Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lord Blunt Esquire: Sir; Are you alive, or, are you lurking?

I know you from "Old past."
Why do you call me off all that?
A time inside my mind, a be,
I hold to what I actually see,
as if it can or could have actually been with thee.

Feeling vibrations from my core,
I stop and ease all I store.
I know you from before,
No Man, No Band, but a plan.

An escape from what is? what was?
becomes, "Why do Women run?"
The cruelty between their legs,
rules on every single day.

Do you have? Can you see?
Never words of comfort, why?
It has caused such dread in my life,
it's almost like you fell dead.

The endless pang,  a witness since,
I still don't feel; it makes no sense.
One authority, replaces another.
Says, "A Father, not a Mother?"
Confusion still about.

They want to......!
not to give love.
And afterwards, they give a shove.
"You piece of shit, you're worthless too!"
Get a job, they yell at you.

But, while you work or while you slave,
they stay at home, to build a cage.
Upon return, to see your kids,
they scream and yell.

What theysay,
why would I tell? 

You've been wiped out: Before you rest,
once again, they hit your chest.
"Success" they tout, as they work out,
upon your mind, with lies, they Shout.

You sit down, close to the door.
So well-breed, so recognized, highly disturbed
and supported by,
you have no friends: This Must End!

You said to me, so long ago,
"You just can't be, I have to show."
She has no Mother, no recorded birth,
I knew her Father, he was from Earth.

I stared at you, increased my girth.
I took your Stead, said, "I'm off to birth."
Myself to Man, I'm free from..

Mad I was, sorry I'm not,
years have passed,
you must have forgot.

You looked at me, said,
"There's a plan."
I said, "That's cool. You got a Grand?"
'Cause I'm not her and I'm not you,
I know for certain, that all is true.

You are right, no friend I have,
I know your thought.
Took your mind and Ancient One too.
Seems to be what Women due.

The Centuries have passed, Eternal bliss
it is the future history of this.
Once again I hear your call,
almost as if you have that maul.

I won't fall, can't lock me up!
Threaten me to not shut-up.
I said, we'd never meet again,
and yet I can't stop, you've already been.

Older that I, younger than him,
I'm so confused, I need a shim.
Back to the place we argued so,
defend my stand against all them.

Maybe Creation meant me to be,
without a mother, so, Father could see.
Evolution designated me,
to tell you that she takes me.

I'm just fine, without your doubt,
"My birth right shouts," it's all I tout.
Explain to whom? Explain to what?
My nightmares true, I told to you.
I'm not wanted, just like " King Who?"

You knew my Father, I might erupt.
Your mind is muffled and yet you strut.
Do you remember? Or, are you insane?
or are you just traveling, every other Lane?

No Belief! No Reframe!
God forbid, you know your name.
"2nd Earth" I heard it good,
from a Christian, not absurd.
On T.V,
a show that plays, it seems all day.

They are such twerps,
changing stories, so they can birth.
A "Virgin Mary," it's O.K.,
'cause Jesus died anyway.

So where is the Faith you preached to me.
Said, "This is from far beneath."
So; Who is right? I know I'm wrong.
Remember there and stuck in long,
a shot I was, you said to me.

Now you say, "My love, I'll be your Man."
"Don't you run"
this memory of mine, the Nightmarish kind,
does it end, it seems to find.
Of course, I come from defiance, Sir.
I don't know you, but I do know Earth.
So, take your words, your song of trust
and put it all into your LUST!!.

Words I rue, I sing to You.
Apologies; so few, I can't undo,
but here we are once again,
what to do, I still love you.