Thursday, May 7, 2015

In The Birch Theirs Is Stone Its Sound

In with This World of Commerce on the broad Swallows form to Angle the batter the Come & dough,
as the Either or the Ore in the Planetary Authority it is the Remainder of the Throes on the Crow Called,
to sank at the sale of the squish and the Flat onward the divides will RIP sing a Vast Fires Flight!!,
in past on the ridge of the Universe in the Change of a Caliber on the sight of Rock per from the Stand,
a blankets Song that electrifies the Factor to the Ball of the Sun in a Place to sighed the skeet on speak.

Over Foundation with gallops on the Bill a Receipt is the Core to that Thundering crumb,
a smothering Sat lite to flourish with the gravel and the Sands,
sewn with the Stitches of ALL Grind aspirate to my Breathe For You,
its a designation of A view to the Phonics of a Blast!!

Scars and Delights FULL the Free Melt to the Most Explosive Leaf`d,
on the Floater in Green Lace the Buckle is Nor for The Belt nor a Steam,
Creation barters the Presence With the Gift of LIGHT!!

Teak an Oak wrap the Rivers with an Open Mouth at the Base it is Serenity Width be Sleeved,
a gracious bramble on the Zips of the Dew duh brisk,
the chill is Palpable with the Airs in a Cream sky,
the Up is Sound the grounds are Sky HI,
in Pinners its the Precision of Nature on Her Nautical Rise,
as the berth on The Port is shoe drum to the Comfort of the Milky Furl,
ace in the Coals are gently Warmed to Spread the distant briars as the Starry rites in a Brushed!!

Clattering of the Unite is as a blade of Grass on the Wheat of Timely cracks,
turned in Simplicity the pleasant dose of Reality to Orchestrate a Stellar blue on the Cribs of Cried.

The Tears begin to Shed dawn at the burst of the Memory of Memories shore,
the begin does the floes on a sheet of Glass to direct the Flour of the recorded Gran,
bench Parks as the tress route the lead to a Boar on the style of An elephant, 
Ivory Particles to Rhino the Lion a Roar Fore the Home of a chore to remember The Brings tiled.

As the Thimble needles the Eyes of the Thorns a Get Up & Carriage granites the Scene,
a rock its Mountain busts the Museums die on the formal lie of the dust in the breezed,
The Valleys plural a Brisk Pace to great the Peat from the Sea Kelps yarned,
a spool of Milks honey the being to a Strict Criteria of More's on the Marsh.

Did the Pigeon crave the Massage of a Print on the Hoof of the Sole,
quest Forms shape to Shadow the damper Ton,
a Clique to seam the Threads offer a sensible Send of Tunnels row,
these are the fumes of the Argo s Tendency in the adoration of the soes,
Tuners Raise with Farm Fresh dips to represent the Hounding Truth,
'cause the dogs on the galactical screams of the tire and the rubber bands a Plate!!

Much of the severity is balanced buy the Thought of grace and Multiply the guide,
in the seap of tearing flys a buzz on the stream is a pebbles mile,
this is the dory of a cancers pyre in the healing of a burned required.

Scortching the peas to Beam the bladder as the Volcanic Sire in the Molten cable for The Wire,
on Cod the dolphin Spins to the Breathe as the Whale wobbles the Seat to Stile the contact stone,
there on the Tractor of the Sail is the draft of a choir on the Just bearings of A Grizzly's claw,
The Trout brain the directions to the Swamp old for the journey the grapple is a Hooker day`d,
by the Tight an the slow A Razors ledger Inks the dees to the Stale & The Stores,
its a good 'Goods' bay,
A lark whistles the Flute it is the Speak of the Mother Goose honing in the Flight of The Igloo`d,
Oh for the life on the dial it Sparks like the Magic in The End,
surprise Surprise its a Postcard from The Bells springing Bubbles to Peek,
corn on the Maze an Egg Omelette on the Form inspections for Buggys' is a Wheel on the Yoke,
hark its a World of the lens all in the Funny Opera of a James Blunt Placard to When.

Fore All The Said

Certain 'The Ears' of herd on the Plains Felt the Antlers drop to the grounds of soiled,
a tree for the anchor of the Thought touching the scratch on the limber of the Troughs,
as that is the symptom of Season All's Trustees to seclude the Find to the Freezed,
inch by Growth the Spring on the Nubs is an Intro. tacking the Fountains pain!!

Ask the Years for the Ticket Priced to Sale a Fur on the feathering of the beak at an Ants hill,
spreading like the Fires of a toiled Fry the base of a royal Fish on the fax of the ribs Fossiled,
in the Caves of the Valley Boar a brush to the Painting of a Snore inking the Storage of Signs on A Floor,
to the dust of the Tongue on the Race of the Human lungs.

Steep Walls in the Explanation of the Billion lined for the dish to scream a Satellite NOW,
future to History is the Presence of the Dig kneed to staple the Hip joint to a Plaster of cast Uld,
the answers brought the purchase of stations to bury in the muddy lanks of smooth sleep,
sleeves of that arms once born behaved to hug the sigh of the dieing tongues,
the worth of the agony on the bearing of a grizzly chorus of scattered to the stunned.

Task at Harnessed began to phone once in the Touchtone prized for the cry,
in tears once the salt brine held to the cheeks of the smiling frowned,
the grit of the core on that changed to skate the sled of spoiled,
in brain Tower of the razor on the slice of edge to short scar now the stubble of the lawns latch,
furrow after the freezing reins constipated the mind to seen as an abgestrate,
this was the path.

Its became the seal to a stamped gas of Vapor on the leaned,
frostie on the slurp of the stink drinking a chlorine eyes`d stilt found in the Buy,
as snails on the Trail of film left the Reel Projectors mile inches to Clips had been Shipped a Cree ole,
the gum bow confucious gamed the Banshee to serene delight As shells crumble the eggs smell,
it same`d The Filters loyal.

Ace dealed Cope a speak forest on the Glenn Cracked the snort to Flare,
as the ballistic shower of crate supported the Harvest I choked on the jail Ores climb,
laddered buy to struck Band the deodorant Air A Saul sprained the glass Wind doughs at sighed,
as the Fog turned to Wet Mist it was the stale slight in the Waves that rose a shoring to lumbering lite,
ate flash bulbs did not quirk the Took by demand it was the savor of the crutch design that brought dime.

Deposited from the High Jean of leather on the Crouse I forwarded the Glade to Spock,
a lapse of shopped spinners Recorded the Needle ends of the Hey stack!!

I ride to the turns on the Tracks that Field of start Galaxies of shoot bars Row
on the rails of the spins it Will be the grit on the shirt that I will goggle 'Croup' shoop,
for in the Front on the blast of the Opening shores I bright scene the variable to Corked pitches,

In The Wares I Speak Of The Tales

Tall Mountain perch is the Flats full of Folklore like the light in the Valley of pain,
can that variable on this lone be the bridge to an Owe Zone,
forth to the Evident Tide is the Stretch of that Thousand cries on the Hall of grain,
is the Wood a trembling As I too shake the leaves with a Chill to my skull.

The Width of such Magnitude on the Formal dire is that Treasure the burial of shame??,
is the born to Only dye a Tribe with Paints and handles screamed??,
surely the dirt is Soiled with the gallons Blood to say that bones are Scales roamed,
to talk and snot the Tears as the Failures pull touching the grasp of Humanities royal,
What a disaster in the Chaotic grounds of Earth to the Furthermost Fire!!

There On that is the simple Speak asking does this Burn touched know your Flame??,
pork on the Toes in that Feat of previously per brained,
does the Smashing of the Pound to a Coins Gold invite the sever to the skill of Trekked??,
can the Journey really Fertile the Future of the Past on the Irons Wrath??

Don't the learns and leans have a lens in the browse of death to Sea life gorge??,
is this the ankles of brawn while the Paper is the dowel on the sweaty Coil in last shine??.

Do the Civilizations on these Claws of Civilian dead Not gather to formula an Understanding??,
does the bleeding out fill the skunks Home to stripe the Cat??,
shells on the broken clams scene as the excrement from the Pearling not regarded as stiles,
forward that is a muscle that wheels to the Shark as the deposit is in the bed of a Lambs Wool.

At the Edge of Aspen on the Atlas of the Outer realm is the deed from the ranger of Time??,
in that grant is the dues being Paved to concrete the sands on an Armoire of signed??,
shall the signature Piece puzzle this ridiculed rapture to the dreams of Humans on the stoned??,
in the depth tacking the Heave are the Animals at skidding burned in advance of the Porcupines stung??,
in the House of the Vomiting choired are these Hours on a Multiplied pasture of Fenced to dates??,
coral on the Reefs of Live Rock breathe a Sound from the Whales to the Zedekiah of sigh,
storms of the green have Mossed Up to schooners on the Longs of shoring the bricks of Morseled bane,
thou Wilt of the Prophetic farmers have chewed the scat to burp a slip on the gutters of tongues in Yodel,
that stream Once was a Smiled language`d that Warmed the hearts of Men in the battle of Lost at Sea,
talking the Singing miles sewn with the comfort of the wringing Work to retrieve The wrought,
the Cause on that band showed that the Sword can also be the ear on a brass Pile,
to Thank the Flag for the striking flight but also to supply the equipped with a last Stands rite.

Whatever rang on this Moral dropping of Traditional Roof Tops of forward rowing bends, I ask 'cause the World is in a sync whole of bemoaned ducks Squawking of the often settle but bearing scam,
that conversational Cover to lip the Service as tray File to port the drink with a glass of drownings,
people glugging the perforated sewage as Pearls are sworn to the String on the Nape of sale,
perhaps that is the lesson in A Nut Shells brake,
just before the cracking of the egg it is the delicate filter to the Air of a Sap,
the tree Syrups fountain right before the Tap.

Life On Rocked Poled VII

Ice is a Mineral on the Horses leg to bring the balance to a Bow,
in off shot to lunging life on the dangles I spur my brights to Tuned,
sprite James Blunt to taste the Corn on the Hots at streakers Sight,
jump me a moon and as that is a landing it is the fetish that lust,
desires on Unanswered swirl like a Log,
count the words to spread the sexual shower as that rides the Ages of Times whirl`d,
from to being in body Mind and the Sole to lead I bounce the burst to Energy!!

Strike the Fire and on the Ignition I gallop the Stars to a Founders More,
on the flight of gallant I love the choice that denial breezed me a sleeve to type the tears as reins,
the sponge to bucket the torque is the stand that braves the slam,
for in the learn of the falls which happens as expected Its the get back On,
a blast to the Thrill on the seekers of The Norse.

Read me a storm that does not Cyclone to a touch down just to feel the spines dirt on Earth,
flying from that Satire of Irony to bright the longs with a Stirrup that shorts the less to Score,
ride this Jump to a blanket of Stars in the type that Orion brought with a Belt.

A shows performer on the Night in the sky of designed to sing the Infinite as A Fires starter,
how can the banks of such enhanced lens not canter to the outer realms of wonder touch Mystery its a thunder,
width the Prose of the Drums on the Rain Dancers that Speak of the Blue Star,
a Wanderer in the Midst of a traveling Sire to touchdown on the brow of FIRE,
this is the bass of a Squired to the entry of the Cosmic claim on Flight!!

Soar to the thimble in the Hey Shelf a Keeper on the Fix to bridle the Word seat as a tendency,
to buck the it is the brake that slows my bells in the excitement of the drumming sends,
feel that rise to dance for it is the Fire that expels the Flame to desired,
a blanket cannot part the lap to dead aprons for the Cause will effect the butters bread with oats soaking.

At that the Comeback life will Strike On to Walk the Waltz with a Prized,
a trophy on the go Rounds to fountain yet another fountain Inked,
a treat the blast to see those Gates of absolute fascination as I have trades,
through and through it is the lens that are the eyes that you keep to the blinking of typed,
to gather in to Watch the clock as the handlers are quick to Hold a bait of Hooked!!

Real in person to this place of Imagination which is the beat and which is the Feat,
I further the wonder to the blast of the bring from Place to place it is the Choir singing,
a good trait to be not frozen for it is the Plates of the clay changing to answer the bays,
so as the World bothers the weirds with the Strangers I state Hell^Owed to basic branch of the tuttle.

Training shore to bench of Completes that ground on the thermal as a Volcano treats,
rocks growth without the moss is as the stone roles to circumspect situation of set,
climbers on the Cliff enjoy the Views of after at the before of the sigh,
more's exciting to condition for the music in the skippers creek,
like that incredible bounce that shows how to be a traveling Fleet on a boaters Ore.

Sanctions banking the bankers stile only works with the coin in the pocket folk of riced,
on that is the remember of the remind on the memory of designed to brace the gunnery of loft,
shall the taught be of a scoot than the Pewter is a loud sound to the drinking of froth,
but if the glass is a Sealing to grasp the seen than the foundation is much more than a dream.

Life On Lull A Bide Rock Kinged VI

The Horse on A Thunders Role to Announce the Rider of Storms deep Seated at the Post,
in the jump to the Standard of test is the Dressage`d on the value of the Letters lead,
to taste the power of engagement touch the strength of the saddle at girth a billets rise to Praise,
in loft of the Crowning of Heavenly speak a sparkle on the driven released the Complete,
to tack the bridle is a Bit on the favor to Cheeks that Attach to The Reins,
a buckle of leather tracers of the hark!!

Owe forth the Light Harness to Know of the Scout,
a service to that is the faint,
a powerful Fox in the Sleeve on the Hunt abouts,
treasures in the Whole are the Hounds of the Prized,
basic to Scry an Event jumping the gate to see the built for the Sheep in the flock are Scattering,
fleece for the travels a Wool Cooler on the thristy sweats,
dripping with Salt an Exodus of the read is the desire to be of the Lightenings bolt to ground!!

At the Dawn of the Mornings real a list to the Verse on the strain,
failure is not my grain for the Oats hour the sweep to that Marching parade,
work through the pain to dial a stride correctly driven the Carriage is a shoulder affair,
changing a lead on the track of Trace skies is the excitement in the thrills,
at the edge of chart to tell the skirts of starry skies the ready and the pulled,
sound to the duty and honor the Trots.

Posting touches the shower of Suns in the Horses brought,
on the Bounce it is the Won done to seat the Skill,
for me it is the learning of the crash that steeps me a spill to spelling out the test on the dialed,
in that the condition of the footing is in the frogs capability to bunch mud a sticker or a nail,
shoes on the barefoot are not the smalls performer for Nature cleans so naturally I origin the form,
at math the clay is the soil talking trail line it Up with the been to distance traveled,
as In Tell tolls the Mile on the Call phone the Shoer and What do You have,

Brace the backers with that Concrete sound of the Clip to the clop of a Sake,
loving the sounders at the Tune of say I hear the thunder of Hooves on a doorway,
tacked Up from Halter to leadline I have known the Cross-ties halt forward the Rack,
wash in the rinse and on the emergency its the reliance on the quick release to give a based.

Grip that with the Mucking of the buckets to wheel barrel the grunt A sigh as that quirks,
to tremble the excitement of leather played to Oh for the cattle delights,
a real coordination of thorough to regard the absent as query to the agency of torque,
to be in the balance of life as the arrangement Meets I love the speech!!

Ever is the appreciation of Feed from the grains to the Wheats I sew the Fields romanced,
riding as the boot Affair on the smooth of the Salute bases a defining Taste to the arena of Life,
a jockey on the steeplechase is the Also of the Racetrack that paces a fantastic Northern Dancer,
in distance the Thrive is of the Cadence on the Home Stretch,
a Noble start to the Cross of The Finish,
a photo for the grabbers is the flowers on the Winners Circle to Creations crave of Sat a Lites.

Life On Rocking V

Task on the feat is the Work for the Communication across the Nations on the Colds,
to not be of the form that brings the corn to the Hunger Games is to negate the starvation as Iced,
a scrub missions bushel on the bundle of dried words to burn the connection of the Fires Flame.

Grow to the Founder of Your supply,
support the Vantage scale & Weigh heavily the Sheets of sport blocking,
a turn table to dine on the continual mash will only provide the Oats meal.

Patience for the speech to start the choir of singing with the waters logged,
remember that a River on the storage of lumber breaks on the belts of a Storms rein,
as that is the Flood of the raging Waters on creek Mountain it is the slides that bring delivery.

Bought not for the Sky is the envelope and the Ocean Charts a floes,
tidal shock with a taste of shook in that minute of a bisque is Pour ridges stoop,
the Screech Owl of the silent Cause a coyote on the Howl or the sudden flight,
in that twitch of the Goosebump walking the Graveyards quiet prose on the graves that are a Type,
the finality of all is the bells that ring to the dance on the Cats,
learning any courts theme is an Inch to the Mall of The Greatest Show on Earth the Human deployment of Surf!!

Oh for the Waves that current to swell being the Freeze in the melt and yet rising to Occasion a warning,
ink the glacier as a beautiful Speech to hot Wired vernacular in the shores,
on the feather of the creek Once the floes were of the Sands in time,
a serviced Hold to break the Ice on this Human dole.

Banana ripe with the Palm of the Coconut Milk in a tree that is difficult to climb,
yet on the branches the food is of Candor to the growth of a tall Giraffe,
the Thicket to the Thorn a bramble to the scratch tiers of Slate chalking the details of Chimed!!

Ringing Wet with Frozen Tundras a sleeve to the Rain on sleet is the Charge of scenes,
so define the pheasant as a Gideon on an Apron of the peacock that shows the ability to Fan,
flaming Hot on display is also the playing song of a bird that is not afraid to be leaf,
as that Peahen is shown to Minuet of the Tune how gallant Nature is to cuddle the seam.

Binders that record the sight as a Preen is as the People also fancy a peasant to fling,
beg not the question of the shunned as defeat for on a personal learn it really is the miles of the burn,
wrists that slip the cuffed by that slapping hand while offered the next grasp by ways of the hammered types,
grasp the eyes turning to the tears that shed to the Wipe-Outs of fleets that have tried to bell owe,
in payment of the karmic wire I have found that the beginning is the send and the send is the beginning of lens,
I blink to Know that character is the Journey of the trip made,
to scale to grip to blast to laugh to choke to smoke to blanket the bleep,
a cork on the vast barn finding that the Stable is full to Alarm,
all while the fire was in the basement of my Yule tidings to bailed.

Life On Rocked IV

The truth is people War to deny the present gift of Humanity to door a death by laid in Plight,
shall the agree be with that dead Fax than the reprisal will accept torture as the floor to gripe,
in church of the stapled parade the options are concluded to debt by birth of article files,
touch the burn as the candles spur the society to light the flame as protective detail to groan,
yet on the walk of the Chapel fare the Price has been dictated by the Words in charged to Charge.

A costly bucket list at Intellect on the Fill in the Blank from the Ages of History on languages grasped,
in ancient writing the voice on a story wall spoke of the Kindness the anger And the wrath of Tack,
in preach to Toil on soiled by diapered A social ace has bring to the Chapel the chore boards,
an alter has been placed to a Humanity that has thrown the decision to the divides,
for unless the Met is a Natural speak on the smiles to Face the torture its really just a stoked.

Breathing the Watchers of the Teak on the tales of the froth explanation a Chore,
service depth grows to the Fears with the Human Mind on the cork of the bottling pounds,
a puppets string with the shrinking character replaced buy a trace to razors stork,
is the beach so complicated with the role that People will not look to speak the beauty of a foots step,
as the waves roll to the grace of the seas desire to reach a place that describes this perpendiculars ride,
form to base the reef with stingers at least explains the Octopus on the Orangatan,
an Ox for the Cattle the Bull on the Ring the gates for the show to dimple the fight.

A boar with a horror on the eating of flesh teaching the base of the Structure to freight,
an on that blessing of surround the elephant still thunders patience,
a giraffe grows the Zebra to tell of the Individuals on planned.

So blantant the sight of Wonders on the verse of the Ancient World of Walls to Scene,
even with those as the guides to bring to You the description of times in the Shoe,
not running the down as the Feather of the write taking the brushes to paint a deal seat!!

Cannot the World be of a Collective that Celebrates the fantastic Lulls as the brightest fights to bred,
in that torn despot or the prides that were Formal to the Lions roar The Heard brought Reality a charm,
on and on the world works the Tripe the fodder and the plunder to scout the skin as a side,
just be left for the Hyenas and that jaw of strong a Scent in the barter of the sworn,
a blunder on the trades is the missing pieces sold for the trout on the bearings of the fished blames,
touch that stand and say thanks for the information Locks but from the Cage it is the Key to success,
a big compass to know that each of the beans have cropped to the seed for the Tree singing Plums.

Circulate a Trust on the Earth that Breathes to the best of the Miles on the crammed,
so closely bound together by binds and fears the choir has spooned the soup,
in the brain of confusion to the mined,
a drilling that has shown to be the death of an existence that was meant to sing to the leans,
a stork with a Crane that Pink Flamingo waltzing with the waters on the spread,
in these days of gallop a Text to speak the Verse of revealing that really love goes a long Wave,
a breadth of the Tiger on the yawn of the Crock to style the Flattery with a blushing Toot,
to the simple the rare and the bellowing brine be a Friend in a burst of smiles for the frowns are killing our grounds.

The best of the love in a Smile is the bright lights that hug You with a dimple on the Sight of happiness,
for on this Human Being you will encounter the wealth of the Human Thought that life is dialed,
a singer in the Science of dish so engaged with the ride that legs become the dance on the lights of alive,
so grateful I am for the experience of appear,
the math that added to the beauty of believe in all the journal I keep is a blister on the repaired,
to poster the found not the Wanted as that always has a price to paved,
inexplicable may be the counter spelling of working the faced as a found of graced,
to the touch speak of lovers in the salts on desired be sure to appreciate the persons sound,
in a moment the Sun will bust to an Opening of the continual lens of spreading stars in our skies.

That look to the sleep is the Painting on the Walls of the sky to show the burst of energy on Energies creek,
so found are the directions that Humanity has forgotten the Special,
its the Heart of the Chimneys bridle.

Life On Rocked III

Door throwing a fax as the spinner records to the Tonal value to work the sheets of Orion,
a spreading grace to the face of Mystery is this back to the Future of History,
owe for the life on the roast that dug to sing the spite,
once upon a gory tongue the butters Rum detailed a sling bathe in the setting dones,
to wise the bearing graved the tour of industry,
a choice to be of the stars in the flight of from to send Oh for the beautiful Keep.

Ancient oar the climb to bundle adore,
a definite charge to Sing with the World of Shores,
bleach on the starch a brittle romance,
breaking the Waves for the Ocean is a leading Friend!!

Scores of laughter tall with Tidal strength The Wonder of Earth on her Reach,
a road bled to speak of the trials that converged to brinks of the sled,
hark to the Founders that must have had a Vernacular spur,
to rise the sound as a long arm,
hugging the teach to profess the learn!!

Tunnels in with a blankets Warmth to belt the Zion of a Platters rate,
on dinner Out the Realm of Angels truly sing to the Wings of lived,
by path to rock A Pedestrian on the Tugs all I can Muster is a Thankful blessed for the Hugged!!

Yes the traveling is tough to the smoke on the Flume,
but I admit that the journey has been the Worth of a Thousand lives of graced,
a truth to Honor the banks of Creation to acknowledge Evolution on the biggest of detailed,
form to shape the shadows with a say A Brilliance with he carriage of Voice in a day,
that Now on the Happen to branch the borrow as a Trees loan,
those Rings in the Fire of Molten lever!!

Shout from the grout Park a fountains lay ask snot if the Tears are worth the Cheeks they lie upon,
in the roles for the foot to that beat on the risk I brim you a Hats Off to the Take,
bursting the type with Write I cannot deprive my expression the Celebration of life!!

Angles on people have corn to the patties,
the dough on the farmers trial of seed still shows the field a waist,
sprinkle the water on the toil for even the Weeds will fire a spake,
sewn in with the desire to spread with little the life cannot be denied for root,
in the Mile there is a Stile in the Pasture there is a ladle The Showing of a Measure on the Acres oiled,
drought in the Mind cans only the string but be truth born and that stream connects the tissue of a soared.

Life On Rocked II

Grids shown to the Ancients in a distant Shore tore thou plight to Settle the bearings axe Caused,
each built born said to the Fee a Giant is the Brilliance for that is the broth of a Formal lank,
think shrank Thought conversation Went Stock a Crane to the Beast delivered the Cattle an Ox.

Formula perked Formal stunned as the Stilling Stole the shore a disaster in Creations learned,
a revolution towards Furtue in Past of deplore Scrambled the Bells an that Aunk Core rang Soar,
flights across to Meet the bossed told of the Venture ate,
in terrible replenish the Boats on the rift Logging be Framed the treed by a Skew,
tow gnaw shamed the provision to believe that The Fates had Sirens on the Counted grains.

Broach on the Fax a hand Palm touched the skit telling of Audience in the Big lift,
decks that fielded a shoppe of Horrors the Scarce and the Boards,
pie had been sliced to Add in every Thing asking the snot of the Crying did you Live??

In the dance of deep lines At Fell to thrive These Quests gave Way to a path of shived,
spears on the lungs to decapitate Heads rolling the broken and the Just blanked it the Spills,
like the altercation Wood explained to the growth of a scene that Groved the Forest in Plains of tossed for the boots,
in this theirs was a performanced behavior to power the explain as acceptable blame.

Rise the Hot and the tremble of Thunder,
a Bolt of lightening rang the Earth to ring the Shored,
breakfast for spun on that a curl did the sleigh,
no Lie could provide the reason to shroud as the Cloak & The Dagger was a Badgering shoal.

Wendell wrote on the Papers to sheet In Music the ride showered the Exacts,
in expression of Frozen in Time that Weekly braved the Feather dipping Inks for the Plane,
a century perhaps was the cream of the spinach Sand talking longs from the prints to the Pen itch.

Know scratch drew the Cave of the slogan to dire by Straights,
volumes of chorale had Sung to the Drums on the beets that became An Ink Cans style,
the skin of the less Marched to the Spoke,
a wheel Wright drove the Ore to a Planets lathe!!

Shingle brains thus the balk of Accountability had finally been brought to The Light,
the sun exampled the kindness as exposures is the burn That fire delivered to the Lands at Tire!!

Who brained the slammers to further Man by the Whips and the shirts that toll of the lead,
no hesitance from the Screams in Hells grip,
etched in the throat of low groan a parcel stamped the Fee in simple Note.

Practical bar to Springs that bubbled for in the Oil there was Musk,
elephants Crocodiles hippos and trues,
as ........

It was Called the Oars. 

Life On Rocked Once

The long of the lo in the depth of sounding boars as the Horn on the trumpeting songs to sea a Vent,
the express of that is the alpha bets on a language so old that sand is conch on the ear typical leaf,
a virtual reality of truth by ways of seed in that is the oceans soar to reins of a caricatured sky in the reefs grant,
a beach of sprites on that the stars are the melding of delight to the echos of vernacular At voiced.

Sewn deeply into the seat of a chorus on this the speak of feet to Waltz in the wheat as Reeds,
so in the sweeping of the tides a rise in the glacier to sing relief of the molten talk as Rock!!

Saul on the divide to Ark of the built to float shore to sheen,
a Crows tail in the dove on & Inside the dial of a tongues Yoke,
such is the Would for Humanity has Turmoil but in pass Has in addition rose!!

Thorns with sands be leaved as the anxious turns to steer the floes a volcanic creed,
YES that is the inch to a Beak that the Vulcan flew to gallop a Horse on the Unicorns leap!!

As the Wings froze to walk a Tree that branch Felled the Origin in a spoon of detailed Moons a spreek,
silently with snored People corned the Maize as to patty that with Fields of plainly skeltons' reach.

Sort of the Piles on Piering to boat the Thunder as a bolt to snail basted buy the Flight of debt,
in the Work on the worth of Words to thermal Under sired A barrel of Monkeys to exclaim,
that itch to scratch the record on the Nail a Hands lighening to ease the troubled heart a soles pyre!!

As Ages dime dropped the quarters loom a Yarn in the Spool of simplicity be grained the Mail,
sent on the lust to dock born as Tech to the Peer amongst the Red Soils furr Tiled scored a store,
chained by the brights of the gardens roar a sliver in that Hill 'over dale All sew The Fountain pore,
while the blood ran to fill the blankets the Eyes shook to scour from the base of shells an Egg cracked a Core!!

Scrambled in the beginning to heave the Wait did the far on the Way a path of grave to blast chalk,
Up filled broke the stall to stable the Hards' not cheating the File but found the Paints to stile,
that Paddock of a partition Acoustic beaches sank the Islands brew bought only by Nectarines dues.

Than Upon the Multiplied berth A core Vase showed the Mural of enhanced beauty as temple Beauty Fulled,
per the Hat a cloak drank the Dagger to cut the trap and not chew the phat,
it was called the quest of Arms.

The fish in the breeze a skill on Tackle was in the Wrought of baited by Hook & anchors chlorine,
the bleach starch made bones to rich thickness done remains of Memory through Circulations Circa skeet,
dew on the Snow Spits like the Oils tar farmed a Dinner to the Taste of Honey poured for the Bees,
a yellow Jack its Storm yawned a route this gained the Figurines all carved from the Ceilings beam,
soaked Steady to Tuned.

Ankles bent the hinge of a knee connected the hip Hop bounced shook the Bunny but that brought a Hall a Days spite,
toe Eng the Plural complicated the Fee.

At Cost the Price of Sail shipped Yet as a Strain this ended the Wind owes Poled,
flags of Fancy to pheasant a Peacocks flattery flower mint Corked the Rye as Alive!!

Back to the bony brawn a Copper on the Roof at the Evening of dawn gave a Hoot,
the birds Flout sang the Whistle stop In which Sigh did not Clone for it was the Shout,
in calms provision a cool teased and that was the dory of the Tale on a door To the Kale Bong!!

In twice the brow Furrow rounds a platter of Owe Fence spotting the picketed Grape,
as the Vineyard wired to Sat a find on the Hat to skull the Cross bones graved,
at the Insurrection of Risen to the Wounds of the Sipped a list brought Know seed slight,
it Twas the Gathering of the Fullest Collection to burst the Rings on a Crown,
it was referred to as rolling shrike!!

Ore it called once A Story of the Punched,
divers drove the vultures to supper of the plants,
eagles flew the clouds touching the nestled peat of the dry skies,
in a slough the damper chose smoke,
but the beacon brought flight from a stone by prey to the spoken sigh,
a Flute among the balance of lights in the darkest bright was the Flash that counted the Sparks type.