Friday, October 31, 2014

The Gnaw VA Hoe Cliques

November 3rd of this Year at 2014 A.D. Mr. James Hillier Blout is releasing a Wonder called,
'When I Find Love Again I'll Have a Plan' that being Sung said and Recorded via Horse dyed,
the Pink Section of the Chronicles globe entry latest Post on Column Spiral introduces a Piece.

Peace Out Man it's Mirror lead a Sign hold your Hand as in the idea of a soaping Lope rides,
gently bring the First finger to Attention with the friendly Second finger digit a Fag,
as The Blunt will be only Air brain turn your Hand to stand Straight Up and say Won of to things,
Vendetta or Vasectomy in which Hand Speak shall the Sign be Framed.

For as the 60's brought the Signal purse by the Symbol of That same sign hear the Clue,
a Circle with a Y enclosed joint letter I or Number 1 as the kickstand than Somebody was dialing Up or Beaming to that well known much watch Film 'The Fifth Element' blockbuster Rings,
as the Decal of every sandal bearings being at the Human rifle,
daisy to that chain and bought wisdom the Reasonable logic of where did Why fie go,
well gosh darn putting it frankly it was Apple in the Haight on computer to the Knowledge.

Troop the decade to the previous War at Science of religion to Marching touch CBS late News,
scope of magnify brought money to the table as well as the Fact of peoples still being paid under,
moved those people to unsaid locales the Menu of dinners to a roast on Community in busted.

Groovy at the Temple of growing to the search of dna burps genetic modification by done designs,
say hello the resulting bar question of homeward bounders talking Baby Boomers,
wall street with an avenue to clones on donation lighting lamps before After interims Now,
the kindle of block in the mouth of a Rocker at bell Hotel perks the Code breakers also Indian.

The White Buffalo namely Singer is sending Smoke Signals to Breath with Working it Out,
bam through down Sum sole into that stage of Odyssey the Flight space Ships to Serenity boom,
crawl fish with morse digital prompt a Cause to World Laws the Speak is a horses Ass,
that transliteral on the Cyclone of the Big Printer stamps a passport to The Hookah Room!!

Involve that thrown hand speak to a kid born without a dad on a strange bother grasping Mooned,
spoon the shovel with the Man on that Satellite what do you have other that one Hell of a Tale,
singing a Trail of Broken Hearts all tightly wrapped in the Compactor of LIVE!!

Going to the Science Fiction walking on the wild side backing into reality rubbing elbows wit,
the thread of Goods & Plenty and the storage of Whom never was familiar the dropping of Bologna,
slab the swell with Que Tip gel the cucumber of the garden in Poland grenades to a Plug Head,
as the lightbulb the screw in How many have greeted the joke of pea Tree dishes while it was a pod.

Tick those bands to RNA strands the Pharaoh the sphinx a barrel mix of Pyramid ring sky,
jar done dirt with a bit of bones and earth jump about the Fire it is rather Elemental by plyer,
in the wrench of the naked proposal the balance of the Feather to the scale of the Leather,
junks by travel are insiders Trait to or Either either both Too as If could Would machine Produce!!

The Push & Pole

School of Mi Mi Mi with music in my sleep,
a Line to a Circle met Infinity,
the 108 flip coined 801,

The Bye Owe Metrics

Touch matter of the hot in the swim of slowly to the simmer on the grounds of the scene,
in balanced riding an action to the tumbler into the Type position of crunching read,
across the grand division on recording of the seat to a two timing rendition of the sole,
in less of the positive the shield of the negative is filming on the eye in a brow of shy.

Onwards with the Heeled acceptance as the horse of life,
in this arena of dashing price the human being in divides,
sense from dollars adding quarters to double the dime at Nickel,
gold on copper in pearls of sold it only green of Plaque.

Held to view the visa room of labels on the walls inscribed with bulging closed,
from delivered to the Pic. of the snapshot of equip. a perfect flavor of the board,
written on the phone of posed still a certain shows a chose to empty of the seen,
bouncing trade as balls to way the kick of said in guts of store.

As names are the frank of truth a spice basis of planets tooth,
shook to scrabble no not Reality for the stature spoke of Shined,
as age goes to silver grey a simple note to Whom is shade,
greater exports of the train have prepared to theme adore.

Creative design does excuse the fallen shoulder for a score,
in honest of the Rails Time passing lands did formal Clan,
the thump of hear to staff of say gave directions in the clay,
method of the travel on the Out is indicative of this I spout.

Continents with the parks of Wild on the plains of ream,
partly due to arid weather really more to Means,
the shape of each this lands that treat to sand on every beach,
a Wave is soaring to the height of hello that Welcomes Rite!!

Blue to brown to grits of brim talking Crown at gem,
digs tough jars filled to limb sure of Tells that graph a been,
carvings on caves in send bearing letters by describing sings,
drums of vase a painted case Scrolls of roles providing Shoal,
in ventures on the Babylon hanging gardens that are all gone,
present now chilly loud tongues to like the range Tree.

Example of Ecclesiastes drinking down the Psalms,
doping signatures with dancing strong words of worn in barrel form,
shanks in chain a cuff for brain Cups serving liquid blood,
heritage unexclaimed by acception of societies reign.

Fear mongers drowning Plateaus in sounding horns of Cattle slain,
the honey of the marrow brought a thirsty warriors same,
without the destruction of oblivion thoughts growth would be a rein,
the rise the fall the crawl the walk the run the jog the Jugs,
temples on Horizons with compass's of love,
not these present particles of Religious dogma that plates you with the smash,
crushing any All in fact that wish for difference to Come back.

The gaining of the read to Trued is chaining Genesis to this croupe a letter with ackwards,
the spoke and spell drug Speech and Tell as if the collar lifted measure,
dunk that week with broader deep in that the journal of a Pre in stopping whats INSANE,
it's not IF rather ................

Trust the rolling scale seen as The End goes mark of seen in changing explanation point to symbol @
the sign of what does complete The Question Air of dimple lease a body & A dare!!

Brainstorm Got A Stick!!

The latest volcanic molten lava is not exploding to Air in shock but it is,
in the slow moving constant of Consistence the load is pressing down,
on the path of the creek NOT a flash flowing however it is on FIRE,
so the suggestion of the AMISH would come TO mind in COMMUNITY of WORK.

As the TOWN ship is on the threat of division in LITERAL crawling of the stream,
the round about to Hour is the increase of CENTS to the plodding expansion of settlements,
as in the USA a country that IS in CONSTANT of RUNNING to AIDS the hence of Y,
at the intersection of know NEWS the stupid Broadcasters only sell Commercials.

It is a shame there is not an Advertisement available to RUN sense in place of CHAOS,
so as to Technique in the balance of Brain WHY are the Homes not being Wheeled,
with the national guard or Countries afar a locomotive to the day could in literal,
set Foot to treasure of the Path and bring the Town some laugh.

Lets see and breakfast n Hawaii as the Venue would lend an Opportunity examples,
the Amish would in deed advise the Move to Horse Carriage of barn raising,
at stall is Society in the Watch oh WOW it's burning,
these are the responsibilities being missed by frame by frame and bye house!!

Troops can blow drones remotely from Chairs on possible behaviour in a Minute,
than Mars is the Satellite that says don't land on planets as Earth is moving ever so gently,
bring wisdom with Reason to the Money on the backs of loss,
picture all the Memories in only Won.

The Fetch


Compression of space to the text in Kenning a grid to the grasp that Emergence defining,
as the plains of Continent to the prison held hands bars of land in the rein of a scanned,
place to putting forward the past to ancients creed Walls in testimony to the grasp at Span.

To Oracles in Vessel an the Rock of curl tend pen to write a value & step a foot trace plan,
rote by rasp in file on chisel to the awl scope to eyesight caving in blankets of the spool,
threads now speaking Cob in the origin of The Fell portraits of a fashion in deed of the jay.

Magpies on the system in pigeon by the beast messages blinking the Neon of the land,
well reams to depth of carriage a cart be for the Horse leather of the tack to a Jump Course,
standards are the Four by Four poles the ten-foot paint a showing in the practice at Arena's pour.

In dressage of the Tails a coat to breach of scope magnify the Test at said it's on the curl folk,
fence to interruption copper shale strips tangled are the people in wires of the lamp,
hidden in the picks of Applications envy descriptions come to sudden in the Goods and plenty.

Former grapple clams with grit from all the stands inside the operation a curtails crib to can,
in would the lather sweat to bathing on the rack A sober in a that shoers job is forged to hammers ran,
nail on the print of etch to drawing of the steel cool Steaming is the sign to burn the calloused pan.

Triggers in the arctic of Glacial sheets to polar steeps filling onto a pulling that Naturals are band,
in the judge of lots to pack a back~loader in the tractor sews plowing not with pat,
the rake the disc a turning straw with fertilized by Horse of small produces fodder for Them All.

Worms with air to rabbit spare an eagle on the flight to soar the country stare,
cattle with manure pigs to Oink at us for in the great recycle Sows do have a gear,
vultures on the groundings Nesting of the egg Chickens with no Rooster do just less & chest.

For as the story travels with Warnings of the speech A Crow to sail future the trance of beveled crest,
lanes that fly of Tell the shape of How it's Zest the ride at foot to the Saddle & girth in belting best,
coach with steady Handle on islands of verb Ness adjective in Proverb a riddle coming est.

Search the Tar of oils stacks in changing Names or something Stat. shorter pants to rising seas,
the simple of extreme is being while kept Up.

0 70330 60006 5

The discuss of problematic scores the weird did occur to show,
the evening of the last in name came to the t.v. on my screen,
'The Blob' rolled onto the target as this was a Creatures Feature,
in last of seen I was a kid and fell asleep while it did roar!!

The only part remembered for was the Theater piece,
a Cinema in ages screamed as The Audience did leave,
in part by memory the foyay filled with the organism,
but in truth the cookie dunk was more like this in truth.

My older brother loved that 11:30 Hour,
he'd wake me to sit in room so that he'd not be scared,
in usual form I'd fall asleep in the actual film,
seeing only bits & frames the rest was mostly snore.

Well in this short of story tell as I mentioned showed,
laughing hard I stayed the Watch to see about the rock,
to my surprise it had been remade so accuracy is I don't know,
but as the story spun away the plot was in the Fold.

In shot to small Town on exclaim & of course the Corn,
yet as the Thing began to come the section of the strong,
marrow to touchdown on bones was in the end of long,
there in suits of space like brought the idea of Bong.

Clash went Mi the sing a Tribe as intel was the Mirror of side,
a satellite no it was a definite 50's grip,
weapon used in sample form to test the strength of done,
those famous lines of decades that had under dwellings built.

This weapon of the Central Intelligence would Agent like 'Contagion',
just imagine now the Country has the ultimate bee's Inn,
the kicker was the doctors blow of magnitude in spread,
saying that should this not stop now our country would be dead.

To the sewers from the sky the fire ball did swarm,
 with each It's Mass of bulk did grow the blimp ate Humans storm,
going with the gobbling the phones behaved to sync in Form,
payphone slots hard line calls the static disconnect,
people in the Files named being marched to net.

The town cut-off not entry said that A Cyclone hit in Head,
planned a Party on the let to select the greater threat,
from Hand to mouth of 'Spread' melting shall the left be Read,
the digest of the manual was The Guide bin Bred.

The Cold Snap