Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Rivalry Of Here

To brake too train,
be prepared for what?

The Same

The heat of fire,
burns this page,
the ink is black,
I'm of Age!!

The 'Voice of Say'
the truth is clear,
so I write,
to read a cheer!!

Onward, Forward,
march to lift,
my spirit's down?,
I'm still around.

Just a phone call,
proves what's bound!!

To blame the reason,
for life or treason,
I state, "It's all"
just happens.

Believe n'

So to the 'Skeptic'
hello to 'Cowards'
your face is missing,
much like the language.

But livings different,
I breathe to know,
that 'Thoughts' equip,
my every show.

To think on ignorance,
impatient lies,
my eyes do see,
'Their' disguise!!

Made evident with days,
the proof of said,
is not yet dead.

The red in death,
the black enraged,
the hate of most,
delivers Sage!!

Speaking on,
subject wrong,
what was spake,
made Satan wake.

The way to placed,
is long and traced,
to be replaced is a mistake.

The Ride of a Mounted Stay!!