Thursday, September 4, 2014

Show Pan Awk Tiffs

Work of tender in the day inking breakfast will pass dinner at the set of 12 O'Clock the bell free Rag,
magazine to the rack as the speak is how to cope with the prod of letter vote the purr of Real in the toke,
churning Soup upon the brain as the Mind is the time at the Watch of hand read Ream a munching,
curve of Nature out the reach with the arms of hugging nurture`d ask the earth of bare in perch,
the bough of sway rang to the Nut as the acorn broke the fuss with touch Meet a Inking first Hand!!

Watch the search of whats the phone read for vibe in line crew Vine a grape seed art to pine,
needle that the origin thought to sample leaf an open taught handles brush the Paints of lot,
lakes that float a paper Shay in the product of the clay Que the mold for wrist a way to Shell,
oyster in the pearl string knotted separation grew one bye time the numbers shoe to Lacings,
trick of play the Opus state Yes is know the matter rate of pacing on the Trade vein`d dew.

Mist in the rain of Eve midnight from the Cock of hold rowing chase as equal hoist the Bone,
in clamber arch 'The Print' stopped cart tore the Harness scored the course took Cobble kept,
crumbled dust no thats idea in the change a bead at see curbs of Linked the chain notes Dee,
pulley Mast the sails gone Flat a booker in the grain of came dog-ear`d raised for best in Stay,
put Crock a dial while calling Test arson broadcast spun the Whisk swept crams after been.

Profile News estuary the March of fan the litter tarried wrote a bunker in the very rifles piled,
stack`d cents coin the bank of join counted cold per each a loin add Fact but minus truths,
drove the center balance croft shanked by crook in bent of brought brought language in purse`d pots,
scramble eggs the Bacon fry spits the grease into the Eye a scar that Visual orange in plied shortening,
crisp the sync at X the Y in a Zebra loch of spy nerves the Key the groove of sign a rake E`ing. 

The Knick Scooters

Study the Mind in the thought of the length of time in comparison to the Wars that have delivered Tons,
in aspect to learning the wealth of the feel in Field to the accurate in actual puts ringer in the gut by bell,
as the pang goes to the store in many on this Earths shore the reference in Used has been strange leads,
yet in the furrow of the tug pull scores of Strange have discovered that legs are Feat attached teeth.

The discounting of naturally coming to the herald of your Unique ability to be warned in the Style lean,
marchs the bookcase to the hinge of the leather bound bindings too Pages of questions in born,
than the barter brought with social butchering through the College of logic Asks heard louds,
in acoustics of Silence an understanding Can & Will discern verse be brain tube Echos in fling.

Cause to issue is the age of the Psyche to the practice on living Carriage bronze`d,
middle sinking by graph of Completes in graduation Certifies experience as hands down desk,
yet in Societies of principle Door the ankle of Hobblers are coring the meet table at best,
the mirror of learn will Stare in beets as the Turnip route is stamped by the Envelope.

Plop it in the Mail send to deliver forgetting the cost as the Whelp in the quick got Kicker,
trouble less speak in the Keep whips Dungeon life to the Post of expression to Crop in guard,
descriptors that sing Fittings sort suggest to the Reader as the interpretation completes the griffin,
much to the place of the Chimney in raise a flag to talk define comes as the Rainbow in the shine.

The Breezes

Make It Count

The station of a Proof to the bench of denial,
sources to the aspect of belief by Bell see,
in the footprint of the far spoken as the heard in closed,
quarters look to the sky of match,
arm in the seethe of Nature bringing read first,
in the part to the already done weather pane.

The Sun bursting black in a flame of discover,
is the usual description of an eclipse in it's cover,
sword`d to the put in Start of the port Mars,
is the Planet question pluto in the Cart,
Venus as the shirt to Mercury form,
the rise shell rocks in the gather be in the Realized.

Scope of a micro state to example of the Realm a dimension,
in lock as the nestle cuddles loud,
shakes Peers on the docking of the amber in the finch as Hummingbird,
flight backwards to turn,
skate in then with feet of pen define an Ever lasting theme to Pleat,
iron as the Satin to the nylon on the sweat.

Bark Peels Set

Eye Palm

Push like a Donkey brae pole a horse,
in the complete of the Creature the mules is on door`d.

Prim of the proper Prime in divide,
of cow the Chew of digestion 4th stomach of Chow!!

The dog or the Cat in the Store of rink Work,
to the Arena of Training go Stork.

Bundle the money to the bin in the thrash,
a Leash snapped collar like the bring on the Fact.

Section to Forklift the carry All weight,
no not reality Ask the teeter on Taught.

Stuck in the steel frame a Pallet of thought,
provides the Loaded to speak on the plot.

Sync with the wheeling on the 5th Tale,
caught docking for Freight to release more for State.

As full to the brim a Mug coffee Hymn the clipboard,
in Cabinet does do the receipt Register.

As Tanks to the fold of the fish in the Count the tub,
of Filter is a motor to Fount.

Clean are the Points that record in the ship,
like the Vault of the cash Room the Key in the fit.

Tray this to dollars counted for Change,
the truck with the Armor came in with the same.

The Combo in digits does pass Word think,
numbered is the battery in stacking the exception of Train??

Chains that bottle opener bought for the Cork,
also in popping the Wine of the torque.

In gracious conditions the Mind is a fort,
tooth day the Perdition the denture inks Dirt.

In width of the body at Ages in Hand,
history replies to banks on the planned.

Squirt the current to whatever is ran,
the pyramid appears to Incan a Tram. 

Jung Ker 

Leaf An Art

Should country be a Religion and religious are a Country than the Flag of flown is Interest on the phone,
the box that does hold Mail an Address form of Letter in the entry say a Tweet is in the braid of @live,
a symbol per the Text is wrist on Tattoo to reach upon the Tier plate the Net of a brew to booze`d,
drunk the words Abbreviate corking claim in send as the spelling goes to trend aren't Thee an Art 'tis`d,
to speck in the dial state a Call to share the On of Ean or bottle on the see of pleat a Coin heads Flip`d.

Tink the sprawl of print on Pall show tunnel in the Vice glass that brakes to not a Squat wood crawl Bot,
spiders as the empty blank the work too Worth the Flea of hop a Cross to speak the Vulture reap,
clause that tank to Written Rank a Captain on I know the thank purr C.D. a Record frame of Playing,
tusk the field with a grey the Elephant does Hide in came to Mammoth of the crock a Crane in burst duck,
ran the Hippo of the bar talk to tender pork a Stool games that Bell the block of Fell how Pink mushed.

Reef of grain the sponge on lane an Avenue to the 22nd Pane has former Gates to brake a Plaque by Name,
call it Sea fork the Cliff in the West the Clay is tip to the shoppe of doors that also numbered Up done,
true Take to bolts the Muni Chart as rails electric from the Start must connect for gas of neck to steer,
corn the Car to Cable part roads to blvd the Van to mark cross the Ness at giants lark a Stadium gone,
replaced for Candlestick was park thru the Freeway on the lark so was to the Cow Palace brew Carp.

Play a game of Fishing wharf the Crabs that love to be a sport grab the claw drop the corpse no boil 1st,
in thinking pot the screams of shot were Can't you hear the soup of shock,
know said I to my brother try in confusion I did do listen on the off Case he was bite,
to the Oyster Shucker that Ed did carve an education for the Hard but eyes do speak in private on the leak,
a hand to blade of grown with switch the Hitters of the ball at twitch are Batters plate.

Shades that blind the tool of Sign is the Curtain back at grass via roots to China fast,
Union Square per garage now the Ice capades of Public blast,
lacing shoes to skates in Cruise the rail of Arena moves as well as All choke`d Facts.

Make a Movie call it Jaws in mechanics the Star War saws on the corner of the found a grow`d,
coffee House to cafe Calm in the ocean of the Pong seek a Venture the Video came Centipede ball,
score the High Point initial Kap don't forget the ready snap of the fourth in quarter lapped.

Scroll Ping

Can Sur Tyres'

Indagate the Horse a trait as the 60's Spoke to real gear in the Hippie pleat stir,
as drop the blanket for the towel in the Bath House I was well taught to Watch,
to home the Skate across the Base Meant that look did beget the Scene of left,
on the side of Outer Realm the talk was not silent Work became the Vein as Dash!!

Park these Words wise tell to verse a conversation challenged no Turn get At stair`d,
on the calendar mark the height an Inch by foot to Five at least to sure the count to Six,
in deed feet the numbers crawl so fast the sound is Whizzed at break of grown key stall,
ink`d threw back a Vertical knack a huge in the clever Hat to pull dimension by the Fact.

Carve no thing for on the Arm the guns can do the Trigger cool watch it in Canter,
trot to sit the Posting lip punch a wrench the Tool bar clip ask Tee of pounding,
the Wire or the hot of Tape as the Fence in ready Maze talk Pasture to the field,
tall black boots with Jodhpur route the Strap of leather not the billet just below the Knee.

Buckle`d round the second wrap is on the tongue of the done from shorter true the Stirrup,

rubber pads now have said bars shown hooks to bands that give a start to begin in ride of part,
in Ancient Race the track of Grace the gallop on the Steeplechase the brush hedge with a ditch,

fall the stumble of the came the Role of girth went to earth as Charging off Jumped brain!!

In these Lessons of the Same hardware is often Rein the Buckle in the Split Hares,
factor birth to brad the Score a text entry Fee,
apply the whip to Crop the Course,
a Grand reverse Walls that speak to Times of Oats in graining fleet.


From Ages in the centuries of not so long ago at Task the which of What will spend production art stole,
'Healers' in the country lanes often drowned by Mystery now the Practice is Doctor tolds,
the study of the medicine base`d Route of Cause the illness saw a professional now Scene,
prescriptions sold at Pharmacy in the pill of ecstasy or freely given to the Public for the Flu,
also as the Field speaks Social to the skill of stuck a Logic stick in gear to burrow in the Steer.

As Science was a Cult of Past the stars or Moon in add a fast ran the Computate,
sticks & Stones to brash the phones a dish brings bugs to laboratory too swab,
on the deck of entry Fare dig deeply in the ground to stair as Heat tore freeze,
same game in making daily Till the brew of kept in Mind of still How the body be`s,
on T.V. the advertise encouragement to try the light in Fact a Company sends the bottle clear.

Psyche understanding shock towards an Answer on the Walk in real shell the purse`d,
live connection hear the dime of Demonstration on the life to follow the list of things gone sure,
the trade for worry in Outcome hurry but on the brake arch Ten~Fold wreck in Case,
the Happy Voice plus Soylent music humming on a figure Stick in Cartoons for adults,
small print bottom on the Screen in Quick shall the refer be the Boxing send to Rumble??.

Or moreover thereby in Score the ticket to the Stock Yards door the Chattel of the 'Wall'
tape that runs those Ultra bends a graph ore halo beam to Cast done crew of ready spake,
plant the seed to Idea diagnostics of the Tan a bottle or the spill in hand identify the Thumb.

In the 30's of an Era the police on the Take a telephone to Car in rake shift gear,
now the Same no charge in done the Claims are on the History bum the Get of buried tongue`d,
to induction ask the Games in San Francisco the decade came Production of the skype,
first there Laws than the View in remote of Office shoe`d exact in Convenience`d rack,
sock it Up with Boots and Bat the shovel action rings with Shack or is it Guns at Trigger??.

Seeing is believing yet Camera's in the eyes of the be Holder to the stacks that shoulders pack,
the offer in of language bin the proof before the act of Tin affords to cleaned breathe Ki,
these simple Methods called gut of Spoke should not be thrown to lies,
for in the truth of any climb the waiting for the proof will come from buried truth,
cleft to bass on mega loan Watch on time ask the Doe.

Light Carriage