Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On 'The Cyprus' of North by shore Wind ion,
the storm of the Carriage of lend in the Scent,
upon thy perfume in the Aere of the leaves,
find the grace in the gone wise yester for Morrow,
i dust from a stir shone sank coal distant climb,
Core cliff wheel tyro a burr in termor~row,
cling with a Nors in gain of thine gaze,
speaking 'te' sign as the sparrow doth chime Thee Aeon of Time.

A smile of a Query with a small of the rinsed,
am brass in thy model & logic to Tens,
cruise Count of a curr width gone as a turn,
tree in a sphere Corn at Rhine of the river of roar,
deep lion born to the elastic Acorn,
a lip soth in Carrow a stone in Allay,
soar as the Migrate to fur Ore e Ourn,
trade branch in Vestment as gird true to Form.

A clatter while Claps beat the single dee sign,
before than the grass as the Mow of a twice`d,
in Third of a throw to samples of V,
sake belt in the lathe dawn shingle on Crista,
the balm sea Oath Bine a Ring Rivières Synd,
on burns of the Lyre in the Yeast of gust spline,
domine, dirige nos in spice on the lay of the Iced.

The Kirby Am

Ask Time in the Value of a life on the tip of a Watch and my Uncle would gallant a say,
that Ketchup and Mustard are trade Tables on the conversation of Fifty-two pick-Up,
in the lease of the lesson on the denture of the Hunt to the chair of the laugh on a Same,
the purchase of the barn be form of the Horse to the Car at the Apple of the egg Nest,
in the Ink of the tatto on the Racecourse of Steeple a bath to a Shower on a bridge,
a beach in the grain on the Rye in a catch is the chapter of the 22nd venue of a best.

Open with the lecture of the lane on the Burn than the crisp of the bacon on a pork,
thus the Roast of the Pepper in the bell of a pour`n is the broth of the Carrot on soup,
as the potato is the fiber in the lamp of a Tire it remains in the combo of the Light,
the Field of the Angora to the coat of a Sweater the Island in the Country of a door,
a booth with a Phone on the Pack of a wire is the Morse Code of spine in a Tap,
a Net to the Owl on the games of a WOW oh bother in the crunch it's a Vice grip.

Speaker in the shoot on the Porch of a Coot to chimney spur a choke on the Nail,
ask the Hammer of the Mountain in the chills of a shell the pearl is the Stringing,
put a place to palette the taste of the Color is the understanding of the Brand Name,
in Kraft of the label on the grocery in the Spake a butcher to the Learn of a Pale,
print the Hand with ares Nik the sand becomes the Myel of the favored in a Bone,
the Tuning Fork to knee in branch that knows the bounce of action as the Swing.

To lull a by the work in Snore or take the Say to out-the-boar is just because of shake,
milk to Ice Cream in the Bose is Radio on Antennae chose the Tower over Sat.Coms,
in small the Preach is in the Art of whom has known the Training Smart example`d,
the Oak to the good Ole walks that stack of Pile in the thought of where abouts a grow,
the Ax in handle on the done to the split of Whom is Gum in the shoe of every lung,
in Vest it great to the Sake as never does the Ares say fate from Music to the ear Horn State.


The Charleston Of Hest Dun

A marshmallow on the Graham of a cracker in the pit of Fire on the stick,
as the flames are Hots to burn the asset is the twitch in Hitch a tongue,
be long my clear and Avenue the blvd of do a Dew on this there is a Shall,
poised to simple in the Verse as pictures show the Clique to words in Sentence`d.

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the ear is easy to the Fern a curl on the upper stern just Crows as speaking purr,
a gentle introduction to the Serious eruption from the Year of lace to the Nautical,
a compass on the Mind at born did know the calculations shore to swim.

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an inch to size the Instrument of tambourine a jail,
the bars Accept the prison fed for in the keep is stale,
no good can Come from letter spun yet should the Mail be received.

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in this the Text has mentioned Exacts to dates or Music that batch.

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a swine or Pig or Wild chore in each the day is being store,
to empty desk out in the pour for Freedom is the list of Nor.

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that per a Curtain too a play the Format will match up to Say,
yet with the Evidence in tray the Thirst is for the poised in Spades,
a little life known the breathing phone in Fact the quick is Masque!!

World View

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form a Sense on 6th tend than even is the steady on the After in before as I would brawn,
as Muscle is the ankle in an Others show the balance at the Toilet is simple and too yawn,
grab a bit of tissue and blow the Knows to gray in an Eye at gate Time the equal Eon code.

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Fort Short Timers

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surely a burrow to a broth making Suite in a tie for the Future of yesterdays loop.

Like The Till Of The Hum

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in the mystery of Known mans climb the barrel of the Two-Footed stereo in Tech. know land,
the vary of the Able in a blast Off of the shine too Dust the umbrella of a Core shunned Loud,
these are the Moments of Men Whale at the line of duh fees.

One leap for The Blunt and Thee giant Step for the In-Stunts.

It's Yourn World

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experience the Turn of World fact that whom does care will just speak Crack.

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