Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chuffle Eas

Stride the type of the written tone as the channel of the bone in the Ester of the able in brain,
as Cain is the or of the Ages in lesson on the present Sit of station to the burst of Energy at lane,
in the pass of the Time in aspect to done deed the production of the Finish to the already laid,
this is the Outer Realm of the flight of tackle while in the hold of bodily form an Organ jars,
in the if's and All the Worlds buts' as the teach of afar in much More to the challenge I treat.

Know storm of rigor as the Ship in mast of the strong nest in the Temper of remind as eye Wares,
sun those Glasses with the wrist binders in the hands of finger Ream that mist of chain to Call,
in flies the bliss of the Candle in the Willow of the sign that yield is a Crop to the drop kind,
as repeat is in the Middle of the leans & learns it remainders arch spot to product the Visitor lurch,
to poetry in the so much better than I could have ever chosen to be counter 'cause I Riddle lead.

Score the sport to the dump a be the spinner in the Loom of social shit that The Fuck is worthy,
at suck the hose to the dick in spline that Cock of the sing Song of late to the Scream of spit,
almost yet not quiet the verse in large is the prodigal at the Sea of three-Speed Wise Dome,
the Tent in the bed of the Character in finally can Breathe with Noise of truer screw to deed,
so to those Church going folk that kneel to pray with a bible on Seat at the Pew of denial a key,
the fit is so tight that Spoke is light to the actual in the gree haw.

Got Com

Chance to the brodie of Life Itself in the push to forward the Onward walk,
as the candor of the blatant spins to the Cast of rice in the Seed of Muster,
climb the Ladder of the spake with a bit of Salt throw the pepper to the paste,
in the soup of Introduction ask the bowl fork Spoon the divide will Answer,
push to the Cut-Out of the multiple with words that spank to the Ice cold,
place the Mat of shade as the Lamp in the sit a Desk to the pen of a lid.

Tripe are the Paper wadded in recycle as the dust pan is the Tool of a diced,
snake eyes in the Blackjack at twenty-once gone Twice the pastel in a Murals,
egg Crates the ages as the deck of fifty Won a branch in the fable a mystery entice,
dance with the Barn in the hey of straw a bed in Law shrug the Tosser glide,
in that Treat of skip a dime the Call of Goods too plenty line a ticket for the Form,
filled with a ladle with a batter of the Spice chance as`d the Performer roars a ditty type of Hand!!

Scrub in with the bleach of land to Clorox on the cloister clog a Slip in speaking Hood,
the black & tan that Stool of grand on Piano of the bench lifted for the Music Can,
Que it with an Eight Ball game as 9th in Ages chime a Vine the grapes of stagger,
strewn across the gallery in a Cosmic laughter leap to trip a Curl in the tree a Swing,
to bark that parts the read of Sea to the choice of tenderly a Voice in shine a beam@!!

Memorandum in the stipulation plain of Noise as the echelon does know the gander,
spoken with the shock odd creek that the lives would be a spree in Whom of hots,
broil with The Sun as born in the moon of crashed to form as the spun to Sound,
in the portion of a Porridge of the Tin acorn shores wit a Bottle to the cork of brew,
a sort of wine in sake of trash that the particle is the bash atop the head of bead.

String the chore to fountain fay a Ore-a-Coal in creamed the troll ink Monster on be leaved,
so to the Ton of packing Carriage art the Draft of Horse and ferriage as the Vehicle,
a door 'E' In.

Dancing Days Are Work

Docket to the Term life in the along,
on the Get-it-At task doppler in the latch of a spit,
a kiln of the vibrance with the Torch,
odd journey asked while the boar is the chump pin,
naivete the worth of register with speaking,
list traipse to the stream of curt clay shoulder`d,
in that shackle of the Chain & ball tied to the drink of go curl twirled,
'Just' the sleep.

Frost in the mug of the Anchor lug,
add a bit of phlegm to the choke Smoke,
rasp in great the Tooth of jagged, 
on Edge for cliff with a sheep in the Jump to take Choral bridge,
trust in the Feign as the foe of the ditch,
a Shovel must befriend the Hoe at the Kiss dirts,
cheek to Cheek in the interpretive Worse,
as the system to clamber is all about the perch.

A 'Should' of A year in the count of Five is the basic,
in the back to the Wrist Burning Scribe,
atlantic to the Pond in the One Too side as the quit,
is the Menu of the Venue with a song,
monopoly the Board with the dare in deep,
seat product to the span as the perfect keep,
crisscross the Words with the singer in his beep,
the carve before the Portion of the I say Speak.

Orders charge the Quarter as a School of shot,
in the Crust of the cup to the Man in a stuck,
muddy churns to Concrete in the Extra luck,
as I would thank the blanket putting out the chuck.

Goodness in the grace of Infinity,
as wise sew closure is the spanking on the guy cut to thigh,
squeeze the Peter pump Kin as a buttress for the Port that placed a blunt post as the Nail to the Short.

It's The Scale

Counter Cry to the meal of the tablet on the quest of the Hand in the hold of brain to blare,
as the answer to the Earth is screaming that it in deed is take by that is the Countenance,
width of Understanding to the steady stream of test in the lean of comprehensive data,
the Exchange of touch Trade lost of the Vat of the aboration of rest per the flinch trait,
these Test the kind of Nature that has had the Presentation of taste to perk Curtain to blind.

In thou pleasure of fodder in the wad of Mosh to the pits of the raid in the Munch scale,
as sack is treat of the Society in the annihilation of  All to the birth of death by Proxy to liff,
in than the minus task to Purchase of ability to the product of the Handle in then tomb chi,
a leaf talk grape in the absolute of the church to exercise the Preach in demand of submitance.

True words have gone to the abbreviated grouse in the pigeon shoot of an Aim to sill,
a check prong in the Prompt asked ground with the foot upon Top a scold to growth,
in the brush of lig a spur will Arch to the tow in the drag of Anchor as the film wit Eye,
stand Camera as negative to the beaming thoughts of skate responds botch skin Echter.

Crew thine brow with the latch of languish the Plaster of mold will tarry Cleaver to blake`d,
a visitor with No channel driving the Wheel of brine only hammers the rock Sauls to drain,
spin shells by bone frags darning the spool thread to sod is the Roster of the trite to Point,
compass of stem lily whilst the Horn is bud Flower lilacs the fragrance with pollen to Hare.

Shipping down lanes with Titles sure fact with the lilt of the leather in it's brass act knuckles,
a role of quarters to the mint in the Chip of the Tag that has Cast the potter to stones jail,
parked among glass on the Setting of gone is the letters that precise to the Wrist open twice`d,
the for Head with thee Capture & a Number device At the landing purse of money in Rice.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Birne of the flavor Case in the flamage of latter lace as the Aspic in the most of salad at Toss,
to fruit the sip with supper lip a Month to starry aye it twas the Eve of liquids modge,
in paste of seltzer to the water in the oil of Vinegar a mix that shakes to dressing of the Faced.

Wrinkle in time to the pages of the brine a sat of digits to the feeling that the Vine has grape`d,
pork bellies as the Chip in the dip of fish purse rip a tomb of odor has a Scent in perfume of stint,
to jab the edge of Jaws to brace in the worm of Apple shape the shim to platter of a rate.

The point of sure a journey stage was the Bengal of the cage ask the key deliver base Gibraltar,
rock Alcatraz than whom has flat in the boat of Ships to fact are the Massive pails brackish be spine,
the rope that Twine of heavy sign to deck the fodder by the kind in putting Seconds lunch.

Drip the roast a Cow at milk to the Swine of pearl duck as the track of shadows truck to Ants sill,
crawl the spider with a Web in the enter of the crept talk a silent just the Mead of cinch in eased,
swing little snapper as the read with a barn of ride the dead from mountain in the Arm.

Pits that ditch to drain a strong the ladder of the A Sot long to speak of seed much a Yawn,
the Ages of the long a chose in the Twinkle of the doe a season after Canning lilt to wax ring,
melded with the rim of piece with ore Ion to a window offer Dill the spring with Shed in still.

While the mend is walking fill an Eye to scope the circumspect in this the worms are teething,
scene of shutters in a Crest parted red with raise odd stead too yearn for other Shades in bed,
cover Closure with the road the Volcano Ovens hot to biscuit in the crust of Crop on Tray Nerve.

Sharp are the Angular to the croak of toads in lore as frogs are falling from no sky the Hop,
return to bubble of the soared in the plight it's sort the shore for grains of Sands have standing,
in less of lease the rent more keys to body that is actual breeze a butter of the toaster fees,

The Waist Line

Clash of the tight Tens in the stream of the store of the Pier at LAN touch of analog spear,
the lance of the door in the Art equal lake of the ripple on the pond of the Core at a jake,
score the in Den taste shun of the broads on the Bear as the Polar is the chill of a lair on a Pear.

Forest staple to the chord like a Chair sat on the booth of the Apple slice a spare`d,
light as a feather in the Crane on the flight to the Ancient in the burst of a bounce read a sight,
slept through the carrot a Stick in All thought remainder is the Memory of catch bunch Fold-Lot.

Charm is the casual of the dresser in the mulch,
Hackney is the ride of the pony on a spake,
truth beach at the footsteps try the Waves,
in erase as taught by the brother in the lie of butch haste post tell form of trade,
gut the word to a Shade down or an Echo of the Tunnel on a verb.

Protagonist with spank Urns the duty of the grade,
in a curvature of Vase to the painting of a tin,
the fuel of an Sandal,
the clip to the late Corn,
is in the desert of the sands,
in shining of The Wake.

Treasure to the Herder as the staff on Acorns chaise,
tonnes of liquid savor a Thirst in fodder take.

Pin the eye of the Needle in the Thread of cake,
as silken to the Worm of the development sew state,
as the Cloth of grape in berry of the Wine too date,
prunes are the dry of the Jar in the based.

Trip Dippings

Jacket Phat

Shall the grove beget the lean in the ascertain of the knowledge of the tooth in the gum of chew,
than the Wares by the means is true to the formula of calculative respond Equal in silenced,
by the team of the meat in the case of the flavor go to Wards of the mass in the social lock keyed,
thou hast breach in thine Time of age in the breadth of the measure of the suffocation of the foster,
in such ot the teach in the cape of Cloak onto the room of the media in the lack of the bu Corn.

Of patience in the reed as the bleach to bones oft Knee in the sword Countenance the Steep,
climb the yarn of throat and darn as the Voice unlocks the Farm for the gate of laughed at barn,
those jesters in the Joke I from instant too the counter buy the storm of lane in last at line,
this is the stike of formal ply as the stick is in the nigh of the distant fan of dye to Organ get Tar,
as the Oil in the stitch is the register of the Niche tutu hat as bald send fact that lessor is the leap.

Open hour of the season in the sade of the venture turn of stun as the cheek is also lung of longer,
in thrust of Bahut to the Orient I must boot as the poetry in soon is the Riddle of the cruise a lass,
ark the dust to thunder brush tell the Hitch of modern Yarn that the thread is golden tie with bow,
as the sting in ash is strong with the Mind of seen in stance it is the trace of All thats best to a spar,
forward level on the ground of the seal on a marm is a School guy in the darn of anchor.

Crest the chime with the bind in the leather of the Town of a brought to tether spot of clank,
cuff that with the Gift of Say to the strand of letter lay as the perfect Train to speak a Thank sal,
as trued to Ages on the Sail of the north to timely shale as the Shake in shadow pane shed of go,
to the mist of Tare the page to the little on the night of the lives in lit of belt the Cosmos score,
to shank the leader of the rack with the Chain of slip knot fact Short art to the Oars of bashed.

Infinity Sat

The Bil-Sen

Stuck a Chord in note of 'See' the measure of the circle breathe of a line stream jest the Creek ago,
in this of the misty rust a Eight of letter in the smoke as true to Say in thus Vat to bring the heat,
on the burrow of a plight a Play to More as the even lore to tree the Vast in burr of chore to guess`d,
garden tongue of this in Lung a double Snap at the paper Snore to churn the Cream in milk,
a Owl on breeze the vulture Floor with the Elephant Ivory nor was the balance jest,
these calms be from the Anvil boar in that Tusk of Antler pore a shingle on the Shoe of Crest.

To be hung in Nail sill a swing to beam the Lights of core in thus a sing to lyrics torn from siding,
the spackle of the Spatula a scrambled Egg with crack at Mast the Timber in a lumbering Xing,
X why Z into the sea of an Ocean on the shore a prey for shadow of the Leaf in grapes up On,
the Vine that waters with the rain arch of storm to Clouds in shun still are the Hours Jung a spline,
in tracks that heed to Moor of read grown in Minute hands of Sand the follicle of Hare bride door,
beach with Pink in tent of seek a dance unto the Wave in like a library of living Life to Nor.

Trunk the stub with graph of Heel as the horse is in the Feel to bridge the gap a liter Gallons,
sugar Sweet to swath that rake in the midst of World leeks a Marsh to loggers thats a Stew,
with the prime in Pre-A-View of the deck that bilge of do to Concert with a joke folk Coo,
pigeon of the tow each wire of the taunt to open Flyer the bull of Tend in china joe of Shop`d,
usurp the mulch with Fertile hutch on the Chest with a desk the Pen to opera verses Kept,
stuck with 'morrow yester through as a Grow is in Grove new width the Hour most.

Trip with journey on great Quest the Rail of the Time in dress while breathing Spake not said,
as the Teach of professional in the Home of the nest is the be to beet a Fluff to health,
the rocks of Waller on this ate to the table of 'A Fates' the siren in Alarm of Wax in earn,
crowd the heard with overturn to the field of a Urn in the Ivy tree of done the sprang turns,
oak it Up with porch of strum on the Voice of acoustic sung with better than I've scene.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Crib

Pitch can be A tone in Verbal communique the Oral translation of literal lip in signal timing,
the Tar of the oil in degrade processing the or of breakdown in Material to the refinery of used,
in the lamp the thick gluten of lash is in tune with a Pits of dinosaur of the gelatin of compound,
in substance Mud camphors as sticky as the same in extract of descriptive measure to Vat.

Sap strippings or the wound of a Tree also is syrup in the stipulation of leisure to Valve,
drink the sugar of Molten Honey in the Vine of the girth the seep will provide a Sweet,
as the stake to a bed in the sturgeon of the see a Tent in regard to the Campfire scenes,
as the carriage of the birth to a Word in the discrepancy the Ages have burned the Scent.

Furthermore the Marsh to the bog in the Moat of apparent to the stern in the glue of the boot,
as the causal react to the build Up on that the exist Tense is the sentence of the rent in lease,
to the Character of the camaraderie in shape with the Verse the baseball to the peat in throw,
as each is an Apple to the basket of Carry the breakdown account of an author is derma.

The temperature to the emotion of the Trade by daylight to the lore in the Night of the bulb,
crate the barrel to Wine in the spill of the pitcher to the lift of a Tilt on the mechanism of gear,
is the strain of the dish to the ear in the Field of the sync true to the bill of the house by Month,
as the latter to hands in the Arms of a shield speak to the text of Talk as the sample of Let.

To the brain as the Instrument of the receive in the term of agree in also the Mint of the cheese,
as dust is to bone is to Feather is done flight as the Mine in the drill in a spin of the still broke,
the ream in the span telling Watch in the stand for the Cloak of the Mure is the tick of a Fern,
the ravel in a Spool on the eye of a Needle point dilatation to the Dialect of germ in peck.

Degree to the missile chosen for lift in the rocket exclusion to the missed in understood,
as the speaker is to Microphone as the held is the beam in the shoulder of the crop,
beet the Turnup in the string of evolution part Creation as the see in the Score find a pour,
the lean of the body to the say of the base in the earn of the garb of dance to the Snore.

Peat and repeat went in too the Store,
as the close of the Mist peat was evermore,
 Who was left,
stride Read peet define rose in Pine.


Hey Look It's dg

I only ever really knew my Grandparents of my Maternal true in this so many lessons,
in the House that was built for phew should The World produce a Flu in Any Way,
this provide a Flat in side with kitchen Counter thus for strength in the Keep of any wink,
trust the very Rounds were said by my Mothers brothers lead in 'Many' outside terms,
the flipped dinners to straight up verse of their tongue that bread the turf in broads.

Yet with all that was ever told my grandparents were true to form in the Invitation,
as per the visit with the Meet in each their was a learning Tree from Oak to birch the be,
of this good but Serious cheer the sake was always grand in steer a firm in wheel of tee.

The stanchion of the Saddle spree was driving with the Knowledge speak of tread,
in the generations of the balance was the truth Full hug of my Nana and her sub.,
much was read to touch a Bug in the midst of staying Team the broth in popcorn lean,
upon the View of porch ante a Garden loved with mulch to hoe a climb to Rock never slow,
the tease was broader than the Show rather taught on How to grow not be stuck in Mud.

From hunting less to carry More on the pack of Elk in droves a Walk to Times in told me,
as the sense has dropped from their Three Children still a Sign that door of threshold Chore,
in this list of Why or win the Capitol is Papa born those bones that never creaked a thorn,
dutch to Shoe in clogs of Corn the brought has been an Open sort to remind the prickly.

Quest not to What or those cores that once We're taught to be the floor 'It's' ghastly,
the trade of home in Oregon storm was full Compassion to these stores of Secrets that I keep,
sew with that Needle Nana stitch to be Know well in Touch the brew it is the Steam of deed,
as product has the shown of Row to the boat of oaring shall the dance has been the Salts.

The school of Thought my Papa broke was in the trips to outside seats that explaining,
stand with Irish eyes that Smile in the Much the face will style a certain Type of clue,
would Piles stork that held a court did bring a Kind and not a belt this was the best in clean,
the Home which was built atop the Hill in Roseburg as a spot was Meant to be a fill,
to disappointment in the Shoppe that not One has attempted stop the bus of travels Say.

A bathroom in the corner bug a tire in the Tunnel plug drains for Bath the hose in grass,
fountains table in the Math golden gate Park at Ax the gate of Stable on the track of Fastings,
sport the dirt to concrete Turf the footing of the last in Heard that ears are Conchs of sails,
so to the burden of the Caught the patience is the Put in Scotch a drink in vernal drew,
the etched pad too the writes of Sad that never Cert. of lunging course in storage hour dew.

Porters Tea

The body of the strength in the write of a Word artistic balance of the Ear on the sone,
of a bright to the scourge on the Whip of the burned is the boiling to the Soup bow. brain,
in midst of Society of the girth of the Peal are the corpus learner`d at ta base of avons teeth,
in the Chew od the ream of the break in the Wave on the dirt not the Sand it is curtailed fanned bane,
such touching of On-screen to A back in A tappin' the skirt of a teach onward Hemming in Way,
truck boulevard with Mist atop a stem pole of the lay ink to the Tavern as the Mind in a Shade.

The pull Chord is the blink of the Eyes on the tray in the Hi of a finger be It a train,
letters in the short Version to versing a splay all the ready Numbers in certain have gain,
drive upon the Tube in a U of the V on the Y oink a Central to what is liberty,
traipse on the star light to speak as the Moon in the light of the Corr~En the Sun says to Sneeze.

Caboose in the rail of the double-Wide of type ina Time fork of setting the Napkin of delight,
a ring envelopes grand in the state of a gray arms are the meet date as the Chair of alarm,
so seat to the Stool on the Ore of the Anchor as chains of the twine in the Wheats of the scare,
true formal of Invite is the better grain in Share rather than the Lies that product Out a care,
in thus shore the timber Art lumber on the Gee important is the forge of the Hammer on a lead.

While social indignation screams to Cups and Tea the butter on the Crumpet are thee Names,
port apathy, 
to discuss would be the Barter in the lest of rent tuck life advertise the Win bale the synchronicity, 
is; the Vibe, 
darn with a Spool of golden Thread in Chi a drink of Jam & honey to the Bee in each a buy.

Register on tablet the erasure of the lee on flip to dollar Coin it's the print of echter leaves,
trod acorn to split the Nut in walnut thine is bean for string in Lakes of lauder the simple of a key,
produce talks a Basket are the Handles in the lease 'cause all the Scene inn burial is cereal a leab,
tooth Marrow with the rich in bone to casting Parrots creed a circle in the Circus hast 3 reins as tee,
in Cantor of the barrister or Crown evolve of gem in Clime the perk is really coffee in a bring.

Wake to Ole the folk in Place the temple is a Stream a boat with Ferry in the ale of a Reed,
line it with the Know in coat of pockets that just sew the poke to brought without a steam.

Door that While in the birth of an energy to Lite is seek & slow the Orca`n bite to Sands a speak,
with pebble role`ing Mystery in fable of the Poets tree A riddle in the blight for the An swerve,
@ aye dot stomp Now Text is romp to pea the Case to Upper Rump the barnacle of Clea,
in file of the shall weed prose to a gert of Tongue Im posed the strangle is a shee`d,
tamper with the dance of Grace the fire is the Mystics price in total of a deed.

Bilge Blind

As The World phlegms sand Art to the tsk of test at Will in the wood deal lines,
the Wrist for band a hand to talk the gear with the Awesome read a fill in the letter In strobe,
as the lights go Round a been aren't The walls in Cave of lens in the formal Man a spend,
as a draw from stick too Stand in the Mine of drill in crawl of the taste in Memory a Stalk,
on touch plant in trunk growth of the Wilds on the coats in these Hides of Keen to choke,
a Smoke in cream the ghost of Note talk Abbreviate to swear in the shorts of Crutch.

So to describe the time of Love with The Finish being stuck in the  Wick out the flame a Fire beam,
the Shoulder bean to shrinking clothed on that Hook of done in droves the Tee of club in Wristier,
ask the Question get the plug with or At the Tonal by with which the Cast is staged to bribe the Task,
eaten fudge as chains in glove is the Color of the readers so behaved to sunken treasure it floats,
atop the Mind in fiery slip to the strange in Connect thy remote of Cell in lip is team of Whip.

Down goes the burrow to Furrow grip in the plow of up a Tip on the tapping of the drill to grounds,
plural words with quarters learns in the drop-time to the Verbs is the nouns on sip,
drink with list in the Web stair as the equipment Up's it's share to decking of the Qin get,
exercise in breathing Sign on the aspect of the shine is easier that sit flip.

Courts that jam the Peanut smear tuck the Berry with a Mirror trust the song In singing be form,
as saying split before the Come down the Merry raise of gum with sticky chew of Hotel California,
in the window of the view on the shadow of the Flew are darn the Tangle with a smart in Clam lay,
sinking Life as Rise is dough in the Sour Trade of grow the Seed in roll under grow a liter,
the gallon cannot be the Quart for in the pint it's the shout of the Mug in black the fort fortier.

Classic in the Drawbridge Gate as the Moat is Oil play with the Lit of spear in page the Dogwood,
a queer Way to thunder straights Answer lightning with the splits in Yield of the Arm in Pits,
cuff that with the Grays of the mere in lyrics Weird of the range at Yarn to biers in dawn,
speak in the obvious makes the bread with length of dates to plumb the Tray of get a Clue forebear.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sirrah Nose

Broad Tell my Friend to a Wiry end in the begin of a Tale in spin of the taxing on the rail of been,
in the be from to the in Of the fact is the text of the lesson on limb of the Tree in the branch,
on the every in available to the birch of the Fable on the test of the Time in the Ages that sign,
all Eight up to Nine in the 11th of prime are the better Envelope of a World on shine,
in the often of tarry the girth of the sheep are the Flocks that just bunch on banana of crunch,
in the bliss former scene to the hand of this Ream in Instant retrieval the saddle is Spline.

Gorge in the big's answer to Noise in the loud of the Country to the the shall of the Small,
dependent on lane of the Verse on this brain seemingly born on the wrong side of earth,
point Plan in the gate ask no Person of late as the Compass for leaving is the Golden in shape,
Shades talk of Value in the Measure of move as in the Continue it's off to the First,
the Number of rounds to he lives on this dirt in the Mud of the cake find a fossil of Palm,
in the wrinkle of Core to thee dawn of the Say corn has an Ear as people have stronged.

Purchase to speaking in these simple lines are the bunch of the grows that Planet this sure,
to be of the taste in the Sake of a phone the perfect in take is the Watch on a bone,
to a Marrow of deep in the blood on the Vein a Mind of the Cherry in the soda Pop song,
bubble with Curtain the chorus is Fong on the great of the Walls is the tether sew gone,
the ticket to Tape under shows that Tube pong count are the Pings in the paddle go bong.

Crate to a pickle than the Cucumber rings fertile with Seed to the brand of a Turnip to beet,
in the Mix of the barge the Condiments kraft as Ketchup to Mustard the table is Sat,
the stoop of Opinion on the brights formed the Tongue the double of twist is the blade of Reef,
in these Hardware Paint stores the Grocer of door has registered with a bigger Sky Core,
to prepare with these tangles as Mortals due ground the better in Barn is the bedding of Nan.

Cycle with Egypt run with the Tong in the cave of the Ancient be more Called a Tongue,
look-Up Carriage ore Coach to the Buggy of a Moat in the absinthe of the drink Vote,
these are the pours in the lane to Ask a Watch on the hand holds of a Teen in the broach,
on the Bangle in the Aunk the circle to the lank over cross answers Preparation for done. 

Wat Biliths

In the fiber of the found in lease the Vestment too the crave on ground,
dark are these tee Crow case in thus row of Row to row,
in a body that is Show off the grow in the flow,
answer not the food will scroll to a balance of the Know.

Tree of grain in Wheat of rinse are the Waves the ever line,
to the dew on the Hill of the Valley in the lime,
as the squeeze to Mountain sign is the View just be a bind,
in this Quest of social Jest is the page a Joke to gave.

Arch of angle in the Branch on the loo of hanging Chain,
link to the Handle Pole as the tank is more like Cold,
sneeze the Chancellor the salty key is the pest of more than bee,
swing not the Arms from Shield speak as the World is the Hive.

In the Comb of all that green the Wafer is the Plateau forge,
drink thank that my strength in grind in that pepper of the sound,
sprinkle rain to wash the stern as the Values have been skin,
as the light reflects of trend dust to clear the Cough of grim.

Sample simple in Complex hour Glass that is Up not loss,
shattered brake to toss the Crop for the seal is to Bot,
wax of scream that hears the brush to the Paint of Hand in gosh,
to build with Construction dressed as cost birth the Day to being broth.

Tomatoes with soup of Josh is is the field in a got,
know these plants of seeded Lot have able to lead the dot,
in the Aye of knowledge crops the fire of the Flame in taught,
liquids that are Ignited shot Rocket to the plains of talk.

Conversations too the Stall in the Stable of a Torque,
the ply of would that stops at read be advised the Ill is sleep,
shake that Wake to earn the pot as the Armor of a clot,
in such Quarter roy born clay touch the Mold it's on the Clock.

Friday, September 26, 2014



Yore Confuse

Why trek whist Two Quo decide the A of Max keep xing lap,
led Vine see for excerpt thus Shade ins,
this water is going to be Consumed by fire no drink to thirst shall be in mired,
teeth of the born in the chew often Gum is the a Boar of the same to the bell Ringers in pacify,
by distant to the Current oft The Chart of gazers in the Audience of the Bead generation double,
in these Timers of the Eclectic mach a burn on the natural of the Sun blackberry pick,
teach not the branch of the Cut to the Saw rather the jagged Edge to the Cut in the done.

Park to that concert in the Tremble only of the tambourine in the gut pull tights of the leather tongue,
this barnacle of the shall wi dance to an algorithm of the Already going to the dust of a strum`d,
than to the plate of A chair in the Swivel of the base ask the wheels of the reason To wisdom a stare,
in this of the Eyes the socket tusk Trump in the sound of the Horn to the drum of the dump,
read buzz to the stud answer with the Whip in the patience of the rain to The Season of the ground.

Take it with That grain of salt to sneeze at the Pepper in the spice of a got ter,
in drunk Understanding the Column of the post in the Article of dish to the PJ,
an gotta to the Wanna in the creeping of detail is the bark of the seen open it slow,
coals in the embers of the grew in the graph on the digital orn of the 'cause In creased,
iron to the Method of the Theme in the Know than truck your hitch to the deeper often bog.

Suck yourself within as I Watch the Casper crowd light a Candle for the burden in the fudge,
trip to the Cavern in the melding of the Ancient ask the Or of rock in cast ain't it crop a Curtain,
oh Yelp the turn to break the burb as If the Butts have true storm,
in that deck of twitch the Flitch sure to sign a Nonemulous.

Thus the pin wheel in the Pinion of the cycle of a seal on the Wax Chyme,
speak a spur to the Task in the Heard of the chapel own the Fodder can derm,
treat a sick with a Mil stamper in the file of the mechanical graiae,
as the Most of the More will least the Project of film to the gee no the Haw horror,
grape the bait into the found and chose the Bridle of the Harness in the grace of the Bone.

Either Or

The News on live coverage in the past of a while ago in the Year of a years to date read,
in my own youth the visa was real to the actual in the event of the happened as it did,
in the circus of the City there are many a times that game with the Butcher & the Block,
as these are the lessor of the learns in the Teach of the 'Morrows in the base of the graze.

This particular Man was supported and Strengthened by the Political realm of the habitat,
in the brew of the Profession as the climb to a structure on the platform of a Fillmore in Theater,
truth be happen that the trust of the social gamut had been thwarted by the Scene clue,
as my Mother is like I in the vast of training in life a Rein belief than Seeing is that Chorus.

Upon the visit to this person and their Venue of a seated garb in an Audience of the term,
the cycle of the speech began as the product of the words be grand the audio of a trade,
no music to fan the air in the still of the Hall as the acoustics needed no ball to bounce lead,
it brought forward to attentive degree the gut in the feel of the two that got Up and did leave.

In the entry of the aisle escape to the double swinging doors of the street to Boulevard a STOP,
large Men in dressed Intimidation blocking the passage to the sidewalk of the steer,
in the second wrath there in foot trace the Man on stage now in full-Shoulder stand in bank,
the Tell in the minute of the Part to the Ask was not in a file but rather the full-Blown Well.

Depth to any observation must be the Key to the cage that is slamming on the exacts of this day,
for as the focus Marbles to the tends of a Tunnel Affect on the effect of the Cause in a queer,
similar to the rain in a known Cloud to the grounds upon which the saturation has had,
in the soak of rail the Flood of the lettuce to the Salad of the additional Tomato at beet.

Mash the Potato with the milk & butter of Garlic in the lid asked the pot for the Sieve,
in the carriage of the Water to moreover Fro the locale in the basket of the heat ques boil,
with the burns on the steep of a Kettle on the steam it is the Whistle that coppers the scream,
to a flute of the Pitch in the attention as the rich from Hot Chocolate to the Graham of the clique.

Bass Guitar with harp in the Par has no cat Gut as string for the mouth opens to exhale a ream,
musically bringing the Tune of the sheep on the Fry of the chicken in the Upon of Arts rat,
taste the advertised to the billboard of shape in the Design a Coop in the car of the drop did,
vent to the Airwaves via the Gong in a Shew to the rampage done in the Tap.

Are not the Barn tells to the look of the Stall in the cleaner of sat spills the Evidence to trail,
in the wheel of the Barrel to the done pickle of juice the blend of the cup to the drink in the mud,
face down tongue stuffed with the color of grutch a purple in stun & the bloat of a ton,
these measure to Tractor at the stitch of a Freight in the move of a Scene at a stamp of a been.

Fork certain the food as the sunglasses Lude while in the darkness of the darker burr clay,
much is the produce in An Arena of world to the grew in the flagrant watch of dismiss,
as calculative clap is the drive of a grasp than What is the Temple with a brain in tare Trap,
it is The remains of the rink in the Skate of complete as the Ice capeadors' grapple to sink.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cheek Start

Trod this Verse to first the burst in Avail the branch spoke pail bent to handle the Popular trail,
sign the Post as the growth of learn to the Task of the brush in fact,
a pencil on the lead too the Pen of the dale in the Stanza of a frame the Farmer asked of grain,
on the plant of the Row to the drain as the joe fro in the Field of the know the Country told to joke,
placate with no harmony accept the brig ford Over Seas in this the Sill will being to the fever of the Ki, in the dust of the fire on the platform in retire the Song will be drowned with all the Tire,
up On the Engine smoke did bellow as the blanket warned of Crust these smalls in fragments bite.

Jaws like wrists the cling went Lance the cage of Plenty to the read in bets,
trouble not the Counter grade as the curvature is lens to the Scene of all that green,
flip that Coin to Tusk an fold on the Ivory of the snow no wait I believe it's Piano theme`d,
perfect Tell to Pan the Shill in the Flute of rats at scheme yes to Chicken on the Wing,
so that familiar with Moon as Jeans just like nothing the shot was bean,
chalk the walk as much to rock the grub of the bug that you did Jug.

Rhythm with this beet in gum a Rubber Tree while the garden dumbs,
the ache of cramp to the Orion Quell grant it pepper in the starlights Sigh,
breeze that Or with Meteor in the comet to the floor fast the breathing fires core,
once upon a Story Fell in the Origin of the skill a toss of more than a Sum charred,
the bar & quit a come.

Just a bit of golden thread spinning Art with the fay bull a Match in product came,
not in the turn of grab as the last is in the lap on the top of fingering crab to Net bake,
boil Bole watch the shop at the stable of the Cot is the latch that Halters rock in closed,
the bedding of the Sheet & nail in the hoof of pick a graze Arise my longer for the Rein,
in this room of Tack to hunch ask the Hug that never grunts to the Ply of draft core scrunch.

With thee Yard of Fouse in sand know thy Countenance of the Ran in the sing of All Ways lan,
the day to Age on beat a dot on the i of Junk to rot the barrel in the Penguin lot Tale Jock,
Avenue with worth and loo thank the good to climb the Plu in this ride the outer realms a Stu,
Open lungs tree breath my glands trust the finch in back ski punch a Hum in friend of Birds.

The Results of Tank Burned

In this life a Sentence is served with term to the body as the World is the flu,
in the mixture of the balance it is told to The Mass to produce the Receipt,
on the Register of birth a Certificate of proof of delivery in the tomb,
in the tray of the Human brain the Till is costly as the RIP on the fill,
as the Walk begets the Means in the Action of the words of Chose,
stolen from the base work of Many the Sentence is often in blows,
to have had the Repeat of performance in this of the Thief,
a disturbance in my Mind shows as the Ocean ebbs & flows Naturally.

To have charted through on a Course to example the Nature of my Hand,
the Interest of the worth in a keep sake is determined to evaluate the Tram,
on a lift to a Note in the obvious of Bloke the World is a boat to whom has joke,
thus Creation came to evolve bury All in the Fire of Ra,
the sky is not falling for that is the Flowers in wilt to trampled,
water asked the burn does Salt addition to the smell,
in the Answer of the feet talking all like Sheep.

Ba spoke to Hum and the Ba said black still for the Cedars are a Mill,
in the grind a branch show of the Cross on the bloat,
eat breast cup to the Blood and shake the Pew until it's mud,
wipe the Century to the blocks stanchion as deck to the True North land,
in the burst of the temple between the ears of head on the shoulder that it lead,
mark the Print in number as the Calculations of Fed,
with these as the part Shores sing the Gallant Songs of Hymn in the Remember a Live.

Now court the Quest as Public Shew that crates the box at Oak,
tie the ribbon round the tree and know that all will Folk,
in the Curtain of the crib where bars were Common crawl,
truth up to what it is thats Said & then just be a Tall,
bark at the base of structure charcoal on a ball,
Construction of the Verbal will choose to Gossip Paul,
in frankly brought by blunt to taught the View be heard at Scroll,
one roll for the rubber and the Second for the Call.

Echo with the Verse of Niche to bank that Trued it truth,
in burial of those that being to living as the Walking deed a clue,
the Arm of leg to Thigh of knee the pulpit of the Mouth,
grass the Mow with chop by grow the Cedar is a Crow,
the magnification of these grains to Seeds the Mustard laid,
small the One is I in run the witness to this every Lane,
thus the Freeze in with lights that car to blind the gone a type,
finger tray the kindling to stroke the flame with laps of Pane.

As seeing is belief than church has set a goo,
in the professing of the book the Tell is simple do,
yet with the Act comes in like Job that perfect harmony of Graiae,
ask these Questions on the rail in Archaean passing laugh,
the clap to step the Rocket bet that it will not Matter until it's You!!

This the saying of Jesus loves you,
because no one on this Planet grows beyond the dead to hug life,
while being upright in the conviction of the real words of the living,
to uphold the able but rather the lesson is to know that Society burkes,
in that Understanding of religious Envelope the Culture grasp these Micks,
the teach form Jake is by no mistake comprehending all that make,
by the basket of this groove in Fates,
Purchase would like to beat you with the Cane of the fallen birch,
for to shovel the state of being to Earns,
ore for the Church & Coinage formed perch.

In Thus Titled

A being block the common meaning Thought a line to the crossword in the Think of a Scot,
in a drink of Ice the Cube would sink to brought after in the liquid of the often Crop,
as bat is to Fist and ball form of Bounce the red is the Tape of a ticketier of the shock,
in a quake of earth the shades Will oft the groat to a the Ayre in wheat of the carriage clot,
as the burble chokes to the chain a berg than does the melt be from the mixture of the born.

stand to perk the grind in the Filter listen thus the Horse wood silent for the Vault of Corn,
art the Can as bike in a Cycle storm than is the Twister in that gut just a sample shore,
as the Sands of Timely in an echo Tube spank at the herod noise or in the Vocals boon,
crispy are the Carts asking Bridle for the flap score unto the Harness the saddle is the tight,
to be of nothing moreover Knot the loose at evening sharp a dot to Text that it is a Shot.

Rifle on the branch of the Ore a pot boiling for temperature or soaking on the cloth,
the dye in the Viking burrow I believe may have been a Say that should take a leak a pay,
in the bucket of the soak the Fiber in the Mallard as the duck is Goose in traits the feather,
as pen to dip the Octopus in the sample of the lip to have length in any Trip curr questing,
a journey to the Grocery Store a counter of the bell in Course is to I.D. the wrapping of the came.

On the plastic of the piping of the Colour lay a Rainbow on the bridge to gain is up Outer Toll,
as the script of the doll is the stray of not my loud the point of prick the Apple crowd is clearly shoe,
sew to the moon on Sunshine rain the Cloud would state to the Row be wise in the drainage pour`n,
to Pitch is the Bat again at baseball on the Bases Hymn a story for the louder lay at Banking,
so three Strikes is not my Clue for foul is in the smell of loo and this does Vary Christmas.

Now at the pace of Sleigh in grace the deer and Antelope in fay a stupor this must tremulant,
fork means Yield on the drive but ask the Table for the lie that knife and Spoon are ladle limes,
in this squeeze of Paper leads the boards that read the Peat to goo repeats the Bart Tens play,
ride the Scooter or tack a Bid the profit in the get a Lid is the simple of the brain within the sting,
current bunny to the Hop of bees in the honey Lots that makes Combs a ready talk to know the bones.

Jump the wit to a width in Mit the catcher in the Kind of thing that makes this I say Whip,
in steak that A1 is sauce than Meat is in the Prime of House that street is even with the Odd,
to Tusk a cow for the Milk is much to Mind of pearl line the Sow and the Pig in shall we speak a too,
the course of the Eventer rides to a Three-Beat Winter tie for Spring and Summer knew the side,
walk with a Four shore the Animal in bear of snore than Place is person Shape of New Ring Grue.

Special A~Sign~Meant

It is death served Tray on "The News of the day that provides to dinner the Lunch of the plan,
in the broth of the crown called a head of the found it remains in the Sync of natural at hand,
as this is the time of the watch on the Write to the scroll of the predestination in Roll,
the rubber to Dam in elastic of land that provides the Public with a finger to Cram,
the decide on a Title mine in this Site was put for a reason and even in shite,
as Ask & shall answer a breath former Dyke the thumb is also an Imprint to right.

Fist in the Arms of the Shield at jaw thus the Marker in the movie alarm,
scene to the Proper in primordial light dust is the central feed for a night,
fertilized Communion is the taste of the plate drink this with Value the measure has Rate,
in this on the Said in Continue of Jinn a Taus in the home of the mile a Tin,
cans for the Tea in bagging a leaf, corn for the Coffee are beans on the green,
grind to a Filter the Water talks Means, trait in a Cup that makes it Mug of Ice Cream.

Vernal are furs to the Outer wreath breaking, waves on the tides in the Sheets of awaking,
walk to the funeral as the Song in a Tube, blast with the difference the girth is a Soon,
in these dimpled lessons the Speech not a bay, the power of One is the process on Chain,
a letter Envelopes the opener Knife, to read on the Paper that words are the Type,
repeat in the Send as An animal Fin, again goes the Barn to the Tale of lend.

Stereo equipment between Ears or the Fabric, in the echo of Treble the cleft is a Note,
sentence the performance the Performance has Tend, as to the Pasture that Man is a grin,
smile on with the Bartholomew the capture is theme, speak with a vocal and Singing goes bing,
not to a variable of Accident row, the Vikings did build the Sea as a know,
in the Rocks of give broader the certain of spoke, Yes is the candor even in Choke.

Media Jade

The equal consider is the copious write to the post per play in the vibration of the Que,
on the balance of breath there is no Interest in the world leads to Means that Value alive,
in death the Circus is stuffed for Bare in the Museum of glass or the state of an Urn in the tone,
as this a real live experience on Phone in the process of Reading understand the bone,
in the Mist of the Event of the oxygen breathing the counter of grow is to Comprehend best,
in the certain detail of the thief as the Man is the Island to be the lamp on the stand,
to a bigger in branch that throw this to Rome is the curtain a Peel or the Orange in the Comb.

As since the World and Clergy are Fair is the circle to Bean just strung with a Stare,
to be in the reason of bringing a Care why than is Ignorance to existence more Chair.

The News serves the Masses 'Punch' like or exact to the service of liquids being drunk`d,
in the life of rare too Unique the quit is not a Conceal to the Site of I in the brights of exist,
yet upon or the a Top is the Very to the drink in a Reality of birth on the dirt of Society,
on-going is the stamp to approval for the RIP in the observance of the pouring Rote,
setting to a Table is the ability to Appreciate in the youth of a Civilization that promotes desk.

Late of book in the Ink of pen as the shake is thorough in the quake on land,
these people whom trouble no Contact with real burts have afforded the by Way,
on touch path to a Cell phone Urns are the fingers in digit key prints,
the palm of Pay on the valley of lay is different with each a chord Say,
to further the all Ready in the Nostradamus Affect is the Cable on done.

A Verse in thee grab as Opposition to the face of the Eyes that are Able,
state plainly in History to be attentive in the Watch of the law brake,
with gears on Mechanical in Automatics a stream is the Content that held to it's fact,
pressure a burden to the Man on the moon that never stepped Foot to a groom,
thus the stable is the Canter and the Stage is the shroom of a Surf to bloom.

Greats in the pass have melted for laugh the Percolator on the albarium in feel a Cat,
to spread the Capable as a New to the Rail on the living with pardon of birth,
tasking the weight of buried by jake is do Time in the age of a burning of Shade,
the obvious Need is to know that the burst shines a simple Umbrella to Curse,
the Cane of the master Staff on the Wild lounge that classify the ground.

In residence of plume to the Cycle of Caste the Fountain is molded by spring,
ask the Lumber for a canoe the Owl would just Hoot-hoot to back at the Clue.


Bump me a Camel the thirst in the Well of the depth to a Take in the photo snapped rake,
in the counters of Christmas on Boxing Day the wrappings of loud Nest is the burrow of cry,
on the yellow Ribbon tied to No Oak in the bass of the Route it is the Kindle via bust,
on the Origin in Ore gun the bead was the Aim of my Nana with Window a head on the Frame,
in a Call from the bedroom to the Peace that it gave no Issue for increase as Papa said game.

In the driveway of Concrete to the brushed pour pad ask the Tar or the pebble of the broom,
on the sweep in the aisle of the barn to the floor question not groove should the lines than be score,
in the simple of Construction to being taught of the Work troop hammer to Nail in the screw offer,
a bolt to a Nut in the washer of lay as the clothes of the Miner are not the dirt from a try,
in the actual of digging or dynamite Time it is the proof of the Circus that lions are Caged.

So to be rather blunt with the Facts ante Tribe,
societies Multiply the divide at the dye,
in Color of bridge to the Rain in the by,
a plethora 0f Rib is the girth of the ride.

 A different choose to the Decide of a grow is the ascertainment of know Ledge be Fell,
as the source of the Convo is the understand Stack in Ireland patchwork the Quilt was equipped,
in Training for sheep leap the cobblestone brick a Hunt for the Horse and a saddle in list,
through the Countryside atop of the straw one Once was walking the other did Saw,
now to Tend in the garden that my Grandparents rose,
the britch to the Teaching is the Voice of the Pose.

Test Stain

New post old divide Smoke can be a bomb or gun or Cigarette of Ash,
a Campfire or a smokey Storm with the message embedded,
the strike is moved,
strong from Touch to the mountain of Tibet on a smarm.

Ancient lead to present Say Communicating,
the ever Day with sense to smell,
eyes to lake the dialect comes,
while most do Swell & kill the Bun.

As sheets to sweet the poof in read of an Indian on the Cree,
a hand painted Horse as the apple Course to round the bend,
in the car stun the exhaust is the Measure of caliber cross,
yet all these amples are the Hooves of the tends to Chapel.

The Carrion of the Vultures trade upon the Wise in shape of pay,
the venture flight to mark the Rite swooping down to bark at cripe,
in this Act the action tells that there is an ounce of form,
on the send to landing store the Purchase is the reason Creed.

Should the table be the Land or the setting of a brand,
in the People of a Can lids are Central to a Pram,
covers work as crowns are brain,
with these thought to be a Sound.

While the Microphone is Cell,
in the pour is dialing Crow,
the phone in hand with band at see,
the difference my Friends is being 'The Prae' 

What Exactly Is A Tut-Tut

The rain is falling with the cry of each drop on the air breeze to Cloud born birth in the share,
as Nature is my love the breadth of her in the pain ask the World of her Venue the branch,
on person bough to the limb of Spine the ache is a palpable lunch to her serve of say all,
a spill in and on the top of the fountain that reside in the cloud over each are head to the bulk wares,
gathering in a term to flow with the learn questing an absorption to answer the Lake with more spool.

Addition as the dew is the Mist in her lie to discover the seasons just increasing the bid,
winter to autumn in Fall of the lid true summer in August the month of a sid,
september Mornings a beauty song lived,
sang as the Portion to May in the tribe,
a Barner in the life of a stall that still picks.

Truth on the Lip Stein as the foam is the froth,
put to a Tap with a cut to slice sat,
stool for the barkeep no that is a stood,
valve in connective is the gear handle hood,
push or the Pull as liquids in mold shall the drink be of lasting or sit in the full.

Sip dear the friend as thirsty in send Post address laughter to the ill-sick of trend,
mass at a Chapel get priest as the Glenn,
park ask the Forest does the Evergreen sin,
is dust dance the Waltz of the give in returned More to the fable and All to the shell.

Sting the Knots as the screw is the Nut in the clasp of Come Hennaing a bit to the pots,
coals that are white-Hot have sense in the touch from red to the backwards of blackened in cut,
Mines of the gas lit Helmets of trust thank ponies in Shetlands that canary has bust,
the Cage of the tunnel is Accordance to scene for as the Earth falls-In the cave is a stream.

Elevate tank to the trough of a See turn cables to shafts that Platforms are dear,
as the Mechanics work to the lane done the Men shipped the dig & the day hour lives,
Clock to the crew as Understanding the call of the Whistle in the steam of a trade,
perform with a half-re-port a judgement of depth is the only of system driving rapport.

Lest weed forget the population at Snore too accept that the down counting issues an out,
spoof in the Ship Reign as stars are so round leaving the point to be set by the Crowd,
in let a perk lesson trump Coffee at tee a Cross Overt lead to the pickle of breeze`d,
crumpets on Biscuit a race like Phar Lap yet in all the fuss Fleuron the grain was the Tack. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On 'The Cyprus' of North by shore Wind ion,
the storm of the Carriage of lend in the Scent,
upon thy perfume in the Aere of the leaves,
find the grace in the gone wise yester for Morrow,
i dust from a stir shone sank coal distant climb,
Core cliff wheel tyro a burr in termor~row,
cling with a Nors in gain of thine gaze,
speaking 'te' sign as the sparrow doth chime Thee Aeon of Time.

A smile of a Query with a small of the rinsed,
am brass in thy model & logic to Tens,
cruise Count of a curr width gone as a turn,
tree in a sphere Corn at Rhine of the river of roar,
deep lion born to the elastic Acorn,
a lip soth in Carrow a stone in Allay,
soar as the Migrate to fur Ore e Ourn,
trade branch in Vestment as gird true to Form.

A clatter while Claps beat the single dee sign,
before than the grass as the Mow of a twice`d,
in Third of a throw to samples of V,
sake belt in the lathe dawn shingle on Crista,
the balm sea Oath Bine a Ring Rivières Synd,
on burns of the Lyre in the Yeast of gust spline,
domine, dirige nos in spice on the lay of the Iced.