Monday, August 17, 2015

The Gallop Pulls

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curious designs.

Beware Of The Bull

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At that the quote comes to term in an instant, "The impossible is the possible just waiting to happen!".  No theory provided as the application is simplicity telling the problems of deep lined to bring to the latter day groupers a rein.

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The discipline brought no trouble, it was the act cent that dived into a branch, and that is a peak.  As I love life, and, it is rare to be free of the haunting memories that shock raw, with stood, I support in great division.  A gain from these writes has delivered and enveloped Armstrong, as I know the cycles of working for Tide.

Dedicated To L. Ron Hubbard, the MAN 'Cause I State Goodbye To the let Overs!!

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a hip pocket swagger bay`t to Ocean with a Field!!

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a poole of Stick the Nine baldwin to Beethoven' Arithmetic,
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trait that bill to lets say Raid and Air a Saul that Altered.

Grassy Hail the reins in Station a Trainer bisque to Soupy brains,
mix that with the Mind controls too shift into the gear`d,
brave be not perfection Grew to handle all these doors,
now at the Honest of the Harness the road is More of Planned.