Monday, March 10, 2014

Brand Name Plans

The words that express,
swept approach,
the post of,
a dust pan coach.

Tourists came to the Cable Car fame,
each passed by with another guy,
the brake for sake allowed to skate,
a Conductor with a handle makes,
safety space in dividing place.

With each sentence,
the life it is,
brings a count to gift or sift,
the ample case to prevent demise regardless of Event!!

The blocks so built,
a pyramid in site,
the base is wide,
the height resides,
within the structure of the try.

Spread each phrase with what is caged,
the bird in hand,
a parroted plan.

The Vulture Hunt,
ability to see with the clarity of keep,
to unravel the embedded design,
that developed at only nine,
Nob Hill still a Sign!!

The paint brush strokes,
silenced folks,
the strange became a sign,
not 'All' at home were blind.

To regard the health of marred,
the witness did what's best as a re-mark,
beware of the bee hives nest,
the sting completes with rest.

This is the Emergency Broadcast System,
if this was a real emergency,
the following information,
would warn a Nation.........beep, beep, beep.

Who do you call when you are small?
or barely three feet tall?
on your own without a phone,
in the place that provides a trait?

I know....nobody at all,
you wait until you can know,
and learn as you go,
the numbers of said because of,
slip of tongue? or a cause to stun?

The reaction to action,
is that belief is a tablet,
to swallow? A habit.

I left my heart in San Francisco!!

A Prime Number

Rising lives settling sides,
churning past to brought.

A checkered flagged with marked appeal,
will you walk or route the conscious climb?

The venture worth a dollared risk,
the likened rare or fare to hist',
the common search reflected safety,
in a World of too much.

Piano plays with trumpets born,
the singer planted grounds,
the strum of the mere photographed,
a pre laid pact is a promised snap.

Bellowing lyricist,
echoed speech,
credits roll to 'no idea'
just a tempted state,
personalizing not to placate.

The wood stained floor,
masking taped marks,
the sticky venue,
a well-worked effort,
the walls will speak the truths,
Postered past Future cast.

Bread & Buttered

Pipelines or Vowels,
either sound loud,
the 'Letters' of been,
had an akin.

The language of,
a hashtag or boss,
a life or an albatross?

The Line of ink,
a writers leave.

The essay of the poems perceived,
a riddle or a rhythmic move of boarded cheese,
the mouse not trapped with the Rat removed.

Old or Past,
ancient in last,
Ages will add,
subtraction is tack,
the pin of the corked screw.

The sample quoted delivered sack,
a bread boxed approach,
to date, to sort, keep in line,
the Baker of Sourdough starts,
an Apprentice Park,
curbing saved lives in a confidence game running stuns.

Why be of purpose when it's a Race.
Why ask questions when you are told all the answers.
Why dream when reality is so perfectly served you're drowning in it.
Why face the Sun if it is meant to leave too.
Why try when all fails.
Why exist if all we do is die.
Why be responsible if you cannot be accountable.
Why issue hope when life is absurd.
Why stop anything.
Why remember.
Why read.
Why bother.
Why feel guilty.
Why get together if we all die alone.
Why are we here if we are not meant to meet.
Why speak when no one talks.

What's the point when your life has been driven in so deeply, that the World becomes a ghost and the shadow is dying.

Crisping Importance with tidy wipes,
a stitch in time saves Nine!!