Monday, November 23, 2015

As A Full Crumb

The beautiful sight of so fortunate the base of such construction,
this suspension bridge challenge was the tides,
as the gate was thunder in the chart,
at the raise of thought to what Men did is justly scene for as the Fact.

These Wonders of the World have Skilled to Trace,
reins on the decks have had amazing storied,
that conversation Back in the day,
work to the ocean on the field of play.

So gracious the much with a bit on the tracks,
to never harness the natural for the palm on the shake,
now the hour is screen to be plate,
faster faster faster,
driving each cliff note to text a receipt to o'lay!!

Bakers Beach the walk on the give,
a breeze to the lighthouse of such grand dunes,
the slide on the sand to the Hill of its raise,
how the where is the speak in a place.

Reality delivers funny remembers,
the view of the crashing storms to the relaxed at a station,
find education in the City of sing,
Cable Cars Rice a Roni and a good Clang Clang,
what is the burrow with a tenderloin lane,
it is the Coffee House on the Worlds found Nation of sain.

Musk a Pop A Rot Sea Touch Just A Fie The 'eff' Flank To A Haunch From The Hocking On Act Chin Art Tips The Turk

The Movie Box Office on the rid of the dollar to the Coin is sewn stair on the Ticket stick,
why is the report of the Cash to hand not the Click eat Click to the Numbers prompt to a shoe,
oh I know it must be the Case of library to engage a Stray speak to the Rounds of pizza on Cheese,
for the Count is Duke to the Duck chest of a Feather light on the Value of what Skates the pop Corn be list.

Transfer the Scope of a Swallowing back to joke that line is Star wars in Signed,
contract the barrier as the cost of price with a taste of the trill on the Onions of lathe,
than at the Magazine stack to in gag the respond Be sure to deodorize the Air A Sole in Plates,
license The cent with a Nickle back Trend just at the Mow Mint to comment on Salve!!

Bring to the Rinse good Soap Box of Fish,
as the bait is on hook to the lines of tap spit,
does the read carpet be grain to be Trophy,
such as it is the Elephant on Tusk,
or is the Horn of the Ant tell lope long,
the Fir in the piney of a Acorns deep shine??,
leave it touch the Case on the Films in the prose,
more to the mock keen as the level is goes.

Mowing optical to shade in the block corner as the lamp Post of eh tank,
yet the rather on the span in the CBS stuck,
paint the picture bot slumber its just on the Clock,
pink lemon Aid to the drinks of rush shock,
don't forget the oop's on the foot Prints of sock.

Manage at the commercial with a good grade prescribe,
as the down is feather to the thumbs on the talk,
range the pasture with a call than Winter christmas Honey,
for as the business bigs bee save you're on the Cock.

A rooster for the heap egg a Ham to clover sheen,
mark the calendar green at the sip of dock,
cheat the find to grade the class with bits of Hare Oh Dicks parade,
for Jane jung Gull stands the scene to book that Tarzan bisque a pet.

On short is george George george of the known,
every simple riddle has a bit to Its be gin,
ice and cubes that pour of juiced makes Oranges Apple soup,
for that would just cabbage Out to call a flower ear and clout!!

The Letter Is Not A Dressage Test Yet Includes The Act Of A Suspension To Transition Thus The Understanding Of The Body In And Of Its Wealth Tack Touching The Saddle Of Its Course On The Traveling Torque

The singularity of the book to a corals fossil on the shells of hop skip Jump,
that is the shine knee port of a shipping sort to File on the fry's of cheese,
deep in the seat of Texas at a Fair in length ago the past place of a particular stop,
as in the Circus the Racetrack or the local vernacular it is Normal to course Arena steer,
it is the blessing or possible Funny on the Handle of what came via a reason for expulsion to state.

With punctuation as the Golden Gate Bridge the fastrak rebuilt to accommodate the pace,
yet what of the Toll the purchase of truth to reality on the high deck of the bolts those sleeves,
as the Bay Bridge in replace or is it Remodel the saddles so to speak have tread death,
the Cantilevers are in core construction and that Bill is or at least was of bid to full Shore great,
thus the question of the see on the deck of a bridge entering the Shipping lanes of drive shafts.

As the birthday of the Bridge to peoples sample of enabling the opening able to casual a look,
the actual structure on the Golden Gate Bridge swayed,
the popular opinion not in the need for the Bridge in and Of itself had never experienced such a stall,
the weight on the infrastructure was printed in Print with included photographs via word chute,
on that day of the big wave of crowded spines it was the loud speaker coming to score the take,
at that understanding of question verse Answer the reply is of known for the breeze ways Ankle.

The Que to The Games on present day shake is the Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful debate,
for on the wrist its a picture of a drive enter the view of Alcatraz downtown or the lights at night,
bing sang to the vast wealth of Cable Cars with the California line of wonder to that state,
so as the drivers speed at the cost of lost the booth to go faster with the Traffic wrinkle in lives,
I put to the plates that most only never know as the Men whom paint the license so that rust holds back,
the fog at the common dilemma of Mankind in Humanities push for just a faster track do not Zest,
for the Pilots on the Tug Boats bring ships in the guidance to familiar skates of charts on the Piers,
this is the scenario to the road decks basic lug nut on the factory drive once a balanced act,
now its left to the Clock people time to the Screens as the texting distracts peoples rumbling grasp,
for on the Tracks of railroad Stations it is the crisscross that puts to the Station for that,
touch the Workers on that bridge to not only have to paint the bridge everyday 365 chess moves per brush stroke,
but the Checker effect to the simple push one direction to taxing back drive on the hour of a slide.