Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To Open Reviews


To the Rounds of Incredible in the Diversity of Rares,
the dives with said Century the Age of the Width,
the grades of indifference to the shiver of threats,
off with their Head was a commoners dead.

Sit to the Ride of the Equal in stride,
countenance values the Past in it's depth,
to understanding reason not quick to the Judge,
the Peers in today so readily crave.

A bite or the opportunity to point out a spite,
in glasses worn hardily not needed for Sight,
the reflective appearance the annoyance to blind,
the change of the style stirs up enter prime.

Swap the chairs it's not fair that one sits to bare,
to close in proximity the hurt has it's terms,
the least of the most is learning to learn,
the teacher is often the Mentored in returns.

Shall we produce a ribbon or shred the Mind,
real to the film it's an obvious in bind,
Training does offer it's benefits in Time,
creation did say Evolve for the Stein.

For Mugs with a Head to the Proper in Lead,
coffee does also make question these beds,
if cream is like Chocolates and Milk is the Sug,
than should I state fairly that Teas all ways could.

To the Ships we must Portal to Docks in the Tray,
the Earl of Grey my favorite in Play,
much like the memory I sang on the Stage,
Oh Henry Higgins those days seem a Ray.

The Class so was separate but sewed all the Same,
off to the Chapel you'll be late for the Dam,
itsy bitsy Spider the Web of seed games,
breathe in the laughter as many lives have lames.

Study the pours that came from great stress,
the value of accounts made good Men readdress,
worry is a broth stirrups to Thoughts,
it's how the Circus grew to bury a Lot.

Similarly Continents of Tribal in Fought,
grounds for dismissal not death by the caught,
in the middle of a presentation or frustrated by Life,
the often holds grips that kill in the rife.

A point to explode consider the load,
was it a Set-Up to show that 'See I told you so'
or in truth be said just places of be's,
the stinger holds treasures with these still beads.

Tank too Arms the Cyclone does Seed,
Zombies do freak me out I must Jeeves,
a deep seated scare from the days of know dare,
of course I worried so terribly the snare.

How can help you I know I can,
as I am running as fast a Man,
the stand I would make I practice for Sake,
Oh dear will it happen a disaster in Shake.

I'll reach to say I'd love to give you a Hand,
and with the confidence I know I can Plan,
to fear I'll jerk and say Oop's it's so clear,
you're missing your Arm but here it is ..Tear!! 


Width The Rocks Of Roles

The Price Point of these Writes came in heavily gained,
the reins of in decisions to spell out all the Songs,
an ever beating rhythm the rhymes in what I shell,
the Clams were good advisers as Pearls are their Tell.

Treat Cautions to the Varied beeks for a Child of the Guild,
speaking of in such difficults journeys have been Hell,
a treasure in the balance the Bahut in Ancients Cause,
a walk to be a careful for many have a draw.

Gorge not the Valley for the Mountain that Witnessed such in done,
the lasting flow of Water to Snow the Glaciers in a fit full rage,
melting down to medal ground the burrows always show,
a volcanics of the Mechaniques rewards in strange of Doe.

The Buck to the Moose would play the fountain of the chill in day,
legs so long antlered throng the base of origins creates the strong,
not to out last rather to be Mast the griffin is a tumblered cast,
ornately shown to be a path the difference replied to math.

Shortly for the lengthy stay a mortal body must be prey,
for experience has grown with me in each of every bay,
single persons to crowds of loud the Kuhlman on the stage in proud,
exhausts were Scenes of mainly streams told it's for the good.

To me it looked more like she was being sucked of keeping clean,
a reversal in the drainage means she fell from each the preaching Keeps,
the worth of heard made to think that that is not the proper burp,
the Mass was driving a wreck to Reviving some Tents from such long past.

The swings to passing health to sick must take a Toll of this I wick,
for Nature taught a better stick approached from simple Ocean sits,
the bottom not discovered yet we wish to fly to Mars,
a one-way trip does likening to the suicide Lars.

The Dance of Two in One of Three an Infinite Opera Sound,
Mozart wrote Leonardo broke Michelangelo paints like me,
of course I am the Sistine neither do I rack to backs,
but in appreciation Idea's due Formula Tracks.

The spent at Hand is interestingly a Ancient Plan of Leaks,
almost to or bye deep 'zines the words have carriage too,
a Wire on the Inter Morse the type of Writer in a Course,
a Chronicle purposed towards a Court to shew the fooled to Truth.

Character presents grands in dense the brushes of the recompense,
the cans of wash the sync of Mots a Myth in Magic brought,
to Life I say theirs Enters Crave but in the body I breathe the grave,
a Mark of Trued to the Belief that someone News this gave.  

Unaltered Reality Key Differenced

Galloping Ponies rocks I throw,
at a Post I hit the No,
the brought of Came,
in Night of blame,
the ventured knows it so.

To the Kitchen in a Question,
standing firm in strange to learn,
the blow it shot from where of lot,
across the Room I stop.

In Mid of Air the lift was terror,
so quick to hit the corner lipped,
so deep the bounce my Spline did trounce,
the under-neath of Table counts.

The force of which this Person hit,
gathered me in fists of twit,
crumpled like Tin Foil ripped,
a crunch to ball in Hand.

I lay beneath the woodened place,
a spot that did leave a trace,
to look at back to see the fact,
was missing from the seconds porched.

I scrambled up to know abrupt,
usually it's good to move,
out the door to round the house,
he stood a two time bore.

The double take by no misplace,
I stared to turn and walk a way,
distribute shock to seeing locked,
the view of truth in trots.

The which was whom the center rate,
I spoke of nothing accepted fate,
but in the Words I herd the Echo,
the Man was robbed of 2nd shake.

Returning to a latter time,
the outs were ins of just in lime,
the squeeze of this that push of spat,
but ayes to moments in truth of doubt.

Factual information teams to particular directions,
in the Means the bedding leads,
to rest would be a knotty sheep,
to gain takes chess to heights of fame.

In difference of the same,
timely movement made the day,
I ran to look inside the fay,
for Catholics were the Rule of lay.

To say that I did this sprint,
the hands used as blinds to view,
deep within the Soul of rues,
I spotted horror the terror of brewed.

I shot right back to walk the lack,
announcing not thinking the brain was linking,
the base to the top in the instant of flop,
believe becomes a bigger Crop.

You must announce to whom concerns,
living arrangements are broader burns,
you owe the person this courtesy,
if you have a demon seat.

Whilst I spoke know eyes did lope,
to the Church I said I'd go,
to tell of what resides in Him,
the riggings of the satanic trim.

On the curious I laughed rebuke,
said I guess it's much like you,
with acceptation to this rule,
he was wise to his stool,
admitted winding this case of done,
in a Life of altered runs.

I said that reason does do hold,
great responsibility as I'm told,
no reside in Being of Mine,
the equaling of doing Kind,
attraction brings these funny dialed,
to identify from a child.

A common thread in his voice,
'not at liberty' to speak of noise,
'you need to practice being alone' 
'I thought you'd like slaving bone'
the Theme of this is no undertone,
I jumped to Feat at silent keep,
but now the feelings grown.


A Proverb a Riddle a Prophecy Unfolds,
'first in the Nickel than in the Gold'

Bricker Brack Inisheer Dynamics Our Tides

Propulsion in Original spake the body of the clear,
set at zero by no mistake the gear is shifting steer,
increased implusions to the legs of balance in the dear,
for many Oh's to numbers blow across the Galaxy hear.

Traveling through in midst of due the truth is amply spline,
whilst World frights to what is queer I state that History is a Peer,
to take and knot to receive would be the ends Continue Leads,
the shop of Suns or Planets read that Mercury rised to breathe,
the Nature of the Intelligible Keep in riddles of the brine.

Shook to Salt & Pepper strides the Value is the Spice,
added to the fodder Mind a wrinkle in Just spine,
the Vertebrae that is attached the ride of Elemental,
know Emotions trade to Carp the bred is very leud.

Credit information tack to never in the holding lacks,
the variable of productions rack to speak of spoken language,
lost in Ages from the Stacks the Library of Head in Core,
Vlasic Pickles Penguin sat the black and white affairs,
a booth to shots that worked for WHAT the Country in a Chair,
your Laws created base of Cocks that Chickens out the skin.

Rats to Mice in Many a Vice divisible by Tree,
the fruit of good & plentiful desires nothing skied,
note to serve the best in Herb a column or a Que,
basics to the blackening of Tar in Dragons brew.

Croft the Cat in brambles facts a giant step for boo'ed,
however in the grace of met the travel begets know let to kept,
the Mirror reflects the Peace in breath a smoky type in decks.

In Past of many colors the Coats of worn now Robes,
the Wigs of make me still so laugh but show respecting firths,  
Islands of Volcanics growth a note to Nautical brokes,
the Trades a Scattering to the trued will prove the life of blest.

For with the Fire of clenching Flames the ignition done to test,
the Mind of much decision resides to trusting revisions,
the safety nets that never bet for dice are thrown to sky,
the clouds of which will sperm the rain now chemicals do sprite.

A religion of an Order in Ancient I must belt,
B.D.S.M is a Four Way Whelp,
the speed of brought will qualify dealt to which I sit the fence,
the grid of shades in booking bays do look to me a bent,
the straight and narrows of approach always person sent,
the Face to Face interprets Race the if's will Tell the I's. 

Isles Independence

Downs to upward breaking fast the lay inhabits tracks,
stories of a natural knacks to knock not twice but ask,
the signal in the Cross Walk changed from red to green,
the telephone had a pull with buttons to the task.

Placed to reach at Oceans Beach know matter was a Ride,
my Pony Freckles and for I loved to gallop shy,
the Ponds in Golden Gate the Park of trails to the strongs,
Arenas with good footing can hear the foot step song.

A rocket to the Moons red glare the 4th of July in ready dare,
the Peer of streaking cross the bare in an Auditorium I speak Wares,
where Surfing a top the Hands of Shop the feeling of a stare,
this grab at massive Human trust is mere to place of stratosphere,
strategics dank the seek!!

Covering the obvious it looks to skip a beat,
the Organ of the Pumped of spets a treble or a shriek,
the voice of owning decision said be wait to shift the keep,
for luck is great but vocals brake to virtue this must be a Safe.

Moved to bearing more than tearing the life said I will trump,
throw the deck to the Cards an Ace is trunked to vet,
the grown-up filly never felt the touch of close to clare,
a tip to clue the wind blows blue and fights the rogue of new.

A challenge devoids the whole in noise a sound of real true,
to switch about the dates or pouts a clarity comes through,
in example of History played the cycle of the scour,
the broth of foaming drools still show it's called go take a shower.

Creations Vile of Human Bile a the experiments in tubes,
courageous forms an exist to speak on troubling shoes,
suite-up my friend for one will bring the other a form apply,
the greeting is the length of Hi that settles this to skimming by,
the Knight replies the responsible longs for desperate have the Past been poured.

Concrete Flaps 

Blueprints Mapping Spokes

Firstly there's a Life a birth of knotted Why's'
two seconds there are such questions writing on this Blog,
Inn thirds to the Senses of structured to a Tale,
additions made in simply discovery creating trains.

To purchase for the after before the Sake took lead,
the register of telling the please to speak the link,
a hitch of reality did set the speed to think,
now the real Stations says towering to the brinks.

The consequential evidence runs away to speak,
powering towards the witnessed as if to Set the Sphinx,
the Streets of San Francisco sum to Captions blink,
the bay of delivery marks the Head to Neats!!

Blocks of curbed appeals please careful what you drink,
alley to the Nailed it's ever coming meets,
found in losting bales the stable spoke a horse,
the ride to elemental in worth of bridled Mint!!

Traveled to the costing a waited load to brae,
the X of the nickering in vast of broughts displayed,
countered to the viable in proofs you issued doubtful,
the volume of the listening increased to seek the Quest!!

Regarding Persons calling in secrets came the den,
a Lair to understanding developed more of Gin,
considered lessons broadening to Open Seen in stairs,
the Balcony of Opera seats the View of the Staging reads,
to speak of the bettering not killing in a rare. 

Woodstock In Colorado

Skates to said in Vice grips the Colorado loads,
the laws in flipped charges,
Minds to opened Throws!!

The Gauntlet of such Galley,
an art in full of Bull,
on Paths already Settled,
the Sixties spoke in So?

Creeds to all the Violence,
the thrust to Televised rowed,
in Discovery of a Channel,
to the Jungles we must go.

Tried for simple knotted,
the value still the skirts,
the fry of what is laughter,
a Nation gifted Dirt!!

The Nower of the Hour,
it's Okay we are of Earth,
shower with the spree,
the Parking of the Turk.

Shant these Lessons latter,
be leads to deathly grinds,
that Thought is present Afters,
'cause I see such big lies!!

Crate it with the boost,
natural or obtused,
Shamans spoke of toking,
the energies of the loots.

A Jaguar in the distance,
thru the Century boots,
blinking with the foundling,
sprinkles on the burp.

Mountains in the Rockies,
stars the cartoons burst,
do the better traveler,
guide removing curts.

Courting to the bravo,
flanks to arrears,
what is was in done is wrung,
the Noose of a Gander lungs.

Toll Free Numbers Pay Double Downed Fidgets ~ Publishing Houses

Hear On The Bay a City in a Ray,
the Park of the Pan Handle,
an entry to a many in craved.

Shell we pearl to the 60's a Year in Central Marks,
the Times of Tours Worlds,
Civil was a bust!!

Charged with flowers daisy,
the chaining came with guns,
crowds of many Countries,
this still said stung!!

Drop the person harder,
hit them with batons,
break of tugs of hugging,
barge the swells with thugs.

Push the Haight Masonics,
a problem we may have,
for entries always announcing,
people are the grab.

Marching to their Forward,
the type of death in keyed,
switch the channel towarding
Apple had a Seed.

Mock the past in happened,
minds from varied leads,
slick to done in the exact,
CIA popped the packs.

Acid for the Mingled,
laws came to abrupts,
put the now in governed,
why we're just learning Lots.

Remote to Viewing Central,
intelligence has a brain,
keep the News to script,
but Charlie has a Name.

Rose Prized

The Galloway Origins The Fell

In Nature the eagles Crow,
the sharpened beeks the Talonds feats,
to shore the Meets in breasted keeps,
a blessing of the blue to beets.

Turnip bulbs to daffodil holds,
the creatures of such bearer molds,
the paths of oxygen breathing lulls,
a Hammock in the blend.

Fork the Palm to the Tree of Strongs,
the clever in the tide off wrongs,
an Ebb to Flow the Coastal know,
treasures knot clevered to Hinged a Cold.

Cod in Fishing, Boats of diggings,
tombs erupted by Mans of wiggings,
curl the Arms of Arch the stem,
a Synapse Fires to Flaming trimmed.

Cut back to revolve the doors in stalled,
Hotels advertised the Five in why's,
the Lobby enters the Couch to read,
the backs of which will due the soon.

Creative bye Design in Lines,
the flight of whom shall guide these shrines,
a dime to dropping a quartered wise,
reasons Being to Futured dines,
the heating of the hotter Talks.

Sheep the Cow to the Milk in Sow,
the casting not in vain,
for even the Sand of the grits to Plan,
respective to the Oceans stew.

Little pots I've seen in Lot,
the stove of interest in house of thought,
a wonder went with Wine in wrought,
the Table rewarded by tips to lords,
existing from various borts.

Clip the Cluck to a horses Muck,
a pitchfork or a hey stock struck.

Musical tribes of blesting Vibes,
played in Intro's of the green grass vied.

The trigger pulls to whom the Toll,
Flicka is a Friend in Olds,
books taken burned for Class,
not Ancients just a Painted vas.

Dissolve the Riggings towards No offering,
pages would be set to chapter,
numbers valued to dog eared patch,
berth the Ports the Portals facts.

Terror not these Writings of no long past,
present future applies the math,
divisive speaks in stilts Vee Peaks,
watches now the digital breathes.

In sonic blasts of understanding,
the quick of the recording in Mind of no snoring,
the shutter fly in the Camaras Eye,
no third lid could Can didst good.

Speed of Realms in Reins to braid,
leather smells the sweets of laid,
to question answer I'll be for played,
the Tack Shop has a Horse in Stay. 

Sporting Twinned at Birth

Strong Commons

Inn Luck of the Draw I still have a raw,
a Necklace was given to this I am livin'!!

The Heart of a Silver swings on a Pass,
the Ware is a Difficult works of May wrath.

Truer I am to Jokers' of Wild,
the Page is a Card the Note of a Smile.

Shuffled forth to the World in dismal a twirl,
conversations in Kitchens of my Real in Pearl.

Cat to the Itch a Scratch on the Pall,
a pale to trigger everyone falls.

Example to Niagara the Elephant of Ball,
the Waltz of Mankind verses Heeling the Mind.

Trades upon Saids to tripping the fed,
a journalistic reproach makes any Thing coached.

The Head of a State to the well-Harnessed late,
Hurding such Traits a Stoic in Kates,
Goods to Educative the Doors of Intorts.

The Herald Of Essex Amass Grenading

Princesses I Know!!, Amazed at this Show??,
questions to answered, Worth has a Bow!!

Walked to my Mothers estate,
like Tumblers in shares of Real in Plates,
the nectar of life a constant in ties,
nautical compass spins in said lives.

The East of the World in always advised,
not in directions just in the Wise.

Eyes of the Throne pronunciative to Loans,
the nickers to ear rings of pearl in grown,
lost to likely stolen a gain,
for whom should have taken I warn this of Them.

Bore are these Jewels in best of the School,
in evidence of reality the reasoned approach,
the couple were more like a Cufflink in Broach.

The Drawing Room ware Fires built to the Props,
the flames developed my sat came to hots,
the Sofa not Couch the seat of a trot,
the Chairs of my Godmother all Ways a Spot.

Minot to Sedgwick the Marriage to Moseley,
the Mansions of History with Moderned Day lists,
Salem News to Chronicle this,
Homes were Introductions to interesting Invites,
towards shall we go dancing to mezzanines Knight??.

The Poetry vs Riddle in the simple of Mights,
natures revealing width roaring of kites.

Know strings attach broader Our Rites,
Royalty proved evident bones,
Heritage whilst sparing the weight of the Flights,
Pandora a Chapter in equaling Nights.

Days full to brimming with teach in bright lights,
an Accent in Stature of Scepter a King,
not Ancient to Kingdom in Foreign I speak,
a ready day presents a Meeting in seeks.

Tales of length treat Story of blink,
bodily Staffs in the broth of the Sphinx,
the curious must be the Key is a drink,
in a verse stands a brilliance even I bow to shrink.

Showing the Pink the Bostonian Links

Uncle Dennis Had A Pond The Round Of The Stable Clocked Louds

J & G ~ Alfred Meakin Pottery in the Fame,
Hall to Home of Uncle,
the Ponds in such Claims.

Punting down the rivered Town,
the Pub on Liquid Rounds,
the stool of benched in such is Loud,
Harrow School Exacts.

To grace the Brit a Father whipped,
yes Stepping much the same,
towards Cambridge University,
the grocer of the Sound.

A god less world of real in birth,
attraction to the Englished turf,
dialect in accent,
Reads in frothy Brilliance.

The leaping of the troughs important,
the chill unto the bones,
enhanced with the standing,
in lines until the groans.

The trickle of the extreme in zeal,
the suds of fields grosse,
a Prophet or a Turtled Plot,
the Blunt shares more than Most.

Shall we dance Professors stance,
the Paddle of the bottomed trance,
the trip to the wilds romance,
a book or a Compact Lance.

Trains on Rails over Country Dales,
the Island of the Sweater,
a knitted woven Aran blend,
an Irish glint to Men!!

A boating to the Piers of Trend,
shocking to this journey in,
for Uncle Richard seemed to be,
ever lasting in Scenes of deeds.

Fishing Nets of Ages Wets
the awl repairing twining hemp,
the cup of tea in saddle shop,
the Pay Phone at the Top.

Single lined to Wicker Man,
a strange disturb in flick,
the Castle on the Shields,
the stretch of it from sit.

Galloping Twin Ponies,
across the quilted plane,
sheep would scatter in funny latter,
trouble all the blame.

Riding with a boy in gift,
the plays of writ repeat,
words so few but temper you,
James Blunt you have a Stet!!

Market Street Sterns

Thoughts  Stream a Particular Scene,
assurance steeps in a query,
to the built,
Masters surely must have Been.

Men of  a Settlement in Shown,
the rivalry in a steaming venue,
the Peace of Situated,
at the Curb of my Curio!!

Stances atop these in memories back,
no children ever faired,
the Avenues to the Castle Black,
the Strike of the Lucky had.

A Current in the able Ice Cream,
the Restaurateur at the Piers,
menu to the Waiter,
no speech uttered clear.

Service with a Matter,
luncheon to the board,
directoire to the ambiance,
treasured with the gloves.

A mastery of developments,
signaled to the had,
the constance of a various,
the broadened in a Verb.

Tablets set with linen cloths,
napkins decor,
a Roast of Loin with garnish coined,
the seats in a sequeling.

The Flats to width of Square,
a Home of fittings stare,
complimented in gracious no,
the mortar was just stone.

A Stucco brick with Pilings,
the Watchers of the World,
the glasses in a Tidal waved,
the strengthening swirled.

No presence of the ease dropped shove,
interestingly to dove,
what ever went to be the snug,
the countenance of Gallantry in the besting of a Rug.