Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Moat

Sat the Piano of the shallow lap of Humanity on the raft of theme on a black stone,
the jewel of the scene in that thermometer is the temperature of the freezing lung,
a slow understanding that the earth has shown a Home to the distant crumb,
but to the turf butchers price the event on the Humans corn.

On ear of the ground to a thundering sung I silence the horror to a treble of the Knights coast,
a foot steep with the Kettle whistling a Tune touch the Singers seen in other Maps of great division,
equal to the nice Treat that people are the Hobblers of class to drowning the wealth of vocal chose,
lyrics at a scroll in scribe is the Pen and Stand to no temptation of bladder plight.

The portion of a Sheet to Musical choice is the body on the method of Types,
some of the gathering frost speaks to sleet as snowed,
other reins may find comfort in a simple note streaming on the ice of living bye's,
yet on the hug of global fright the basis of gravity is to spring a beautiful style of clarity!!

The sky harbors a Writing screen to dynamic the picture of a Cloud in change,
storms scale the sigh to venue the perfections of the Valley loud,
a deep canyon on the evolving Mountain announces the Plateau as a Hello to balance,
seated with a bridge to chorus the Wheats swing on the butterfly of a bee's lap.

To only Hive at rage with anger as a Page in the chapter of grain grain grain it is a spilling of seeds,
to the ditches and the rain atop the fountain of gain the health of growth leads to the sway,
on the Plains of wild truth a Wisdom introduces the reality of a Willow,
the read of a life in times that have skill to recognize that Quest of a Heard on the earths floor.

The scrambled greet the Flood with running screams,
the water rising to surprise will show far before the pour over loads the stalled,
it is the love of Nature that examples the gift at the most basic of ready bones to be the most gentle say,
the dust of human remains have brought tears to those that have remained to be scene.

An Elephants singing,
the slow waltz dancing,
remembering that choir,
the graveyard of the ivory soap.

The soothing lane to tack the Adam balm,
the deed of a route to sing the spice of Trades,
at the expense of to many dead to rinse,
the shoulders of the Human Beings have troubled the shore of energy,
by placing the string for a profits king at a canons price.

Hell Of A Depot On Talk Ten Radio

Wow what a Whoa on the Radio this Morning of the Unique said,
a wisdom came across the Airwaves that Tonk is of a grade,
the gamblers bell of the strike of Coin touching the bit on History,
for it has been testified only a few will bear the grizzly true.

In fast to that land of Choir task to the kneeling were Shipping,
understanding the prose to the caliber of a Man that spoke gentle slam,
dunking the answer so easily at the Baldwin of a Piano Concerto's opera,
there in the ankle of ground ball halting religion to Bank.

Basket after life to the dead on the freeze of plank Tons,
thump goes the Rabbits Foot to tag the Ages,
in basic to the back of forward on evolve,
what the peel resolved was the few to the Sole.

Should religion be Proven to be political Dogma at it's roost,
the hen of egg layers with a cock priesting tooled,
than the statute would dissolve to solution as responsible for all the drips of drooled,
every step you make each stone you cast is on the Human shoulders per robe.

Paper shower Scissors cut Rocks upon the Maize,
in python of the viper a hose to old the cow,
milking sugar far the butter as toast is bread from laid,
on the Farm of aggravate the batter would be dead.

Now on organs lived the heart would have to pump to the apple paid a grave,
to control the populate with sinking earth to snake,
a talking tree with rooster burn a ceiling that just killed,
to Imported factories making Mint of trampled sperm!!

Heavy list in showing Crisp the crust of Pi at Math,
in blanket explanation the World would coil Torn,
rip it grave to what the day People shown a bone,
no excuse to behave as person now is grown.

Nigh the Night to mid lights Strike the Hello to Twelve owe Clock,
the hands to speak a great a spoke on Wheel in the sight,
learning from the give at Sane the drink of Volume spayed,
to indicate that simple state of response to value bigger Plates. 

Cay Nines

A Star in this Mornings sky to Know that tools are equip to shed the Hugs A way,
the fathom of An ocean on Its depth with those life on that bottom sung,
in with a reason to Shine a bright Smile ask the Compass in A live,
treasures of years as these Notes role to Script on a simple method to Operate!!

Shall the moon bring shaped to describe the list of bearing each as the scene,
a Peacock on a daisy red in Rainbows composure of Pots of spreading earths land,
touching that eye Speak tasting the bliss that graced my Cheeks love,
rise doors of threshold crossings of Love finding anchor to grounding a jolly Neigh!!

Ridden in from the Outer wealth of Creation on her shore,
evolution torque the amplified university of school on the plane of Tug,
a push & Pole the air of raised is certain a Solar flares design,
within the crave of over ton a shoulder carriage to Ankle more!!

In big dippers system of Milky Way,
a belt on girth this buckle Earth to familiar is as Familiar been,
taught sent Ancients with Sneaky Pete,
drive the crossing with enter sections write.

Upon the stories of sewn to the hemming wave of a provisions Purse,
pucker done for the tale of the star ended the donkey to saddle a horse,
jumping stamps the hooves in place Well^shoed to Iron the plates,
the beach wood of Birch on the factory land.

Remind the route of four corners turf on the Corners of eyes on turns,
as the shutters on minds film the cinema a theater of Shakespeare`s spelling road Wakes,
roost to Stained Glass windows,
a blink of A Comets path!!

Tell the Pyramid that a Pharaoh rode to the Task of a Sphinx,
the green scale to compass the seer`s Frame,
in isle of a galaxy the fires flame,
now state soapstone to mission the pen it is as A Marble Statue stood to grand it Sung!!

Planet Lanes With Bread And Lines

Shirts that clam of the simple suit of cloister is a stilling on the rock bedding as Oceans read,
a crease to the oxygen that is salt waters fed a swish to the tide on once upon the dead,
in alive on the reef a school of leaves is indicative of a sunken Shipping fracture,
the split rust to open the sides as to inform the natural surroundings of the sharks at part.

The bermuda triangle is a fly barter to strange racks,
freight is scored to have winked the path as the venture of pirates raid,
as to walk the fester or might the fret from dawn till dusk ran waving freedom,
more torn sails have showered the ankles frost to in deed the oars on oaring.

In the long list of history to dives on the bends Scuba has brought snorkeling dense,
while the air is rated to lungs of spelling a Tank is offering the stand to underneath,
in a daze of haste the mind may event to breaking waves,
scathing the tongue can sheep in a shadows rave!!

Teach of short Nails is the weight on the wire inch,
a Sixteen penny setting to arbor the shed is slight a tacks hammer,
in foot measure to sheet Rocks sever is the sand dial a timing dorset route to circles,
or is that pheasant on the framing a Gates making to Stones Henge.

Scenery on the filed of Ages in division of grounds developed century,
a wall standing the strength of left for a tray,
service is the Find of finding a stay,
mystery Fable the celtic bean laid!!

A coral remainder alive with teaming life singing over the darn,
in thatch the straw is shells of pebbled time,
a roof to Talk the speeches of signified,
great door from the ordering a piece in the Puzzles came.

Less fright will compass tricks in a Thicket of priced satchel,
born forest in a fair reeds Marsh,
the bog in lost Quick sand is dividend Morrow,
yes Slate.

Why Is The Ocean Flat

Glassing bulb the Mind in the thoughts off to a soap Washing drying the eyes of a say,
tongue is a organized pronunciation towards direction,
the accent is captured by the road to form.

Beauty is A relay to cheeks smiling a virtue of Wow,
I love the evergreen a Redwood route,
over spills burning the base the growth of trees is reality to jinn.

Again the rib taps to a cage within the body Feat,
rides on a step gentle to event a pharaoh in Middle timed,
trusting the evident band is playing Music penny dime.

Singing wherever the libretto goes The Score,
scrolling let Us scribe in lens blink eye,
the Sphinx of Stature to abide!!

A simple nasal breath in sound of guts loud,
quarter pictures of the blooming soil Fertile with shade will speak,
a Fence to that gate to Cart the Hay off to the Market milked the Cows spade.

Toasting bubbly course to savor the Wines grape it is the Skin of perfect sundry,
with bar of port Sherry so thick to dessert Custard salute is a chilling stage to alert,
stories throughout the vary Hilltop mountain nigh the echo of evening gardening.

Hot off the press with substance and breadth to starch the course flavor,
dense fog is the added dew which enhanced the subject to savor,
that is the glow of a warm summer in the hottest of a septembers month.

Year take steak and the rare,
pots to the Pan of whistling the station on a stop,
how is the Human start in dust not the Particle from a clovers lapse!!

Tree High the Sky hello a Clouds swinging the earth on collapse,
spiders write Parrots speaking on repeats is a back trade,
feather flute spake!!

A grace came in the World of denial to prop a gate,
ancient by designed I folk lore to a dancing lathe of bell Horns,
seals breaking to show that the ocean of our grade is full to the depth of blackout!!

But does the fish at the base of the sea not adjust to the strive,
do eyes not become the ability to understand the clover of dark miled,
is that swim to walk a clerk not the inks type setting the pastel on painters style,
this is drippings of speak & stay to straw not the man but elevate the Sun rays spend.

Legs coming thigh knowledge a knee for that bend in these Maps curled,
park down is a sight to chorus of meeting hand to hand,
vocal springs bursting forth the fifth dimensions degree of traveling leads.