Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cold Cheese

In the not to distant past a dime to phone the drop a Coin in the Quarter slot,
the Operator just press Zero the number of the at in Set of the dialing trades,
from three to four act Area core patch the speak to real folk a Parent line in general information.

Now the street has removed the Payphones by the booth to rule a Cell is in the style`d,
ask to aspect in the stall for the crisis may involve a runner on the loose to ball,
in the instant of sort need a dealings in the Open trait have better things to soup.

Turning several times to missed the walk upon the sidewalk hist' has the Mute,
press the form than introduce politely as the World is viewed ask if told script,
it's not so much the turn and struck by the feet of other way in stuck rather the Approach.

To put the guide to undefined would at prove be the school of Thought to fool,
however in these current Sees in the eyes the words are read stating simply know to toe,
yet on the hand of held in ream a Book to bound is strangely feed of offering released.

Take notice on your City lights that verse the tempo of a kite the Spot arching stride,
electric in the plug~On~pen via stroke of Notes ink send public Value is a trend,
laughing brought by subject Mend is scrabble on a Crossword lend the parallel of Shin.

Kick the dirt on foot to skirt the hemming of a Way does powder in with room,
mirror a cluck like horse to luck Scribes will Founder a gallery the League of Lamps at spin,
concourse to the Human race a Nature that does far Kind pace pops Plug.

Cobblestones that make-up laid for Carriage of the harness gave Blinders to the pull,
wheels of those driven start with the Forks that mark the part,
tugs attached by stitch and Ratch bore Saddle Makers mark the Insignia's Seal.

Undoubtedly A Shingle

Hedge Funds

The short Age of water in the Thirst,
in upon iron believe the Metallic is yarn,
ark rocks that canned Roll for the pebble of store,
made sense to the flight in floating ashore.

Tooth built by the would in design of the stood,
true banks made support while sand never hood,
great Wake in a slipper that comfort from warm placed,
Hammer pound nails the Tool paled storm.

Loaded the work struck time to Clock,
regarding the sign as a Yield stopped flock,
mountain not found for many a walk,
rode High to the low of belly in foe.

Trails that left Nest so Hi can't be mist do familiar ululation to flip,
the born brier dust to the Crew,
a sweeping in Choir salts stew.

Run`oft that lake in the pond puddles crate truth bucket toe wash,
scrubbing the mission in Otter the wolf,
often like a shot corn barreled.

Tribute the Ass in a burro of Donkey at the Nick,
 of the film go Kong or stripped has strong,
for at least the Big Bang trays to a claim,
whilst most fizzled Crow task`d.

Earth Barters

Case Study

As Season advance to the Cereal of milk in the cream there is sugar to additional melt the basis of spoon,
a teaspoon of Art in the brush of the color that grain to the Clay making fed in a day,
granite is Copper in the cans of the gave from My Grandfather chose the Oats had a play.

The trick to the fancy in the betterment say is in the box of the Label per take,
as Omelettes are stuffing the Stovetop in box a bring of the extras in Extra fills Lored!!

Teach to the tongue speech the eyes that same Twinkle for My Grandfather was watch Folk,
a tale of Tuna in the whale of bread a Loaf in direction and Shoes for your Head.

A mitten approach to the Kitchen of core as canning for fruit was Blackberries floor,
working the field to listen that graze made swimming the River the forks in a shade,
strawberry central to Melons of gave the brown paper bag were checkered with Flag.

Thereby the Red&White Fleet of the Ferry at breathe was more in the able of Spencer`d,
thus formal greetings have all been a grab ask the Front Door as the stairs had a salve,
the parking of Caddy below on the lead sat on a cement that smooth glass of Scene.

One entry marker to the two bell of know rocking the driveway with lizards in show,
swept to the leaves as the rake did a mow round the Birch swaying the silver shimmer`d the flow,
the gentler the breeze a full-width to read are the Walks & the talks that created a deem,
total Core price the temper of Nice had hugs that don't bite rather love in the dice`d.

Tomatoes that fried to the cucumber when as lessons in patience brought Garden to send,
now the times table said I have a Cable than witness to Text had conversations that Met.

In The Fiddle

Jer Raft

Frost birth burst star the Verve is 'mass'lined to the starch level in the set of glitchings,
asked forward inks read pursed as the coinage of Cern a splatter of lest the leaf signed,
is curtain a barn owls belief by the Mice in the bone-yard at brave`d corks to the lathe,
in symbol the strike to that Tambourine in the kite a straddle created by ports of the bite.

Version bind label as Name of the Table two staff in the lay of Salt Pepperings in play,
a chord of Prelude to the light in a room first the delve dips to a string in the dipped,
wax paper scissors the gum in the shoe sticks that do reach the Candle of fused,
a cloth in the Sheet of the write or the few built up do chairs the Ladder back Too.

One step to tail the dove in the groove lacquer the paint the Crow in the view,
cranes that can't walk but have legs that do brought forms the gamble of sat chalk the Talk,
commerce to belly the Platter of Fleece a mutter in lamb is the green jellies lance,
mint in the leaves of letter of lace in sport of the Chicken the roast is a spell.

Menu a cost to the Pricer of dine forks that are Service`d by ladles of life`d,
in pounds of the dollars the change can be found signs that the bet is a grab appled sliced,
in pots of the pea tree a Pod of the course beans that are face based term on the Voice,
as the One end to other it's the bearings between the Condiment catch is the mustard of duck.

The number of place mats the wipe of the Feat in doors that don't ring it's the door knocker bring,
how many times does the phone now cell ring the sound of the three click hello to the Theme,
at home of my upbringing the mention was said to insult my Family with taking time lead,
the stairs to the find in space of the dime changed with the Aspect of whereabouts find.

Countable telephone to the circle of pole in May there are flags that ribbon the coal,
round the found dance to a day in the Pant as the joy of the lift kit the yule in a stance,
respect of the Autumn spring in the March a footstep in being the sprig of Floor chanced,
school of the soft say that stature enhanced Future to ballet the point is a slant rosin in stamp.

Tusk Timers Garbed Cilos'

The Spiral fire in froze a term of argrege meant that define had rent speculative s to Actual Cone,
the brill corn oft Texture`d dept to the lecture of the born,
in thrust of an open pit the grape of the Vineyard clip shored to a dirt skipped trip Stringings,
in thy crumbled Mass the deliverance fax`d to a text that brains had Bisque to the stoop Cracker,
in Box Ritz a Canhandle bar service to the drink was recorded as Level to torsk Bubbled.

The choker of the bell slap on the garb worn Nape carded the Impel broke distract by Ear rings,
in the sound cried Timber the lumbering snore heard as the role of the garbler drowned in the more,
struck by snapped the Five finger lap Added Ten to the 11th on fact,
for in the subtraction the multiplied loud was how the why equaled at the Ninth Time try,
it was the echo not but the Deck that arms thee elbows of crept.

Take both hands Thumb to mid`plant balance the decision to snap a believe if it's listen,
'cause in the life of add divide the shape to date has interest fried,
the Eggshell to the dozen bin is it Tin wrapped once again.

Nature read Cycle the law of the strain breaking the age with gags of the brain,
stormed in as blasts than cut-up for trim provided agreement it's all about send,
first a bit of trash than a second catch bring in the theme it's a third to fourth smash,
all in the yak or the kid exact track counting Material the Branch of Math Glass`d,
spectacles Binoculars the Wire to finish are the desires in the act of Pew or The Tact.  

Sticky digits spring green grice in the Pen of echter pie,
slice the wedge to know the Sign in the Triangle is stare eye base,
 wide~sides to bottom fide case,
in doran turn the Veal is burn worship the calf it's a Cross Nailed back,
hotter the praise to a hammering cray now the Yawn is barking in stray`d,
All for the mighty Chance lessor Treed.

Got Too Bump Pea Air

Liquid Paste

There in the close on a short Hill the distance not more than a mile molten lava poured over top,
the quick of the cover to the down flowing melt regard sugar in an over topping bowl show,
the moving reddish`orange matter thick in it's mass ran over across the lips of the spill,
expansive the volume steadily geared the organic material spreading the hour purr fear.

To the front of my Home I looked for the groan but to my drawing the spot was growing,
great tide in the fire drifting hot holding closely to the earth in a heavily loaded skirt,
to look not the Watch for desperate time walked the safe of any place stairs of a faced,
back to the turn my house now a learn four~Wheels on road horses dog a few person load.

The vehicle chose escape I supposed the tub on all tires the Recreation of shire`d,
the road was so narrow like Straights in a Channel the waves other Trucks on wrong pave in duck`d,
to the entry of shoulder the pass near a Boulder the driver of mine slowed by the arm,
to the Edge of the drop a wall of the crop so sharp was the bend a collective in send.

We were not going uphill nor down more to grade the shifting not tangle from direction a save,
opposite in nature the bus of the note kept on driving tearing the coat,
there goes the screen a mirror ripping cleared as damage was done by the pass of the Ton,
I watched as the line drove down to the wrong standing with Thought I boarded our lot.

In the obvious turnover upside down right on luck the back where the Horse stood with such Crates,
I pulled the dog out from the stuck in the found organized best for the moving still sucked,
frustrated by bumpy the lane was a truth the next moment graced with weird in the boot.

Observance the key piece to puzzled by Vent I spoke to say lets go home this is spent,
in that thinking of taking the five seconds flint a Highway that filled with unethical pant,
their scratching of pass no stop did burn trash to have pointed a fact would waste the in pact,
to the Bell of at close I said to the posed the safest perdition is at the forward in leaving.

Missing the spoke that the Hill did in vote it came to the very trip of the smoke I tracked,
at the base of the living the burnt timbers fell as the Ceiling intact the roof was a cringed,
upon the Flat the base structure was in good shape for been relaxed and at home I stayed say,
to the few in my tow I came to there know stating don't panic the ever core store has phoned.

In the dial of the shed the big molten lead me back to the place of the challenge instead,
like Sod rolling lawn on the dry dirt of the throng you path to allow the Role of the proud,
to believe that the in Work have the right so pulling-over a sweater in the fright is not passing it's polite,
the Rules of a road or the Laws of Panic a lesson from the Teacher was that run of the speech lochs'.

Yes the score`d rafters showed the flow fast however the river of molt rock belief in the Fast,
that in born fact just treasured us Tact to compass the move as true to the clue,
it's the time that shrinks with each a brink Courting the decision to keep choosing live in the sync,
the Que is in this dream last nights theme for You or in I the wood is reside.