Saturday, August 11, 2012

Explosive Idea To Challenge The World With Today

I challenge the World to sing!
Not take down or bring negativity to everything.

Listen to what is not being said.
Find Faith in disbelief.
Shout from the rafters.
Do not fall into deathly tombs,
that is small.

Open Venues, begin a Parade,
of laughter, of joy, of smiling,

Go deep into a spiritual belief of your own understanding.

Share the wealth of your Truth!
Do not speak lies.

Forsake not yourself with past mistakes.

Be what no one person is,
everything you wish to be.
Strive towards a healthy mind, in time you'll see,
a mirrored reflection.

Do the unimaginable,
live freely and freely live.

Be Incredible,
and a testimony unto your Self.

Do what you never thought to think.
Speak wisely, not concisely.
Broaden the spectrum of the absolute.

Be "Of Nature," not, "a nature."

Your talent is "YOU!!"

Don't fight to be right,
be correct.

Sing a Song,
it doesn't have to be long,
just breathe in your words.

Beat your own drum.
Find your rhythm.
Dance with the liberty of knowing, 
"You are a Life."

In matters of those wounds.
Find a healthy appeal,
not a path of dissent with yourself.

Hold yourself upon a platform of truth and honesty.
In discretion, you will find peace.

Do not force opinion.
Share thought.

For in this Idea, 
in this Plan,
you can never be bought.

A Runic Tale

BDSM, The Men of Been -
I remember the "Time of Was!"
Do you believe, could it be?
A time again to see?

Wishing that you were near me
has done more harm than good.
Better yet, the Templar's wept,
for even they can't stop; but should.

End this pain of stakes between,
the sexes have gone bad!!
Just as you said,
"You have no Dad"
if snuffing you is good.

To put simply, to put to an end,
the misery of such.
I shut my mouth, waited: (Stealth)
Until an age I could.

Defend your Honor,
Men of Means,
stature which showed bold.

In this I frame, a picture still,
and utter words of, "Dam."

To give "Not Chance,"
to educate,
a girl of dirty men at home.
You taught of "All" I didn't know
and made me, well,
say, "No."

So, off I charged,
not into life, nor into any despair.
For, I was shown a better path,
a road that lead to "Archaic Rath."

I still search,
for what I knew.
I know in heart you're there.

I bare the News, of also, Too,
to tell to each of you.
In discreet and polite manner,
I fear that you do know!

This girl grew-up and now she says,
"Stand back, I speak of true!"

What you do, or shall we be,
communication shy.

There is no sickness,
nor a crime,
with Men who use their Mind.

To stop the madness, or, expose the truth,
with means and wares not seen.
For if the known became so common,
than why cover all that's due?

~ ~ ~

Old Norse

Failure of your purpose 'HEAR,
you haven't much more time.
If your frailty does reign
it will be what ruins you.

Should I care, I really due
believe that you should be.
More than you claim;  For lazy, dame,
"Blame the Men for You?"

Dig it deep;  And dig it square!
For this hole is brand new.

I will believe, I'll be that "Tell,"
a "Grave Digger" it's true.

Hatred of, introduction from,
the Evil that you create.
Will be the glue,
that comes to you,
the Hell which comes with "Sue."

It isn't Money!!
Or, material things that will be taken from You!!
It is so much worse to pour the liquid of this wealth,
than to deny that which is knot right.

All I say, is, 
"What are "They?"
"Defenders of what will be, Right?"

Reflective of what's not Love.
Peaceful you should be.

A Sting is marked by that which welts,
leaving a weapon within.
It's called a stinger,
not a ringer, stuck in the hands of today.

Can you have? A sight of?
Old Soul's or those that match?

Twin Souls who know that we're so close,
to News and never cry.

In such a thought,
come ponder this and know,
"There are others that are loose."

A tongue, a speech, a language too.
Explain all this to You?
I hate the things you do.

Protected I, from what this is,
by "Men of Carnaki Laws."

To clarify and speak with "I"
it's depths of Death, not Hell.
Go deeper still, and mirror yourself,
I bet you never knew!

Death Court is always open,
a case for you they'll hold.
Should you break the "Rules Above,"
and cross your tender blue,
regardless of your sex,
you'll know that I am true.

A Promise Made To Whom? ME!!!!!

Hatred, Rage and, Anger, leads to vindictive "Thoughts of Ruin."
How many Old's have been destroyed?
So, You can carry on to soon.

Archaic, Ancient Stars will shine,
to love and protect their own.
The Mind, a gift, from whom? 
Do you know?

All I can say, "Is let's give way,"
to the unknown, so this gift can roam.


What a strong and nicely bold idea,
to open views of shame.
Hang not your head,
stand-up tall and kindness I'll see too!!

The "Road to Rome" is paved,
with good intentions that,
gave way to "Rule and Laws" to kill.

For whom did not bow:
A shroud.

A Century or two has passed,
since Gods were referred to as More.
Now we have yet only One,
and this should cause discourse.

No one seems to mind,
or, bring a question too!
Why this is or what is wrong,
acceptance seems the gun.

I worry and I think,
on all the beings that blink.
Should you ask or if you ponder,
how long will life last: Done

Personally I say,
"Good Day Sir, you are also"

Leave me alone,
your "Religious Throne" belongs to you, not me: 
 I belong.

A Spiritual reproach!
Why bother playing notes,
of Tunes or Pieces widely played?

To drown out all the Hope?
(I display, quietly, "YES")

One day I will find!
An equal playing ground.
Where I'll know You, and You'll see me
for the very first time.

This is what "I" see.
Not what "I" need.
For disappointment ranks so high,
it would take a General to pass the Pi.

To hold my hand and think,
"why I do the things that I.....?"

I speak my peace,
I grow my age,
all to defend this thing.



I love the philosophy in life that is spoken of in this production directed by 
Bartholomew Cubbins.

Listen and Learn!!
from whom speaks with innocence not hate.

It's cool to be "Free" enough to speak your mind.
Great Job!!

 I would like to imagine a place where no one fights also

Here is to that day!!