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Heart Of Oaks Books Docket Files

It is odd to know the purpose row with the write of skid row,
brakes that grind to rubber score the scent of Fantastic,
for as the Name Brand excels with glee the stile of the Pasture lead,
first the second on the Third in the ribbon Wars occurred.

As to play the prodding game with a Hand of Poker,
in the set of Cards to deal once the bet was in the real,
for ask the answer in the Mirror of the shades per Nose,
the glass behind a closet find was more to sign the shoes of dime.

Moved to car the driving so the Horse and I could show,
at Event the ride was lit by the passing fact of know,
first to second on the Third is the Restroom stop reserved,
as the highway with a stern did consider Litter learn.

There amongst the Indian Trade a feather on the post parade,
tears for what the garbage laid on the side of free in ways,
for the teach was ever reach yet the Station Mohawk kept,
times did change the Gas of range now the Cycle speaks a land.

From the instant of the Fill the key words of the spice would Tell,
back to the School of youth in that Park the trails start,
first to second on the Third is the dirt moving sir,
for the lumber seems to be that branch I spoke your Wife to see.


Rainbow at night
Is the sailor's delight ;
Rainbow in the morning,
Sailors, take warning.

{In Constitution}

Heart Of Oak Books Docket Files

Chance a read came on the Rote for the tack of simple toke,
in the Fire of the sheet an apple came to bee,
for form the teach of Horse on lope reason is the canter soap,
ask a burst of energy does the written come to See,
in the beat a finite breeze blew from broth in Mind of lead,
there in mist of do it key a turn tale rod of why the bead.

Rifle rifle to the thread in that string yowl the dead,
echo in the pen and write for the storage had a type,
ink a tattoo with it Knife blade reeds came to boggy Night,
on the moon in day of soon planks cruised walk almost a sound.

Nestled in the brownie fudge a curtain with the pull tug nod,
fern spoke Turkey nose in plod yet Thanksgiving pilgrims fod,
eat the branch of dig a tree on the bough a swing to leap,
for the Ape in garbage fame knew the monkey of the range.

Atop of hardily used in brain the Mind did leap Occipital lane,
on that forest harvest sprang to the birth of Orchard Crane.

To dusk in shadows of the Wing theirs was alter for the free,
the price so tall that knees became all scabbed over with repetitive lame,
crutches were the even bean put on paper for the Means,
but in the harbor to the Stead a saddle Girth did belt the Fee.

Production sane to Marching same the reckoning was preordained,
in minus fraction to the purse for the orange did not rehearse,
century spoke of Trot on Curr looked a cat that didst speak purr.

Slow in nature to the perk got a Coffee filter learn,
choppers grind the beans to work for the Water said a shirt,
under born forward stern Mass was raised in nest all long.


The girl in the lane, that couldn't speak plain,
     Cried "gobble, gobble, gobble:"
The man on the hill, that couldn't stand still,
     Went hobble, hobble hobble.


Chance A Read

I spoke a rail on the know in the ages dead in go for the choir sang sew,
on the listen to the stitch in the needle a hole in twitch for the seeing Eye,
so as the close of Earth be ran the skies did cry the clouds at band,
in the twist upon the shore the Winter spoke of ever show,
on atop the Mountain said that the Valley is in the red,
for that bigger Barrier shredded blood of ancient read.

The giant walls built to be in the tibetan majesty,
far from no the evergreen blanket desert rock in leaned,
grouse were Pigeons on the fire in the stick of green retire,
from that blast in spire Came a burning in the fever lane,
on the forehead of the crop in that furrow on the mop,
a brow did speech a spree,
for Champion did falling stone on the throw of cut the bone,
as the leg saw a lamb the roast was in Eternal scan,
slamming gasp to chokes that hold the smoke of pedestrian on the soap sea Ocean bore the rise,
to key in that melt of Art on heat.

Just an moment a dapple Grey took the temple on the sway,
shelled the doors with lies and score down the shank a linking floor,
up to Massive dig that knee in a face of mud in Tea,
cups that wore the lip of free dribbled to a price in fee.

Aspen grade steam of grave came to be the known enclave, 
at the orchard of a gave information rushed the pay,
to didst the Singer clad to touch the ringer it was Plaid,
on the kilt of pinned with pre a Vary in the bush of say,
theirs was death the light show stride in forgot the drank did bare,
all for Nostradamus Fair on the scribble is was Tear.

Out ripped the page one by Ten in the chapter of the send,
thorn troop hence a heeding Cross shot the dove and grass of loud,
to born surprise the Vulture choked Crowed a natural from the throat,
in digestion on the Tube expectations sword a Tray.

Forge the onward grain to grind for the Oatmeal had a rhyme,
trigger beat with hand in line subjects grew to known a stole,
oh dear the screaming instrument all hard bone with Marrow sit,
pulse be ink blood be vein on that written the brain did stay.

Dime Slot

On the temple of the brain I asked my Mind in day,
is the slurp of ice cream the same as brother say,
told that with the last in swallow that the spit is it,
for 99% of left is in the end of sip.

Form talent in the gift of taught my Grandfather does piece,
a riddle or the teeth in show the Hunt is on the sleeve,
jump to placement of the voice that tackles in the sleep,
a grade of the learn be go down the Christmas street.

On the Chimney in the lo behold a tree to me,
lit with nothing as the blow made firewood of meet,
burning on the flame in chose the banks are filled with trees,
a trip to the Park of know gave light with little things.

the white on prose to simple gross the profit or the pill,
for indeed the tongue of ill in soak states a rig of wee,
take a trip to frontal lobe the Sal in laugh at greed,
for over Hill to Fisher row the machine is in the deep.

Chance the walk to rode a lot the barefoot on the steed,
dunes in spice of wiggle twice the ankle on a feed,
hugging from the Autumn pose is finding Cars asleep,
at the wheel of Hip and Post the hammer hits a speed.

Pounce the dragon with the heard to Tunnels in the breathe,
a disney on the journey sew a horror of rail key,
coaster to the Ages brow a brake for temper treat,
but don't go slow for World glow is heating on a seed.

Red is Nose the reindeer bow a harness with a ski,
does the sky to ever dough be free of rain at speak,
no the answer swung ike vent the Hoover of the Keep,
a dam with flooding gates took gear to another lead.

Spectrum formed behaved to storm as the Shed at Feat,
the buttress ran a footman plan than Carriage went to breed,
took a brand than tread brand to bakers on the Beach,
for as the Microscope does slide so do Cards on boards that high.

Heart Of Oak Books Docket Files

On the here of in the ear a heard of treat the rinse,
as the singer moves to pitch the left out of the cents,
upon the evidence at Mind the brain speaks quick to fence,
in that eve cord dump the double pence,
with the penny in the Tum for avenues are block,
round the journey to the dog be tag performers rock,
on the stick of say a stone throw the pen to pad,
with the voice of listen log the Lumbers in the dent.

Pork the soup to Hamburger a hotdog for the drink,
in the swallow fo the grunt be larry charm to Trent,
forest fo the coat in tog does the type in bubble,
jump the mask in Oxygen and move the Airfare free.

Walk the Town until the pound does add to a Join,
in the dollar of the show remember Carole core,
temper Barker with the verbal words that guide to Men,
with watchful eyes be between the sickle crumbs a mend.

Scope the Ware to locamotives that do Train caboose,
in the flavor of despair park the foot to sense,
as the two will bring the One a former track to been,
the typist song of better wrong is knowing of the tense.

Character the same in sibling break the tie complete,
look to what will tunnel love a rainbow on the Kent,
with super Power of the send the judgement is a clog,
slip the Nail of the growth to superheroes that are best in shrug.

Cast of crew that show the do a temper in relief,
stand the straight and narrow row a Passage for a friend,
with all the might of equal bite be Cafe of cheer,
for in the Flash of pole tonight the Flag is blowing Clear.

The Movie House


Robin and Richard were two pretty men ;
They lay in bed till the clock struck ten :
Then up starts Robin and looks at the sky,
O, brother Richard ! the sun's very high.
You go first with bottle and bag,
And I'll come after on little Jack Nag.

{In Constitution}

Heart Of Oak Books Docket Files

Cliff spoke French I spoke floor in concrete the dance a Chore,
on the language of the day took the school of drop-off more,
in Chinese the fountain sprang I asked the Sun whats the range,
in the sweat of lathering no soap did come rang like gum,
the door would slam electric bam there the bulb in the rod,
on the shed I saw a tool with the street it was on drool.

For the trip to downtown brain the Plaza said Union stay,
with the Park for light of day search Petrini for the pay,
the purse was in a Magazine that would state the send of bum,
turn the from in copper come watch the wrist it slaps a stick.

Turtle to the jar of rib is the water with a strict,
in the Ax of porch in do can the target get like glue,
with no hand the dart went in as the stair began to spend,
on that path of grow again is that blast the violent laugh.

Dear brights of in the sky at noon is the 12 O'clock a room,
slowly go to under sleep be a pillow not a Creek,
does the Moon see me breathe look it's foggy in a broom,
don't get fiddle branch a tongue speaking French inside the drum.


Boys and girls come out to play,
The moon doth shine as bright as day ;
Come with a whoop, and come with a call,
Come with a good will, or come not at all,
Lose your supper, and lose your sleep,
Come to your playfellows in the street.


To kill two birds with one stone.

To have two strings to one's bow.

{In Constitution}


If the crotch split at flu would the finger point at jake,
in definition cam is the verse than okay,
for the apple or the orange is that Tree in the corn,
for the corn of Coinage shore does the basket say a door.

Truth of Nature true to score is the handle only store,
did the bank come to grain in the Sand of Hour hand,
asked the Barrel of the Wine is the drink of dubbed line,
for the pickle spoke a yard in the lumber as a dog.

Could the bring in stow & Ink show the Stage in blink,
is the eye of shingle flint sparking Shares on the fink,
can the lid of Cover shrink is the Psyche for a ding,
on the ringing of the Chime do the lips swell whence Vine.

Red in paper 'tween the grind is the voice a burst of sign,
grown by trash of cycle Time in the ages from done kind,
sharper knife for razor Cut double-Edged the clip is chuck,
birth a speak on the bird cue a Wire for the nose.

Growing larger as the Ear in that version do you Tier,
stacking Shelf with loads of Welts are the Scars Minded well,
down the bucket to the Word in the water is a worm,
in that swallow of the turn did you chew or can you burp.


Heart Of Oak Books ~ Docket Files

Ask the ancient old'en note does it ring the chime of folk,
on the plenty in the soak the venture to the heart of Oak,
reply that prance with Horse & lance the Sword will forge a Though at lot,
does the ginger in the Snap treat the fortune with a Nap.

Rinse the garlic on the door force the paper cause of Snore,
in the eye of the rain sync the Clouds do complain,
with the stream in Rive`r floor watch the pebbles Role a Core,
Ark of branch to the flight is the Crow of dove tonight.

Trades of water in the Rise can the wave be realize,
quest of pass the grass in chop are the Wigs in doer slop,
brewing Twister can you View up atop the shoulder loo,
flushed with rouge by the clue is the Ant on stop of true.

Fork the set to settle Vase in the middle of the laid,
on that Table with a lob candles are the shadows job,
ink the sheet with colors crop by the way of perfume jog,
the plant is in the mind of lof soes the dance bring lather cog.

On that Horse in shoe the put gallop twice ore for the ripe,
can the iron with a bend not the Hot is theme a send,
written in the laws of Age the temper is the Nose of page,
perfect scent of scratch & gave finding Lockers are a cage.

Twelve Pears Hanging High

Twelve pears hanging high,
Twelve knights riding by;
Each knight took a pear,
And left eleven hanging there.


     The First Book of the Heart of Oak series is intended for children beginning to learn to read.  It is for the nursery as well as for the school.  It is for reading to the child as well as for reading by him.  The selections are such as may well become part of the stores of the child's memory, being mostly from the traditional stock of rhymes and jingles which have been sung or said by mothers or nurses time out of mind.
     In schools the little book is to take the place of a primer, and it may be used with or without an independent spelling-book, according to the skill or the judgement of the teacher.  The system of grading adopted in most books for beginning in reading is largely artificial and mechanical ; it does not conform to the natural method by which language is acquired, either by the ear or by the eye.  The omission of all hard words and of all expressions supposed to be beyond the comprehension of children is needless.  Words of varying degrees of difficulty, as well in spelling as in meaning, are learned by the ear, and should be learned by the eye, at the same time.  The talk of a child when he begins to learn to read does not consist of only words of one syllable.  Many a hard word is familiar to him in use before he sees it in print.  His ear may be made the helper of his eye.  A good teacher will point out to the child the fact that many a word which has a strange look ot him on the page is not strange to him to talk.  He soon learns how it looks and how to spell it.  With intelligent and constant assistance from the teacher the difficulties in learning to read will be much better mastered by this natural method than by the use of any artificial system.
     Any child who can read the pieces in the First Book of the Heart Of Oak series will find few difficulties in the Second ; yet in its use the intelligent and ready assistance of the teacher will be called upon.

The intent of the illustrations is to present in the most `direct manner the central idea of the rhyme, and thus to aid the imagination of the child in picturing the incident or situation described.  The jingle of the verses will live in the ear-memory, and the simple pictures will recall them to the mind's eye.  Mr. Frank T. Merrill, in these drawings, has caught the spirit of the nursery rhymes in an admirable and satisfactory manner.

C.E. Norton.

First Book
Rhymes,Jingles and Fables in Constitution
Copyright, 1895,1902
Edited by Charles Eliot Norton

A Stairs Arc

As the Milk in drink of Shakes of love Bill's Place ask the trace,
in the garden of the Pond I saw Koi fish grow the strong,
to the Tea in garden Park for the leaves were just like start,
in the Cookie fortune lark quest began to read the Folk,
the Seltzer dropped and fizzed the pore in the Water there stood Roar,
riding on the bicycle I spoke garage locks the store,
purchase came with three-Wheel part on the Trike of Power Scot,
cheeky flush with Pile would show the timber in the Hood,
from Cadillac to freeway Tap a bank be found for Miles on ground.

To arcade played Centipede spring the Coin it's rollers lead,
for on the ball of spin the key to the extra Men at deed,
now well a Mechanique on the Wharf a portion see,
in the Ancient luck machine as the Puppet teak of Keen,
for the Bus that trucks a Tour are the Farms in Berkeley fluor,
can't say for Fact is often tracked as the Mind inklings shine,
at the bulb of Poppy Row looks like daisy had a Crow,
Lincoln rode the president spoke On that micro Film a coach,
fireplace to straight up Case all in the cause of gift and trace.

Bridge with saddle for the Earth I heard that it is the Ruse,
team with Central by the Way for the logic is the Bait,
hook line Sync Herd lambs away sleeping Wake on Mention fame,
for as the twist in throttle lane journey Show the speedometer chain,
over mountain Higher dale as the Winter sheds the gazer,
for should the Stop involve a ride that has been the Thumb of had.

Total freeze is fog on gree Charter system with am stir Dam,
taught of Measure taught of Score ink the Print with print some more,
free the breeze to speak a Shore it's the sands that Rocks did chore,
on the Ages erosion held to Tell the time by Painting line,
for the Mural was the brine of the Hand in gift sub lime.

Chalk Flours    

Bean Stalks

Marine land is so excited the Dolphins spin in jump,
out of the worth an Orca showed on shore of silent chore,
in the On of the beach I spoke to Seal he said Feat,
a pebble rolled over stung the apple of the entry stun.

Ask a Whale in the role of the Tale for a bowl,
the bookings of a simple trait said in truth of swim.

Theirs was clever for the park in the midst of slide,
the water poured to slip on start yes the ride is perfecting why,
from base of birth to stand up Perch a fish in Fable came,
sugar Beets to root the deep I know the plow of drain.

River to the Birch of scene a Counter on the speak,
lo the voice in tremble seed a Potter with a deed.

Tomato row with Vines of show A stage to Stag in Antler brow,
velvet to the Curtain strobe lights on Shoulders have a Bow,
aim the Quiver to the sit Arrows bring the shot Equip,
from Arm to stream the Oars are grip to Formal in the Invite quit.

Drugs of liquids pouring pitch too that Also on the Hitch,
merry have the Clocks been wound Mechanically for Auto ground.

Golden gates have the Sound with the Park for that is Crowd,
on the Hill of hippie grown thee power is the piece of shown.

Mushrooms stool to Toads at school Aye directive gains a gruel,
porridge Tin with learn to spend the Time is ever on the bend,
taught in Home of Olds' by send my Grandparents brought the Hymn,
a choir on the listen pen Popcorn was the ready grin. 

A Child's Garden Of Verses Docket Files V ~ Garden Days

I thought upon my little self in why direction should it kill,
the worth of word in pretty bell a tongue in swing is hanging,
found the said was indeed of Read a book of Tale on the Sail,
in the Mast a birds nest write to Teach the bark that Seals Part.

The Dumb Soldier

When the grass was closely mown,
    Walking on the lawn alone,
In the turf a hole I found
And hid a soldier underground.

Spring and daises came apace;
Grasses hide my hiding place;
Grasses run like a green sea
O'er the lawn up to my knee.

Under grass alone he lies,
Looking up with leaden eyes,
Scarlet coat and pointed gun,
To the stars and to the sun.

When the grass is rip like grain
When the scythe is stoned again,
When the lawn is shaven clear,
Then my hole shall reappear.

I shall find him, never fear,
I shall find my grenadier;
But for all that's gone and come,
I shall find my soldier dumb.

He has lived, a little thing,
In the grassy woods of spring;
Done, if he could tell me true,
Just as I should like to do.

He has seen the starry hours
And the springing of the flowers;
And the fairy things that pass
In the forests of the grass.

In the silence he has heard
Talking bee and ladybird,
And the butterfly has flown
O'er him as he lay alone.

Not a word will he disclose,
Not a word of all he knows,
I must lay him on the shelf,
And make up the tale myself.


A Child's Garden Of Verses ~ Docket Files

Words are found restraining to the loss in found of Start,
the perfection on the challenge is the language of the dark,
from base of element touch glass of span the Matter on the Shade,
with sparks of squire the Cosmic lyre a little sounding strong,
garbanzo beans in bowl of Means the blackberry or split green,
arbor of the ivy course a dead tree stand with Oak in land,
photo's arm to liquids Farm rowing dust to parking parts,
old in Archer for the darker ask Sun do I last.

North-West Passage

When the bright lamp is carried in,

The sunless hours again begin;
O'er all without, in field and land,
The haunted night returns again.

Now we behold the embers flee
About the firelit hearth; and see
Our faces painted as we pass,
Like pictures, on the window-glass.

Must we to bed indeed? Well then,
Lest us arise and go like men,
And face with an undaunted tread
The long black passage up to bed.

Farewell, O brother, sister, sire!
O pleasant party round the fire!
The songs you sing, the tales you tell,
Till far to-morrow, fare ye well!

Robert Louis Stevenson In Constitution
copyright 1919

The Question Of Garlic

Fantastic dreams have manifested in the beautiful breeze of challenge,
in the leap of talent a show has production to that tremendous say,
for the trust of the able in the statement on the done I tribal nothing,
hug the now in the yes of future from the base of Earth to the shout of sound.

On the Solar System spree and introduction to Infinity,
space that moves with care to be the grounds above the rare,
galloping streams of directions on scene as the stars map grid,
guest to the body blood to the vain drinking majestic the found.

Shall the Art of romance be the bottle on the dance,
in the Cork of the Champagne a waltz with the theme,
chandeliers the sway in lighting that ray,
rain for the clouds to speak Ocean to Sea.

Thoughts for the chance to be a beacon did the prance,
college of a graduate with the Class in the carpet,
hats to the High as the trouble gave the blow,
walking with the born chose the branch of form.

Crease to the brow as the Facial is a how,
skin to the fire lumber with the burns,
stand the length of can than know a reckons land,
trade the frown of park for the smile on the start.

The tomb before the lay toes that speak of shade,
in the delivery a silence keep the shore,
waves to move the weight a cruise with all the rate,
rest inside the mind that the brains are finally sign.

Fall the down of sharp remind yourself tonight,
get up slow the level is more like a strange night glow,
the speech runs mute the words come through,
the silence is the crest of crew & guidance comes with grains.

Instant rest between the chores the shark is in the lung,
allowing swim to perfect the lung in salty brine of stream,
as filters gill the hands of fin a cycle is the door,
for in the reef of barrier a creek in middle storm.

Rows of read to temper sheep the farm of deep a sheet,
action is barter on the naturals while the sleep,
behoove the great in spoken crop as specifics crowd the growth,
in sponge of land a subject grand the ivory of keys.

The tunes will call the telephone crawl a booth for coins in drop,
first the rotary came to be than second on the cell stone tool,
number trace with shoulder spell abdomen of packing trim,
the Third in pill was Swallow well the Whale is the beach of fill.

Piling from the tank of be grasp the compass crumb,
a family from pod of Pea sparking in the symbol feet,
pounding hammers acoustics drill to lanes like borrowed fill,
the Rhino of the Pontiac the signal of the Paint in tug.

Circle round the drum of Stand that lather will be Rose,
in basic sum of being Jung the psyche inking prose,
with Frog or Toad the pot or the stool,
in the landscape of the Nape a learner is the Crow.