Monday, August 13, 2012

Roll The Die

"I AM" 
at the point of no return.

and the words are clear!

Do not use that which REASONS,
a warning to the "Warmth of Wear."

Classify your thought with proper.
Do not be "One" who drops,
the secrets or a promise,
for in such an act;


Stand strong, be bold,
ask the question which grows,
your Imagination;
Know Toll.

The price of Life's;


Remember the in!!
for that may not be "you're out."
In-spite of right, be Light.

Fore LEFT is no more............
than DEATH itself.

What does a Mind desire......
that thought begins to wonder?

A World Of Motion

"Never wonder!!"
Always find the evidence that seeds the thought of what may be real depravity and you shall find the depraved kind.

The countless rhythm of "Riddling" 
makes Men what may be biting harder upon the
"Rings of Time."

For in this they're not bitter.

Viewing from a distance,
foulness and disdain,
it's not a comfort for myself,
so I must reframe.

A Difference!!

Seeing with the clarity of,
"The Blue"
I'm at a loss, it's such a cost,
and destruction is so MUCH!!

Clueless to beginnings.

To see the "I" in me,
releases ease of what I need,
I'm grateful for their relief, it's powering.

Searching for a secret?
The Key inside of Me?
it's well hidden and beneath
the "Men of B & D."

For the video above is only,
"S and M"
with no variable of how to end.

Neatly tucked away,
it is no place to play.
A Girl, I know; What is true,
the road, the path, the way.

In sleep "I" work the Horrors.
The Dreams are Nightmares working.
In-between, I see the MEAN,
and "CRUELTY" becomes UNSEEN!! 

to those that listen!
To a pen that drops inside a pad of paper,
where Ink doth dry your Name.

In Red I see thyself away,
and "Not to tell,"
OUCH, fright.

I just might,
become a search, what may?

Beneath the "Depth of Chill"
Runs the "Spine of Knew."
Slip & Slide, whilst inside,
damage what you will.

The Price of this is "High"
To get out you must,
A Channel of the unknown kind...


it comes without a dime,
for shame. 

Written before the time,
~ on ~

Mistakes Are Not Random When Precision is Accurately Measured

What does a Mind desire that a thought begins to Wonder?
Actual verses of the Strength of  "I"
can possibly be in reverse.

Throw into gear,
a shifting: Queer?
Or, do you silent yourself to "NO!!"

A Cross will bare,
the nails spared,
to hammer into me.

One shot Do; 3 will screw?
What is due right now?

Sexual Surrender is bondage though,
so, be ware, not near.
The closer to,
Complex or Fear?
Will be what begins the Steer!

Chains and Gangs of 
"Men of Lear"
Will be how mean will go.

Deep into the depths of Lairs,
darken the dungeon.....

"Of Where?"

Show Me the Whips!
Get me into & I will Tip,
off the ones that need to know
should you foul or sour this show.

The "Cowardliness of All" 
who came through my low.
For you ran and you have Being,
leaving me in the in-between.