Monday, January 21, 2013

A Calculated Draw

The distance to death,
is One drawn breath.

the exhale of which,
draws more.

The stated confusion,
will cause,
most to sum,
Their wrongs,
not there Rites.

A Gathering of,
brings down corrections,
that You have not Ascribed too.

The Shame in such,
is that Information does touch,
'The Cities of Dread'
in-site of Reel.

Filled with Night,
the Day-Light of,
the warmth is found,
in DO!!

To be of,
the Cover-Up,
delivers a total too.


Fear Shall Be A Tip.

Emotional Fare,
does Trade upon,
the air which you don't see:


The Calculating,
done whilst hear,
remains in Scene,
Banking Memories on Account.

Reason Draws,
out of this Brink,
deposits of unkind.

For have You shared,
Preached of Your Despair?

A Reprieve

Sew-Off Coarse,
stifled wrought,
a meshing of,
'Know Thought'

Too Stand & Speak,
Knotted Talk,
of what is past and present Here.

The Branding of this Ready Sear.


Do You distribute,
biblical fear,
of what's interpreted,
not what's clear?

surely is regret,
to only whom that Lie.

Not to Themselves,
for Sake of Plight,
but to the Masses: Mingled.

In this Reducement,
of what's not dead,
You spread not Love but Penance.

Your Voice doth carry Sentence.

You turn backs on,
those imposing Reason:

Not to Consider,
too take 'Thought'
but to state,
"It's Treason!"

A Sultry Shift,
to put the blame,
a shifting of Your dark disdain.

To place the shame,
that You should feel,
on the shoulders,
of whom just said,

"Oh Man, I think it's real!"

Now this Verse,
it's unrehearsed,
but bleeds in light of such.

Not to condemn,
but to Ask?

What is this Claim of Dread? Moloch whom you've Said?


A Post,
in No-Man's Land,
the spark of memory,

Newfound Leads,
to State:
These Memories fill with Truth not Hate.

Kneed has Worth,
for a Knight,
to Twin Me Once Again.

A rapture of what's been.