Friday, August 15, 2014

Circuit Thesis String Theory

In 'The Mist' of foggy tricked the Treat of real in life,
surreal the identity is the path a Road to zone Nash:
The Able in such a tale say in the Fable of the flame,
a Fire is the friend of loan in said the Zone 'Called' phoned.

Wire boned to trusty cell the marrow shalls' to Cycles,
now that birth did grant this deed of Tau in Appled loan!!

The from of whence the brick is laid in Red the shoots of grain,
did day a groat to feet the plu to route thy night with root did soke.

Mansion flight of reconciled by distant Rail of Time,
in knocked driving nothing to my name No Body the West in direction as the Norse of Rab.

Made with Elemental not known clay,
the mortar of the lasting loud a move about that is a Vow,
pacts aye written in very Floss the begin of Future Church,
no knee needed for standing text in key`fer.

Based agree that World Tree is the girth of gaveled Creed.

Compute the lab to Minds that salve,
the idea of Think,
it's leal ground does space a diamond Ness.

Speak the audible strike a language through the gallop the darning signed,
put place thing identified,
before after in-between the spoken sentence in riddle seamed.


Park of the Ages sades to the Ride Energy is like Electrics design,
the flow ever lasting even night cannot hide for when it is Natural Plato said Store,
the meeting of Philosophs to I heard it's size in real the asking but a Banjo in played,
the Ukulele towards make mention of string the bass of the steel in fig. I say Sting!!

Album that over to Arena's Sing theme,
echoes of Tuned in the Video room,
sites that spoon thread to the Enter Net webbed,
a speaker in spouts pours like the valve in the dowel.

Ladder to rhythmic the verbal a drum handles that click to a various strung,
deep space in rocket to play in the stay Tires that roll to a mortal in stage,
dimensions don't stop the breathing across for as in the lou it's the Shower of Nos.!!

Subtract the bother that reality costs deem in the brow for the brain as a stream,
streaks of lightening thunder the span to temple the brought to of well in the band,
reign mead the cosmos a galaxy hand elemental product of Society at land,
no reason to halt the troubled of Man from in the Address it's a Fire in Mold!!

Flame that a river to a Movie of sold filling a Credit with Broadway in Bold,
musical gift to Opera lift funny are bones in the grave shifting split,
crack that a rib Wow what a take 'The Film' of a noised in the Audience of boys!!

Tier mirror the Rainbow a pot of gold soaks in the between its the laughter in broke,
out of the crowd in the valve of the choke,
down to the zipper in unwrapping a Vote,
plaque brass the Ball ink bounced the Pibb fizzy are Crows with the Treasure of live!!

Knee jerk that church for the Alter of Know have a Good borrow it's the trunk ask it lay,
eyes to the sparkle thoughts in the Ace jokers are Wild the day is a trait,
allowance is directions for Win is the came gosh what a Thought in a World of Trade!!

Canoes are hand~drawn the Ark of the Wood floating with weight complete understood,
the clutch to a gear in the grease of a cheer Mechanics at birth are the bodies in cleared,
stuck for a trail that explains off the Tree nice to be Syrup and tapped in for breeze.

The pole of the Flight explained in shut sight that bringing an Areo is astro in skate,
cliff no the proclaim for that would be trite,
best to the rapture it puts Forward to sprite!!

The Flute of the cork in bottle Champagne is moreover in definite the Liquor of lane,
barrel thus would in the bands of a stay well that is a depth even People can't proved,
by Barkers that capture attention to spur the Curtain is Red and no question to served,
thus the Piano of a Condor in House playing the Music of bang Bang it's Mouse!!

Come What Gave

Beef the caking to a Icy bake in the midst of no humanity in the World of late,
bearded style with a hidden mile for the crown of did is spooled for pile,
cream that sugar drink Coffee soldier ring Tea to the sidings key,
lock on Pickled in the briney steals theft of gave is the Crossing Trade,
on a seek to night of sleeve drooling wake is a Tell sign shake!!

The planet or a place dimension nothing stops a going retention,
the field of Cosmic lands that mention traveling square for All ways mention,
trait that to a clapping grand feat that bring already can,
by grace of Sparrow to swallow harrow the School of Fun is in the Marrow!!

Out Of Date!!

The world has clammed a pearl & chucked a Muscle the bearings of the Sea Speech brides a movies,
the running film of shoots versed ladders climb upon Once a story always a line,
in the Breaking ocean Waves the sand of which is not inlayed for that is Shored with reached a stay,
the berk a steal from near the drum has not asked the question lung,
The Expletive!!

Score the vow off to oh endowed a Tenure of the stage in Laugh from basic all the paved it tack,
brought by Belt in hinged of fact the door to potters in a Craft the revolt is barking scratch a peel,
inch no bile the herd for while creation laid the dust in Viled.

Carry cutter the cookie spread lumps oop scoop to best in crash,
took formal in the bask shined a flush even that,
point in drive is Countries Side,
poke a knead to Tin tiled steak.

Mincemeat also has a burg in the Ham it is a stir,
eggs gone Green are fryers stream now the bark of real beam ing,
shredders paper in a Cave can't 'cause the beast is brae,
stoics often take the brain than do offer a simple vein.

Mules that came with big Ears same stallion never for Horses gain,
stirred to Taught Satan named look an watch the hobbles strain,
a snubbing post to halter close that lead of lean a pocket boast,
no not really it's a safety rein held in closed for the tame.

Half that Moon to Bay put boon the barn a Stable of a groom,
hounds that hunted blood on Camp delivered by a gun fire rant,
lettered Law by stiff in scan dialog waits as life is canned,
boats to creek cannot float for the rocks are beds of scope.

Depth in growth a Mossy Pope change is Fame for bringing lames,
a certain board that keeps the snore additional charge is in the floor,
gravitate to spacial store the living are the Types that core,
an Apple of the org Cree date knowledge is the peek`n`state.

Shall the burrow look`n fates mused a Corpus Christi Quake,
shakes peers grace in Platonic face thesis beakons this a paced,
walk a stun shutter Canon negatives come after take,
the drop is just a end-Cap paid for better position in a Working Stores.

Do Jockey 

Duty Carp Diem

Given Mohawk hatchet Pen infinity said circle line the words of hymn,
round the googled liken spin Wheels of dense the hubs are lensed,
glass the speaker microphones been while the Crowd surfer cribbed,
to the Present echo trend is the Count a Lord of lend!!

Crisper are the bridled send say a locker with a string,
theme it longer perk a streaked put the Stadium it's a leaned,
perfect pretty beautiful sing going to the Place that dust trapse,
mud to water Bog oar march forward lunger in to par Score.

Measure Liters measure trim spook a 'morrow wic the bin,
burn barrels offer more in Use for the starter lighter fused.

Forge that to a ranks in too's broth a Potter seek a stew,
buckets seat a Cycle read Ages key to cast per say,
drilling know the role of dough is the Union of a Crow,
howling Winds stormy Vain blowing directions now the Rain.

Flutter fleet the Mast is Scrape boom a Macro with a bait,
vinyl line an Inter Twine woven from the growth of Vine,
stead is barfing up in Mind thats the result of in subbed Time,
shrink it fit for learning stip. grapes of grasp have a shrine!!

Heavy bearings hung in bash pour the sqeeker call it past,
historical dones to quit in Tails scrubbing mission as belling Vales,
cliff gone Red no the sky or the purchase of a stein,
does the Scene perform to Blind yes is Asker screech is chime.


Verb the Market at the Place of traits oft crate block talkers no Veal steak melts Prime,
grade that race to the dry erase nor the jump from a 30~Year lump splash of butter scrawled,
burke the bottom as the suffocate to know Air needed it's Oxygen to bleach thy Filtered buy die,
can't be this definite that Sesame Street must now Agreed the Can of Trash speaks Cache!!

Crank the Talk to little fuss however MOREover the lid is bust address the Issue it Ones Same,
just the litter with a badge flipping cover as a Zap while tagging play is Under grover,
skit proof scene to backyard brained off to Camp the mountain pain,
scream yell run the hill dirt is from the ride of Still!!

Box this stream like Creeks of Means the hands that placed a Mouth Gagged bide,
whoop Whoop goes the braids right back to View the disaster three-Dayed boo,
hang a head fill-Up bed a spider listing to crawl in bread,
dockers Worn grips that Suite just extracts right from the Soup!!

BIT Barkers

Indiscriminates trust the Vice as brought Mob the coppers dice treading on the atop in the vine a lug,
thus thou tug that boat of Oar sure the tub is ever flow with green groat dollars the Millionth doughed,
trip crypt tomb it is the Mind ask the vary in Ever line as per Nature the line to bind in a Salt of suck,
swallow Halo bound the Head look to whom you know won't show for the interest crazies Foe daters.

Challenge Nothing the deck of grain in an Oat the swell is came without the Price of attached Tagged,
hiccup vein in heart of throw down with Truth for lies afloat surfing Crowds just to vote no such,
in vat of boil vat of taste vat of empty fill the cased broth in fire broth in grape barrel of a gun sting flowed,
traveler in the ink bed front tanks a spank to night done tanked than the berry asked the reap bloodied.

Catch the flipper sea the can mash a Potato as it panned oh wait moreover Bang in a fry bites the sham,
study Study for the burp practice Practice goes the Word form a checklist Check by skeet butter~Oiled,
grease the Elbow in the eye sink the difference I won't sight experiment Experiment now it's pry,
ignore the reason history What? that can't be it would luck right back to the den of stuck both Waves.

Tidal Pool waterFall which are true the Knock is What? canter backwards I mean walk halt at What? said,
crate the stew What? magazine cut speak a tribal News at live What? no I mean set idea no percentage crib
park that forward What? no I mean What? What? hear is the answer next to read 1920's musk be leaped,
leopard spots Zebra finch now jump over the Candle Vic or recording all the worth video hash Tag it dur's.  

Captain Kirke Over~out.....

Traveled the art league the student of learn paints in the room of a deliberate starch in~law,
nails to deck a picture of stretch framed a Canvas of lit to example the dip of brushings,
speaks in the Phone of a Copper quicks zone too brisk the dry works steer the eye.

Potters wheel clay add water to stave a foot stored torc rise and falls or brakes in crave,
the cycle begin is a glob of spin grabbed out of the bucket that pales the moist when,
covered with Cheese Cloth to spread the nothing for it is a Retainer to keep Goods on a Stained.

As the hand to hand teach can not learn from bleach the layman puts lear to the Mastering derm,
losing shade specs. to glass in the sketch does not prove the finish for that is a zest in the steerings,
glaze to an Oven degrees in the mind idea of a feeling encouraged base Nine.

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right or left straight to test jump the standard 'no' for it is the pole over Coup taking telephone route,
mapping no Course for the Rider is more in the action of do over walking track live gallop meters.

Strides to the Teach for hats in the reach the Able contact is describing the back to production fact,
the writings of back to a Pony Clubber rack enveloped hards to hammers that nailed taught testing,
a Barn fronts a manager the scale is the breed choosing to Watch is a Participatory lead reading.

Joint at the hip in rocking a clip wrists thumbs-Up as the pinkies hold what?,
in aspect reflection the balance of Fist knows that the clench resolves trait a hinge,
no Oil needed it's the motion of flow kept to the blood the bend in the suspended is Naturally loved.

Give and Take~away being the Shoulder play move me to '1984 in a Post' it's reliance on most,
for the stage of a Man in the Center of loc plans to streak the information at an incredible span,
the worlds all moving at speeds that are doing at the same time the credits are dimed.

Live Walks Shore In Action Doored

KOIT Tower At the Ferry Building Stocked Carls

Should 'Solent Green' speak in upon a Screen to the see a View on street life a live,
in the dot droppings a chaise lounge of sip to a drink the spool of filming exit sign,
a full-Meal reel ground with a lay spine Tap the head abrupts decisions lank to buff!!

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to history licking a flavored lolly stick the cube of Karo with a dry block bum stip. Tummed,
the guts would whence as the mind goes kick spy yuck ick forward park sick to know motion.

Pretty cool to keep the Wafer in a producted come down the Merry lane of bleeding gums,
chewing never for the brains breathe better in a fire of craft sense the Till cents draws,
register a wealth  a gain to rebel turns a cult Carob while sitting the sheriff for a deputy still.

Grassy green Hills an invitational 'No' at the rate of saming grows the beach of sand filterings,
grade the curvature sheep flows a table to pew rows elbows bent or crossed in thrown,
eyes fixed while thoughts are minced back to the House of Prime Rib for the Pink Hippo Crows.

Van nest the Avenue to Compass City through the Richmond to Nobbed skill of Cable Cars clanging X,
the 'Til tower has a Wheel House ask the Engineer shall the Conductor grab said gear to slow release,
on the grease the slip`n`slide to bore the actual understanding cross the tracks at the Intersection.

The Round About or Style is the wound spin in Real this is not disconnected from the Source dish,
the revolution is Mechanically driven by mirror teeth chop Sets of the Fortune Cookie crept,
on Ross Lane in China Town the sat shape the flat disc to a message driven eat treaters break.

Core a state with Knowledge Map changing dynamics to 'Pass the Buck' the leather swapped,
now the oil tricks on an All Haul Eve. however in the Day of done every jingle boasts beats,
curb the knee feet to the climb grown to a Steeple it's the Sites of the Flamingo Room Rain dike.