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Quarterly Reports for Non-Profits, Sellers Statement, Ownership, etc.

My mother in her office at the Church, Christ Bearers Chorale Congregation in the 1970's

The jobs of the severely abused in life are difficult ones. I speak from my own personal experiences thus far.  Somehow we are meant to put our abuse away, get over the abuse and neglect, not talk about it, go on with our lives, forgive the ones that have destroyed us, never allow what has happened to us show, reconnect with our families, even if they are the abusers.  I wonder about  the people that have done all of this to us. What are they  meant to do?  I never hear, nor have I witnessed any list of jobs that Melba or Hugh or Sarah Meakin are meant to complete as just a few of the bullies in this entire scenario.  All I have heard or known from them and more is that they have never done anything wrong, that they are perfect as they are and that they have the capability to know if I am a sinner or if am right with Jesus Christ or God, those are their words not mine.  Interestingly enough I would like to propose that such assumptions by such twisted liars may put them on the list of sinners at the local church.  I, until recently was unaware that my younger sister was also a self-proclaimed  pastor of the very same ministry.  

 Melba and Hugh Meakin, who are self-proclaimed pastors of  my mother, Melba's church which was originally called Christ Bearers Chorale Congregation.  Today it is called Christ Bearers Bible Church and it was founded by my mother, Melba Placek, now Melba Meakin.  It is still an active Religious Organization being run out of her home in San Francisco, California.  The Church Rectory on 22nd  Avenue is where she still resides today with Hugh Meakin her 2nd husband and Sarah Meakin, my younger sister.  I make a point of saying her home because it was bought for her and her three children, Tamara, Edward and me. This was so that we would know a safe and stable environment following the nasty divorce from their father, Edward Kenneth Placek, Jr.  It was purchased as the church rectory to the Church Building purchased on Divisadero and O'Farrell in San Francisco by James Moseley in 1975 or 1976. The building was purchased with his own personal monies out of his Trust Fund.   The Church building on Divisadero  was meant to house the Church which my mother, Melba had founded in 1971, or there a bout. Melba actually founded her church out of James Moseley's and her home on Balboa Street in the city. The house on 22nd Avenue was actually purchased with funds from Louisa Minot Moseley, James Moseley, Louise Rodgers (Daughter to Louisa, Sister to James,) and Arthur Royce Paddock.  So, when we moved in to our new home, they all moved in with us,  with the exception of James Moseley.  These people were all members of the Board of Directors of Student League of San Francisco, as well as congregation members of the Church belonging to my mother, Melba.
My mother has never attended seminary school, nor has she attended any special classes to educate her in the work of the ministry. 

 Over the years she removed the people on the title of the house through manipulation and then intimidation.  One by one each  person was forced out.  Now there is only one remaining person still alive, however my mother Melba moved her, Louise Rodgers into my Grandparents home in Roseburg, Oregon.  She then moved my Grandparents out of their home and she forcibly moved them to San Francisco to our home on 22nd Avenue.  My Grandparents, Papa and Nana never returned to there home and eventually passed away in San Francisco. 

Louise Rodgers, the daughter of Louisa Minot Moseley (Since deceased) and sister of James Moseley (Who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, committing suicide) has lived at my Grandparents home for many years and to my knowledge still resides on Beulah Drive in Roseburg. 

All the other people that I have mentioned thus far have died, leaving my mother, Melba and Hugh, my step-father, as the President and the Secretary of the non-profit religious organization Christ Bearers Chorale Congregation.  So this very complicated story  can be researched properly by interested parties but to date nobody has probed into their past and thus the con continues without threat of exposure.  I know the story from personally witnessing these transactions and the manipulations that were used to remove people from either the Board of Directors or the titles of properties. 

The Church is now run out of 22-22nd Avenue as per an Internet search.

Christ Bearers Bible Church
as per google's search engine

This  link listed directly below will help to explain what is being written.  Keep in mind that Louisa Moseley died a few years ago, so please know that she is or cannot be listed as the present treasurer. I included her obituary below.  Also know that this is the woman that my mother, Melba Meakin forced to change her Will, as per Desta Garrett an ex-congregant member.  Her son James Moseley drafted the papers, as he has the Attorney for the Church.  This is only one why he may have taken his own life. Guilt.

 It is then very odd to read the this Sellers Statement, which is just one of a few documents that I have listed here today for review.  The Sellers Statement raises questions that really need to be answered by the Meakinsfinancil status?  Another question which bare's heavily on me, is where did the monies of the sale of the building which James Moseley bought for the church named Christas Fuentas

 Also interestingly enough the business Tal-y-Tara Polo Shoppe which was owned by James Moseley and was originally a gift from him to me, is now owned my mother, Melba Meakin.  There was a Tea Shoppe called Waters Upton Tea Room located in the building on Divisadero and O'farrel, which has now been integrated with the business started for me when I was 15 years old, located at 6439 California Street. To the best of my knowledge they bankrupted James Moseley along with my business in the early nineties, which confuses me.  Because today they are still using my logo and also using the life size Horse Manikin that I had provided for the business several years ago. The business name is a bit different then the original name of Tal-y-Tara Tack & Tweed.  It is now Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe. Take note of the on-line logo's

Upon my store's opening it provided equipment for the horse enthusiast and Midge Wise was the Manager of the operation.  She had been hired  by my mother, Melba Meakin.  My mother, Melba hired her to tame me because I was a bit on the wild side and they were trying to focus my attentions.  I was the only rider in the family at that time.  So obviously it was not started for my younger brother and sister, Sarah and Philip, as they were under the age of ten at the time.  In addition they are not the equestrians that I was growing up. My parents did not ride at all and knew nothing about the horse industry.  The plan that James Moseley had made with me was for me.  He wanted me to have a prosperous future.  He knew of the abuse and neglect that I had suffered and was worried about me being able to become employed as an adult.  He also wanted me to have something tangible and something to look forward towards in the future.  He did not want me to have to have money worries as an adult. It was a wonderful idea and I was extremely grateful.

 You will see that the logo is the same but they have changed the name from, "Tack and Tweed"  to "Tea and Polo Shoppe."   My mother, Melba then integrated her Tea Room Waters Upton into my Tack Shop resulting in the business that my brother seems to be running today.  Regardless, it still states "Family Owned" and I to date have never been able to be involved at all in the business started solely for me and my future security.

Now as we proceed to another rip-off of my mother and step-father, take note of this Sellers Statement which I had mentioned earlier (I apolgize, it is a complicated story to tell.) Read it very carefully. 

 Provided by;

 The Chicago Title Company, for Christ Bearers
One Daniel Burnham Court, Suite 218C, San Francisco, CA  94109
415 359-2500 • FAX 415 292-6235
DATE:  May 17, 2005    TIME:  3:57 PM
ESCROW NO.:  05-742281-MY
LOCATE NO.:  CACTI7738-7738-2350-0000742281
ESCROW OFFICER:  Michael Yip    CLOSING DATE:  May 20, 2005


1363 Divisadero Street Company, LLC, a California limited liability company
Coast Range Realty Exchange, Inc. as qualified intermediary for Maggie Gill, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
1363 Divisadero Street, 2105-2107 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA  94115


Total Consideration          4,150,000.00
Existing 1st Trust Deed to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage     2,014,918.66      

Prepaid County Taxes at $1,322.45 Semi-Annual from 5/20/2005 to          301.22
Prepaid County Taxes at $213.53 Semi-Annual from 5/20/2005 to          48.64
Interest on Existing Loan at $13,412.08 Monthly from 5/1/2005 to     8,494.32      
Prorated Rents     8,922.83      
Prepaid Deposits     12,000.00      
Reimburse Buyer for Legal Fee     4,950.00      
Reimburse Seller for Tax Escrow          1,393.08
Reimburse Seller for Insurance Escrow          3,216.14
Reimburse Seller for Tenant Improvement Escrow          21,673.20
Reimburse Seller for Replacement Reserve Escrow          6,228.00

13-ALTA Loan (10/17/92) for $2,100,000.00     1,606.00      
Endorsement Fee(s)     2,307.00      
County Transfer Tax     16,020.00      
Recording Deed      10.00      

Doc Prep Fees to Chicago Title     50.00      
Courier Fees     40.00      
Notary Fees     40.00      

ASSUMPTION CHARGES - Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust  
Total Assumptions $-11,561.75  
Attorneys’ Fees due to Bilzin Sumberg Dunn Baena     10,000.00      
Master Servicer Fees to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust     300.00      
Costs due to Bilzin Sumberg Dunn Baena Price & Axe     250.00      
Real Estate Tax Escrow Exchange to Wachovia Bank Commercial     189.48      
Mortgage Trust           
Administrative & Recording Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial     125.00      
Mortgage Trust           
Insurance Review Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust     400.00      
Application Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust     1,500.00      
Credit Review Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust     100.00      
UCC Filing Fees to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust     120.00      
Flood Determination Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage     15.00      
Defeasance Quote Charge to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage     300.00      
Assumption / Transfer Fee to Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage     20,149.19      

Listing Brokers Commission to Kim Campbell 2.50%     103,750.00      
Selling Brokers Commission to Warwick Properties Group  2.50%     103,750.00      

Kim Campbell for Additional Service Fees     5,400.00      



ESTIMATED TOTALS     $4,182,860.28     $4,182,860.28


The Undersigned hereby instruct and authorize Escrow Holder to disburse proceeds/refund as follows:

[  ]    TRANSFER    [  ]  All Net Proceeds/Refund,  or  [  ]  $   
ESCROW NO:        
[  ]    HOLD check for PICK UP
[  ]    CALL when check is ready for PICK UP, PHONE NUMBER      
[  ]    WIRE funds to (Bank Name)      
Routing No.      
Account No.      
[  ]    MAIL     [  ]  FEDERAL EXPRESS check to      

1363 Divisadero Street Company, LLC,
a California limited liability company
By:  Christ Bearers,
     a California nonprofit religious corporation
Its: Manager

          Melba Meakin, President

          Hugh Meakin, Secretary

On a search I then found this purchase of property. Note the dates of sale for the Church Building on Divisdero and O'farrell and the purchase of a home seven months later.  This house contains  two flats.  Judging by who is on the title, it is for my younger sister and brother, Philip and Sarah Meakin.  I also know this because they rubbed my nose in it.  The home was located two houses away , on the same side of the street.  Take particular interest in the purchase, sale, purchase and then sale of this property again.  This coincides with the attack on my life, which ended in me loosing my home.  So, as the blame child of the family, I took it in the shorts on this one too.  They blamed me for having to sell the property for fear that they would be caught for the embezzlement of funds. Again their words not mine.

Sales History (2001-present)
$3,835,000on Dec. 19, 2007
$2,175,000on Aug. 2, 2007
N/Aon Aug. 11, 2006
$2,025,000on Jan. 10, 2006
$2,025,000on Jan. 10, 2006

We then come to another piece of property purchased by the Meakins with I am assuming the monies out of the sale of the Church.  I come to this conclusion because Melba, Hugh and Sarah do not work outside of the home and have no real work history to support such a purchase.  My brother Philip runs the small business Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe and certainly cannot make this type of money off a salary. As an interesting FYI, the business that my brother now runs on California Street was  originally located (Yes, you guessed it) on O'Farrell in the remodeled garage of the Church building. Here is another new web page for the now family owned business which I cannot be a part of because they have ostracized me completely.  So the dream that James "Jim" Moseley had for me was taken by my family for their own self-gain.

Here is a letter for the proposed purchase of 6439 California Street which is now the home of my shop. Where does this money come from to purchase these pieces of property if no one has a job to produce the income to even entertain such a purchase.  I know that upon the sale of the Church Building my mother touted to me over the telephone that she was finally going to get paid for all of her work over the years.  I asked how that was even a consideration of hers since she was collecting Tithes from the congregation for the entire time that she was their Minister.  She hung up the phone on me.
Kim Campbell

 Real Estate Broker

PO Box 640828

San Francisco, CA 94164-0828

Tel: (415) 441 3464   Fax: (415) 441 6438

August 11, 2004                       

Mike Riordan                 via email:

McGuire Real Estate
San Francisco, CA
Re:   6439-6443 CALIFORNIA ST. San Francisco, CA APN: 1407-043

Dear Mike:

I have had several meetings with my clients to see if we can come to an agreement with your client on the sales price of the above mentioned property.  Here is what my clients are prepared to do to avoid the appraisal process, which of course is the alternative.

Sales price:        Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars ($750,000)

Down payment:    One Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars ($150,000)

Seller carry back

Financing:    Seller to carry back a loan in the amount of $600,000 at six percent (6%) interest, amortized over 25 years, all due and payable in ten (10) years.  Monthly payments to be $3,865.00 or more.   No prepayment penalty.

Transfer taxes:    paid by seller

Real estate

Commission:    seller shall pay a real estate sales commission equal to five percent (5%) of the sales, shared equally between Kim Campbell and McGuire Real Estate.

Miscellaneous:    Buyers to arrange for and pay for an inspection of the property within ten (10) calendar days of execution of a definitive agreement to sell the property. .  Buyers may terminate the sales agreement if they are not satisfied with the inspection report.    Seller to be responsible for any repairs to the property that is “triggered” by the sale of the property.

We have looked at a number of comparable sales in San Francisco to try and establish a fair market value for this property.  At $750,000 my clients are offering a lower cap rate – less than 2.4% -- and therefore higher price than any comparable property in our survey.  The gross rent multiplier (GRM) is over 26 and the price per square foot is very competitive with the other sales reviewed.  My clients think this is a very fair proposal.

My clients look forward to your client’s response to this proposal.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Campbell
cc:  Hugh & Melba Meakin (via email)

Then of coarse another proposed investment of monies coming from two people who record no income and to my knowledge have professed themselves to be my Ministers first and then second to that, My parents. While growing Hugh had various odd jobs, but certainly nothing to be able to purchase, support or maintain these types of properties.  My mother has only ever been in the business of non-profits and not recorded an income with the IRS, living off of the Tithes and Offerings of her Congregation Members.  Now take note to this interesting bit of news,

Date:            August 14, 2006
To:             Hugh and Melba Meakin
From:            Kim Campbell

PO Box 640828
San Francisco, CA 94164-0828
Tel: (415) 441 3464        Fax: (415) 441 6438
Cell: (415) 308 3273

Re:    proposed $375,000 loan on ten (10) 40+/- acre parcels in Butte County, CA – total of 400+/- acres 

 Hugh and Melba:

While awaiting the borrower with the 195+/- acres near Oroville’s decision by tomorrow, I went to tell you about another loan request also on land in Butte County, California.

I have attached a loan request below that I hope is self-explanatory.   I will call you to discuss, especially the partial release request.  There is evidently a backup offer to purchase this property for $900,000 and two other interested parties at around $1,100,000. 

Close of escrow is scheduled for early next week.



These are amazing purchases for people that constantly say that they have no money.  Maybe with a little luck,  my mother's brother can begin to recover some of his money that he never recieved for the work he had put in as an Agent to sell the Property on Divisadero. At least now people can see that my parents are constantly lying about their cash flow.
Now we have the financials for the non-profits that should represent some type of deposit or re-investment of the profits from the Church Building, originally purchased for around $240,000.00.  To date I cannot find anything other than the use of the non-profit license for different and new business's.

Here we have the Quarterly Reports for the Philomath Foundation. It is publically run by Kathryn Dang, my mother's best friend and confident to the family business' since 1982. 

 (All of this should really make Uncle Russ finally laugh or at least I hope feel better. It is a big mess that ended up hurting him very badly.  He lost his parents, my Grandparents, Papa and Nana in a custody issue with my mother, Melba Meakin.  He was unable to even come to her home in San Francisco to bid them farewell after she had forcibly moved them from their home in Roseburg, Oregon.  They were ripped from his care in Roseburg, where he had been the caretaker for them.  It is so sad to think that my mother did this to gain control over my Grandparents Estate. Are you beginning to see a pattern in her behaviour as she separates family members once again.  As an FYI, she ended up changing my Grandmother's originally drafted Will three times.  So in the end I know that whatever it said was not what my Grandfather and Grandmother wanted.  My mother never would show me the Wills from my Grandparents.  It is so weird that Louise Rodgers lives in the home of my Grandparents. I don't understand how or why she lives there.) 

The address that is used for these Non-Profits and/or L.L.C.'s is the address listed for the Christ Bearers Bible Church, 22-22nd Avenue, S.F., California.  This is also the home that I grew-up in and that my mother, step-father and younger sister reside in.
Horses in California, Inc.
22-22nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415-221-9438
Fax: 415-221-2581

Fed Tax No. 94-1196213


Hugh and Melba Meakin


Katherine Dang and Sarah Meakin

Events Manager

Philip Meakin

Office Manager

Sharon Haynes

Here we go to the reports from............The Philomath Foundation which has Wednesday Salon at, you guessed it, my mother's home at 22-22nd Avenue. Kathryn Dang is also the person that was meant to be the Educator for me after I had been forcibly removed from Wallenburg High School in San Francisco.  I was given an exam by her in the Library of my mother's home ,where she proclaimed to my mother in an audible voice that I only had a Fifth Grade understanding.  My mother was in her nightgown at the time and she jumped around the room gasping for air.  She screamed Hallelujahs at the top of her voice.  She said "I knew that I was correct in removing me from her school." 

This ended up being the last time that I ever had a workbook or study materials of any kind in front of me.  It was one of the most difficult days of my life and I hold this woman personally responsible for destroying my education and any interest I may have had in school. 

My Uncle was a Principle in the Oregon public school system.  I would venture if he knew about this woman, Kathryn Dang, he would be able to confront her on her credentials as an educator today.  I would imagine that he could profess to her inadequacies as an educator after only one conversation with her.  I would bet that he would also frown upon her making such a statement in front of her proposed student, stating that the devastation would be irreversible at such an age.

Philomath Foundation
8040 Mountain View Drive, Unit D
Pleasanton, CA  94588
Expenditures - 1st Quarter 2005                                                        
January 1 - March 31, 2005
Inflow                Amount                        Total

Prior Cash Balance        
$  5,939.88                        
Prior ASF Balance        1,510.26                        
Am. Service Funds Divid.        7.42                        
American Service Funds        300.00                        
1st Quarter Deposits        8,152.00                        

Total Inflow                                15,909.56


Payroll Expenses:                                
Salary        3,108.87                        
Qrtly.Federal Payroll Taxes        994.20                        
Qrtly. State Payroll Taxes        83.68                        
Operations Expenses:                                
Office Supplies        35.07                        
Postage        60.83                        
Gas        118.52                        
Copies        16.70                        
Automobile Expenses:                                
Insurance        49.00                        
Monthly Lease Payments        1,215.96                        
Maintenance        111.60                        
Travel Expenses:                                
Lodging        -0-                        
Meals        -0-                        
Miscellaneous        -0-                        
Tolls        18.00                        
Leadership Seminar        381.30                        
Workmen's Comp. Ins. Prem.        186.92                        
Hospitality        130.63                        
Equipment        24.70                        
Book Purchase        68.00                        
American Service Funds        300.00                        
Miscellaneous        37.30                        
                   Total Outflow                                6,941.28

1st Quarter Balance                                
$ 8,968.28
Revised 10/30/05

Philomath Foundation
8040 Mountain View Drive, Unit D
Pleasanton, CA  94588
Expenditures - 2nd Quarter 2005                                                        
April 1 - June 30, 2005
Inflow                Amount                        Total

Prior Cash Balance        
Prior ASF Balance        1,817.68                        
Am. Service Funds Divid.        11.90                        
American Service Funds        300.00                        
2nd Quarter Deposits        11,131.00                        
Total Inflow                                20,411.18

Payroll Expenses:                                
Salary        3,257.58                        
Qrtly.Federal Payroll Taxes        994.20                        
Qrtly. State Payroll Taxes        286.38                        
Operations Expenses:                                
Office Supplies        63.55                        
Postage        38.06                        
Gas        452.75                        
Copies        198.07                        
Telephone         209.99                        
Internet Service        29.85                        
Automobile Expenses:                                
Insurance        395.60                        
Monthly Lease Payments        607.98                        
Maintenance        71.30                        
Travel Expenses:                                
Lodging        -0-                        
Meals        1.06                        
Tolls        15.50                        

Miscellaneous:                16.56                
Hospitality        214.38                        
Leadership Seminar        405.00                        
Secretary of State Fee        20.00                        
Costco Membership        45.00                        
Teaching Tool        24.50                        
American Service Funds        300.00                        
Honoraria        1,100.00                        
Foundation Course        802.92                        
Miscellaneous        14.15                        
                  Total Outflow                                9,547.82

2nd Quarter Balance                                

Philomath Foundation
8040 Mountain View Drive, Unit D
Pleasanton, CA  94588
Expenditures - 3rd Quarter 2005                                                        
July 1 - September 30, 2005
Inflow                Amount                        Total
Prior Cash Balance        $ 8,733.78                        
Prior ASF Balance        2,129.58                        
Am. Service Funds Divid.        16.81                        
American Service Funds        200.00                        
Void Orig. Security Deposit        250.00                        
3rd Quarter Deposits        12,957.95                        
Total Inflow                                24,288.12
Payroll Expenses:                                
Salary        3,555.00                        
Qrtly.Federal Payroll Taxes        1054.30                        
Qrtly. State Payroll Taxes        254.17                        
Operations Expenses:                                
Office Supplies        272.03                        
Postage        51.92                        
Gas        420.71                        
Copies/Fax        427.64                        
Telephone         138.27                        
Internet Service        9.95                        
Automobile Expenses:                                
Registration        210.00                        
Monthly Lease Payments        1,215.96                        
Maintenance        153.86                        
Travel Expenses:                                
Lodging        458.58                        
Meals        4.56                        
Travel        228.40                        
Tolls        21.00                        

Miscellaneous:                712.54                
Hospitality        949.21                        
Leadership Seminar        3,609.36                        
Credit Card Membership Fee        75.00                        
Clubhouse Security Deposit        250.00                        
Books        48.29                        
American Service Funds        200.00                        
St. Comp. Ins. Funds        197.96                        
Utilities        63.62                        
Miscellaneous        5.00        

                  Total Outflow                                13,874.79

3rd Quarter Balance                                

Report for;
Horses in California, Inc.
22-22nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415-221-9438
Fax: 415-221-2581
Fed Tax No. 94-1196213

Split Debit Credit Balance
Deposit 4/18/2005 Brady Bank of America 120.00 120.00
Deposit 4/25/2005 Brady Bank of America 80.00 200.00
Total Brady 0.00 200.00 200.00
Horse Shows
Deposit 4/26/2005 Horse Show Bank of America 109.00 109.00
Deposit 4/26/2005 Horse Show Bank of America 121.00 230.00
Deposit 5/2/2005 Show Bank of America 329.00 559.00
Deposit 5/2/2005 Deposit Bank of America 1,420.00 1,979.00
Deposit 5/6/2005 Food donation proceeds Bank of America 218.30 2,197.30
Deposit 5/6/2005 Deposit Bank of America 133.00 2,330.30
Deposit 5/6/2005 Deposit Bank of America 157.00 2,487.30
Deposit 9/19/2005 Cash, event Bank of America 1,142.00 3,629.30
Deposit 9/19/2005 Cash - auction Bank of America 50.00 3,679.30
Deposit 9/19/2005 Cash / Dressage in Park 7/9/... Bank of America 66.00 3,745.30
Deposit 9/19/2005 Event itself checks Bank of America 10,045.00 13,790.30
Total Horse Shows 0.00 13,790.30 13,790.30
Donations - Other
Deposit 1/5/2005 CB Bank of America 700.00 700.00
Deposit 1/11/2005 CB Bank of America 300.00 1,000.00
Deposit 1/13/2005 Deposit Bank of America 320.00 1,320.00
Deposit 1/24/2005 Deposit Bank of America 60.00 1,380.00
Deposit 1/25/2005 TYT Bank of America 80.00 1,460.00
Deposit 2/1/2005 CB Bank of America 100.00 1,560.00
Deposit 2/7/2005 Baker McKenzie Bank of America 698.00 2,258.00
Deposit 2/10/2005 ENG Bank of America 50.00 2,308.00
Deposit 2/18/2005 CB Bank of America 2,000.00 4,308.00
Deposit 2/23/2005 smst Bank of America 2,000.00 6,308.00
Deposit 2/23/2005 Deposit Bank of America 2,000.00 8,308.00
Deposit 3/10/2005 Deposit Bank of America 50.00 8,358.00
Deposit 3/14/2005 Deposit Bank of America 80.00 8,438.00
Deposit 4/5/2005 NG Bank of America 50.00 8,488.00
Deposit 4/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 350.00 8,838.00
Deposit 5/10/2005 ENG Bank of America 50.00 8,888.00
Deposit 5/12/2005 M Bank of America 60.00 8,948.00
Deposit 5/23/2005 CB Bank of America 200.00 9,148.00
Deposit 5/25/2005 CB (700 + 800) Bank of America 1,500.00 10,648.00
Deposit 6/2/2005 Deposit Bank of America 100.00 10,748.00
Deposit 6/13/2005 Deposit Bank of America 300.00 11,048.00
Deposit 6/13/2005 Deposit Bank of America 300.00 11,348.00
Deposit 6/14/2005 Deposit Bank of America 300.00 11,648.00
Deposit 6/20/2005 ENG Bank of America 50.00 11,698.00
Deposit 7/5/2005 Deposit Bank of America 2,000.00 13,698.00
Deposit 7/8/2005 Deposit Bank of America 1,000.00 14,698.00
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 1
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Deposit 7/8/2005 Deposit Bank of America 3,000.00 17,698.00
Deposit 7/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 75.00 17,773.00
Deposit 7/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 160.00 17,933.00
Deposit 7/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 400.00 18,333.00
Deposit 8/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 75.00 18,408.00
Deposit 8/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 100.00 18,508.00
Deposit 8/11/2005 Deposit Bank of America 200.00 18,708.00
Deposit 8/30/2005 Dressopeintve pk (07/05) ? Bank of America 518.00 19,226.00
Deposit 8/31/2005 Deposit Bank of America 360.00 19,586.00
Deposit 9/6/2005 ENG Bank of America 75.00 19,661.00
Deposit 9/6/2005 Ticket sale (Zlokovick) Bank of America 200.00 19,861.00
Deposit 9/6/2005 CB Loan Bank of America 1,000.00 20,861.00
Deposit 9/9/2005 Deposit Bank of America 225.00 21,086.00
Deposit 9/9/2005 Deposit Bank of America 625.00 21,711.00
Deposit 9/9/2005 anonomous donation Bank of America 8,000.00 29,711.00
Deposit 9/16/2005 Theater exchange Bank of America 100.00 29,811.00
Deposit 9/16/2005 Lissack Bank of America 250.00 30,061.00
Deposit 9/16/2005 Polsky - McLaughlin Bank of America 1,495.00 31,556.00
Deposit 9/22/2005 Anolik Bank of America 700.00 32,256.00
Deposit 9/27/2005 Pinp event/ batch report / cre... Bank of America 5,000.00 37,256.00
Deposit 9/30/2005 Deposit Bank of America 75.00 37,331.00
Deposit 10/21/2005 Deposit Bank of America 220.00 37,551.00
Deposit 10/21/2005 Deposit Bank of America 515.00 38,066.00
Deposit 10/26/2005 Deposit Bank of America 380.00 38,446.00
Deposit 11/4/2005 Deposit Bank of America 150.00 38,596.00
Deposit 11/4/2005 Deposit Bank of America 500.00 39,096.00
Deposit 11/10/2005 Deposit Bank of America 30.00 39,126.00
Deposit 11/10/2005 Deposit Bank of America 40.00 39,166.00
Deposit 11/10/2005 Deposit Bank of America 40.00 39,206.00
Deposit 12/1/2005 Deposit Bank of America 40.00 39,246.00
Deposit 12/1/2005 Deposit Bank of America 75.00 39,321.00
Total Donations - Other 0.00 39,321.00 39,321.00
Total Donations 0.00 53,311.30 53,311.30
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 2
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Horse Boarding
Check 1/11/2005 3227 Pastorino Horse Ran... trailer parking Bank of America 60.00 -60.00
Check 2/9/2005 3229 Ricketts & Associates Training Bank of America 250.00 -310.00
Check 3/1/2005 3240 Pastorino Horse Ran... Jan - Mar trailer parking Bank of America 180.00 -490.00
Check 5/12/2005 3254 Pastorino Horse Ran... Jan - Mar trailer parking Bank of America 60.00 -550.00
Check 5/19/2005 3255 Pastorino Horse Ran... Jan - Mar trailer parking Bank of America 60.00 -610.00
Check 7/7/2005 3265 Pastorino Horse Ran... Jan - Mar trailer parking Bank of America 120.00 -730.00
Check 8/11/2005 3275 Pastorino Horse Ran... Jan - Mar trailer parking Bank of America 60.00 -790.00
Check 10/21/2005 3312 Shamrock Ranch First & Last mo. Debbie Dolaf Bank of America 1,040.00 -1,830.00
Check 12/9/2005 3314 Shamrock Ranch Remainder 07/05 + Dec 2005 Bank of America 742.00 -2,572.00
Total Horse Boarding 2,572.00 0.00 -2,572.00
Horse Shoeing
Check 1/2/2005 3221 Bay Area Equine Stragles + West Nile Bank of America 270.00 -270.00
Total Horse Shoeing 270.00 0.00 -270.00
Total Brady 2,842.00 0.00 -2,842.00
Bank Charges
Check 1/11/2005 Bank of America Insufficient funds fee Bank of America 30.00 -30.00
Check 1/21/2005 Bank of America insufficient funds fee Bank of America 33.00 -63.00
Check 1/25/2005 Bank of America Insufficient funds Bank of America 33.00 -96.00
Check 1/26/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 6.00 -102.00
Check 1/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -114.00
Check 2/23/2005 EFT Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 2.50 -116.50
Check 2/23/2005 EFT Bank of America Insufficient funds fee Bank of America 66.00 -182.50
Check 2/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -194.50
Check 3/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -206.50
Check 3/28/2005 Self service calls Bank of America 2.00 -208.50
Check 4/11/2005 EFT Bank of America Insufficient funds fee Bank of America 33.00 -241.50
Check 4/26/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 2.50 -244.00
Check 4/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -256.00
Check 5/25/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 5.50 -261.50
Check 5/25/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -273.50
Check 6/27/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -285.50
Check 7/26/2005 Self service calls Bank of America 1.00 -286.50
Check 7/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -298.50
Check 8/8/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 7.50 -306.00
Check 8/26/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -318.00
Check 9/27/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 3.50 -321.50
Check 9/27/2005 Service Charge Bank of America 12.00 -333.50
Check 12/2/2005 Bank of America Self service calls Bank of America 30.00 -363.50
Total Bank Charges 363.50 0.00 -363.50
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 3
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Check 2/17/2005 3234 Robert Kellerhaun SFIAT Bank of America 720.00 -720.00
Check 2/17/2005 3233 Derek DiGracia SFIAT Bank of America 1,109.35 -1,829.35
Check 2/18/2005 3235 Robert Kellerhaun Hotel for consultants Bank of America 78.66 -1,908.01
Check 2/19/2005 3236 Nigel Casserley SFIAT Bank of America 1,695.00 -3,603.01
Check 7/8/2005 3268 Yves Sauvignon Consultant SFIHT Bank of America 800.00 -4,403.01
Check 8/3/2005 3290 Paul Assen computer office Bank of America 525.00 -4,928.01
Check 8/16/2005 3277 Yves Sauvignon Consultant SFIHT Bank of America 800.00 -5,728.01
Check 8/17/2005 3280 Helen Mahler mailing Bank of America 20.00 -5,748.01
Check 9/10/2005 3295 Paul Assen offie hours Bank of America 470.00 -6,218.01
Check 9/17/2005 3299 Paul Assen Bank of America 540.00 -6,758.01
Check 10/3/2005 3301 Paul Assen Bank of America 390.00 -7,148.01
Check 10/7/2005 3306 Paul Assen Bank of America 380.00 -7,528.01
Check 10/15/2005 3307 Paul Assen Bank of America 400.00 -7,928.01
Check 10/21/2005 3310 Paul Assen Bank of America 400.00 -8,328.01
Check 10/28/2005 3313 Paul Assen Bank of America 380.00 -8,708.01
Total Consultants 8,708.01 0.00 -8,708.01
Office Supplies
Check 10/5/2005 3305 Office Max Bank of America 37.04 -37.04
Check 10/11/2005 Bank of America check printing charge Bank of America 46.34 -83.38
Total Office Supplies 83.38 0.00 -83.38
Check 8/2/2005 3273 Patrick Campbell repair computer at 6439 Calif... Bank of America 340.00 -340.00
Total Repairs 340.00 0.00 -340.00
Check 1/7/2005 SBC Bank of America 469.18 -469.18
Check 2/10/2005 SBC Bank of America 122.24 -591.42
Check 4/26/2005 SBC Bank of America 114.07 -705.49
Check 8/18/2005 SBC Bank of America 276.55 -982.04
Check 10/20/2005 SBC Bank of America 318.67 -1,300.71
Check 12/16/2005 SBC Bank of America 350.65 -1,651.36
Total Telephone 1,651.36 0.00 -1,651.36
General - Other
Check 1/2/2005 3222 DPW San Mateo Co. Map / San Bruno Mtn Bank of America 5.41 -5.41
Check 1/3/2005 3226 DPT Bank of America 143.00 -148.41
Check 3/31/2005 3241 Hugh Meakin Gas exp reimburse Bank of America 140.00 -288.41
Check 4/7/2005 3243 DMV GMC add'l cost registration Bank of America 30.00 -318.41
Total General - Other 318.41 0.00 -318.41
Total General 11,464.66 0.00 -11,464.66
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 4
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Horse Shows
Check 4/28/2005 3246 Doc Lapkin ribbons for show Bank of America 412.44 -412.44
Check 7/8/2005 3267 Lapikew Trophy Co. Ribbons Bank of America 289.38 -701.82
Check 8/23/2005 3281 Doc Lapkin jumping in Park 8/28/5 Bank of America 363.21 -1,065.03
Total Awards 1,065.03 0.00 -1,065.03
Equipment Rental
Check 8/11/2005 3276 Contractors Portables 7/9 Bank of America 158.00 -158.00
Total Equipment Rental 158.00 0.00 -158.00
Fees & Permits
Check 1/8/2005 3224 San Mateo Parks & ... Bank of America 60.00 -60.00
Total Fees & Permits 60.00 0.00 -60.00
Judges Fees
Check 5/1/2005 3250 Kay Hitch Bank of America 250.00 -250.00
Check 7/9/2005 3270 Sue Jones Bank of America 200.00 -450.00
Check 8/28/2005 3282 Kay Hitch Jumping in the Park Bank of America 250.00 -700.00
Check 10/16/2005 3308 Sue Jones Bank of America 200.00 -900.00
Total Judges Fees 900.00 0.00 -900.00
Check 1/12/2005 3225 Knight's Catering Bank of America 250.00 -250.00
Check 2/9/2005 3230 Knight's Catering Bank of America 400.00 -650.00
Check 2/17/2005 3232 Knight's Catering Bank of America 2,857.34 -3,507.34
Check 8/28/2005 3285 Angelinas Deli Tea/Coffee Jumping show Bank of America 30.00 -3,537.34
Check 10/18/2005 3309 Angelinas Deli Tea/Coffee Dressage Show Bank of America 57.94 -3,595.28
Total Supplies 3,595.28 0.00 -3,595.28
Horse Shows - Other
Check 4/6/2005 3242 Cypress Security Prin event Bank of America 312.87 -312.87
Check 4/28/2005 3245 Stephen Haskell Reimb - Garlands for show j... Bank of America 66.72 -379.59
Check 5/1/2005 3252 Sarah Meakin Bank of America 100.00 -479.59
Check 5/24/2005 3257 Jack Wise Survey San Bruno Mtn / SFIAT Bank of America 800.00 -1,279.59
Check 5/25/2005 3260 Gloria E Feung Picnic 9/18/5 Bank of America 100.00 -1,379.59
Check 6/12/2005 3262 Jack Wise SFIHT San Bruno Bank of America 400.00 -1,779.59
Check 6/12/2005 3261 Christine Lujano SFIHT - San Bruno MTn Bank of America 400.00 -2,179.59
Check 7/9/2005 3269 Susie Dogle Bank of America 69.90 -2,249.49
Total Horse Shows - Other 2,249.49 0.00 -2,249.49
Total Horse Shows 8,027.80 0.00 -8,027.80
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 5
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Polo in the Park
Check 4/28/2005 3247 Peterson, McAnally ... Insurance Bank of America 550.00 -550.00
Total Insurance 550.00 0.00 -550.00
Check 1/2/2005 3223 Divot Stompers Bal Owed 999.60 Bank of America 150.00 -150.00
Check 4/15/2005 3231 Divot Stompers Payment in Full 2004 Bank of America 999.17 -1,149.17
Check 9/6/2005 3291 Cheese Boutique Bank of America 2,500.00 -3,649.17
Total Luncheon 3,649.17 0.00 -3,649.17
Check 10/4/2005 3302 SF Recreation & Par... use of polo field Bank of America 1,856.00 -1,856.00
Total Permits 1,856.00 0.00 -1,856.00
Check 9/13/2005 3296 Robert Mahr Bank of America 135.93 -135.93
Total Photography 135.93 0.00 -135.93
Check 1/19/2005 3228 USPS Bank of America 68.20 -68.20
Check 4/19/2005 3244 USPS Bank of America 40.50 -108.70
Check 8/8/2005 3274 USPS Bank of America 120.00 -228.70
Check 8/31/2005 3286 Cara Wiley Reimburse for mailing labels ... Bank of America 59.84 -288.54
Check 9/1/2005 3288 USPS Bank of America 231.00 -519.54
Check 9/9/2005 3294 USPS Bank of America 148.00 -667.54
Check 10/5/2005 3304 USPS Bank of America 74.00 -741.54
Total Postage 741.54 0.00 -741.54
Check 8/26/2005 3284 Printing U.S.A, Inc. Bank of America 226.40 -226.40
Check 9/2/2005 3289 Printing U.S.A, Inc. invitations Bank of America 238.70 -465.10
Check 9/9/2005 3293 Printing U.S.A, Inc. 400 more invitations Bank of America 368.73 -833.83
Total Printing 833.83 0.00 -833.83
Check 5/5/2005 3253 Show Circuit Magazine Bank of America 70.00 -70.00
Check 5/25/2005 3259 Sports Quest Interna... Pinp event '04 video Bank of America 700.00 -770.00
Total Promotion 770.00 0.00 -770.00
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 6
Type Date Num Name Memo Split Debit Credit Balance
Check 8/30/2005 3287 M & G Gifts payment on order Bank of America 600.00 -600.00
Check 9/6/2005 3292 Nob Hill Market Polo in the Park 05 Bank of America 419.37 -1,019.37
Check 9/14/2005 3297 Jaron Embroidery shirts Bank of America 530.57 -1,549.94
Check 9/16/2005 3298 G & M Crafts Bank of America 1,095.00 -2,644.94
Total Supplies 2,644.94 0.00 -2,644.94
Total Polo in the Park 11,181.41 0.00 -11,181.41
Check 7/5/2005 3266 Marinscope Invoice Charity Fundraiser Bank of America 1,310.00 -1,310.00
Check 10/4/2005 3303 Lee de Broff Passionate for Paris Trip Bank of America 2,750.00 -4,060.00
Total Uncategorized 4,060.00 0.00 -4,060.00
TOTAL 37,575.87 53,311.30 15,735.43
3:51 PM Horses In California, Inc.
01/12/06 Transaction Detail By Account
Cash Basis January through December 2005
Page 7

Now I don't see any of the monies that have been represented on the above Sellers Statements.  Where is the money going or where has it gone.  Even if you say it went to buy 6439 California Street, does that mean that it is now the location of the Non-Profit Religious Organization Christ Bearers Chorale Congregation?  If that is so, then can't I now say that the business of Tal-y-Tara is mine to have once and for all?  Or are they running my once profitable business as a  non-profit washing machine for the Church funds?  The original location for my tack business was on O'Farrell  Street, home of the church mentioned above. Before the remodel of the Church garage a Thrift Shop run my Marge Damir, a congregant member, helped to  fund the church activities through donations.  Are they now running the Tea and Polo Shoppe the same way as the Thrift Store?  Is is a not for profit business that is funding the church? or a for profit business funding the family?  Either way it seems that the money goes to the same people.  It would then become a problem for the IRS to solve.

Three years ago my mother was trying to sell 6439 California Street.  She did this to no avail.  My mother took the property off the market and is still listed as the property owner along with her husband Hugh Meakin.  However, the question still remains, where does it show that either one of these people have made enough of an income to purchase such a property?

I know from growing up in the household on 22-22nd Avenue that much of their money came from forcing Congregant Members to turn it over to them.  This is just another secret that I hold and that has proven to be detrimental to my health.  I seem to be the only family member that is in major disagreement with what the family does to make a living, Conning innocent victims through religious practices.

This is a picture of the business/residence of Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe in San Francisco on California Street.

6439 California Street
San Francisco, CA
Property type:
Single-Family Home
2,912 sqft
Year built:
Added on Trulia:
180+ days ago
Nearby School:
Mother Goose Sch… Nearby schools
Description provided by Trulia
This Single-Family Home is located at 6439 California Street, San Francisco CA. 6439 California St is in the Central Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco, CA and in ZIP Code 94121. The average listing price for Central Richmond is $905,028. 6439 California St has approximately 2,912 square feet and was built in 1911 . It is a business on the ground floor and has an apartment on the second floor. A personal residence.
Most recent information provided by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage:
•Price: $888,000•Status: Unknown•2,912 sqft•Single-Family Home•Built In 1911.

Now here is the home that I grew-up in on 22-22nd Avenue.  It was originally the rectory for my mother who was the minister of Christa Fuentas, renamed Christ Bearers Chorale Congregation, renamed Christ Bearers Bible Church.  She now holds her Church Services for Christ Bearers Bible Church at the Rectory in West Clay Park. It is now listed as follows,

Total assessed land value: $98,662
Total assessed improvements value: $502,350
Total assessed value for property: $601,012
Date of current valuation: 06/28/2009
Lot depth: 20.00 feet
Lot area: 10,440.00 square feet
Basement area: 200 square feet
Number of stories: 2
Number of units: 1
Number of rooms: 13
Number of bathrooms: 4
Property area: 6,200 square feet
Year property was built: 1926

Also listed with the above address of 22-22nd Avenue are the following business/non-profits.  This is a residential neighborhood in the city.

1.) Christ Bearers Bible Church
22 22nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 831-1101

2.) Horses in California, Inc. 22-22nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415-221-9438

3.) Student League of S F Horses In California
22 22nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121
Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
(415) 221-9438
4.) Polo in the Park
22-22nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121Phone: 415–221-9438
Horses in California, Inc.
Horses in California, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing equestrian-related arts, events, and physical wellness to the San Francisco Bay Area. Horses in California, Inc. operates the James S. Brady Therapeutic Riding Program and hosts the annual Polo in the Park charity event.
In the early 1980’s, San Francisco residents Hugh and Melba Meakin had a dream of starting an organization that would expose people in their community to the glorious psychological and physical benefits of horseback riding, horse-related arts and equestrian sports. Indeed, they created the non-profit organization Horses in California, Inc. in 1984 and started off the year by hosting a world-class show jumping and grand prix event called “The San Francisco Show Jumping Grand Prix and Equestrian Festival”. This was a three-day event held at the Marin Headlands.
In 1981, the physical and psychophysical benefits of horseback riding gained national attention when James S. Brady, Press Secretary to President Ronald Reagan, was shot in the head during a failed assassination attempt on the President and used horseback riding as a means of physical therapy during his recovery. Hugh and Melba Meakin met with Brady at this time and were given the honor of using his name for a riding program that the Meakins were opening to provide therapy alternatives to disabled children. Thus, the James S. Brady Therapeutic Riding Program for special children was founded, and has since helped over 200 youths find wellness and happiness through horsemanship and horseback riding lessons.
After 27 years of hosting Polo in the Park, Horses in California, Inc. is continuing to help disadvantaged and disabled children as well as bring awareness of horses, horse-related arts and equestrian sports to the San Francisco Bay Area.
This was my Godmother that I have listed below. She passed away and my family never told me or invited me to the funeral.  I miss her very much.  She had always been kind to me from the first time we had met back east.  My mother and I had been forcibly removed from Mary Malcom's mothers home.  We had flown back there together so that Mary could introduce my mother, Melba to her family.  While we were there, Mary's family did an intervention because they felt that my mother was running a cult here in California.  Upon seperating my mother and I from Mary, the family and friends along with very large German Shepards removed my mother and I from the house.  The men that took us away in the car early one morning, drove us to an airport far away.  These men who took us never spoke but it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life ( I seem to have alot of those.)  Upon arrival they removed us from the vehical and drove off.

My mother and I met James Moseley somehow at the airport.  He smiled at me and I smiled back. He called his mother and she invited us to her home.  It was really amazing.  I can't remember the entire kidnapping but it was rather traumatic to me and to my mother at the time.

Mary Malcolm ended up returning to California.  She did not believe her family was correct in stating that my mother's church was a cult.  She ended up marrying Jim Moseley and having two children with him.  Today she will not speak to me and is in hiding from my mother, believing now that the Church was and is a Cult.  Pretty wierd if you ask me.  Jim committed suicide in the early nineties by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. 

I found this obituary on the Internet.  It proves that the Church was started before 1972.  It is hard to come by this kind of information, so I copied it when I found it.  Louisa taught me how to run a household and how to be a lady in spite of my surroundings.  She was a real treasure to me., Salem, MA

September 23, 2008

Louisa Sedgwick Minot Moseley, 83

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Louisa Sedgwick Minot Moseley, 83, went to Heaven on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008 at her home in Roseburg, Ore., to be with her Lord Jesus, whom she loved and faithfully served all of her life.
She was born Sept. 16, 1924 in Beverly, (Prides Crossing), to James Jackson and Miriam (Sears) Minot. On Sept. 4, 1946 she married Thomas Fabyan Moseley. Louisa moved from Beverly to San Francisco, Calif. in 1972 where she was a member of Christ Bearers Church. She lived between San Francisco and Roseburg, where she was a member of Calvary Cross Church and has been a permanent resident of Roseburg since 1994.
Louisa was a loving daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, god mother and friend who will be greatly missed. She loved helping people and was a funny, witty, classy lady who loved her poodles, classical music and drama. Louisa was a gifted poet, cook and flower arranger who enjoyed the outdoors: gardening, walking, swimming and picnics - she loved the ocean.
Louisa was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters, Eleanor Lewis and Constance Crossan, and her son, James Jackson Moseley.
Survivors include her daughter, Louise Moseley Rodgers of Beverly, San Francisco and Roseburg; sister, Miriam Mason Cable of Connecticut; three grandchildren, Rebecca Rodgers, Jonathan Moseley and Emily Moseley; one niece and four nephews.
ARRANGEMENTS: Funeral services will be held on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008 at 12 p.m. in the Calvary Assembly of God Church, 718 Lookingglass Road, Roseburg. Pastors Hugh and Melba Meakin and Charles Snyder will officiate. Following a graveside service, Louisa will be laid to rest within the grounds of Roseburg Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Louisa's memory to her favorite charity, Horses in California Inc., 22- 22nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121; for the benefit of the James Brady Riding Program for special needs children. Wilson's Chapel of the Roses, 965 W Harvard, Roseburg, OR 97470 is in charge of arrangements. (541) 673-4455.
I never had an opportunity to thank her for taking care of me after my mother and I had been taken from Mary Malcolm's mother's home.  I was scared and she hugged me.  I never recieved very many hugs in my life, so I am grateful and usually remember them.  I wish I had had the opportunity to pay my respects, but as usual my mother just pushes death under the carpet as if it never happened.  It is mean but no different than what her first ex-husband does when death greets his doorstep as well.
In the end can you tell me where all the money went from the sale of the Church Building on Divisadero and O'farrel?  Did it just go into the pockets of who it seems that it went into the pockets of?  Oh,  I know, it must pay the salaries of the five people pictured above, that are the only listed officers for the non-profits that I have posted.  I thought it was a non-profit and run by volunteers or it used to be run by Church Members in the beginning, ask Kathryn Garrett.  She is in therapy for the slave labor she was required to do as a child.  There is always a story for everything with these people.  However, when will anyone begin to speak out and require that they need more information on the non-profit that they are making donations too.  Donations are what Tithes used to be for my mother, income.  There is no record if it is cash and who really pays attention to these small business's these days.

I was told by Melba and Hugh Meaking that I had to Tithe 10% of my income to them.  They (My parents) told me that they were my Ministers first and second to that they were my parents.  That being said, then maybe my mother, as my Minister can tell me who my biological father really is and understand how important it is to know who fathered you.  I hope one day that I will know this information.  Should I never be able to find out, then that will be only the fault of the woman and the siblings who refuse to tell me.  Justice will not always elude me.

So as I stated at the beginning of this post, the lives of the abused are very difficult to live.  How exactly do you just walk away when they continue to torture you everyday by invading your privacy and lying to absolutely everyone that you know about your life today.  How do you begin again when your children are still at the home of your mother and step-father? Do you leave them with these monsters, abusers and liars? 

I hope that with this post you will begin to help those that are interested to see why my family  would rather have me blow my head off as Sarah Meakin so eloquently told me to do in the dining room of 22nd Avenue three years ago.  My FOO does not want to see me recover and stand once again.  They prefer me to be in pain and agony from the past.  They have no good intentions when it comes to me, but in reality it has always been this way for me.  If you have read my blog than you will see that they wish me nothing but harm and death.  The past speaks for itself, nobody protected me from them then and nobody protects me from them now. 

My brother Phil wrote this as the History of my shop.

Established in 1980

Our family started the business in the fall of 1980 at our first location on the corner of O'farrell and Divisidero in San Francisco. We moved in to our current locale at 27th and California in the fall of 1995. In the 30 years we have served the city tea, equestrian equipment and scones, it has been our passion to do so with a gracious pressence and principles set in "good and kind service to the customer".
Our Family is made up of myself, Philip Meakin, my father, Hugh Meakin, my mother, Melba Meakin, my sister, Sarah Meakin and lastly our recent addition, my dear wife, Sharon Meakin.

As you can see I am not even listed in the family.  Neither is my older sister or older brother.  It hurts very badly, especially since the shop came to be because of me.  He does establish where the business was originally located.  He used to tell me that the Church Building was his inherintence. I guess in the end, it ends up being true.

This is another interesting link that shows the business relationships of the people listed below.  I really like the graph that it uses to describe the relations of the parties to one another.  It does claim that this is an updated site as of March, 2011. Hence the reason I have included Louisa Minot Moseley's obituary. She is listed as the present Treasurer which is impossible and needs to be corrected, or does it?

Christ Bearers
Located in San Francisco, CA
1363 Divisadero Street Company, LLC
Located in San Francisco, CA
Tal-Y-Tara, Inc.
Located in San Francisco, CA
1363 Divisadero Street Operating Company, LLC
Located in San Francisco, CA
Melba Meakin
Located in San Francisco, CA
Louisa M Moseley
Located in San Francisco, CA
Hugh Meakin
Located in San Francisco, CA
James J Moseley
Located in San Francisco, CA
Christopher K Zand
Located in San Francisco, CA
Hugh Meakin
Located in San Francisco, CA

President at Pan Pacific Sports, Ltd.

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