Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Spear, The Sword, The Words

The grand of any piano,
the key a Man does play,
the chord of a measured share.

Too Pleasure

The scores so countered,
a metronome clicks,
to keep the time,
'cause I won't look...away!!

Captured I am,
by a singular man,
he haunts my port,
with a strange rapport,
I wonder,

Is there more?

In state,
a site to see,
will this feat prove to be?,
dynamics? or just plain deed?

To clap the same,
'Old Way'
put into words,
the rhythm rights,
a Riddlers plight!!

Gazing upon that door,
I open to know,
their adored.

Knot by passed,
but on Trust,
of simply saying,

I still do lust....after!!