Thursday, March 13, 2014

Key Piece Pictures Read

The sharpest cut of delivery,
the approach of Production,
will not sway in planned!!

The purge of development,
with Thought of pensive Design,
products know Book of Volumes.

Time adds Interest,
percentage in adage,
holds accounts in Fits!!

A Puzzle, A Picture, A Film,
no matter conditions,
the Live Action has already taken,
it's Day!!

To discount the sand from the Rock of which it came,
is to disregard the size of 'Collective Grinding'.

Shall bits in Mass affect greater Erosion or,
in Original find,
select unmovable as Wait!!

Encroaching rattles the Link of Attach,
the gain in loosed,
contacts proof!!

Invitations burned as Money talks proud,
a loss in part of rolled!!

To advantage Case,
a luncheon based,
the Salt of a peppered coached,
recording investigation,
the bureau of sight.

Seated opinion adds to Dollars Amount?

I'm a Figure,
the Scene of 'commas' or 'Pounds'?

The Register of Cash,
a targeted Cow,
the 'fat' of a calf looks to the knife,
as Butcher's 'Court' price,
in payment upon inquired life!!