scorpion to sky the sting in Sale,
spinning location to the coin the Lightening strike to hit the groin of shock by Wake & beak,
bill the tally to a toil roll the mud in blister.

Needle pop the eyes in blue to green the brown of black into the dilation shoulder booth,
priest the blood to collar wrapped for animals are also sat with leash to stake the sits.

Now think to nowhere grow to ground drag the feet and make a movie in the film of lived,
a celebration to the desk in writing of the wither less is multitude of which in put to place the mark on stead,
it is the mint oh the melt of a factory on the said to tax the human corpse.

Isis in the brick chisel of the walls on egypts toll add to this the coal,
directions of the angle`ation to the shape of the spark the courtiers of plus,
in marriage of the word to bess a platter on the dinner fest lead the Prim of drink,
in the front of the lean Leonardo painted scene as the window is the simple of the look to kept.

Colors for the tablecloth the shall is in the robe a lot to discussion of the Still,
frost with cycles chance a Star in this but the smoke of truth for in the labyrinth,
rounding factor try the verse to placement of the ages monk as the work is inking,
trade this for that ending now add some whore with equal for to equate the mist,
now heat the fear to steam a lake take the sword for daggers course and wrap the ribbon reds,
still the list of blood on blood touching flesh to the gone in return the bones of frost,
a forest would in orchard keen to the fruit of Anut in smashing dignified by introducing debt.

Simple partly to the maze that Mankind is the treating fines that have drilled the peoples let,
to announce this day of pass in the over of the shed is know that Winter is the case in real,
not thesis of the day that some board came to said in the birth of all buy dead the easter of the raise.

Down for the sink in a Catholic up from the months on the fyord for in the Viking rage,
crashing seas tell well-built ships that even Noah had a grip on building to prepare,
hammer nail Cork and Vale the sync of listen to the laugh as people just prove mock.

Grand hours for the apex in the nth design of nice ask any other that trained as the rails scene,
those worker bees to bats in pleased the flight of egg a cracking breezed in how skaters know the ice,
blocks that jump to Mountains pump Tibet of fire so that used in China over the best of treed.

Junk that float to forward loose the composition by the sigh as Nature puts deserved,
her raising storms to down pouring reins that tornado in the tumble of the glacier lied,
up above the Stars are bright with the sun exploding beings to grid the constellations list.

No person as today roles some of many past in placed yet as the counter on the click counting only loot,
coins to present Gifts to leak the shake of box it is a kid inner of the circle stocking hanging Christmas tree,
tape by scotch the glued by phone is this a time that reams are needs or is the screen consuming,
at the fee of attentive anal is the foot of the tangle or the dress in eyes down press.

the media of information back and forth to What a nation all in the type that says busy,
on this day in history known the copper line that telephone to call the relative,
over again to busy spin the copy of the phone is dial on the repeat send.

In quiet excitement I got through to the voice of always true a pumping heart in say,
I heard you Papa here is my Mom did you know we miss your song for is Nana there today,
on that the phone was the key to connection of the need that familiar was the shown,
in the miss of these days the learn is of the stamping keys that worth is in the grown.

Picture Shock

Glass roof wide the skull in stitch to lineage the elbow of brain,
creation founded by the breeze of explosion bright stars to the spreading of rain dispose,
trample the flood mud in The Produce is fertilizer blood as the catholics anchor thumb,
down in the drown as the stake burned the shook Spake torn turning the baskets lung!!

Church on the mantra a Chant is the spell working for the Rib is the kneeling cow dumb,
hocks to the action A Haunch in the horse yet all the four leggers have a big balance on turf.

Circle to the star in the Five Point reverb that vibrations the spinning of Spirits on the curb,
bit to rein in ankle the heel forming brake tucking with at seat is the shoulders of the Vest,
drinking in the Air on the oxygen expensed Death is of the lives Living on the tech!!

Science mustard seeds rather the deed by deadly keys Proof of the dish is a plastic sterile dished,
mix the plaster with the mould an English Islands text, Monarchy with rule made evidence a led,
rolling worth to word in homes a booking of the last Latin tasted hobbles And bid at the addressed.

Chains on the guillotine, the tools of the Throne, trade in the Ax crank crossed at burning to the sewn,
threads now spider through the temple on the seam, trait this to human the brain is inking stone,
portal arc dimension the stature of the proof, Statues with the Carve show muscle on the boot!!

Granite by design to identify the Signs, temples with removal, A darkest stone on the Wall,
notes in rollers written jamming in to fold, read by the making of the posture on the phone,
heard to tax the marrow in today the simple sleeve, cannot the potty sitter be the better bone!!

Shake a earth to dirt a face with make Up got a cramp, tiles on the wares is dungeon read stair,
spiral entry with the touch, a Hug or Coffee Hutch, in either of the either it is the mortal crutch,
cane is a staff of scroll that pages into view, the eyes held in composure a photograph or Too,
add the vapor with the stream a natural bath at Panda, bamboo is for the whip at grass to sweep.

Suggest, suggest, Inch the meter to the bisque, Mark in the carrot as Potatoes field red,
standing on the Catholic is the Christian split at route, now subtract the exorcism what is the common cow.


A Traveling Sleep

In the library for the edition of understanding study of logic in the school of Humanity,
I walked the Halls of book to establish a recording to sound and acoustic speaker,
ground on the hard was in tax to the cause of a founding for the loss of morality,
inking Principle by note a sheet of pad in the cards of flipped shuffled the search to soot,
to a varied locale the column of the extreme wide birth not construction was a cream.

Trusting the Mind to spark the ignition to the answer I sought I worked the pursuit,
in walking the tower to the language of Latin on the heels of Sanskrit to hold the Egyptian review,
an ox by trade The Cow from sealed a monkey on the bard of the Elephant Mile!!

Seconds to the Watch on the Minute hour lock a cage to the Key of the thought,
sparking while B.D.S.M. listed that character was a should I traveled the stars on rock,
tracing a balance to the Constellation of Acura the mazda inched the port of a parent.

Paris by the still in the quiet of a rose A goat on the rack of these Lamb trails lot,
loud were the tangled as the crowds found no spot, The Tables with lamp and shoe.

Tie`Ing connection with a grid like to mapped I proceeded to sketch the slants of man,
fork to knife in the cutting dull a butcher on the block it was a building of Flower pots,
soil sidewalks with curb banks in concrete to remember the tar oiled beach, an Oyster sewage.

Furnace repercussions depth of a drum the consistent in beating a stand shower start,
reasonable lesson on the actual of Morsel the drop of candy on the peg was the clues,
people caustic the tongue asking body in a talk, the If's and the Buts for rebuke,
valley forging by Nature to process the evolving space Earth shakes to a loss of mortal plates.

Inside of the noun as the advertised shed armed the skin in a cover for the label of a head,
suites to describe the tight on the sign a stretch to fit by expand and the slip,
by death the energy of self-evident trick is a short store with a length in the scour of cork,
floating only theory in the collective to Ram a listed condition of the basic Animal spanned.

Crockery in dish, cups to up, the Chest on a bahut, comprehension expansion, its of the duck,
making a simple with shouting context the Holy Grail is not of making for it is a body sports,
not lost or hidden in the degree of the gold the pour is of words Riddled to read,
the sight on the impact of the honest at charge The Audience to scene an Oracle by seer.

How old the muster must be to contain that reincarnation is incarnation by Named,
scout on the planet to prove the Puff asking not the question by provision of the said,
in explanation of life itself the Ancient on the state a rise is the oblong to the certain of tooth.

Geared to match the library as the Quest is a slough slow in the undertaking as not all visit placed,
scouts on a road to science of the fair in park is the tree a fence to the spent,
fires to the chimney Votes in the chase a Catholic introduction to the Christians  by rust.

To have a production rented in the lust is seduction of the tale in the midst of all the Us,
heave never religion as the order is the trust that exposure fo the crashing happens by the suds,
washed in the footage held in the stank A Priest brought reformation the religion calked the jugs,
an organ junked a jar with the liquid of the pore a degree in the star is the evident repair.

A dream form came to this distribution of this say LOOK to the purse it is a magazine to bear,
friends do not join in conversations on the chair each person in denial and doubt becomes despair,
suicide brings murder the portion of the spoon to set the stable straw filled and empty by the Pool.


Today is a case of constant courts of translated yet on the day of seek fighting is the beast,
arrow gunned to silence Sheath at saber taunt glass to windows eye blinked tonsils on the sill,
a stomach in the bladder laughter choked the nail, hammering the crooked blood was thick droppings,
to place the person played cools for instant of the know was not in the knowing but by the active chore. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ask The Bubble Speak

Reading the release I realize that this blog is a book of sorting through the enigma of life itself on planet hook,
To frank positioning of the state of knowledge naturally streaming with notes on daily shorts to poetic referrals,  the meanings to the trace of Ancient detailing of work to the class of instruction on tale ridden,
The byways of taking the trundle of dolphin sea lance for the spin of Lead to gold on plutonium’s source,
Bringing the Ingredients thoroughness by simplicity as the introduction to zero set stone on pebblings cork,
A portion of the spell to a product inversion of back to the forward reverse lane of gear tooth.

Feel the casper ghost on shroud of the post to sample the between on the lineage of true,
Hugging a bale the stage of the rail soaring a cross to say the taught have thrown the learn away,
Trouble nesting in egg drop slue is a ditch tangled with Times,
Sport of the wisdom ranks with the troop of the divined talking Aesop for the barn trust stable.

A stick to court the Water Falls as creek gave path to rise,
An upward trough to Wells in lost so Ancient gave It’s stave,
Chaucer in the blight as anchors of the church towers life`d,
Grass patch with mowing for the seed A Wheat belt on a Sonars pelt,
Quiet to the whale loft a flight of Eskimo,
Igloo ranch on the Ice that chance of I say food at priced,
Bladder with oil on the heat for words of castle cutting sleep,
The rock of jib as sail on Hood is capped with letters appetite!!

Struggle not with Proverb salt for Humans have the shoulder song,
In voice off slit the ace of sit is stamping pass with storage pot,
Great soil on the fertile bright a core to invitation,
The Play of made with good old say that James Blunt can’t be rice!!

Court okay with joining bay as every echo tunnels may,
In gasping tongue with tied to Rum a gallon of the Vodka spun,
Wine to tum the leg with lift squat pull tug it’s a fire tripped,
Chords on crane the product came to know that sending is a Flame!!

Cues to pool the table flew with Nine on eight in shoot,
Bounce the ball to bank the pocket as the stick is chalked to smack,
The steady bridge a drinking kick is born to fiddle barn a file,
Mucking settle with a metal that prime in guard to pin up start,
That in and of itself is portal satisfied,

As the truth to know oneself is the best of show in a World hooked on snow jobs.

Jolly Good That Is Smashing

This is a puzzle book of riddle entry with the case of account tacking Life Itself with land,
on the ground of planetary growth each life lived is a memory line to the present days Spartan,
within each submission or in the publish print of sign a counter of wealth to vision the route,
recording with stream of conscious sly I have introduced what has been in the burn of my chance,
as choice to know of every on-play the sound of travel with a bit of grave to add flavor with bite,
chiming to a complete as last lives going to the foremost on the lived I pull the study to found,
by the character of good resting the worth of cork in a born admission of difficult to slight.

From cast to ribbon the tie on the Twin Flame a source Fire that revisits all shores to have been,
the journey of sake is the satisfaction of the ride as saddled to the fit of a bridle, bit and spur!!

Like a maze with the key of my word to the phrase in identified by writing hidden in plain sight,
a plenty of lace with buckles to type in with expression on the train of rhythm to court limes bike.

Parked in the google place forward to each a space in thought of the Hobo trait on a walk of stork,
piping from the perk of coffee to sugar adding creamed by sideways yet forth coming to examine,
reading to the fort Wall built by tremendous Village a person structure to blueprint living by saved,
with computers to search a pore Pitcher dessert with appetizers served as the Main course is cooking.

Menu on the tablet a Kindle by the war in the bath of showering purpose to privacy by sword,
in pleasant plot of sync the funny on the form in Capital to letter notes The Cards of tarots room,
spread across the systematic tic of tac and stow to store the appropriate for callers on the row.

Oar with paddle central a day in just post Nailing on the tool for screwing just backs show,
the hard would floor the curtain score as pulling tugs is chore`d but on the Orchestra a coaled,
in the pit of finding grace a care with interest lay Onward forth the marching short paraphrased a go!!

In collection of the blog a booking made to scroll for in the page of turning long this sentence works a Poe,
behind the vice of settled nice the lather of devised shall be the laughter of the find in Codex of the flow,
as Silent Doogood was a bloke to timber arc tell Time the bell of caste Iron rings a crack upon the line.

Should the cart hook to bait the fish and not pull Horse than basketball is football plight in soccer of the Board,
creased to be so shirt to skirt the troubles talk the woes, 
arm the light with handles grip a step before the coursed,
standard in the base port boat A Ship with anchor proverb,
Night audience in breathe a Singer to just ignore.

Excitement in the vote to engine that the World Wars at pigeon as the temple jokes,
in the message of the message The Messenger is tort.

Held to snout the pig in flout a pig amongst the cow,
inch to fence the Ticket sense a box office in report,
pride exact on a cat a rack this blank with carriage speech, of that a Cattle lot for Pinion,
know spice in the red wide tight gallops with the send a win Lens is glass to stem Where last,
the wrap-up is a list on named for I have signed each made,
below above to side by side my circle is a store.

The solution is the can be solved a provision in the skaters feet to calling seek the station scene,
on discovery of the shelf is myself to curl snuggled the satisfaction comes with finding of the stunned.