Friday, July 12, 2013

Defining Difference

Excitement mounts,
the Seal breaks,
the sounds of Trumpets,
 blow in silence.


The Music heard,
a Voice in Verse,
the Words of Said,
become whom triumphs.

An orchestra,
the Singer learned,
it is not the State,
the Nation's Earth.

To encompass,
the brakes are burnt,
rubber screeching,
sounds 'The Turf'

Stand for difference,
'Show' example,
use your Mind,
provided, ample.

To define not assume,
the tone of spoken proves the ramble,
an attitude or a sample?

To fear fright,
a grip of sight,
turn Left? turn Right?
a way to fight.

Face Head-On,
shoulder carried,
is not wrong,
wisdom strong,
the problem?,
the Sycophants throng.

Beware of deviant despair,
the Act,
is the Life,
that incites with plight.

Know Repair

The answer is in residence,
the Being within questions evidence,
the thought that obstructs this natural erupt,
seeks to control,
 a supplanted roll,
a malady so low,
a psychological blow.

A scribe who requires a financial toll,
the religious gain of Gaming soul,
produces rants that threaten sold.

The price of endgame understood,
is not a game that registers good,
the dollar's total charges fee,
for information that once was Deed.