Thursday, April 24, 2014

When We Dance

In the breadth of the line,
the collaborative by Design,
brought to drawing numerical chime.

At a glance the sign to chance,
revealed life in many dance,
a counting seems to be.

To be aware within a square,
the root to paint a simple pair.

Albeit three to equal two,
division sees it's zero through,
the set did gather different truths.

Steady hand to Mind the flip,
the able stilled the proof,
a symbolism values do.

Simply complex in beautifully seen,
such power in a stream,
the awe of enamouring.

The Odyssey Life

Direction guides to perfective prized,
the betterment gets good,
enhancing Mind to speak with spine,
a back to factual feed.

A wire walked enlightened talk,
and yet it's presence feared.

Freedom cheers as people sneer,
graining speech it's clear.

Gathered haunts increased to taunt,
ventures enticed by collared mice,
the hang land captive price.

The trappings to the snap invites,
the depth that humanity likes,
to stomp out promise for valued wallet,
the coinage dropped proposal popped.

Commonly known to seethe,
the point to driven speed,
no one wants unless it's sconced,
upon the mortared brick in taunts.

Lovely idea to breath in real,
dreams bring math to signal field,
reversal often is surreal.

Spoken with a natural tact,
written with a give,
and yet the crowd ignored the loud,
to joke a giggled laugh,
all until it was their Life and hit it scene exact.

The I's In Speak To Say Can't No Way

Imagine cucullated scribed,
as people no the must,
receded by society's lust,
to stop the from to happening sum.

The frigid receptive crush,
in lightened loads the real,
multitudes invade to lined,
the standing of to such.

Vicariously write,
notes to champion fight,
people speak in a week,
years an halves the eggshell pads,
nitery known to forum stroll,
a blanket cab to drove.

Sink the versed within a purse,
to rob the wealth of shown,
know independent of pelting noise,
the worth of words have shown,
a Clearing in civilized tone.

In past of History futures Present,
civilizations cowling form,
vibed to bridged the drown,
separate the Self from State,
 brought to poplus stoned.

Progressive thoughts to spreading idea,
joints preclude arrears.

The oil of the mure,
identity to all ways clear,
the hidden scab negage the cost,
discouraging the Albatross. 

Gossiping ripes in heard the spites,
the jealousy scene to kill the being,
in nothing more than standing team,
in numbers I still One,
to value the spoken sprung.

When Sticks Post Crops

I walked across the Cosmos red,
a galaxy in universe paved,
streaming to the planet muse,
the origin of the gold rings trued.

Colors fed the stars be lead,
the venture a being of blocks,
sent in journey see the breeze!!

Streaming consciousness,
body thoughts,
freely striding open talks,
grant to scroll a scribbled pull,
the cool of any freeze.

Criteria pens to inking spill,
the pool in passing,
Mind in meld,
the breathing cellular grubbing,
the scratch to itch in absolute,
the burial became a galloping sprain.

Further from closer crumbed,
a backing to the clues,
uniting signs imbued.