Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Cue Stick

This bounce on the Solar laid in the grip of the social stars on the evade,
sparkle to the team on the moons shine to the Suns desire to scope a Magnets drive,
in the force off crawl the journey is of the greatest lace,
a pace that the cream is with the extolling of a further in that spaced,

Race with the division until the bib crates that sake to the nails coffer of the lived,
at that platter of service grant the fern a bed in the deem,
trait the body of the grave to the think bank Tanks that Up core to talking the conversation at pen,
as the sill will speak of gentle plight fork the truth and multiply the Look as A View.

Trees on the grove have Clearly bin cut the Frost for the Ice of a smoldering Spell,
fort a cat on the longer Wag the score to Soar is most certainly Understood to bring a Whale,
in that Tale of a Vast snail As the boaters ship to Panes creek that Mountainous as Just crock.

A hip Poe with a toast on the Cup of Steep for that is the Cast a Way on a Yak for the cruise,
as that is the obvious of the Mountains talk to this conversation of the Waltz,
design the Dowry to represent this treasury of knot like and dance the Instrument till its decked,
further More's flea the flowers over a grass pattern to daisy prowess as the Dragons hold Realed,
breathe slow to engage a Pant a long than at the Precise moment bee a Zip on the dippers drip,
to the Mural of Canvas it is the Scout on the flying trap eased that is I for the hour of tripe fishing.

So grand Thanks to the Worlds pants as that drives a Wire on the Net to webbing that is sewn with Set,
do to the under involvement the best of Trades have barn Halted at the test to Proof of plato's dice.

These in the Futures as the digits are a spinach of the muscles that beach to Oyster a sneak,
as the Clams are the pearls of the Waist on the Sands brier So is the dank in the deep,
brought by lucky Strike in a World full of Snuff.

Tall are the longs on the dye that smother a Flight before the Door is thresholds Site,
as the Piss Toll is also the Bull lets Term ace is the Stable on the fence of a gifted Scene,
bark the rough as a Life on the Norse at Taught the value of this Earth that is HELL!!

The Bankers Sauce The Media For A Tail Swished Price Of Toll`d

Ewe balance the Wool of the sweater in this Cold world of darning the Suns arrival on Times run,
in existence of the planets that bake these cause to the Effectiveness of Solar crumbs on the Ages Span,
dust to darkness is in description of the Crowds that blanket the Smokes as if that is the Signal of the rum Runners,
to that the Additional editions taking not Receipt of the ground Earth had provided to scrum,
silt on the Barrel on the Monkey of the Gorilla comprehending the Mammoth proviso,
take too a Fast paste that the soil is fertile founders breaking the Match at play Sing!!

Scotch to the drink in the Glass Skulls crystallizing under the formation of the Outer realms sketch,
instant Outer wreath talking the Value of Measure to the body of Tar that oils from the Come!!

A Vaulter on the Horse of Circus as the Globe coarses the vernaculars tongue,
spades that shovel the language with Caveats to excuse the Pardon as a Lit,
fires in the Grown are the Styles of a Universe in Expansion it is cork to the Sponge!!

Observe the lens in blinking & brows the Thought as that Think stank to the Scene of a skunked,
crass are the hours on the finer pleasure of the lay,
bed down with the grunge and bark Crow as the Shoulder of the carriage on a Norse Parades.

Than as the Wic on the brain is Thickened with tangled Spines on the thighs of the skeet..Rifle!!

Grasp to that the leg on the foot stirrups Up^goes the ride In to the Storms of The Milky Way`d,
thanks for the greats on the Taught to learning that Humanity dumps a glide to rest the Faced,
while that is the habitual on a preview to the Terms of a griege I state the plausible for steering,
it is the reliance on the brights of the grid to that The Stars on A Map top talk the scrapped as a Came.

Got a profit for At Least the hope in the big Bang of the reef shelled Persons with a cramp to bake,
clams with Bar be Cued pool sticks on the simple listed to Rocks in the caves!!

Stoked by the Painting Plastered on display to Pier A Mids that trained a Jackers kyle`d,
steep High to the Cosmic Row forest on the banquets Nest,
cuddled in the midst of Society in All of the All is the message on the Bachs' and Baal Wins!!

In treat to the tether verses that reveal a breathe to Take Stew the Founder as a Cosmos stone,
so weight hardy the Ocean on the roles through history and that Peep pulled phone,
spun in the spine like the sexual Sign to travel the dues as the journey is dew`d.

Time on the hands at the Statues of Granite carved in Museums to library the start for a Spark,
ring Well of that to the Patience on the planetary desire of beauty Inn a Home of the sounders sigh,
breathe to the Beet in that the Garden of joy Plates to enjoy the Meet as a table of Songs for smiled.

Gravel on the Plateau stretching A Flight of the Windy sees to fable on the breezy bees,
grass Wheat to touch Tattoo an Ink can to the My an blues of Rein on the Bow of Cupids Cupio spook,
never has the ghost of Christmas pass been so forward to know that Boxing day was a wrap On hugged.

Glee with Say & bravado on Opera singing the Symphony of a begin to Fantastic on the state,
holidays provided to switch the depth for the Convenience of the Origin of tart,
a tattler on the Rails of aghast on the division to Humanities at brass,
so polished for the Falls to Waist waters as the Blood in the Vain on the debt of the Plaqued!!

For shame in the heave of the Hunter games to this brought Day as the Harness light on a Scope,
took down for the vice to signature Mused on cause & effect of the colder goats tale billy roamed,
cycle that with the Skipping jocks as the Silken Worm to tree Stock on the roots of a shipping Plain,
fields of the body rots in tombed for the Whatever as that is the Excuse of deadly lanes in greased,
an Oiled placed to Wrinkle in Time that Rises the burr As the hood in the broadest Flights!!

Sew hem that with a Stitch double back and Ask the fight shall the severed be Means,
cruelty has banked the Coin to dollar Hides on the Taxation of the Human Hearts,
burning the skin to the actual Understanding that the Sun is sprite.

Bier Dates On Millennias' Raced Our Thorough Hours Spreading Suns Plights

Listen to the sound of my braking lark to touch on the ripping of sew many lives,
on the edge of Creation to the bearings of this compass of gold,
in the scope of the subject on the Pages of the lime,
a hug to the seam in the stitches of Time on Ages of the Came,
ground this earth to known by the Ways breeze!!

Windy docks to Park the Locs as that is in Truth the crowds of society denying the Deeds from spark,
as the dynamite speaks to the Tunes in the Feat spoke are the reals to March the Tupe,
wares beyond that of the cliff Nautical spans a Breadth to length Fostered a Tong.

Ping pong on the Skeeters of bytes is in the Now of the media dye to Read the flight of Said,
inch to Column a Cow on the Camel for the smoke is of the bred & Circuses that have dead,
from the send to the Work it is not The Remains of the Day for that is Mirror template to Taggerhower of the skies on evolving to Bing,
distress is not my Mile Urs planned,
it is the Disk in the Sun that Counters a Brand!!

Ra is the Moonshine on a simple groat of the Sands in the sent,
pier a Mid to the dust on the shore as that is the beach of Sew much More in a Evolution of dark Lords,
to be Frankly on that is the Happening of verse to the burst of Wrod to a Universal door,
sync the shock with the bounce of Score asking nothing of the stream as that is A Scene of a door to the Floods pour.

Shedding the rains as Casper in the snow of drop lets see of the freeze in the flakes at Creek,
molten in the development to a Valley on the Mountains boot,
for Trough the Waist is in the Swim of People sharking the spree,
but on this bubble streak that lap is of the dolphin on hoo Rays,
the fish for the filter as the Whale taught of the feed in Cycling a plains Buffalo preach.

Left for the buzz ore`d to thank the dirt as that is the Feat to making Mounds of change,
the snake river at the base structure of seeing How,
tie in with the paints on the Arms that rode to a drum with the beat of a Firecamps leap.

Founders of The Universe in with the Diversity to sounding Out the wrinkle of strong,
to every Each on the step Print of a choice is the did on the done that slides the increased to Hem pleats,
a skirt along the Clothiers is know more than a Shingle on the brain case of the Minds bending trays,
circling the Round a rosy Cheek smile Upside Down in Side spout of a Mouth pieced bit on the curbs.

The bridle of seduction is the leather of the Maker that produces a Usable tack to ride the storms detailed,
touch the classical Hunt asked and born dancing to the style of yarn in the loom of Sonic radiation to protocols farmed.

Irish Spring

Batter me the cinch as that is miser girth on the Saddle live to Jump the moon and I land the flower,
to bundle that with the logs makes only the Cross Country of a Three Day Eventer on Riders rip,
stirrups for the down Dressage is the Test of a texting Blast to file this a Score`d to Treasure the boats,
meet I for that is the Stadium on this Arena of the Global Flame,
fires in Ignition are the Hour in nothing For 'It' is the Minute timers lip!!

Shank that chain and Hack me the Trails to this Further on the In Car NATIONs laugh,
banks to Gossip on that tongue of breaking the Sound barrier touching the Singers rifled FREE^ DOM!!

Master me a Label on the B.D.S.M. for in that is the master bay shun of my badder Raw,
in ruff the bark is a Tree Stile to Cause and that is the Butter of the Fly on a Zippers dialed,
bring down The House fore the Wigs and the Curls that providential Tale of the Circus born,
elephant in the room with the Coffee on the Tibble.

Gore me the Horn as the Convenient Truth telling the Inn crowd that Sirens chorus of Rise,
up in the sordid England has barned the Stable to talk a gum chew on the matter of the dawn lied,
stacked to the Buttress this Fort moat is in The Digs of a clams chowder.

The brews of Steam not the Kettle of the boiling frogs Falling pigeons Message a Cock kneed floss,
try the true to Knock out the Barge this embark Meant that Tea is for the barrel in the paws,
scratching a Nail to the Awl on a Castle Rock of shunned!!

No dust in the rubber burning fax Just is the Intelligence to rape the brain as a fag,
in English speaking French on that is the pulsed of a Tart to Pop-UPs for the Booking loot,
transfer snot to the Wipes of an Ass on the Christians of religious Dogma plates for the Song!!

Cream Pie mustard layered by that Musk on per Fumed to present the Gifts by wrapping the beds,
for Posters to the boss It is the Mugged that beast a Breast to the Taddle of a Rag on dimples for shived,
a pleasure in the Acts of Hammer on the Nor to sigh the Handle for the Chord to Punt a paddle in Muddy trued.

Single boar`d to Trumpet the seals breaking the Clappers on the Crowd of audience Eye`t,
drink Fell to Origin a pony Clubber with the Manuel that came from Hum to claused in direction,
there on the Front lay is a Store of a loud to port the Cherry as popped by the bought.


The Facts Knickered In A Sport Of 'The Short Hares' In Reality It Is Called A Profit

Pop music marked by three revolutions in 50 years

The Kicker of the grand on the BBC in News on Webbing the Feat as the Evolution on treatings,
ask the Singer of the knash Ville is that the circus of Bread oN Fed to cancer this Grow`d,
the goat to the Billy in the distal of a pen to byte the bing on a rubber Tree planters Pea nuttery`d,
that field of Stream to Cobblers mile.

As that is the entire of the world in deny a Capability to span the Come,
bark as this is a scold from I to the Hits in 'Just Happens' big Bang,
gone to the Picture show of Knight Gallery,
cause and At Festival is the simple me stating BBC will Pay James Blunt,
for on the breeze photos and Leads,
50 Years evolved in a Singular Sung!!

To the deer barn an Ant purr as the Cinema in Britain music In dust tree took,
touch Coincidence or gravel the Bell big Ben is clocking these crumbs.

Time is a timely Fleet shipping News as a Hot Warning on the Flea,
bounce this note to Substantial as that is the Euro Rhythmic typed in grit,
performance as the flours Trite James Blunt is a Speed,
that the bankers on the trots have digested to form,
buy the tank and Trough this Fiddle as the glycerin Explosive,
a tee party for too.

To less is the ink for the dot Digits spanking the tracer on the Sky lights complete,
to place the docket Stipulations on forward have gone dawn to the always for storm,
troop this channel as British is pond to the Lake of nigh gel,
that slicked back Hare.

This is not a Bounce it is the Outing of the Writ on a pop Phonics grown,
the Makings of designed to Captain the In hare enth choral on a dig down of the Foot bach that show^pans Tea`d.

Grace be full to frost on I for the Icy Core is Bill & that Thanks lets see Oliver on the Corker sleeve,
in a bare it saw to the Nudes of skill I merely paddle the canoe from the water to the Keys.


For Me It Was The Picture On Sample As The Choir Of Serendipitous'ly Post`d:  The Pane

 The evolution of western pop music, spanning from 1960 to 2010, has been analysed by scientists.
A team from Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London looked at more than 17,000 songs from the US Billboard Hot 100.
They found three music revolutions - in 1964, 1983 and 1991 - and traced the loss of blues chords from the charts, as well as the birth of disco.
The study is published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.
The team also refuted claims that pop music is starting to sound the same.
Dr Matthias Mauch, from Queen Mary University of London, said: "What is really fascinating to see is how has diversity has changed - we can measure whether the charts have become more bland.

"Many people claim music is getting worse and worse, and we didn't really find anything like that. There is not an overall trend for the composition, the musical ingredients of the charts, to become less diverse."
The researchers looked at the different characteristics of music, including harmony, chords changes and timbres (the tonal quality of the music), and then analysed how they changed over time.
In the early 1960s, chords called dominant sevenths, found in jazz and blues started to die out.
Instead, in 1964 the invasion of British bands - from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones - introduced a radical new rocky sound.

Media captionDr Mauch discussed his findings on the Today programme
The researchers say this was this the first of three stylistic revolutions - periods of extremely rapid change within the charts.
New technology, synthesisers, samplers and drum machines, drove a second major style shift in 1983.
The third, in 1991, came about when rap and hip-hop went mainstream.
"The third revolution is the biggest," explained Dr Mauch.
"This is so prominent in our analysis, because we looked at harmony - and rap and hip-hop don't use a lot of harmony. The emphasis is on speech sounds and rhythm.
"This was a real revolution: suddenly it was possible that you had a pop song without harmony."
The researchers say that some musical changes were slower to become embedded within the charts, but still had a big impact.

Synths, drum machines and samplers helped bands like the Eurythmics to transform the charts

"The minor seventh chords were introduced through funk, soul and disco in the 1970s," said Dr Mauch.
"That didn't cause a revolution, but these chords were not present before - and they haven't gone away since. New songs still heavily use these chords."
The researchers found that music constantly evolved and change throughout the 50-year period.
However, there was a blip - the introduction of arena rock in the 1980s meant that, for a while, music lacked diversity.
Dr Mauch said: "A lot of hair metal and stadium rock, like Bon Jovi and Bruce Spingsteen, came into the charts, and they had a bigger share of the overall charts.
"But then rap and hip-hop came in. I think that hip-hop saved the charts."

The Dusk Of The Smoking Sail Lore Trumpets The Breadth In Hailing The Dawn

The corner bar on the taggers lane is the Games on the forestry of the far far a players Nile,
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as that is the Circus on the pervade An arson touches the stain on the glasses Ceiling often brained,
the panes as the eyes win doe`d the tracers on the sky tiles are the directions of the tongue`d,
scattering that earth Opus as the drank on the bled is that grass feeling of the Mow jobs Peek.

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product meant to disguised is the laced brows as that is the split done on the guard,
in taste of the creek the iron waters are flavored with rein,
turning the roast with a cart Fold to sprinkle the Sands with dockers.

As the ports to rest are indeed tempting to the smooth beach shored grant,
it is the flowing of that simple leaf that engages the span.

Afloat to the breadth of a breezes send,
not left but rather enjoying the sun to the Moon at dawn!!

Speaking forest to the Dry Dessert is as an Ice sickle plans,
much to the snow drop a flake is the wet dusting of sands on the sod,
a circle of wheat in a bundle of Peak at that is a hand to encompass direction ask stock.

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a sweeping performance marching the cattle as the pouch of a Kangaroos lip,
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patience to the Salts of traveling bedders I sea the coral on the Reefs,
live Rock to that fancy dive,
a horse in the Tack of a Human race!!

Fabulous dance on the grounds of riding the Ages math,
the museum a word on breaking counts to clock the stuffed,
dancing that with Worth than the Pyramid speaks a gracious less.

Compassed by the Ancient Cry,
a From before the Come on the laid Crocks that built to possible bill et Teas,
tan are the skin Nails scathing the blocks by scraping the bottomed last,
ferns with etched stone hinges that beacon a scar as the finest of the statues of lye.

Oh the gratefulness enveloped within my final bleat,
a perfection of the sound to brace the brackish choir of todays cancer at warred.

Tune in with an echo of the bracelet of Angles that described the guide,
a stars shy of electric grips comprehending not globally in exchange it radio`d Universally signed!!

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Oh fore the flight on the deepest of the grands A future yesterday blasting ignition on the bell free`s,
there I go sparking the fire to sync with home`ing a gallop on the first frost ice melting leased,
sparkles on the lapse of the air to a Flame in that ride missing the breezed,
carnage of spoken in this sink on plyers to grasp the coarse by starving this dates figured at slates.

Dear fire on the bomb of Solar I dream you a Inspiration of eternal on Infinite sprained,
bust the tunnels borrow and bounce me a kong sew to the discus and cramp the tickets,
punch through at a spread in collective storm that relish of the Whale on a breathe!!

Blow Wholes

As Strong As Ewe Whir

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towards a grace that frothy flace inside the activity is energies lived.

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as the froth of chorus sung.

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a pebble in the ankles timed.

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writing tender flaring lathe,
skate as should the grains be dead.

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or is the digit on the Hands to Mind of body Prints of sore,
the flight of the awl be chord!!

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a sweep to rake the apple shake A Tree to Clock the Mechanics Nor,
bee bright to tingle laugh Chortles hard the hare hop Ping,
pong the balls to Paddle stringed Than watts Eclectic shirts the Walk.

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a scramble of the eggshell Paint is known by reason Rainbows gold!!