Saturday, February 15, 2014


The bind in the simple release,
is the tie that will never compete,
the rise of the waist in Sees,
the wave of ecstasy, the music reads,
the fire is the flame in mindful reins.

Explosive Loans

An eclectic sooth to only prove,
never surrender, always defeat,
the satisfaction of total receipt.

A Voyeur's Coup!!

I believe the tie is the knot of Truth,
and just begins with musical whims,
the base of which is in the hitch,
the stage of .... only scenes.

A Cat-Walk of listened themes,
the rock and role of what life brings,
the Venue in a steamy dream,
when Man enhanced the Mind,
to speak on a Twin Soul find.

Seductive Climbs

The sin begins with craving,
the lips will never touch,
the soak between the vocals,
the Knight, the favorite crush.

The shock of only senses,
the cut of hearing spun,
reviving pleasures welcomed,
to swallow all in stunned.

WARNING...Audible Coming Tom Rothrock Productions

The boots, T-shirt and .....
Link in and bite @

Just listen to the digs,
the beat of the tune,
don't be complicated,
simply find!!

The luster of sexual desire   'Comes'
with the thought of only made,
know touch of in visible audio,
so Hot...brought on ... old talks!!

Hits the Floor, in the grind....

Expand your mind into the lines of music in made...
You know You want.... To turn Me on!!  Hard deeds.

Tap, tap, goes my foot,
around I go, listen, listen, again, again.... and know,
I'm a girl and he's a boy, the dance?
Music in....timely steed!! Work Me!!

Riding... mounting.... sweetly sweating... the mind,
in this flight of .. friendly ties...zipper fell, t-shirt torn,
to brush your chest with heated......

Breathe in the swallowing, so deep in throat......groaning for a taste,
the snarl of ping!!

Feel the pulse, hold your wrist,
ringing wet, drenched....lusting!!

Don't complicate my emotions,
release your need to hold back.....explosive wrongs my lead in the perfect purring,
it's proving to be......between my thighs,
that ride is soaking me: Ultras fast!!

Oh wait, know bone.

Post Script:

 A "Note to Self" or to whom it could concern:

I must be more sensible next time or actually be with Blunt, grab a towel.

Pictured Plight

Only asked in reply to a curious question of why.

The wash does seem so empty,
the world pooled effect,
so fixed in showing how it is,
the anger is not knowing.

A sculpture or a pyramid,
the broken mountain met,
the film of which is missing,
stolen by a threat?

The impression of the Moon,
a crescent issued proof,
the sun will shine shadowed behind,
I guess it's living clues.

Wars upon the walk of stars,
turning sheets instead of bars,
a bottle-neck in life so far,
the choke discovers the chimneys fluke,
symmetry points at truth.