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The vast all this promulgation,
the sense of tension brought a burst,
as breathing thought to send,
just as you have a sorted trend,
I have confidence in what's been.

Magnitude is simple,
the complex is only truth,
shortly put the Epic spoke,
the span delivered with ink in hand.

A fast pass to make an attempt,
to not just last but to provide a path.

The width of the divide,
the channel of the switch,
gets down to get dirty,
not create a skip.

The innocence does touch,
upon the part of,
who needs love.....
without a trace has been my fate.

Depravity is the cruelty with a devastating scry,
you have worthed your value to what you buy,
the Mass of the Confession witnessed,
the testimony of whom have died.

Pushing-off accounts of done,
the present is the historical lung,
the silent screams of how you've shown,
disaster has delivered stone.

No fault line will seek to find,
thoughts that made this place take shape,
ever captured the call of fright,
the caged is the rise of an Albatross' plight.


Come What May

The player is a riddler,
the words crafted a chiseled road,
the writ of thunk,
let us Prose.

Sentence stanzas Life,
the bellow of the shrine,
the brink to Cliff Notes,
shall we Scrib?

Purchase the blueing,
the short of the doing,
a quick yet fast trace,
to know,
their Library requires taste.

Rarity of the spelling creates,
Book Marked,
dog tagged corners,
or speak with strewn,
all about the face of who is whom.


Resonate with what's gone too,
the blank in the shot of shrewd,
the slurp of drunk you've all been screwed,
the driver of the base has roots.

In the unusual turn of a lend,
ever known of the broader hymn?,
a bitter truth in costing you,
the jailed liberty in the bars of Leud.

Drink the Blood and Eat the Body,
oh wait,
that's called Communion or is it Fate?

Doubting Thomas spoke of this trait,
felt the proof for Nailed sake,
the Cross from the Verse of what you gave,
the King James Version serves a Trade.

The balance of the vice,
the winds that blow,
our living Toll.

The Choice of how you have blown,
the sale of , a given horror,
oh I guess you deny,
that History has a Pass,
to fancy,
an additional Fuck!@!

Self Instruct Letting

With identity of the dark,
hold to what you always start,
the path of that which has a Part,
the role of a given Ark.

I'm not the Sow that brought this lark,
I counted 'piggy's,
it's a Mark...

...first little piggy went to the store,
.....second little piggy was know more,
.......third little piggy went to war,
.........fourth little piggy said I'm a whore,
..fifth little piggy said these are my sibling's and there is....

The rapport of words that score this Live,
the scars are notes in posts and for,
if you follow and can't resist,
the mere of facts do show this Hist.

It is not left for Hit or Miss,
shall we?

Down in the cycle of scrolling rifled,
the production makes a Show,
liken Rite to a well walked griff,
pay for the penitence of dues.

Are you in the Frill,
ware the dungeons of you're will,
have brought the verse,
take the pill,
swallow hard and know it is the Keep,
it delivers still.

Right in Wrong I say know Song,
dangerous and asked,
"want a ride?"
there is a standing Human clear.

A tackling of the mind asleep,
please oh please do not wake,
can you feel?
you are shaking,
and you've only been half summed.

The third little certain,
a bore of a curtain,
the whips of the training,
it is just a game,
no worries,
I'm not the Beast nor the Blame,
it is you whom rang right on through to this vein.

Production Like-In Lieu,
a double bind of nothing knew,
'Just' an example of the ramble,
take a click and have a sip,
the chalice of the drink of blood,
a communal search?
you are in a lurch!!

No Way Out,
directive in,
the verse that you took and learned,
my life had a stern intro too,
the Black of which I say,
you have been brewed.

Travel high in a Tribal been,
do you see the altered send,
their game is the Share and I am the blend.

Digital Lair

As you read in,
 keep it completely real,
the bounce of the tone is just shone,
the best will be the better at making you feel the tack,
so bridled back it's collection,
the impulsion.

Set at Zero the shift is All,
want a ride to the engine of done before,
much like the call,
production sprawl.

Just a Site

Before You Sleep

Dare not the dream of the ride,
for it does arrive,
in your Nightmare not mine.

In that nighttime sleep,
where you rest your head,
the pillow spoke as you went to bed.

It Said

..gently now rest your soul,
for in the deepest night of whole,
the best of worst will visit heard,
the words of learn so poured a turn.

... place your feet so close to meet,
that your knees begin to keep,
the duvet, that sheet or blank it pact,
the type of things that beings exact.

... the shadows of the closed eye lids,
opens doors to exit exist,
the float of self above the floor,
felt like nothing but has been done before.

... crossing the barrier of such a snare,
look back so that you know the fare,
the lift of piece in prose of said,
don't lose yourself 'cause you have dealt such dread.

... you never will know such levered,
the time between is the gear of scheme,
you'll wake to no that sleep is dead,
all in the hour of seeing red.

You don't believe that your Being can leave?

...put aside the horror and move like steam,
perfectly you will prove,
it's not lost it's just a move.

... look never to that which will bind this track,
for the loss will know your Kind,
in this stated as I said,
I'm your pillow,
come and rest your head.

When the ice cream melts,
and the coffee cup can not be held,
you will know you're in the sever
of the place that states a debtor.

... you now lay you're self to sleep,
no that there are particular leaks,
calls are made while screaming's wired,
to the facts that you're a liar.

The throttle of the vocal course,
the tonal sound in silent sport,
shows the difference as a score.

 .. not all go but few will stay,
the invitation of all should scrape,
the bottom of is simply take,
a deeper, darker, sleepier way.

 ... these shapes of things this dangling,
 a belief that you can also stream,
as a game of known to play,
is so lasting resembles brain.

So lay your head down,
take a peek,
it's a Trip you'll need no seat,
the aisle is the lives you reap,
the evidence of such still breathes.

~ pillow talks ~