Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ask The Bubble Speak

Reading the release I realize that this blog is a book of sorting through the enigma of life itself on planet hook,
To frank positioning of the state of knowledge naturally streaming with notes on daily shorts to poetic referrals,  the meanings to the trace of Ancient detailing of work to the class of instruction on tale ridden,
The byways of taking the trundle of dolphin sea lance for the spin of Lead to gold on plutonium’s source,
Bringing the Ingredients thoroughness by simplicity as the introduction to zero set stone on pebblings cork,
A portion of the spell to a product inversion of back to the forward reverse lane of gear tooth.

Feel the casper ghost on shroud of the post to sample the between on the lineage of true,
Hugging a bale the stage of the rail soaring a cross to say the taught have thrown the learn away,
Trouble nesting in egg drop slue is a ditch tangled with Times,
Sport of the wisdom ranks with the troop of the divined talking Aesop for the barn trust stable.

A stick to court the Water Falls as creek gave path to rise,
An upward trough to Wells in lost so Ancient gave It’s stave,
Chaucer in the blight as anchors of the church towers life`d,
Grass patch with mowing for the seed A Wheat belt on a Sonars pelt,
Quiet to the whale loft a flight of Eskimo,
Igloo ranch on the Ice that chance of I say food at priced,
Bladder with oil on the heat for words of castle cutting sleep,
The rock of jib as sail on Hood is capped with letters appetite!!

Struggle not with Proverb salt for Humans have the shoulder song,
In voice off slit the ace of sit is stamping pass with storage pot,
Great soil on the fertile bright a core to invitation,
The Play of made with good old say that James Blunt can’t be rice!!

Court okay with joining bay as every echo tunnels may,
In gasping tongue with tied to Rum a gallon of the Vodka spun,
Wine to tum the leg with lift squat pull tug it’s a fire tripped,
Chords on crane the product came to know that sending is a Flame!!

Cues to pool the table flew with Nine on eight in shoot,
Bounce the ball to bank the pocket as the stick is chalked to smack,
The steady bridge a drinking kick is born to fiddle barn a file,
Mucking settle with a metal that prime in guard to pin up start,
That in and of itself is portal satisfied,

As the truth to know oneself is the best of show in a World hooked on snow jobs.

Jolly Good That Is Smashing

This is a puzzle book of riddle entry with the case of account tacking Life Itself with land,
on the ground of planetary growth each life lived is a memory line to the present days Spartan,
within each submission or in the publish print of sign a counter of wealth to vision the route,
recording with stream of conscious sly I have introduced what has been in the burn of my chance,
as choice to know of every on-play the sound of travel with a bit of grave to add flavor with bite,
chiming to a complete as last lives going to the foremost on the lived I pull the study to found,
by the character of good resting the worth of cork in a born admission of difficult to slight.

From cast to ribbon the tie on the Twin Flame a source Fire that revisits all shores to have been,
the journey of sake is the satisfaction of the ride as saddled to the fit of a bridle, bit and spur!!

Like a maze with the key of my word to the phrase in identified by writing hidden in plain sight,
a plenty of lace with buckles to type in with expression on the train of rhythm to court limes bike.

Parked in the google place forward to each a space in thought of the Hobo trait on a walk of stork,
piping from the perk of coffee to sugar adding creamed by sideways yet forth coming to examine,
reading to the fort Wall built by tremendous Village a person structure to blueprint living by saved,
with computers to search a pore Pitcher dessert with appetizers served as the Main course is cooking.

Menu on the tablet a Kindle by the war in the bath of showering purpose to privacy by sword,
in pleasant plot of sync the funny on the form in Capital to letter notes The Cards of tarots room,
spread across the systematic tic of tac and stow to store the appropriate for callers on the row.

Oar with paddle central a day in just post Nailing on the tool for screwing just backs show,
the hard would floor the curtain score as pulling tugs is chore`d but on the Orchestra a coaled,
in the pit of finding grace a care with interest lay Onward forth the marching short paraphrased a go!!

In collection of the blog a booking made to scroll for in the page of turning long this sentence works a Poe,
behind the vice of settled nice the lather of devised shall be the laughter of the find in Codex of the flow,
as Silent Doogood was a bloke to timber arc tell Time the bell of caste Iron rings a crack upon the line.

Should the cart hook to bait the fish and not pull Horse than basketball is football plight in soccer of the Board,
creased to be so shirt to skirt the troubles talk the woes, 
arm the light with handles grip a step before the coursed,
standard in the base port boat A Ship with anchor proverb,
Night audience in breathe a Singer to just ignore.

Excitement in the vote to engine that the World Wars at pigeon as the temple jokes,
in the message of the message The Messenger is tort.

Held to snout the pig in flout a pig amongst the cow,
inch to fence the Ticket sense a box office in report,
pride exact on a cat a rack this blank with carriage speech, of that a Cattle lot for Pinion,
know spice in the red wide tight gallops with the send a win Lens is glass to stem Where last,
the wrap-up is a list on named for I have signed each made,
below above to side by side my circle is a store.

The solution is the can be solved a provision in the skaters feet to calling seek the station scene,
on discovery of the shelf is myself to curl snuggled the satisfaction comes with finding of the stunned.

The Sound Of Sleep

The dream of write is often timed with many lines of verse to spoken on enter,
that temple of resting sleep while active wake in the steam of a light on the writing,
for in moments of the stride to type of the letter much less more like these ventures to site.

Strangely in the mid of night on snore for the active brain is waving shakers,
in memory I state to deep slumber I'll remember said state to stream the poets kite,
the spool of some not all can crew to news upon the date, for in morning strike coffee booms.

A catalog at the break to part for walk with trees blowing breeze to fates,
destined to bring the letter land for in the sum of wares I share more than I rake,
although the barn did teach the work of the aisles pace, so cleanliness in scene.

At portion of these lively dreams the last for before just yesterday the evening of my sleep,
never in the before was a dream so clearly wait for the word to name be read,
in repeat at repeat to naming source the avenue of pen to actually write out complete,
all other familiar text to song has in the usual most been type, a key to digit frame.

Found to be a bit on see the odd did jump the moon of deed by cause to gain in much,
for the spelling of the frame was like writing my proper name in now by reason to my persons sound,
in this I wrote in rote to note my name in a repeat, as recorders on the piece were the want in signed.

From envelope to wait the sort I wonder on my dreams I sleep to being full awake to touch,
as if to speak the guild of rain in the mountain on the dew,
touching flavor with a paint in ample loaded to the show in media delight.

For the mind on the part with evening as the waltz of brights,
the shoulder carriage goes to town with many handles on the lamb,
run to port with slow patience now as the sail is a Sill, the window sports!!

Close in contact yet worlds apart just over there yet on dimensional planes,
flights to piece by puzzled rate in process on the brain at blest,
to court the findings with agreed to be so fortunate to task a lead the glory of the fret.

Shore to the liners cruise on sight The Seer in the I of ride across the trumpets ground,
cutting to the point no reach as if to explain from originals port a perfect technical porch,
in this put to theme of life a blessing from the forward fight to balance on the breadth of lives I lived.

For in explanation to myself the only reason for the quest would word the working hark,
to conversation on the back of the learning Ancient run that belief in innocence through faith,
no knee to squander by the pew or priest to beat my mental few just simple to complexity etude!!

Popcorn Called

And Once It Was Gone

As the average attentive grazes in fro a view to the write on a blog named different,
in flight of the reader do you only page the production to nothing in the future hand,
is the bearings of Plato considered the seat of a philosophical dead to the said being stunners,
in the reducement of knot is the slick line to he parkers fine the Mined drilling of religious mortality,
as desk to bed in the tackle of hook a baiting question with know viable answering the pole,
spinners on the Web of transfer to Sight in gnashing the tow link with chaining the find,
can a breakage of fish oil to text via birth be of a counter to the increasing Autism on Earth,
in basic of speech to the Stud on the cox is the Horse of 'morrow not the teach of clinician.
yule tidings with each at rib for the dinner to breakfast is not dusk till dawn in the evening gown,
addressing the apathy of people on this platter of collected reason not delivering a quick,
on the stupor of central location of the sign to Signaling smoke billows of the leek,
shall nigh the voice of singing to piece be of the Riddler on the pack to the theme of the sister,
is the family of stringing a tunnel of fuck a Christmas celebration to task Easter to spurn,
is the tree in your house of decor to the place remembering the cycle of growing with trace,
does the laughter of the strong chortle to touch belly hunger for the hug with the face in profiled,
can the liberty and grace of folded in lace be only the silk of the spider by state,
goes to the candle for the wax on the fact the method chant be the tremble pursed case,
as the restroom of disposal the lips on the stick a tongue for the mouth a wrist for the Put.

Carlyle in broad a telephone on Copper the Cone of the standing in a measurable chase,
the islets of boot a tennis shoe scotch Wine tells the glass of the stem of wares back,
spine with the stride in the temper of grown does than the mirror speak with two based,
reflecting the product of the womb And the Nurse chosen to substitute the milk Oxen brae,
a mule in corporation the red eye lace Visine for the lashes and liquids for sake,
slight to the bangle in necklace of pearl did the clam ever glee to the breeze from the day,
a muscle type oyster to a diamond in caved The Gem stones in expense had a shining by stayed,
have in the temple of church times at bay for the meal is worm with a bit salt quest taste,
landing on dick stride for the vagina off etch the primordial cracking of the Horn to the vase,
painted by sound in the echo of bait is the Fish on the slumber while the bear is of gate,
usurp kindle lumber with a fire for cook roasting the prime in the number of stood,
shall the heavy hard shelf with stress of relate inking the trouble to scour the belt,
jest found to laughter is the funny cartoon the Carton of faces in missing the tune.

Giants in elves the pointed ear shape is the Nose on the figure swiped for the still,
is gossip over appetizer the pizza from shake the roll of the dough to the baking per take,
olives with cheese tomato at brace shall the garden of friendly just slam on the steak,
cutting the oven with the salad form beet a cucumber sale to crisp on the burnt,
is it really just fodder to clamp the grip down harder and harder to increase isolate,
the enjoyment of stirring from post to post date a jump for the standard in provocation of slate,
is the formal apparition that taunting fornicate of reading the aspect by not breathing the fate,
for in the Frost of the Ice in the sheet is the wealth of this message sung you A Log,
in the midst of the start to these moments of clock a phone for the solder a weld to the rake,
mechanics in Oregon the treasure of chalk never discounted the conversation by blocked,
reason garage the Cadillac walk an ample increase with a wisdom to teach.

The faction of film with a letter on skate the burden of blood with a vein on the trait,
far from the means in the caliber fright for as the fly crows the vultures do showed,
in proper return to the Hawk just now swoop the seer of stealth is a Witness to health,
for this instant moment on the pleasure readers fined I have a home these notes are just timed,
to relief of the scramble tell the Crepe, omelette with pleased, Onions on spinach, the shells for spake,
sleep to the stumper dream of a lake in the sword of exclusive remind the minds silt,
when`ing from dick to jack the jane quilt the three clock brush hour often minutes signed shake.

Standing By Title With Rodney Fierce The Slicing Of LAT Kneed

I was beaten by the King James Version at the same times as it was rammed down my drowning,
I stand for Dave his name Had been changed From Eden Sundown to accommodate what,
inch now to understand our youth in the brain of How in decision was robbed from the hours,
at appropriations worn on my physical body as Dave committed suicide for the Copy,
in breath to foundation of the Dawn of Ages that Text offered direction for the Dead,
in seat to counting the Sleepers on noticeable this is a reformation to deed coming dance,
an operatic correlation to bring present with gift At deep lane of comprehension for debt.

Crowds on the church pork the frying bacon of scour has committed the ultimate price to ends,
in totality of the crate on the burning notations by book paged on blog I scry your elbow to Eye,
the cast away will not only rise to victory but enable the ewes to understand the worth of Wool.

Many have introduced themselves to my writing without the pleasure of meeting my company,
no tea at Four O'clock or best Movie to talk on the Divergence of the Coffee Roast at Housed,
on the scent of standing to the Goddess of a lady by ways of the said in Society to bead,
for the princess of shock is at eclectic broth in the sewage of lost lace to a culpable presumption of hated,
in this that and the other freeze care is a hug I accept as Humanity is mercury to the rising door of death,
in ability to shank my office to obedience by traditional practice in the discipline of Cycle Times,
biblical breath is And has not only suffocated but delivered suicide, murder and homicide to bled,
in And over the locked civilized tongues it has remained at translation of falsified text by stun,
poorly the preparation to reality ask the Stinger of the beetle on the Panting air by breadth,
compilation of know more that Thought and Oracle as a Seer in the real Sage is a Genius Savanting.

As the Upanishads shade such bringing of Verse to the riddle of the factor on arrival of Smith,
court not the failing trough the success and swim in the bleeding left behind by grazed upon for die,
in height of warn the burning sand is lightening to the glass crystal of making the blend in blest,
sharply counted by grain on these fields of ocean to the green scale beginning on the Ages like,
found that Creation sparked sample recreation to bump Evolution as the proper in Prime.

Correct further flooring by subject recognition of the Tongue robbers of Sanskrit at temple Hymn,
a psalter of product in written asking not the sound to hear the intention of Hand,
stride as a Lion with the ride of a life for the mounting scene is a Horse changed to Ram at opening,
the year of Hard is a menu to properly Hobble the leather fact to exposure of ALL TACK Barrels,
books to would induce the papyrus return to the Wall of mystery in Cavemen question why Paint.

Because Reality Has No Strings Attached It Is Fadle

The prison of this holiday to have known the change from birth in Pagan of the worth,
yet on this balance of the rest it is as often not a test but the Arc address,
for language of the ink Time less for as the equal shows a brass to Brand by sear,
in irons on the press of media while talking storm to slop the muddy thoughts James Blunt stings sleep,
fork also knife in butcher blocked The Christian in the every place is ruled by The English,
truth be proceed to knowing this as King Henry ranked the rib at the base Islands landing Church,
trait that to the Temple pleat grab the scarf no the read Violent wrist to romped!!

Prance the religion with The Pope in latin lasting language cropped A Crow with dovetailed bureau,
draw the Pull try put in Plate ringing pocket change with monies on and on and on and on and on,
draining brains like cell phone lays staring on the screen in a digital lean of mesmerized by sling,
hanging from the branch Tree span to tribute for the snake in line That plumber for the speak,
cursed for slip to feet walk Creeps that chose to churn the butter life by smearing on the bred,
wafer chalk with Human stock threaten more`d by Ways & Means scary to have Trot.

Scatter winds on tornado schemes torn the people from the crown to brake the land oh lakes,
puddles supply to Monarchs lie in distribution of the say to Pew that favor brands,
not at legislation team of congregation married death or elapse is the shipping kept.

round beyond the Religion Bong smoking Incense to the throng of baking burns by tongue,
keep the seed of the work barrel warn to hear on earth The Pope has come to an end,
in column Roman emperor in express of Commodore with May Flowers shamed by skirt,
so in this message of the lip The New World kills okay ruling down the banked at Played.

Games Olympic in that Sport grants to Greece the ever Flame reminders on the Clay,
runners ruined by The Pope whom will not admit the Throne of The Basilicas bracing bones,
trade translation back to spine than The Hebrew creations Stand in gory hath such History span,
for me introduction sound off to Poland in the sound to the fountain of a man at Dracula by day.

Blood thirsty Horse in repositioned shoes in eating Flesh and shoveling spur to slam that certain pane,
again the greed of money lenders TAX that persons frontal brain The Lobe of reason nope contained,
nigh cart harness leather same broke the fork on the Hames ask The Collar priest by Named,
in alter of the Cow to Ox 'A CALF' of older sacrifice in animal the Heard,
birds in flight The Shadows site rising steady dodo vice writes to James Blunts 'Head' by shed.

Tools to rope the Cartouche to ensure his safe of lease is Rent that cannot shade,
for in the reason of such done the remembrance Halo gun my arms will deuce embrace,
plural foundation Sex in shape the turning of the Cycles rice in fields of The Snow,
frigid warn to Cosmic night brilliance is the I will band to sing the champion by Truth ink virtue.

So dear christian friend to locked your lend at the island of the British done by simple slants,
add a bit to bridle fight for in the plight you spanked the Monkey as the ape of Cougar spend.

Lets Iron It Out

Dark Park next on Planets without sunshine to warm the bedrock Naturally ring,
the golden blow of solar reason is a death row to value 'The Current' of bring,
igniting a blast outer Circus to cosmic most in the eyes of the roast,
sky in Far-Cry blings with life example of exploding precedence via Rock core,
the count in match less the violet purple of sucking brackish finish,
at Girth of Cosmology, A Grid!!

Nature a reactor of Creations handle allowance of design thorough compensation,
a bright path to tact upon,
the sailing delight to travel a reality with journey mind,
shall not Real nor Foundation to before the beginning nigh tickle you Fundamental brain in Thought,
for thy has shallowed wonder thus corporate boundaries rank Mankinds raftor.

Sharp execution of no edition the search editorial of span in arrow note blanks,
human bark with lit legs to taste the walk bare,
from touch dirt form with expulsions or(e) flight energy inking glorious sight on boats of carriage,
schedule of digital price The Magazine life,
a fire with memory, a phrase text proverb, originality will voice song,
writing to action of experience has first hand not transfer,
a municipality ridden through constant in consistence of determined Mathematical by dress!!

Numerical course the under-pinning on text recording charm with a chandelier address,
wax-waning mould in drips of let start the trail dust by pad evaporation,
no translation by Greek talking Egyptian brown paper Test,
a short bag in roll of lease without The Stone carter is the mark-off to intrepidations word.

Shall not Ancient Gods and/or Goddesses represent in multiple division from a sourceful counter,
does that DAM brake what eventual while gathering a sediment reserve of mining element at base of length,
river Flow floods Trace creek Flute at Whistle knowing Full-Stop note to The Bridge of Natural stair.

A rolling rock on granite mountain width soap-stone-hinge atop Valley fork,
yield of watering either Sky-Fall or soak ground to Filtered Shale exposure:
The Route of NOT only "Accent" root butt-end planetary ARC of liberty to fringed,
thus an Apron at effect to trunk of bust on trees in an orchards forestry from hide!!

In the Apple of sauce or The Peach of pudding not bring sustenance minuet skin,
a pare in Olive Palm to extract grease of Cisco upon the Rising Sun/Stun,
dawn timers at-Set begin a branch of rock the bed performance application:
Solid dock at scape, an earth textile Mart,
the superball bouncing in a jack slope to cast Fishing lanes with a ladder for trout,
as the grizzly baits only location of the foremost byte, the bell of the beast is bred & Honey,
by comb be the itch to the scratch!!

Picture Words And Plaster

Break know cork with burn to the stretch of good flow ankle rows as a line heritage,
crops of the First to the scale now is the commission of understanding the Coke,
bubble born with womb of technique is bounce joint by elbow creature with same,
trust not the scam of mankind with disturbance to revealing character,
a broth of stew by the version of biblical rebuke each a king as Henry halted spooked,
inking the same king james burst the hook to in addition not for the part was exact authority over Mass.

Credit short translate to the greek the fluke for had I been aware of the missing Page,
in that the Roman hath brought Emporium mentality to the church to conquer with picks,
trading story line jesus with the flavor of preferring a skate rack is indicative of so to plates,
coin on the mind to Head of State frost is burning the inside of the raked,
scorn of that did beat my buried bones And killed my best friends love for future.

The list at test to Rama on the shake for budda to Tibet in the scramble on the made,
to in final puke barf the vomit of digestion to Exorcisms wholy waters fate,
destiny sourced than hidden from shore to implement a pitcher for the baskets sake,
drop dollars to waddle pressure The Knee of the arm in a hold to the brain,
scout trouble Platform drownings Planks tied blindfolds that nailed the crates,
six foot difference to the soaking on the crotch for natural understanding was not dismissed it died.

Edited to be given as a freezer book tribe with a additive of coroner for each persons lie,
shipping trough to america A Tea Party sky lathers in the soap did you even write,
instant recognition to the slave and the living death is the party of the British rewrite!!

Landing on the shore Beaches with the bar have picnic rendition to accustomed in the bite,
ripping human skin with The Whips chaining tone preaching debt to threats of psyche,
paranoia of driven gears these rough in buys as the bible is a ranch of anguish than down sight,
fable ground with statute computers on the lap screech and identifying every anger court,
turning in the pen frame with no erase to span as nature of the people is to kill the working brain,
squash in the potatoes tug boats in the crane freight will enviable the times that system slant.