Monday, November 16, 2015

The Value Of A Moment That Retains To Memory Is The String Theory??

Science Friction is at the Ages of a type of Understanding of puff the magic dragon,
as the purpose of discovery is to not fear death rather understand life at a live to or by yanking death,
to true compass on the earth as the tree is of both route tacking trunk root with the rings in description,
as the clover does go sway in the breeze of a seed sew does the Mind on the comprehension of a door.

Touching on the traveling of the centuries shore A grain of Sand is all sew a dial to print,
from a Mountain to the rein A Rock on the run it is the journey of a creek telling a river flow,
across the galaxy be it the Comet or the metaphor typical banks enjoy the rise on with the reins,
to more of a edge that cliff note record writes to make sentence to paragraph a show.

The World puts to ground many religious lows for the conversation of Heaven in Hell off boot,
a Clam is true a Shell while the pearl rounds the plate a simple jewel of the Nile on the beach,
should understanding embrace a purpose from what particular sects portray the question walks,
it is the Dish of communication the sky with Satellites,
remote view of where the space does set a stretch.

Tell the pen sill of eyes that blink the brow,
sweat is expiration of water moving what,
is fear or nerves the breakdown of that drip,
is the body putting to the Air the memory of a back,
is breath of sight to smile relief in the same of sweats at tight.

The body breathing condition works to rinse the salt,
the spice of what is work is the thought to days of delve,
on one hand a palm does speak in lines of who knows why its true,
the other hand that Humanity cribs slaps the fist thats saying plain the traveling is a chute.

Most of publications license to the find,
signing dotted line to be that proof of stand,
the Swan is a beginning did Occam's Theory grand the razor or the Cram??,
to know the egg before the feather or grown before the land??