Friday, December 23, 2011

A Fire burns Blue, when desire is True!

Are you prepared for your plight?
One that will issue your "Might?"
A darkened path of what may be,
will be the only way for you to see.

The  fright brought on by coldness,
will blacken the good hearts of Men.
To find strangeness in deliverance,
will cause Religions to bend.

Where in this discovery will be your "Win?"
Not a place where force is the begin.
Do you turn from what may cause fear?
Or, do you embrace the new things this Year?

Although different, but rather Old,
at least the Verse that seems untold.
Due are the one's that blare the blame.
For I believe that relief should be our gain.

A Twin Soul doth file her claim.
A last life known for me.
Fortunate to know his Fame,
His Voice, His Looks, His Flame!!

To turn from what is felt,
would be a crime to being dealt.
A hand of Life, that was unkind.
But, the finish I make will be a sign.

Shout, I do!  Speak, I must!
For out amongst you very beings,
walks the Twin of only Me.
I celebrate the search of He!

To not persist in what I missed,
would be so foolish, I must trust.
For I know that deep within,
inside my core there is no sin.

It is a Win!

From this Earth to the shores of "See."
This journey will be what lasts for me.
To come so far,  to really know.
Is simple Liberty for this show.

I count you so if others meet,
it is the curiosity, it seems to liven me.
Can't wait to read an other's plea,
enlightenment of what might or could actually be.

Are you harnessed by the opinion of All?
Or, does the Freedom to Know,
stretch your mind, so you won't fall?
I wonder, is that our Call?