Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open Season


Death stares at your charge.
Stand back!!
Know your Sin.
Speak of nothing,
 the guilty are found wanting.
Pushed and Shoved
the calls begin, Ugh.
Alone amongst monstrous: Them.
I cry aloud to know I'm alone
Fear of what will not be done, haunts you not me.

Turn to run from the dark night?
Find instead a flicker of Hope;
You're not dead, yet.
Find solace in the "Means of this Life."
Ask a question, be a friend,
do something magical,
live without sin.
Work on your every motive.
Try on Happiness, wear a smile :)
Do a good deed, be somebody,
imagine the breath of life.
Surge towards a forward idea,
you are unique unto yourself.
Be everything you believe you are not.
Surprise yourself, laugh with me.
Let's find, not abandon each other.
A hug for now,
is the sun shining and the moon waiting to be again.
Look to life and be an original.
Unwire yourself from a blanket response.
Listen, learn, speak with conviction,
not tender.
Be acutely accurate with your mind.
Do not glory or be repetitious in negativity with the spoken tongue.
Freedom to strive, makes us alive.
Be a booming and a magnetic voice.
Speak to be heard without condemnation.
Say, "Yes,"  Say, "No,"  Say something.
It is a "Win,"  "When," situation.
The clock is always ticking; So Talk.
Be not what you are told you are.
One cannot know another instantly.
Or, can they?
Targets on Parade
Stand back and know
Life cannot be until you are.