Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Time is Now, The Place is Here, It is called, "The Continue," where new life shall begin again.

It is not a state of enlightenment, I have known this from, "The Begin."  Sit back and know, nobody waits, for in, "The Continue," we show & go.

As we are passing through we take a good look at you.  Not all being from the same place, I pity what the fouled believe.

Your Source is only known within your own, personal zone.  Should you have killed your Faith of such an innocent thought, than you are now to exist in the......

For this, I fear for You!

It seems as if this may have come true.  

So many searching, so many doubts, so many questions, so many lies, so many.

Delve down and I would shout....HELP ME, I'm out Traveling so far!!  I see my like.  He is my type, this is no hype.

Awake my old friend, 'Our' Source. Your mend! Our Life, my Twin!! 

This is a Spiritual Thoroughfare, "Hello" I hear your song, it's been to long.  The "Rings of Time" celebrate with the vibration of this Earth.  The Bells are tolling.  Chiming to this Truth of mine.

I'm fine.  I love you in the sight of my mind, you are most eloquently sublime.  In this beautiful moment of now, I state: "It is called, 'The Continue' not 'The End of Days.' I am  here with more than I." Each of Us, Couples; From the Sky.

I outstretch my view to a more Worldly You.  I speak to say, the words to hear.  Years dissolve, Time has no meaning, it has flown at rates that very simply make Forever take, less than a minute for me.
As the Musical Fare of nothing more than a story of him, I implore you to listen to my Twin.
He is not telling, but stating, 'The Why' 'The When."

The tumbling of Belief in the Hereafter has spurred this most incredible Quest.  It is the "Belief of Now," that shall shout; "The Continue" is Here!!

Welcome, to your Begin.

~ ~

"Belief is the Innocence of Faith Itself."

Print It, 'Cause it's a Wrap!!

The internal sight of what is raw,
I cringe to know my life.

A freak am I?

I do think so.
Relief does not yet show.

Where is the beauty of Love?
What is it I am not knowing of?

Because I saw it all differently,
doesn't mean much of anything,
to anyone other than Me.
And, possibly You.


An experiment at Three,
a wreck at Four,
used up by Five,
I was told,

"She wrote the script for your Life."
(My Mother that is)

Follow it;


...a question not to have to have asked,
but to record in the confines of my memory.

Held in the closeness of Myself,
my mind afforded me this in detail.

Since I was small,
the threats remained veiled,
not like the Hooded Men in the East.

I do.

At least some things are real.
Deny the kidnapping, I dare you!!

The story told so very well by you,
but not of late.

What happened?
I remember too.
I stored it all so carefully.

Away you go again.......

Sing a little song,
not very long,
Tulips, Tulips, it's all gone.


The End
~ Script Done ~


Yours Truly

The Proper Preparation for............

As Life delivers the next wipe-out,
I ready myself;  Feeling no strife.

"I Live"

Do not despair, just repair yourself.
Knowing not your own complications,
until the strength you do have, appears.
For in this thought, I deliver honesty.

"I'm able"

Pain will only plague you, if, you deny.
In it's stead, agony steps-up to remind,
of what is not but could never be.

"Just 'cause"

For a Million-Ten is not 1000 Years.
You've already been and I bid you you're due!
 A promise to self is bound by stealth.

  is believing in myself.