Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Tell Tale Sign

Parked at the present in the treasure of Sign the sand in the filter of the able ask Land,
do the specifics come as the best in the space understanding the Sun vices moon,
horizon to Dawn set the Ages towards view to be of a portion is to recognize Place,
the smooth is a carrier quest speaks of the Bang a journal of history in crates of the nudged.

Reef on the barrier houses the fad a many color fan leads to fish that do shagged,
the Gull on the prowl for the pack is in bunched find the seal in Attention to list it's a punch.

Pier carousel the double decked hinge to boardwalks that held a dear & great friend,
the recordings that daily sang of the came from his heart to my ear its a Stewball by name.

The race horse was classic to the player I loved the harp that he rose to each a lined Note,
wrote of his pain gloried the cope vastly in listened the Voice hugged my gave.

Oh how I miss him Oh how he moaned the yodeling cowpoke to the adult that did go,
I saw in him the stature stemmed know from elsewhere he's going to Continue on throw.

Simmering lots asked the friend in the breeze catch me a rainbow put a coat on the pleased,
stage that this happens address the Star spell put forward the Wisdom and reason from Hell.

With the warmth of the grands to the holding of hand don't fret 'cause tomorrow is yesterdays planned,
keep your chin up to Sake but not so high that it hurts for pride is the angle that kills still on earth.

Hello to the bench mark a threshold to bet the letter of Compass a magnate born sport,
spark the ignition to the Campfire court an Elemental walks too the aim inking knock.

Sung in the river the pony of blood sure did like living with an arms that did hug,
in Love of the gift that Tempo guitar the tuning of Vocals to shedding the bar,
thus in on most a certain fine coast to be the ever in my example of incredible Host.

Powder Rooms Drop Calls

At home speaking from base structure the building has now Construction that has had a string,
in while streaming the perform is Stature that rocks to the role of belief that Olive Oil is trait,
the Spinach that muscled in on a state of the Bird on a Wire known as a Tweet.

Chirping on such said the evidential of Red have put upon the text a chord called lean nerved,
as the tuning of a breed the Organist in scene has the ability to simply show this quote of spoke,
the Impossible is the Possible always Machine in a business of bare bones Shed.

The movie of Matrix in the 'blue read' that screens Our every earnings to deep throat the switch,
happen in stand the lock of a Land on the streaker that brings excitement verses swallowing keys,
compare the factual in a Cycle of turns that shores the Front to a door scaled stern.

Year production to the breakfast of purchase than a seated chart of players to Tabulation,
price the crude to plumbers spilling receipt the Festival goes liners in Cruising the feet,
a fare entry with stalls that know that Uncle Dennis was stuttering true.

Drive the County of Staff for sure a trip in the Journey on a letter in the go states keel,
paint a by number than one brush the color a Canvas is the picture of strange lined,
still original filling in the copy provisions like the News it is a script of "How do you do?"

Many working lines are the Mast of a Vessel score it in the Fog than a Voice is all but settled,
on the Bow of ship in Tau a Ki in breathing straights aim the would to wiggle~wormed in a blow,
drop the stitch in harnessed fit a deck built from timber carves the Canoe.

In the law of Lumber an interesting view as the say does exact the written of Tack per choice,
race a note sent as spring coming from the ping a ball of paddle Pongs the rattle Net pet,
stroking a collection done in the Tunnel of Horn a boomerang is not shot it Returns to copper.

Leg~On Zest

Deepened shock shall bring a Knock a climb to dowel the dresser strung,
dove tailed sock in Suite of tie hangers that the hooks imply.

Closet enter in step of stair is a deck with Tiers that spared,
the list of checks provisions pried in Leaf the Timber red.

A brick worn path the shingles back the flu society contagions crack,
a side of walk in rough the buck, many Falls Niagara touch.

The barrel chain the compete of Rein a float to move right down the Flame,
speak a bright the Candle Kite, lit to wic the alters found.

Singing rocks signature balk the Writing Hand shakes in brought,
an Addressed pursed to vest wastes the bleep in staging crop.

Complacent text at I on debt puts the cup of drink in sucked a straw,
in hose repaired the froze asked glacier speeching sheers of struck the bottom of the Real Keep.

Rations squirrel the bird in swirl so fast that the quick said Einsteins World,
math that went to rent the fame but turned and gave it up in the Moment it's my luck!!

It's All Whet

Shed the words spoken speech in walking up on top of dirt,
the fluff of turf to inch the heard in placed a measure of standing Earth.

The left of rite in up the sight of as the shirt did Iron pleat in jeans,
of sweat to brow of think a thought to each a route!!

Mappings guide the lull of now as the awl in granites tau too,
put the chisel in the shall of prose a pencil fine it with a sound.

Mile of set date is breadth in all the spout so mouths a stet,
the thought of line Inks out that Blind to permanence land crew.

Jobs to feet a running leak the plum of life in cast of sprites,
a bubble springs to each a bring it's called a bell of mind by sign.

Rigor beat on knoll in speak a complete in rolling ruff,
the Circuits Electric doved the energy does seek the search of rock.

Wheat carved rye mahogany cried the anchors with the hasped,
design in the credit fold a birth the found at last!!

Decision brand decide of ride the Apple or a nut in ply,
the even of too odds it's Flout ask whistle Pan mid-trouble ham.

Green the mold to purple played are any did the shades parade,
a blink of lid to clover crib the hards oft to the lockings.

Crimson red a signal Sun the blooms do provide a Fire~fly,
the spark ignites an in the night beauty shaped a beauty tights.

Whispering spline of tapping chills,
the gander is the stage Came life.

Any Last Words

As Wares swing in with each a bring,
to the deck of lung,
an Understanding.

The fleet of Wise fold the wings,
fly the Wire to speak seat dreams,
shed the Weep the earthy cries,
wipe the Towel with laddered snare.

Snap that shut to fling the bare,
in the back of shards few Lair,
Scrolls of Known written Stone,
chisel beam as shakes of boned.

Sew it Future in the rare provide,
the construct to seep the spied,
consider persons stuck by Mire,
that People say the route in choir.

Wrapping arms like Fish per bred,
of hugs to speech mark the Shed,
flames that spark with Fire in Neats,
scratch the Miles as belting Sheets. 

Gently close the doors of pain,
discontentment is not my gain,
embellish warmth as Sweaters coat,
remove the broke From Time inked Spoke!!

Eye Lashes

Onward towards the love of Life,
all the Adventure to future past come,
in surprise the evidence of greats in secrets,
the lamp hides in Action the truth.

With the best foot in the Print`side,
recording a wonder shall Land the paced,
true race venue Coursed,
hard to fall better to bounce with lucky streak.

Some stare in a part of this World this A.M. is not feeling the wealth of alive,
for that Person I hug the sky with the perfection in the Unique individual you must be,
stand to walk just to look at the amazement of the View,
in that remember to see You!!