Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Sexual Rival in Resist

A sexual desire for what I can taste,
you visit me in my dreams, I sway.
Taking what is yours to have,
 I shut out my liberty,
 to slave.

Ride me to the rivers of the essence of your existence,
drown me in your sensuality.
My prowess, the claws I dig into your frame,
to experience the height of your release.

Soak me in your sweat.
Beat me back with my fear.
Tighten my collar and hold my leash,
control my wild, please.
All so I may know what love is from thee.

Lash me to the cross I bare,
crucify, I dare!
Just to let me know,
you are my Master not my foe.

Blinded by what has taken me,
my sight is in my mind.
I am a Seer, a Reader, of the most dangerous kind,
I dine on sensuality.

I will go to your Lair to feel the bondage in the air,
a sadomasochistic stay.
Dominatrix is an interest, I journey.
The smell of leather excites me,
in places, I should blush.

Cuff me, protect me, keep me from myself,
for in this depth of sexual stealth
I breath to know your Manor.