Monday, December 8, 2014


In The United States of America the Rite of the Human Being hath been chained,
in the current of exact The President declared conquering Race in muster to Attack,
that acceptance Ran a Chapel of belt to the arrow Touch the bow of history cutters,
this land of not Free held blood of Indigenous born Beings killed by Cause.

The government of tempo as a Track of rail via A Many slave built Trains,
in Onward of back the prep a ray Hour of minutes Must return Ownership,
before the valve of Calculation of gross profit to dollar at the burning of first,
to task less Is ignoring the bled Fields on the cotton of the Buffalo bellowed,
tribal belief in Structure of great Foundation takes law of nothing given but corpse Receipt.

Tribute burst with the Wrong that hath caused demise to be the dirt that people sling,
hatred ran reddened glands circulating to vast Boils in a source of ill Flu captivation,
discounting the Feudal junction is as guilt is to The Presidents reside of blasting Conquer.

trumpets Horn beating the Drums of Past in evergreen is Lakes gone belly at arm,
shouldering Turtle to truth in branch takes Know reach as every doctor will Wart,
the seed in Any medicine is not the curl for shall the Route be of only measure than dig,
as a cyst is rupture the Splinter not infection as the escape is Mirror to breadth.

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letter sleeve with Iron to the Pleat of dry Cleaner that The Cactus robbed is physician pant,
the cycle of expulsion is as processed as the disease of apathic Misery in iconic delivery,
marshed over The brains of Whom is What to How is Where in Now and Fare,
remove the Question by no Invitation as the Fact is the Knee of Arithmetic Said Math.

See Prompt Signal Nyx

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at the bearings of lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lot lost money of lose,
down the drain like a cadaver on Crane that overdosed stage that rises to cage.

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