Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guess It Is Time To Remind, It Will End!!

The World is not for You,
should your Internal Wars come into Knew.

The Pouring of Doubt and Negativity,
spills from your Mouths and are the only words I see.

Find your clarity within the confines of your own mind,
don't bleed all over Mine!!

To spread Eternal Views of  Ecclesiastical Tales,
of Do or Die.
Is only the Repetitious Noise made by followers of Ploy's,
handing an opportunity to all of us girls and boys.

Thank you.

As you misrepresent what is left,
 to guide your morality into a lit room,
so we may witness,
 what has become so hideous,
Don't stop yourself on the account of,
 you are found out or "Why."
Just do.

The lies that You perpetrate on Sunday,
and practice on Monday,
to Act upon on Tuesday,
Perform on Wednesday,
Repent on Thursday,
to Ready Yourself for the Lie you'll tell to cover Yourself on Friday,
as You live a life of Perversity on Saturday,
to end your week on ......

...exactly when does your week end or begin?

Seemingly it is in a great cycle of blend,
one day into the next and then with eventual tricks,
covering nothing but the Tracks you have left.

I'm so bored.

A Change is not the same as Begin Again,
a Tribal Sin.

Because they never found one,
it just ends, sadly for everyone.

At least that has been our past,
and since it seems to be repeating itself again,
why not just rejoice and no that there will be,

for you, not me.

For this is all about your Religion,
and I am stuck in no decision.


He will WIN again!!

The Sum Of A Deed In Hell's Humanity

When the Red Sea's blow over-head,
you are now Long-Dead!

The Noise that will Counter the Moon-less Sky,
can be seen in the Men of Ayes,
you shall not be Dead but are not Alive!!

The Fruitless Bloom of the Spring in Winter,
is the Solstice on No-One, but Few!!

A Wretched End to No Begin,
is the bloodless marriage of just when.

A Continuum is What Will BE,
only Once in History.

For after that.....Destruction Rules,
as Creations Tool to Heal from Humanity.

An Endless Drool.

To Look back Once,
is Twice you see,
but Blind you are to that.

In Fact,
in that which argue's this mere thing,
is where you'll hear the words to sing..

"God Damn"
"Fuck That!!"

As ground is the wet bog that saturates the unfaithful sod,
so shall you be the Sponge to clean the Deed Owed to,
Mother Earth and her Prodigy.

This Pain, Its Knew!!

As an Independent begins to Stand,
fall not upon your ignorance to plan or plot.

Simple Presence,
 forces out of the Locked-Up Religious Minds of the time,
contemptuous actions for blatant pleasures.

Be not scarce,
hide not amongst your Peers,
for "It" states with a strong tongue,

"you shall be judged."

I rage for sake,
a healthy reaction to your mistake
by stealing my kids,
can't replace the Years you take.

Lied to friends,
who are they in the end?

Enablers to this alienation,
a Curse could not have been worse.

Loneliness is a new....


Inside of my hurt,
there is disdain,
there is pain,
 but there is no You!!

A small and favorable point of view to share,
because you knew and never cared.

The Truth Of Consequences

The Belief of Yesterday was in Tomorrow.

Speaking of your past can Foretell your Future.

To be in a place when friends become bait,
hit delete, not erase,
for it is only a Fool's mate that would call for your end.

Keep close the Liar.
Keep closer the Lie.
For in the Playing Field of endgame,
I declare Check-Mate.

Haul the Aim in upon the Fool,
that thought to make,
what was only a Fake move,
or a Blind Call.

A Loser's Game of,
"Know End."

King's Pen,!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

At Will

The Baying Moon gives up to soon
when she fly's across the Naked Sky!

I often Ask "Why" leave us for the sun?

The alarming nature of the raw appeal,
she burns from within.

Exploding in every sphere,
threatening all that is near

One Day will be her end,
simply another nuclear begin.

Just when,
a day of....

"don't run!!"
and A Year of...


The Swords Of Time Are Forged With Words Not Dine

The Turning of the Saturn Moon,
no resemblance to the Ocean's Blue.
Underneath the Blanketing Sun,
the Rising, Rogue, Waves to Sin!

As Mercury Moves,
And Pluto Rises,
it is the occasion of,
you have been found in.

To be Blind to Predicaments of  the Blowing Winds,
Hails only the Gale Forces that Sigh....

"it feels good to breath."

The Dark Interests that Produce: Matter,
Counts only in the Exist,
or the Pride of no Sun!!

A Cowardly Trouble to worry on.

It is not the Exactness of Measure,
but the Balance in the Hour-Glass,
that Products A Turning Tide.

The Flavor of Salt in the Kernel of Corn,
likens itself to the Grains of Sand counted-upon,
to Bank our Beaches and fill the bags,
to stop the flood of the Rivers from entering your Front Doors,
No Address Needed
A Surge in the Birth of another Planetary System,
for Life to Thrive,
is Met with Deaf Ears, Ignorance and Denial,
to assist Not Man,
but, this Universal Stand.

The Crow that Speaks but cannot Fly,
is a signal to Harvest the Truth that lies,
in the Honest Man,
the Heart of a Plan,
the Beauty of Humanity and People.

Grateful to be alive that realize,
it is Condemnation not Sin,
that takes so many lives.

Orion's Belt should give you cause,
to Ponder the Wonder of,
the Stars that Shine,
"just 'cause,"

They Can!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lucid Dreams And I Am A Seer of ....

Compassion moves to create what sums this dues.
Owed to the only Living Indigenous Human Beings,
belonging to Mother Earth or Nature's Turf!!

What have you done to the Ones that were?


 I AM!!


...and definitely that which will only become,
the Curse of a given Tongue.

I dream of what YOU see above,
in a lucid and conscious manner,
 that should shame your tattered lives,
making you hang more than your head in this entanglement of dread.

My mind leaps in the Occipital Zone not yet known.

I grow myself in the daytime of my own home,
so I may be free to do quietly,
study on the Parietal lobe,
integrating sensory information,
for spatial navigation.

In the Strength of the Spirit World,
 a land with a Home,
I declare that Families live there.

 My flight is in the nights,
I sought only peace,
and have seen Engines of War,
a strange rapport.

  It is the Religions Masses which I am against,
 those that have destroyed and burned,
the truth of what I cannot simply know.

I must be an Incan Curse,
for this I did rehearse.

And now,

 The very alcohol you gave as your liqueur,
 your drug, your destructive measure,
will deliver to me the Final Message for Eternity.

To balance the Treasures which you stole from the Human Being,
by the then intoxicating drug,
now easily bought at CVS,
I can begin.

I believe the Christian,
may have sinned,
in this,
such a strange and lurid end.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Enhancement of Who's Name?

So shalt the Devil Himself come to claim his name.

Only to walk amongst the ungodly ones proclaiming the Anti Christ all along the way,
The Christian.

Satan Himself could not have been so forsaken by his Maker,
to become that which you so readily blame.

You have been fouled by unbelief and shame.

Christians in History declare their own end,
the Anti Christ and this His Begin?

I know with certainty and as the Sage,
 I will be a Seer for Change in this Age!!

For in no such fall from the Heaven Above was it more than you?
The Christian?
That is true too only the absurdity of any story?

Crushing the Human Being?
So that no one will know your the Christian's that never did see......anything at all?
All while just talking and standing tall?

....Compassion, Love, Generosity.

You, the Christian,
 were of the game of,
Survive or Die.

Making money,,, that must have been I?

A tooth for a tooth,
so to speak?

Lept we did,
 from the heights of our own sane,
to understand you are the intolerable and reason for our blame.

Shame on You,
the Christian should,

The Human Being and the Impending Sins,
are not ours.

The Christian that has been,
includes theses assumptions from when?

The Ending is OUR begin,
in this the only true,

Check Mate


For I shall not lose.

Your unbelief towards your very own Maker,
is your self-doubt,

All this has been to me,
 is a callous reminder of,
the "Why" I fight!!

Not for my Number,
not for your Lord,
but for the Contempt that is not my fear,
but my Sword.

Entry into the next Millenia or Two,
counts itself out,
so very soon.

Lets respect that which you seem to know,
have regard to other beliefs and impact not yet known.

Post Script;

666 here, is 999 there.
 This would be the epitome of the last joke on the Christian's insistence,
 that it is a number that identify's their foe,
not the actions that might be counted so.

 A Christian Yoke,
 that I find to be no joke.

Creation Delivers Time, To Change!! Putting This Age Into Play

In isolation I have created an awareness,
for the Foundation of the Spiritual Growth of my Mind,
needed in order to find my voice so that I may speak!

Losses are so great,
suffered at such a great cost of Life:

I take pause to consider,
 my actions and thereupon the reactions of others.

 Messages of difference,
 have been dealt with the death of Civilizations,
 throughout the History of Man.

 So I must pay due respect to those not available to bare witness,
for they were killed for their beliefs,
and this is an atrocity that we must be accountable for.

Not being from any one place that I can see,
I dream of my home in the Stars,
a Paradise to Me.

This Planetary System, a Galaxy Record,
that has been so compassionate as to never ask for more,
to care for the life which it has so freely supported,
is now,
charging a fee.

In loss I have found my gain.
In pain I have remained upon this plane; I am.
Not to prosper in such a thought or action,
but so that I may recount every single thing that must be due,
for all that has been done to the beauty of what,
simply was here first.

To bring more than Solace into my life,
I continue to carry this message of sad declare into yours.

Long before Time must have begun,
it found it's end,
a simple, yet complex,

In this, The Continue,
a halting to the Time that Man has lost his Humanity,
to nothing more than his own Inhumanity towards his Home.

Appropriately he has been found,
and the Eleventh Hour is no longer a concern,
for the final hour did begin,
while you argued;

"There will be no end."

Afraid of what you See?
Scared of what may Be?
Listen to what you can,
'cause one day,
much to soon to say,
the Voice of Earth Herself won't boom.

Why? Oh, Why?
Don't you see what makes us cry.
The death, the life, the obliteration of Innocence for no Faith?

Mother Earth did state,
on this trip to this place so long ago on a given day,

"should they turn away, do not sway! Just give passage to the blind, they are not you."

As Human Beings, meant to be Humane,
I say,
"You are not, rather you are insane and idiocy has been your reign!"
A Legacy that shall be proclaimed by more than I in this Eternal Flight.

An important point in our Future has been dismissed,
by the Ignorance of it's warning from the Past,
but somehow these strange Prophecies still last,
in nearly everyone's Religious Mass.

A trying time to consider it's end,
all for change or is it Sin?

A Spiritual Awareness,
not a religious repair.

Should this coming Age,
 be met with resistance and not a Sage.
The fight will be as if you have fought the coming Tide,
the rising Sea, the Rogue Wave and the Ocean's grave.

In that simplicity, realize the complexity,
and see that you have lost the battle of what will be,
before it is, regardless of who's Shore is stricken first,
be December 21st.

This Change,
A Golden Reach,
to a Platinum View,
of all the amazing parts of each and every one of you.

A Timely Booking of Truth 

Johno, I love YOU!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Glaciers Slide Off The Polar Ice Cap Melt

Storming glacier icy melt,
the Polar Ice Cap leaving...Stilts.

Divine strength dust wane,
in this the Eve of our Changing Tides in Time.

Nature suffers such a strain,
as you show disdain for her existence,
 because of her inability to recover the damage that Humanity has done to this Earth.

God's lightning can't be heard.
Thundering of the Spirits Pride,
rain down a mighty shroud of Why?

Gold drops and platinum pours,
from heights I cannot see,
to warn us of the rising of the impending Seas.

An Oracle of stones in time,
a structure known to man,
makes a stand,

I see Stonehenge,
I wish to seek the wisdom of such Simple-Complexity,
just to ask,
"What are you meant to be, to Me?"

I don't need a hand.
 Look out!
 I am not what you know.
A Seer, A Sage, just coming of Age.

To witness Time Standing at the End,
 and watch as Change stands for it is The Begin.

 "The Continue."

The only wisdom I could show,
is all written with pen in hand.

My Mind is busy with my plan.
Messages build this outrageous and ready flow.

The Sea side grace is all I face.

Storms of nature!
Hopeful tries,
just to let you realize,
Mother Earth does not want to die,
and really, neither do I,

a Polar Bears Cry!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Lauren

my kid.

                      the hurt,
                            the peril!

this girl is filled with a dream of what was!!

                        Creation                                            deliver me,
from this pain                                        inside of Me!!

Tell me            all the     Why's of couldn't                                                           be,
                                                            set me free so that just maybe...

..... in eternity..

                         I will .....

                                          be ...

something other than

just me.

You Will Not Speak, but I'm A Tell!

Tell.........! That is......

..the way out of the prison,
 which lies in the future,
 of your own head,
 is unavoidable, you are dead.

You have read
 and begun
 to understand
 the Levity of Time.

Do not turn away, as if you can pretend,
 that you do not comprehend,
for without Belief,
without Faith,
a broader understanding,
 of Life,
is impossible and you will end without regard.

 Make a difference in your life,
or it will end with a deadly Design of Strife.

 A void,
 that will never be filled,
 will be your Die!!

It is what I SEE.

For You,
not Me.

A Twin Soul's Flame Fire's Inside ~ BREATHE ME IN MY FRIEND!!!!

I feel You in the Mind's Eye that Soars across the Fields of Time.
Where you are my Rhyme.

Our separation in these Lands of our Mother's hands,
Creation Herself,
 blessed us to be stealth in a Time of no wealth.

Separated to become Our whole,
my Twin Souls Call sings to what you stole,
my life.

Back-Away from this turbulent display
of violent repair to become what you would never dare,
the answer to Where?

I say, "Know."

our Mother,
split at the biggest explosion but never quit,
the birth of Two,
to Keep her,
as One,
in what cannot be a Begin,
for you have sinned in this....

... The Continue...

Our Begin!!

to state so plainly...,
the interest in,
your life, my friend.


Alive & Screaming.... ...... my friend, you are not foe.

Run for cover before I go,
they Peel-Away my Skin today.

Yet I am breathing and awake,
while they dig so deep,
with no remorse.

The "TOT Two Wars" are now Full Bore!

We fought so hard.
We never snored.
Did all you asked and so much more.

Yet in the End,
we were still a Sin.

I close my eyes to never know,
I open them to stop the show.

The pain inside you'll never see,
for all I did was ....
Survive this Seethe.

Not such a terrible lie?

A horrid truth becoming an unbelievably Myth,
all in the time it takes to just post this!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rigor Of Lore

My dreams are Visions of what I have never seen!

That which resides within our Minds,
is a Release that Increases our Hold,
upon our Life and The Understanding,
of others in any World.

To discount that which is Said, Seen or Spoken,
is to Lack the Ability,
to Consider Yourself and Point of Being!!

To become resolved to a Fixed Point,
is Death to the Growth of Progressive or a Progression,
of Thought, Idea's or Imaginative Realms,
in an Eternal View of only Yourself.

Thus, creating a prison for the
Immortal Soul of Life,
which you may have begun with on this Journey of Self.


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Movement Of Planetary Scenes Can Be Mean

As the Ancient Stars align so that the Archaic Lineage
focuses our Inner Sight,
enlightenment may befall you,
in order to become wise to your existence in this World,
or the next.

A Natural state of Affection.

Fear not your Heritage of Life.
For in this acceptance you shall see Death reveal your Truth.
This must be settled before your entry to the,
Courts of Death themselves.

A Fifth Dimensional World,
a Spiritual Understanding of,
a Begin, not an End!!

Do not become blind to our Past.
Do not discount this feeling of the end of times.
Associate yourself with your Mind,
become Intelligent to your own shortcomings.

A Blindness to Fear which would inhabit a fouled Soul,
will bring you an unsettling account of where you have been.

A Complicated Sin.

The Engagement Of The Painted Horses

The Truth can be Explosive.

Words are Powerful.

But it is your Twisted Lies,
 that have created the Blasting Cord,
 for the dynamite that sweats from your impurities.

It is the Catalyst between that strikes an accord for measure,
not destruction that shall prove to be your end in this...... 

The Continue!

The Secrets Of Lies

It is what has happened to you, 
that is kept as secrets from you, 
that kills you.  

It is the effort that you put forth to tell your truth that spares you.  
It is the nightmares that remind you.  
It is the words of the Streaming Sage that will become the Ice that melts the glacier made for you.

To learn to become what you would like to be,
takes great effort with the patience you will need.  

To understand,
that your ability to not understand,
becomes your understanding, 
brings me a certain type of solace.  

To determine yourself,
to obtain some measure of dignity,
in spite of this life of misery,
is a goal for me. 

To balance your mind with spirituality,
and not fall into that pit of what has been done to me,
is an Hour-Glass it seems.

To comfort the inner-me,
with the hugs that I never did see, 
I found room to improve myself not kill myself. 

To grow my Minds Thought, 
to increase my capacity to "Just Be" 
causes so much anxiety that you cannot see. 

To accept Flashbacks as "Just Talk"
helps me to understand,
what they are saying to me.  

To maintain 'Spatial Awareness,' 
prepares me for the Truth of Reality, 
not the Lies you continue to pile upon me.

Missing The Future In Advance Of Tomorrow

Our Earth is crying.
We poison our skies!
If I were up there,
if I were a cloud in the sky,
I would disappear.

Look up sometime,
we all evaporate eventually,
like it or not
we all are going to.

I don't want to disappear,
I don't want to evaporate,
I don't want to be poisoned,
I am just a cloud over your head.

I want to stay with you,
there is nothing I can do.
Earth is crying,
for you,
for me,
for everyone.

Stop and look up at true beauty,
simple yet complex,
Magic plays and nobody Sees us.

The subtle merge of purity,
the balance of such an act of beauty.

Two clouds become one,
there in lies my understanding of you.
simple but true.

Love is;

A Full Screen Panoramic View
playing over our heads.

I don't want to disappear,
I don't want to evaporate,
I don't want to be poisoned,
I am just a cloud over your head.

I want to stay with you,
there is nothing I can do.

Earth is crying,
for you,
for me,
for everyone.

Nobody Sees the beauty in a cloud,
nobody Sees the subtle merge of two clouds in the sky.
 When two become one so naturally.

Nobody Sees you, nobody Sees me,
I don't know what to do.

I am just a Cloud over your head,
like you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As A Child, I Was Killed, I Was Murdered, I Just Didn't Realize I Was Dead

The Grief that I must Mourn,
is a loss already gone.

I see myself,
a stately lie,
without the "Me" inside.

Confused about this sight.
I cry, but cannot shout.
The tears are dry,
my mind still wrought,
I cannot figure out,
all the "Why's" of "Won't."

What have I done so wrong?
To deserve this grave in stone?
Without a Marker for my name,
I lay upon that Basement Slab,
left for.....well, it's sad.

Years upon years I was,
so confused, I fled.
I ran from within myself,
to anyplace but here.

Today I separate!
I state my name,
my birth, this date,
the reason why I died,
and the Year I never cried.

The hidden fears with no release,
I place upon this Stone at Dawn,
so that my Fear of Life may be,
acceptance of the Death I see.

Love Always, 
From Me.




When someone close to us dies, society generally accepts and even expects us to undergo a process of mourning. Physical death presents a tangible and comprehensible loss. Traditionally, mourning is not just an individual rite of passage, but a socially conditioned and approved pathway for recovery from loss enabling us to let go of those who have died, and prepare ourselves for new attachments.

Largely unrecognized is the necessity and value of grieving for other kinds of losses besides those associated with actual death. A common denominator for adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect are less tangible, but nonetheless significant losses of hope, of innocence, of love and of joy. For adult survivors, the losses that accompany child maltreatment, are cloaked in silence, lost in the shrouds of history, and largely unrecognized. But these “little deaths” linger as unremoved splinters in the survivor’s psyche for decades. In general, the expression of grief for these losses is unaccepted, rejected, denied and stigmatized.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Temple of Set

The pain within my being is what shall free me from this World.
You deny that which is only a bastard Soul,
sold to the Mother for Immortality of Old.

Do as you please and know that I am empty of your pleasure.
You have produced idiocy as your measure,
in this I enjoy only the fact that your denial increases my ability to know.

As you rob me of my children,
you take away what is not yours to secure.
Know that with my Father as Satan Himself,
you shall procure your own end,
for in this thought you shall be without doubt,

'We' All Die Eventually!!

 The purchase of my Soul,
sealed its Fate upon the Skin of a Human Being.
my eldest sister held my Heart because of this action,
a formal deed.

Return to me what is deservedly mine,
and I shall find only your preserved words for our Mothers DEATH wish. 

My eldest sister wishes for our mother to be melted from within,
it is known as spontaneous combustion and looked upon as a sin of what has been.

My eldest sister wishes for our mother a death I cannot, will not, be a part of,
in thought, in action or in sought.

My eldest sister is an abomination to me.

For you wish our Mother to be cursed and yet,
you know nothing of her Countenance.

And for that simple error,
I out your Terror upon her life.

What happened to me,
did not happen to you,
and you are nothing more than the accident that created this chore.

A Shotgun Wedding at best.

My Haunts do not serve your Port,
they torture MINE.

You are reprehensible,
and behind the facts of what is the Truth,
you are Uncouth!

In The Stillness of Ones Mind, You Will Find A Peaceful Resign

Seemingly, the Battle of your Life is found,
when you find that you MUST survive your Circumstances!
Regardless of your age when this War begins,
it is yours to wage.

Eventually, if you are lucky,
you may begin to gain insight into the unfair advantage of your birth.

Your Parental Figures are given a Thirty-Year jump.
Your siblings have a birth-right that predates you,
giving them insight that you would, or could, never obtain,
they speak of the Ill's they may have been subjected to also.

Once you begin to level this playing field which we have been delivered upon,
you may find that you are no longer interested in wanting to engage with the idiots
you know, the ones that had had such an unfair advantage in your life. 

Almost as if,
if they have not spoken up by now,
who is really interested in their opinion anymore?
Obviously they were in agreement with the abuse or as the abused,
they too would have fought back,
just for sake.

With some kind of regularity or assumption on the part of these abusive people,
albeit, they are all still older than you,
they just can't keep themselves from this one thing.
Showing the pride that they have in getting away with their abuse in your life.

Almost as if these Family Members believe that there will never be a day
that you could stand independently of them and with a bold voice,
tell of the horrors perpetrated upon your life since birth by them, 
your own Flesh and Blood, supposedly.

It seems that there is a fleeting belief that Society will take pity,
now that they are in there Golden Years, 
how could you convict them of any Crime,
let alone crimes that I was told in my youth by my Step-Father,

"The Statute of Limitations will have run out by the time you get the balls to speak."

Therefore, as he put it,

"We will never suffer the punishment for our misdeeds to you or anyone else."

I guess that in a rather sick and perverted manner,
he was correct,
but really, the reality is much more perverse.
I survived what had happened,
I Continue!!

 those that fostered this abuse must live with the condemnation and thereupon the judgments,
 of their actions in Eternity.

A Statute with no Limit to Time Itself.

I saw this in a dream.....I was in the Halls of ....

The gates of Valhalla have broken the locks of time before time was....

I would like to know the Compassion not yet known.  The Visions of the Past that lead us into an understanding of the future, not a confusion of timeless measure.  The bounds of our loss cannot be calculated by our minds. It just seems to be forcing an equation for the void between life and death so that it can not be understood, just feared.

The gift from the creator of such beautiful minds, said to be in favor with his own, should only compliment his prayer for glory in the journey between the conscience and unconscious.  Instead it seems blurred by the doubt in your mind and you are blinded by the delusion or the story of only a golden mansion in the sky to be had upon your entry to the Deathly Realms. All while your soul or spiritual self does nothing to repent for your existence in this world or prepare for your entry into a different one.

To look into the Hour Glass of Time, realizing that the probability of a space before Time, was merely the place when Souls were divided and Twin Flames created to experience this journey independently and yet with only one hope to bring solace to such a decision.  The Twin Souls would join to ascend as one in the end so they may be in The Continue and not subject to your End of Times scenario.  This thought would have only been carried through to ensure our survival if the visual of such impending disaster had been  concreted with the evidence that seems to be in existence today.  Albeit a Seer or a Sage would have had to have spoken and thereupon been believed readily.  For the dilemma would have been forthcoming and judging by the lack of belief in difference or the thought that "A progressive thought is an atheist thought today," the decision would have had to have been made quickly, without Fear and with the Conviction that it was the correct thing to do.

We are not by chance, nor are we beings that are not capable of what may end up being something incredible.  What we know here as life, is an opportunity to see the ones that provide you with choice and accept duty to a higher purpose so that you may experience further growth in any life that you may be fortunate enough to have experienced or to know that you may experience. This is an opportunity to be free of such narrow thinking on man’s part that only encourages disbelief and fear of the unknown.

To take pause in this life, to imagine a divide, an inclusion, a movement of grace and beauty on behalf of the appreciation of the creator of mankind, be it evolution, god, big bangs or any other countless reasons that flow into our libraries to explain the beginning of our existence should be our interest, not cause divisions in our thinking.  To halt your thoughts and engage your source of hidden reveal for your own person is what I ask you to require as engagement in this matter of your minds.  This world has filled the end times with prejudice of presumption to know and announce not only dates but the very means of the disciplines of the destruction that shall reign upon us.  How can such simple minds presume to know what graces us with the visions of an end?  A known to a secret reveal would be an answer to the question of the Keep, and not whom the Keep belongs.  The Keeper of such Ancient and Timeless minds would only increase a desire to acquire the Keep for the wealth of Souls and the Spirituality that that might deliver if sought out.  The beauty  in the continuance towards the transcendence of life itself should be a moment with Spiritual understanding, not Fear and Strife.

To have so much, to know so little, and to propagate so much negativity and doubt about life itself, is in truth, shameful for all of humanity.

James Blunt, my Darkest Lord, you have stolen me from the start; I swoon to Knight!

 I wrote this last year, but I feel like I should post it again today.
 I need a bit of levity and he provides me with that.   I hope you enjoy reading what I so enjoyed writing.


I growl to know the taste,
although, I halt to "No" the vow,
a show, a sin, I swoon for the zoom of lightning strikes to know!
From the depths of where I cannot stand,
I fall to see you are know Man.
I'm damned. Betwixt I am.

My being has been touched,
in imaginative thought,
 I rut, I furrow for a sexual plural.
I am struck by a sense of morality or is it mortality?

Each time I think on this Man,
a man that sings in the verse of a picture,
I hear and whoa! I halt myself to "No."

"Stop!", I say, I do cry,
not in tears, in loudness of, "Oh My!".
He complicates me with deviousness and sensuality,
I sigh to know from far below.
Feel between... the lie,
to know the desire comes from deep inside.

Moving in on such a sin,
I say, "Knot Too."
For in this simple, I complicate you, true?

Seduction demands a Man to press upon,
to work towards a Heavenly Degree,
but it is the Devil in me which grounds the Man I see!!

To be more thought and never bought,
to see a design towards what is hot,
you will be burnt into my mind,
the state you are, the very same kind.

I shall be the One of few who says to you,
"Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir."
Surreal is the deal,
 you strike when you wheel,
 the mind of another and it is not hard, it's real.

I mine so deep,
it hardens, from thought to desire, I leap.
Not for me 'cause,
I trade up for simple sexual desire.

In a place that is not welcoming,
you must come to know release.
From Me? Know.
So, sweetly do I say,
"Oh Lord, dear Man, I watched your show, your band."

And in the end, Mr. James Blunt you are,
with such excitement, un-repressed and un-scarred,
on stage or in a car,
it is the Denims, it is the boots, the t-shirts are mean,
but you are the loot and you do declare,
"I'll be your Man!"

In excellence, I accept,
in greed of what I am lusting after.
I congratulate myself in sin and press towards you,
what you do, to declare War on Sensuality too!

As you stand, My Piano Man.
Arms outstretched is your plan,
acceptance of, is my command.

At the end of what you've done,
I will not wake, nor will I run!
I ride the Wave of what you've made,
my mind is complimenting in equal time
of what is so fine.

You on Stage.

I dream in reality and live in liberty,
to excite myself without delight,
but to achieve such heights,
I do; Just by what I like.

You dear Sir,
would be so tight,
I just might,
but prowess in such a Knight.
Mistakes the days for points of view,
instead of times to look for you.
I drink it in and gladly sin,
to know that to the avail of myself I am true.
Happily for you.

Raise the board,
for wanting more,
will come from "My Lord."
Deep from far, far from Me,
I fall back, I swoon for thee.
Reality catches myself in tune,
to finish what never starts,
with Concerts in the Park
that you delivered from the heart.

Appeasing, don't you think,
My dear Bluntie,
please blink.

 Never forget to be
who you are or what you chose,
for you will always have me.
Set Zero,
I never lose.


Dear Mom,

In the beginning, or should I say, when I was younger than today, I believed that you would not test Fate.  I believed the Heavens above would remind you of your Creator and somehow this would warm your Heart.  Who or what you believe to be your Creator is not for me to judge, it is personal and should be kept with you, as your belief, be discreet not assuming.

I wanted to believe that you were capable of choosing left from right.  I wanted to believe that all roads would lead to Spiritual knowledge.  I understand now that I was wrong.  All Roads do have destination points, but you must chose those destinations yourself and you must do this standing independent of what other people may think or ram down your throat.  Each of us are capable of truly understanding the Freedom of Choice and thereupon able to accept every action will have an equal and more than likely an opposite reaction.

I wondered as I was growing-up, and as I watched you go about living your life how you could be so indifferent to the Welfare of other Human Beings.  I would watch, I would listen and as a result, I did learn that the differences between you and I were as much the same as they were also vastly different.  I did not believe in destroying or taking Human Life for granted, as I know from personal experience that you do.  The first and only lesson I recall you ever showed to me.  I could not understand how you could be so Blind and so Deaf towards Human Beings in so much need.  These Men and Women surrounded you each and everyday and it seemed that they were as receptive to the abuse as you were to deliver it to them.  Than I began to realize something, it was not your lack of Sight into this tragedy or the fact that you were unable to Hear or Listen to the fact that they were knowingly allowing this strange abuse.  I realized that you put on these Glasses to be able to see through the needs of all of these people, regardless of if those needs had good or bad intentions, you, just like them, just did what you wanted to do because you can.

I accept you as you are but you may find that the problem lies in this simple thought, "I don't believe, that you have ever accepted yourself that way."  You may find peace of mind should you try accepting yourself, as yourself and then maybe you could find forgiveness for yourself.

Dr. Vuksinick told me last year that you had written the Script for my Life.  I laughed, he smiled, and, I said, "I know, but thanks for telling me, it means so much that somebody like you knows that too." I went on to say, "I believe that it has finally run out of pages, I seem to not have anymore lines to read."  He gave me that loving look of acceptance and gave me a big hug.

Thank you, Mom, for taking me to see this incredible Psychiatrist at Three Years Old.  I was so lucky to have been understood by such a wonderful Man so early in my Life, it set the tone for who I truly have become and always will be. I was even more fortunate as an adult, when for reasons of your own, you walked me back into his office. I don't know why you did this to me, I have to say that it was for the sake of cruelty itself, but thank you because it had that opposite affect I spoke of earlier. The fact he recognized me and knew me so personally, gave such credence to my life, but in truth it was his words that were filled with such wisdom that gave me the desire to continue the Fight for that same Life.  As he put it more eloquently than I, "You are worth it, fight for it."  So much more ended-up being shared between us, however I wish to keep it just between he and I, it makes me feel so good that we were able to speak again and he made me feel something I had not felt in years, loved.

This letter that I write to you, Mother, is in Respect and in the Honor of Dr. Vuksinick and what he did for my Life, however through giving me the most amazing gift of strength in-spite of such horrid circumstances, I am able to make this appeal for your life, in hopes you will be able to forgive yourself for what you have done to so many people without thought or consideration for anyone but yourself.

Vuksinick died last month and I miss him.

Death Notice

Louis M. Vuksinick
A gifted and beloved psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, Louis Martin Vuksinick, M.D. (Lou) died nobly as he had lived, on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at home after challenging leukemia and neck cancer for four years. During this time he continued to practice in San Francisco and in Palo Alto where he lived. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Janet Robinson, the love of his life; four stepchildren; Gregory, Timothy, Anne and Jeffrey Petersen and their partners and seven grandsons; and his sister Maxine Russell of Salt lake City. Born in Spring Glen, Utah, February 27,1934 to Louis L. Vuksinick and Zelpha Skriner, he attended medical school at the University of Utah. Coming to San Francisco in 1959 for his internship at St. Mary's Hospital, he went on to complete his psychiatric residency at Stanford University Medical School 1960-63 and Analytic Training at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco 1974-88. He held leadership and teaching roles in the Department of Psychiatry, McAuley Neurospsychiatric Institute, St. Mary's Hospital 1969-1980. He is noted for his work about the body-psyche connection, and his love of music, especially opera. He will be greatly missed. A Memorial Mass will be held in San Francisco at St. Ignatius Church, 650 Parker Av, Saturday, Nov. 3 at 10 AM. Memorial contributions may be made to the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco in his honor.