Monday, March 25, 2013

A Title To No Life

As 'The Continue' becomes the driving Force,
as YOUR scenarios begin to take root,
when you look to the Stars at Night,
know that the solution is not the answer!!

To 'Want' death removed as not a 'Part'
makes life a Need and not a Gift,
the Wanton Refusal to Accept truth,
implies that it is 'Lies' that You wish to live!!

The Requiem of Voice draws close,
a Song to Raise you.

Awake ye Old Soul,
just to know,
this is the Show!!

The Stage is Set,
the music played is on the day.

The singing of 'The Ole Soul Planet'
can you hear?

No plea is the Tune,
it is so very old in View
and the comfort found,
is the knowledge that it is around,
and that Life is Bound to Be,
the history that you see.

The Origin of my worth shouts,
Elements Rule,
I trac the design only to find,
 that Humanity,
shows no such worth.

Disappointment ranks my Mind

Well 'Cry' Your banter,
'Know' Your value is,
measured as rift.

As Children fall silent,
I believe it is the 'Dream' You beat,
long before we speak,
We Remember!!

To open your physical eyes and begin to absorb your ways,
you become dismayed and it rocks your reality,
a horror in play.

Oh, how I yearn for 'The Ancients'
whom understood the plea of,
"What is Life!!"

In an Answer,
lectured for Instant,
I was told of the sights to be,
and how in time,
Lives would remit the knowledge of the Fiery Sky,
invoking a Finality of only Lies!!

In Halls of Old Display,
we were readied for the Days of No Refuge,
life would become a Span,
and death just an inevitable curse.

When People deny their very selves,
for others Lies as the Truth over Accountability!!

As Darkness was not it,
It's close enough to explain that the Sun had yet to Be.

Scholars would direct Our minds to Find,
to discover,
to lead Us to an Ongoing Right,
not linger in a negative repose of,
"We just All die."

On the Brink of such known ridiculous thought,
We were taught to grasp to more.

By then....
"We" may be, know more!!..... an Ancient lored!!

Their Words echo in the Time of which had Foundation,
Reason, Fight, Might and Accord!!

Upon such Days I grasp that which is,
for all of what I was told,
in this History of Present,
lives in this brilliance of strange assume.

Without thought you excused belief,
than you threw away what was taught as story's,
to be prepared for no days.

Your blatant disregard for any forward truth,
leaves the Past as the Autumn of life.

You have vanquished this mystery,
of this actual Continue,
to nothing more,
 than the production of what will just be naturally.

Time cannot have measure,
should the Balance of the Scale be rigged,
with the Ounce of no more than a feather.

To seek out that which is found,
is Acceptance, that it is Bound.

The Secrets of such a Keep,
enable the find,
and thus invokes that which knows,
 not kind.

I look to see the Universe above me,
I know the Trumpets Call,
 the Orchestra is playing a Symphony to know,
that you have hidden the very text,
which may have reduced this threat,
to what it is I bet.

An opportunity of Choice,
to be a better and more accountable Human Being,
in a time when destruction would become a theme.