Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Eye of the Midnight will STRIKE!
A watchful voice announced,
"Beware, Warn All!! A FALL..........."
The sound echoed in the bounds of Time.

Seeking out what?
Do you follow the..................?
Trust?  or  Forced?
Which tops the list for you?

Carefully I walk the Hallows.
The Battlefield of this World;
A Cry! I know I heard.
Listen......I think it's dead.

Dread and misery mark the way.
Life?  or is it doubt that plagues?
Calls; Screams; Delete..delete Me?

Why must we be kept from:  Complete?

Asking what is Here.
I'm sure we go 'round.
How?  A question for me not to ask,
but, Men are the ones to know anyhow.

Facing the day with hesitance
brings on a thought of LIVE!!
Consideration of dangerous foe:
For year, after year, I say, "WHOA."

Pleased to speak, are you Meek?
I try most everyday,
to not be seen, but to be heard.
I have something important to say.

I keep accounts on all that mounts
upon my Mind and Soul.
For I believe, we all need
an accountable, payable Toll.

HARK!!  Upon entry of the Unknown,
particularly from "What Zone?"
What if the language is barred?
And Communication is not Ours?

An unbearable thought; I think a lot.
Worry 'bout what might be.
It is not the "What ifs" that get Me,
it is your Lack of Sensitivity.