Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lombard Street Bricks and Mortared

Riddles, Poetry, Sentence in a weird,
the point of what is driven,
 is when the speech is clearly stood,
to be a story's symbolic hood.

The brain attempts,
 to chance a steer,
the makings of the maiden veer,
the Voyage of I could,
to hug a word like dear.

The choice to vibe the tonal ride,
is know more than a plead survive,
these Times that cause the fret inside,
developed rhymes to vibe.

Volume life to calling fear,
out from a strange exist,
the capture of the innocence,
is where I've found a cheer.

Usurping timed to heights of line,
releases sent to try or prime
to a Life in spent and thought to meant,
the treatment cures the sigh.

Communication to and fro,
the aft of sailing gear,
a hub to wheel the spoke to real,
creates a force in near.

Closely talked often mocked,
the counter kept at say,
together lives will constant ties,
improving better piers.

Left alone to venture tone,
acoustics echo back to shown,
letters read and flavor said,
the works evolve with mere.

The total clause to wreck or pause,
a loose rein to relax,
to pick it up impulsive tucked,
too semblance brings by collective means. 

Arms Dealers

The rein to girth the buckle earth,
the cans have lids to shield birth,
not empty fulled with all that's told,
the sill remains to learned.

Know adaptation is like arrive,
the settled behave obedience rides,
a Saddle to the plume of Life,
equals rate to terrified.

Creative Minds the Time of binds,
where mouths were gagged with cum,
to discount the teachers mount,
the wood are rocks of brine.

In red lamed down as tires that sound,
a Hoot Owl speaks to Guide,
arrears find shouting from behind,
it's Nature Being pined.

The crowding felt to only belt,
the knuckles issue punch,
laced with hidden berks to dye,
the change serves a remind.

Buried vices shrouds abused,
years to ages wrath.

The sunken treasures come up with vestments,
as the World came to due.

A grain of sand in Man has hand,
the loneliness an empty nest,
as Death presents the Truth.

Raided grace to pass the Fold,
self-evident to only few,
the born of breaded crew.

Round the boxed imprisoned locks,
the debt will add as tethered fad,
no release as it's policed,
to cover-up a way.

Hammered heads the sharks are fed,
enlightenment considered dread,
a Que without a Clause.

The simple is take pause. 

How Many? To Many

I look to the Cosmic lore,
that increase in an amazing invested pour,
the Outer Banks to Well Rode tanks,
a field of shine is pride.

The random follow in posts that swallow,
looking for the lettered dish invite,
grapple to the facts of what will advise,
life is shown not boned.

To lick the wiped out trough,
the bucket pails the spot,
to sprinkle seeds that can only be,
within the firm of thought.

To stand for strength a lifting spree,
countless riddles written vittles,
read for more than tokes,
the leave is stroke for spoke.

That Wheel in Time spins to find,
no verse has mint to spear,
theirs tips to poison lips to instill just fear.

Futures came in Past a shame,
the bearings compass life,
in what Stars go to ever take,
that Snow won't roll to make.

Spreading thin to clear the trim,
modeled hedged to jump,
the horse not shown will be a tone,
a nickering at X.

Halting to salute the Test,
Creation asks Evolution best,
the growth of Mountainous Rest,
the richness remains the digs are swept.

A Little Goes A Long Way ~ Distinction

The Week is Meet and the Strong complete,
that daring deed to move and lead,
the daily task of such difficult punned,
that colder shoulders shrug to stunned.

Know promise made could break a way,
the shimmer of the antelope trade,
horns to trophy the glorified stills,
hanging up on Walls of Skills.

Ten Years have passed in simple grasp,
a rival does bring Venue lust,
but as I trust the passing buck,
the green is bigger than plain luck.

Criteria of a the find has been,
let it be as all can read,
that servitude is bred to breathe,
than made to bring your every keyed.

Driven deeply down to upped,
the value measures the Tee in putt,
the sport that ques the shot,
it's a long and so thought,
a life in interest is a living pot.

To know yourself through the visual do,
makes real what Mirrors now few,
an empty Being filled with Seeing,
rounds the whole to Worlds leaving.

Strips of papered trailed dust,
amber ridden ultra lust,
throttled strides increased impulsed,
collective requires more than most.

So long as passed no friendly hold,
what is missed will provide a coal,
like the heat of the burning pull,
the embrace is optional case.

Pictured price that life has paid,
run off paves the over flowed,
much to the Glacier know,
should we meld than proof would sell,
that unreasonable life is Hell.

Are We Only Body Bags

The Foot Print landed Moon,
it's so old in what is knew,
swept away for only spoon,
now the present gifts to bloom.

Sandy beaches Oceans rise,
washing tracks to realize,
that the Globe has hit a Tomb,
yet the act is breathing soon.

Standing on a staged Venue,
know eyes to eyes would out the due,
dimpled cheeks to say 'It's true"
belief in Nature speaks with Move.

Words are charged to said by Managed,
connecting Life through Music advantage,
means to most that it's a Toast,
to Cheer and not to boast a host.

Pride does go in far I know,
to let life pass without this show,
made difficult times deliver weird in rhymes,
you cannot run from the mind.

Too state repeated quotes of Man,
no need the Press is your Clam,
no pearl polished just grits of sand,
broken pieces to bones of can.

The earned of title respective forces,
lost the impact with no inquiry of course,
the map that purchased a life exact,
did have a hand to get the tack.

Gold is often mined for worth,
silver makes the coins of versed,
platinum records calculate spin,
topping Earth in what has been,
the beauty exposed is the hidden of trends.

When It's Not Met It Can't Be Lost ~ Remains Become The Wild Tossed

Appropriate to have asked,
as a single hit to passed,
the team of 'I' alone in tasked,
life is more important then it's blast.

Since the lyricist sang to path,
War is known to have cast,
in the spotlight of Deaths Mask,
reveal coupled bigger lasts.

Know Time for Clocks,
the hands in talk,
the venue of an opened walk,
a path destroyed for breathing facts.

Left enjoys the right of Fight,
the matter is debated light,
ground the to in evened spoof,
Cause brings Fronts to bettered Suit.

Brake the stride to increase the Might,
takes only placed to put the eyes to face.

Subjects of a greater Lead,
enlivenment up's the need,
to Shows that create an Ordered keep,
to over rules destroying leaps.

Ignoring states of Beings,
the quark so said as Outing dead,
theirs are Jobs that glorify dread,
mine is a singing song of Ped.

If Time is All You have,
than stay on you're bad,
to not stop or halt these Fads,
that destroy for no good brads.

Real People as You Know,
died for reasons of following flow,
make evident a standing spoke,
the wheel is the voice of rogues.

Moreover Hours the Minute Notes,
postcards sing as lives still choke,
the invitation is no joke,
more than spoken have been stoked.

Adds Up Fast

Clotured Tasked to View the Facts,
the crookedness of Religious voiced,
money made upon lives caved-in.

Plow you're birthed in not a curse,
innocence creates as debt just takes,
the life away from the natural some,
to kill the messenger before the come.

Many breath to know such Means,
the Stars, the Values of Numbered things,
to Name a Person, Place or Bring,
is to crave a state of ding.

Nature guise a forward Wise,
the bright that witness insidious sits,
drawn to beat as Public seek,
destroying more than I would see.

Yarn attached as identities collapse,
popular played to run such days,
exhaustion measures the body laid.

As general harassment from invited attaches,
a Call to Arms leads to an Armored flight,
be it the over dosed taken in,
or requesting for a Him,
the pressure of dismal sends,
a letter in a bottled spin.

While the movie projector mirrors,
magazines disgust while print Stills sell,
grocery lines force the time.

My admission is at very best,
people live through vicarious boo's,
quite contrary to Sunday's pews,
but never mind it's just who's who.

Pictures Or Directives

Here the Sun does rise a light,
same was Moon in mid of night,
four corners Earth the belt arisen,
as Stars are Rays from older dimes.

Central to the Station Cede,
these become real to be,
names, numbers, births of sees,
principals to a given Deed.

First it's said to Second of read,
to add the Third creation Mured.

Painted Horses Pyramids Course,
the guidance forms a living force,
to balance wait by feathered make,
the ounce to interest is ready Fate.

Bunch the Kindled,
a Net of Rugs,
crochet produced the web of Tugs.

The highest Mountain Peaks in Climb,
scaling back the magic sublimed,
a good hard look to be just took,
Humanity trashed Book.

Laws established to Cord the when,
what and wares of how brakes tend.

Burning lives in past deflects,
that Present Now is a Direct,
reflective of All ghastly falls,
to represent an older sprawl.

Archaically kept on Walls of Set,
the chisel is the evidential Net,
as I've been told in times of mulled,
given ample century learn,
the Monkeys will write the Berm.

Any Mark or Chapter stored,
reliance is how it's poured,
held to stream of conscious floored,
preexistence teamed to protect what's fore.

Drawings write in simple formed,
liken to posting doors,
once there opened the threshold passed,
the current flows to furthered laths.

Built in being each can Read,
the unique is mind full beak,
rarely seen as most are week,
in the type of keyed out speak. 

When Pictures Converge To Same Draw

The better part of Team,
is the shot of Two in Won,
for three is brung,
in partnership of sung.

Message thought? know Times in Mat,
greater Leads of philological speeds,
it's over the top the How of Lot.

Failing the vernacular thought,
the rite itself more than taught,
experience dictates,
it was felt.

The singular Act,
of Plato back,
to think consider age of tact,
older ancient wiser sat.

Times deliver Religions post dithered,
removal conditioned upon dollars revisions,
the priestly tore to put a rack,
belittling finality as it's tracked.

Funny how Revelations know Ends,
the wrap of Religion bends,
in Times of Zeus the verse in Writ,
did not inform as it's a Trip.

To late for now the biblical kowtow,
Nostradamus drew an empty too.

Sorted lends from causal tends,
relied upon the skin to skim.

Well known Catholics in yesterdays News,
Saint Francis of Assisi know Pope of came,
stole his name to advise the Game.

Three Orders divide the Mass to bare,
dependent on the choice was theirs.

Removal of the Third Degree,
now the fight is for bleed.

No reason comes from what is Scene,
ability replies as Logician breathes.  

Retirement from Two duty bound lends,
information learned their more is loud,
the Sign increases Times of Now!!

Incremental Times To Halve

No sadness to despair,
requirement would have been,
to meet not just stare.

An adventure with 'A Friend'
the incredible trend,
lending credence to wonder,
Minds would embrace this Human base.

Instant recognition a better ignition,
the global condition,
to Meet not Defeat!!

Pieces to problematic perries,
the fruit in the basket from Garden,
a coiled propose,
there are better roads to close.

Brimstone is Fire,
the flare to shot to laze,
a Flame brings to Flint,
a Name not in Stints.

Shocking tingles reality dangles,
enough Sight to blind fight,
lives told throw your Hands- Up,
as the Preacher grabs the angled body tight.

The obvious falls from Fame or hauls,
gifted from the start,
advantaged at each turn,
thinking it's all right.

Facing forward absorbing done,
the length of life where's it from,
the saying of a numbered lung,
not far off as perfect bung.

To turn concern the age of berm,
coincidence I don't think,
just these times in Age that brings,
the grate of understanding things.

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six,

The gear Set as cannot let,
therefore it's stripped in kept,
to particulars rumored lie,
happenstance recognized,
by only whom has survived!!