Monday, September 15, 2014

The Chiel

With anxious left to stand another,
the Sable of the date at clutter,
noise in silence acoustic Norse,
in band of Brine the sailor Time,
raising Mast to park-nest sky,
the timber pole built by Fol a brisk in due,
the count walk Flew to mark the Signature with more than too,
an agreement deck that rose a drum the Master on the grit of Clause,
to tell the Cloak of room & Bas, 
the Sickle is a cell of old.

To sky the constellation main the show of Trumpet blasting grain,
a beauty of the Oats of Wheat,
how far this Must,
a must be Feat.

The sound of a Million Mans thunder in bounding stride-Foot,
the lift in speak to place put feet,
the dance of waltzing Mozart's Treat,
the chorus with a Single beat!!

Placename ' A Dudley'

The allegory of Atmometry in Verse of route dries the leaves in Tomb fold be read,
a wall of conduit in the eclectic of charge,
a down right corrective to connection that Saved,
in the Calculate outer realms breath,
to bring to the justice a voice like a Dove,
the barrow of Wheel true Cycle to Tree,
a branch for the Sparrow on a humming of Seethe.

Wrath on the Tankers the drillers of cold,
energy does free-Flow with add Vice at a shoal,
the channel of bone to the like on a phone,
a heard of the Whale singing Elephant mile.

The inch on the long Verb to the worm offer slips,
the cleaners of flight have Vultures eclipsed,
ask birds that dew wing the Send of this sheen,
less the attraction & Moreover a Theme,
a character Equips with Teacher of Ring,
the Fire that speaks crackles a flame.

Time has amounted to books that have state,
the unfortunate grasp runs like a stoking of Stake,
with this generation a by the Way Call,
to being completely with a Life on a .....
cuddling Company in the messages bold,
the grateful adore is the Hugs from this score.

Means that Produce a temper in spell,
point factual the signal that worth cans a Mold,
the frame of a workings to shunned by the fold,
I belong to Nature as the nautical stol,
directive in Person would have been a nice Role,
however the Reality is blessed by this toll,
for being taught that no matter the question or the inquire to show,
Humanity surfaces the darkest 'Black Hole.'

Grid to dimension the near of this Craal,
exhibits a Table that place of a Maul,
the product of Cork or placemat to dine,
the Pictures of Eaten the Carp et be Moan,
that cib is the Measure of tender to Stone.

The Barney Tiles

A Fancy Greeting At Word Working States

For on this "Crikey" of an early Hello,
my cat Mouse I swear does speak words like 'know',
in his Cry of the Hour it is defined as Meow,
but he is such a Hymnal the laughter I show.

The write of the Now hour a timely scribe note,
for after 'a nap' and a Sandwich for row,
the voice of the grace of Nature at full,
to addition the Path with the Trees on the Float.

There in the Happenings Six Ravens Crow,
all speaking Ka to the breadth of a Vote,
the Animals talking aye listen well,
form the next word I thought was ki on this Lo!!

The fact that now Ka-ki have remind to a Soak,
the bath of a Certain is the Match of the thank,
to believe that the magic is held with a Spell,
than I would say Fan Gave a big fat HELLO.

The play-ja-ree at Rome in Catholic Theme has burned the back of Basics,
with each stride a Century steam,
the iron that has Crossed the dot with Signs of thought,
these are the days as Time has state,
to playing the Violin of fiddler's Roof,
the Clean approach did for the Moat,
a job of Goods to plenty Choke,
at the Cost of such a Yoke!!

If History reveals the breach of Contract,
to add 'Just' then believe that Rite to live is in the Bulb of Shoulder Thought,
unique to each a Mind in spine,
the backbone of the upright Walk will dignify the talk with Real chalk,
the type that rights the Left to Clock,
a towering Scene to the Tweet on bring,
without a limit to the Character block as Aspen is an atlas,
so do Humans guide Rocks that build by Natural design,
to be constructive Measure,
the Value of the rubble that People have troubles,
a need for worthy Work to embrace this World gone Mad with skeet.

Shoot not your mouth while Words do skate,
on Ice the sheets that Glaciers date,
now melting the Cause that rise of Pied the Paints of Oceans that shore to Motion gears,
the tires of the Poles at base,
roll with change the Tide at Face`d.

Treasure coin the Sides of loin,
for inasmuch the spent still touch,
the price a Cost to meant the Mint,
with more than gold on the Plat-In-Num of All whom Some.

Really Drawn

The Reuben

In my mother brilliance at sat,
the skylight with a motor to wind,
as the switch did Control the opening would blow the Pages on her desk of know,
the Place that had a Clue to Times that build the Prime all View!!

These are 'The Big Rooms' of life on role,
to learn that Cast kicks too,
the Goose in pool of Thrift store Few.

A certain particular that Corner shop,
with Chinese Food or Cinderella stop,
the soup of beet to Crumpets shew,
a curtain that does Signal Move!!

A state of worth to All that prove,
to be working Astro Clerk,
the listen of the Check to Sub.,
a morning that does 'Out' to Show,
that saddles are the Tack of grow,
riding Horses to jump a Course,
where every Moment had a date,
the schedule on a Natural rate of being on the riddle`d Fate.

Timely beach to Stroll the Feat,
a Mind that knew those stares placate,
all while composure makes,
a Nape do the Natural Beacon.

True form in growth is showing Vest,
the difference held to dissect at Ponds in pea the Tree i.c.,
a lister on this History,
in respect of On-kind Met,
to peace the Shore that World Frets.

The Jars 

The Choose

The edge of reason is the wisdom to understand the Note,
a cliff steep in balance of Acrobat`ean Word with walk on a Wire,
the Crossing to bridge the lives of torn apart by circumspectial claim,
the Micro-Phone in Hand-ream speaks at (set) Volumes text on a file to desk.

The reach of Mankind to the arms of a shield,
have separated the ride of real for the Touch-screen balk,
streaming only negative in print speak Wills derive locker lived,
a channel that swipes the Mind with Vantage & glue.

A stick with stone Bricks to comb with painted letters that vibrate tone,
all in the Ankle of walking grown.

History on believe is in the hard of Cry on music speaking a Television scene,
the Movie in life is constant,
to Scribe,
as the Now is Yesterday in tomorrow at How the batter Mixed,
the scramble with an Alphabet on Character Let, 
the double-dry of a Post 'Hi' to formula class at present day Fast!!

"An Tāne"

The Celtic Norse`d

The work in real life is worth atop the rising of speak & Say,
that Choice is know decision to a World stuck on shake,
the quake a Wake to bring the fax on read the Fact to true,
without 'The Falls' Nigeria Shew the River would pool to Sludge.

For the Mountain came with Valley on the dew,
an elephant on Plain in walk will Trumpet to the Score,
as in the climb of Fire grind the lumber are the Logs that Prime,
to light the Stick of Choir.

As tech. on Que to write the Knew a poet or the Captain gain,
is Crowd to surf or Lead the heard to more Ore Rock the basis Mach!!

Reach with Self in being real,
a familiar Cage is Steel,
yet locked by key on C.D. to chalk the line on Moon of crew,
the factual learn is Switch to turn the Table-Set to invite a let Cruise of Shipping News,
via Enter verse to Few!!

At 'AS' the gift does New the tip the ride on Carriage mechanics Sariage,
route to move the Scrabble of Natural Motion too.

The terms of Sociological Corn,
on Row or wreath of Thorn,
is to believe that bringing Goods comes at Times of Real shoulds,
the price that paves the Come.

Am A Wrist Tick

Know Restoration At 6439 California Street ~ 415-751-9275 ~ The Printing Press

Real hugs with Real hands that a Real Harpist will May be Really Play,
service the Place to know that Lives and Breathes to say,
'Hello' a Central locale the Muni Bus to a Shop of real taste.

Walk or run the Lake decide to be the Theme to familiar long,
the voice of logic to Familiar strong,
the type that speaks to face the Storm!!

Chaos in the global World,
take a seat visit truth,
the Coffee brew is Tea on Spot,
real Pottery with Pour on crop,
the leather of a porcelain stop,
to engage with REAL People,
that do know pain as Life is Rein.

Tal-y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe in the list of city Knox,
San Francisco has an Eddy the pier of Sake to open-Say,
as Conversation to real Time,
persons Whom have a clue,
will be a Friend in 'A Send' to know need,
that Society has lead with 'The Family' Scone!!

Art Feat

Gaelic Scene The Would Stock On Theme

On the cup of Tea, 
Twinings in a Tin Classic,
an ink`Cans English Breakfast at 'The Shop'
with a Full-Size Horse in prop.

The Propriety

California also Major Street, 
the Home-Front Service brunch,
at 4:00 'Oh' clock, 
the Darjeeling Express drink shock!!

To know that Address is stop, 
in a message 'Out' the Block, 
Ask for business get 'The Talk'
Herb Cain was a real knock!!

Play the Harp or listen stem, 
route to Map our charts think Hymn,
practice for the Chords of play, 
Voices singing to be 'A Day' in That,
great & Simple came,
my brother in the Oyster Fame!!

Piano Grand on Keyboard fan, 
turn the Page embrace life's Sage,
as leaves are Autumns sign,
that Seasons drop the dime, 
the Time Phone on the Public shown, 
that an Island is Stonehenge @tone.


Hello, Hello, Hello bally good!!

A Musical in Open-Call on the blog of Stall,
should each Attach to Writes of last,
than the Rocket claims that Fuel as Natural,
to the Voice & Click,
Words from Central to dial-back is Just a Number on the Fact,
that simple Cell on Purchase before the After Fax`d.

To Collect, an Operator sang 'set@zero' was the Ring,
@live Jet,
a flight to grand the more start Plan,
an Organist in the Dam,
while Arm in sake plays a Way,
the piece of Puzzled brand,
an Opera of True Deliverance,
on the grounds of life Lived sound.

Speaker strong with Witness long,
case to Cause that scene of 'laws,
trust of scary to walk such Thor,
as 'The Begin' is ready spend.

Walking like a Family real blend,
from Coast to cost of Sonnets' trend,
know the Lane of Global state,
place the pull-over on shoulder make,
the belt is for the loop,
when Pants need decor of dress or should the Suite not fit the bore,
thats what Suspenders snap,
to shore the Style of a grab,
a Vest to chain the pocket-watch,
a Singer on the stitch of Talk.

With a Needle in the eye,
thread the String to know the Automatic Hum,
whistle Train,
rails shock,
vibration on the Foot to Track,
knows the Station Fact/Fast.

Time`ing Exacts

Timely Spells Ages Watch

As life is Set & that is three the Four Block lives to breathe so Naturally,
earth Wind fire Ice the Fifth sync comes with lyrics read.

Sense to Text the Blog of lead,
noun the Verb with 'o' to see,
in the letter of the Told,
is ready to shine with Aye!!

My Son & Me!

It takes Two on "The Continue" to example a Talk,
on this World rock,
now in Complete with the Music Sheet,
reside at peace to thoughts of Ki,
the wonder of the Write on deed,
each describe is a Shade,
that delivers light to History tight.

For on the understanding Stanza,
put Comprehension on these Few things,
blood is thicker than Water needs,
for this Vein of my Grandfathers Genes,
in Service to Humanity,
to step Forward onward brings.

Together the global Tour work,
the treasure that No expectation is Fun,
too believe that love is Rite,
a beam to Ray the Sunlight Night,
Stars to Sky that guides this Might!!

The wait to reach the Wisdom teach,
a Time in Space that Family Claims,
to Tie the value with more of Mass,
the maze to Wheat ask Oak on Vast.

A ribbon with the bead,
my Grandmother loved my Mothers chore.