Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Heard That Before You Thought It

It is Terse,
what is Heard,
the Point before the After,

So Concise,
are these words,
Sentence formed,
before it's done.

The Audible Verse,
Prose Exact,
no confusion,
just plain fact.

The Lie Behold,
decision past,
what comes next,
the Mind just sums.

The math too add,
in subtract,
is the picture,
of your prate.

In the Voice,
the noise you make,
becomes verbose,
decide is plumbed.

To read a sight,
it's done intact,
what I face,
is difference Said.

To explain,
it is the brain,
what's Preemptive,
is the blame.

A quest I took,
to play the game,
to work-out or react with same.

In Sake for grace,
I walked the TAB,
the formulation,
peeks to train.

Random act develops grown,
first protect,
now it's known.

To be Correct,
no guess to knew,
I Set myself,
to build a track.

Cobbled Stone,
granite rock,
ground for drain,
to hold reframe.

It is the choice,
impression first,
with thought clear,
the key is weird.

The words are locked,
to face distressed,
looks that glean,
pave the way.

Purpose of act,
does not lack,
what is said in thought,
a plaque.

To undue,
never true,
in the end,
it's still just you.

The Time between,
I learned too view,
watched and waited,
to know my truth,
to confirm,
your Said has Root.

Deeply seated,
planted so,
what comes after came before,
audible report.

In a patient stand,
I've played these hands,
the findings are so plain.

Like a Spring,
leap unseen,
wound in plight,
it just takes time.

You speak,
it's streamed,
intentions of your mean,
construct of,
all ready deemed.