Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When The Music Plays I Turn Away

It is past time to face,
I will never be with you,
so I wish more than good,
to the girl that will be your true.

I still see a particular view,
when I close my eyes,
this Man is there in my mind's eye.

In silhouette of such a graceful rest,
strange to share,
for I have let go of this notion,

Even I dismissed this weird idea,
that we missed,
so I did persist and then let be,
 'cause this life for me is just not right,
it seems a blight.

As I move on,
accept this with all that's been,
all I can say is, "Thank you,"
this Man provided sight,
and with that as a light,
he gave me reason to fight.

Why I still see a quirky smile,
a friend for a while,
it makes laugh to relax,
in such a strange scene of that.

To think upon the pictures seen,
he is such a card and works so hard.

The special view of someone knew,
brings light to a life that has only known mean.

These rambling pictures,
shots of him,
as if I am standing listening,
I must admit it is so special,
he seems such a gift.

So as I go through this life I row,
I appreciate these moments so,
a picture show in the shadows know,
by simply closing my eyes,
Hello he speaks with muted tone.

I guess He still consumes the start I tow.

Better yet I do not fret,
for in such fate of lurid view,
I can still experience the magic of new.

The comfort drawn from what seems so long,
is so much more than grand,
it almost seems an unfair hand.

I do not understand why this difference shows,
for even I concede to never know,
this Man, a Band,
it just all seems too random for planned.

And still I see in guise,
the promise of such strange signs,
that I must once again resign,
for reality is for another time,
in this life I believe we will both be fine.

The laughter brought by such a funny Lot,
makes me wonder about the sense of humor,
in one mind's thought.

To cause no harm,
to present no alarm,
for here and now he just seems to charm,
so here is to the girl that is to come,
I hope your lives stay young,
and just know Love.

I wish for that Girl an open door,
to meet this Man and feel his lore,
in this I hope that love becomes adored.

May peace be showered upon this match,
may the flame burn bright and experience an everlasting rite.

A Beautiful Life

For this Man I see when I close my eyes,
deserves the wonders of this earth.

He has been so special to me,
that all I can say is,
there could not be a better way,
to know your loved,
without the worry of a shove.

Plainly Speaking of the Skeleton Key in Deed

Know not the suffering pain that has been laid at your feet,
for it is not ours to keep.

All we must do is never fall,
remember it all,
and speak with open review,
of this kind of child rearing, it's new.

We are what no one else can be, truly free. We earn our liberty every single day of our life. We earned what is taken for granted by every other human life. We are an example to the world about how resilience and perseverance will deliver to you the most valued gift of all; Independence. We were raised to never make mistakes, we were raised to be perfect, we were raised to smile through the pain that it takes to accomplish these goals. We were raised to be the adults and to be responsible for what is not ours to be responsible for in this life or any other. We were raised to be what only we can be, an example of everything you are not.

Taking care and not to hurt,
the ones who said that we were dirt,
it is O.K. 'cause on the way,
we learned to know what not to say.

Leave nothing behind, you are the miracle of life itself at its finest. You are shining through the generations that we have traveled. We are still so much more mature than the ones that babble.

Their words are useless but they travel,
into the lives that they unravel.

We must not do the things to you,
silence is our golden rule.

To always listen to what's not said,
to keep the secrets and not turn red,
from the embarrassment of all the dead.

To watch all you we must not change,
we are the only ones that claim,
nothing can be the same,
because you support the very insane.

To not grow-up and still throw fits,
to say to us that we must quit,
reminds me of this time in life,
where I must be so well equipped,
to deal with all your verbs,
and just to know that nouns don't quit.

Unfortunately, you raised us well.

We grew so fast, we couldn't tell,
that as an infant we lived in Hell.

Is it your shame that I raised you,
or should you change loving two.

Both are you and never me,
a twist of words that you do need.

As you wrinkle and as you ache,
as your bones begin to break.

Does your mind try to unwind?
To figure out what this is about?

Does your mirror say to itself,
that beauty has not changed?

Of course,it has not, it never will,
'cause that would take a Conscious till.

I have been taught to stay the same,
ever since my claim to fame,
it was my birth, I had no name.

Reality must begin to bake,
your mind so that you can take,
the words that I will share with you,
I'm fairly certain that you lose.

Ignorance is just so bliss,
unless you find you're changing this,
and you're the one that is so old,
that one day soon you will be cold.

Don't worry though I'll be the one,
to never say to anyone,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

The Image of your dream will be,
living on in me you see.

I think you need to Address yourself,
some change in life would bring you health.

Because I have to rear you still,
I must tell you that you are ill.

Here is your script, I wrote for you,
its just like mine.