Thursday, November 19, 2015

Whats A Sextant

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now Disney the Merry go Round to tack A White Christmas with get Title to the speak Dan knee kay,
or is the Sheep on the rattlers Cow to state of Range on the Staff of a rodeo to touch the Bull on a breeze.

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the Season of the Haul A Day is in Wonder twinkies on the Ding Dong of see the Bread.

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operation Paper Clip went to the Board as the Secret of the Universe is choice done,
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as the teach Taught see the Harness as the beach of this Montara Mountain did find that Trail to Cry,
so now is the Doobie Brothers tasked for the Gain to the lingo or the reality of a joint flour pear raid.

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Extremely Unexpected Puts MY QUOTE A To A Sting "The Impossible Is The Possible Waiting To Happen" Wink Knows

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this City raised production walked to the Union Square as that was the Hof Brau on a tell to Speak,
course strong with Golden Gate Park the Polo Fields to the Barn of where the Water Fountain spake,
ponds Lakes and put to the Scribe as a Tale of the Pony of America named Freckles for Bing.

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on Gough to know Bush is the VanNess Boulevard a locate to the Hotel that signed to a Geary drive,
round that to The Zoo on the fill More is the Skeleton Key with a verbal Audio of listing,
now hour is the lumber to Fireplace of the Christmas Tree Lot of Delancy to Under stand this Neigh,
mat Truss to board An inch to a Yard is either Swinging or Playgrounds playing jump rope or fade.

The Nation ole Media drinks to the gossip but what of the Real it Tea of a Kettles Whistler,
is that just the Cross talk of the Privy,
the Tissue to sleeve a shirt on the are Sun is The Shining of a flip Pen film called 'They Live' for dave,
as VHS is gone bay duh is the see Dee a pulley or the Snappers on the game of Fish playing blackjack on The day of A week,
shoppers to strain than Make fun of threads on the silkworm of enter Shade,
from the To it is the Sun glass Hut of Java the cruise to Wares in a Crow of painted Red,
go to the Newspaper paddle of a joke that Herb Cain would fellow to the brook of back in the say,
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bakery Fresh air with a Stream as M*A*S*H did Have a Half Moon bay on the Slot.

Reality On 'The Drink' Singing The Ocean Is The Blue Jazz On The Rocks Serving It Neet

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as the ride is the sound of grown a bridle on the bit is the tongue,
at language is the body on an interest not a must Unless,
you are dripping the sweet sight of that Horse on the rides that a dream curls reality to a key whole,
on the condition of that roads and work in this is the saddle of that relaxing pose,
oh for the Mule Man on a Care Ole.

He loved those riding on the Mountain And teach he did in on that waltz of the How's on the way,
stride to that Hound of Boiled Egg he rode to the horse eyes grazed.

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enticing lessons on the trace of echoes at the base,
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that corner tile on the brick sidewalk of A Can of the Bun gee,
speak the Coffee Shop at the Greyhound terminal for T.V.
a Quarter back in the day touchdown Once Upon the Story Reads.

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X Factor for the Judges is Sigh Mon. on the saline of Tiers torn to Calendar eh Friday date Storm,
strike that matter in the language of a Chute with the loggers keen,
it's uh play^in off real Time of the Ages on A rye inn.

Yet on this date the 18th of November the year of the Ram which is calculated on the Clock as 2015,
I took receipt to the delivery of a Cheers on the tune,
singing easily,
so true I do exist,
as does the shores of compass to say that the venture is Sew Hi Tech Nickel its a From,
outer belts on the ever done to saying that this is the real of the cuddle,
a word to the put is the trust that Whats on second And third is An essays Homer on The routers Score.

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on the length of the stirs to the knows on the wire,
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might be those Pitch Hitters that Swing a Way to simply a proper pre More dee Ole phrase,
hello, how is the Crews on deck to the Sports of an Olympic Torch to Games off throw,
making the Knuckleballer a Treasure of Pan door uh or the A More eh off tend the prose.

A True Mom Beau

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the tracks on California reaching downtown to just a Coast with a ride to conversation Glade,
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where as What is the second base from a riddle that is tone,
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understanding the per vista dawns,
the sands on the beaches land.

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boarding with the Trust has shook the Trunk of a Birch to produce the snowflakes by leave in season of the skids,
as Tires are Wheels with the Tread of a witness to conversation on the shoulder of the backpack its a Seer,
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