Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why Does The Oceans Title Wave In Addition To The Roar Of Sea

Naturally write the stream of a conscious delivery to send is the A of by the Way,
in lane is the Shipping of new to the text of a stay,
as the measure of is a tally on this Rally of life in a relay to the Station of identification,
there is no pondering,
it is a path of scribe to script as that is the Note on all complete to not sweep lives Over the bridge.

As the purse of honest,
the words of true,
measure the structure And know of the trend,
it is a particle of dust on the grain of salt to be Virtue not The bends.

Be of cadence to the strength on remember the date of the year,
it is now 2015 on the decade of the drift,
to door a threshold on entry is knowing of what is at a Meetings touch,
there is not a description to explain the comprehension of a tame,
for on the Arena of life it is the every foot step that treats to drivers gear.

Standard transmission verses automatic,
word to touch the ground of Training as the World disregards the put,
telephones now have no avid ringer that dials to a place with persons home,
instead it is the hurried that have discounted the consistency of a mail tone.

Stamp this envelope and believe in the tread,
each letter to task is the girth of a saddle that rides to the storm on a try,
to be of or on the pasture frost is also the known that blankets for the cold seasons review,
in instant to understanding its the Stable that treasures the warmth of reside.

I love the fact that in evidence I have put to test the environment on a best,
does the find place venture or quality control to engage the Painted Horses by design,
does the hug cost a price to tack or is the bridle a bit that reins familiar to the event of the Season`d,
did that brush box of work also know kindness or is it left to the satellites on communications vine,
hovering over the twinkle to swamp the light with blackout as the portion of prowess that Can deny,
the chorus of instrument,
a flute to the whistle off a trumpet,
speaking not revealing for that would real the thunder to this day.

Either parade is of Bread & Circus or is the Elephant in the room with a Coffee conclave,
beans & Rice to boats oars,
the tree Vista to dust the shelves as a library of dry book bones,
ribs to the leather of hide in search while convenient to locomotive on Ticket purchase,
anchors that dock can also know of the Pier as the Cruise Ship ties off to the steady the ramp,
on goes the load to freight of the show,
what does it equal,
the remainder is its People.

In that order on the scene is of quality to deed,
for in the World of denial the Media casts to a ankle,
breaking the story to feed the lie as a commerce for the Commercial on a dime of preview,
in that torque of form does than the riddle poet an enter bet or just put to the Plates license of silence,
it is the saying of that grain of salt,
a pillar of sand in the cause to be of Wise to an Ocean on the trace,
loving the tempo of message in a bot Told,
I opera a Ballet as the Quatrain of that rein,
no laces needed for the ribbon is also a buckle to belt out the vernacular of Stout,
not the string along of a kite to beach the land run off to a drains morgue of corpse death at debts.

Looking Back The Send Is Also A Receipt To Know That The Wind Can Breeze

The born to that sky in stars on the outer wealth of entry to pause of the footprints stream,
rocks on the pebble to shore the sands on the stature of the wave hugging the tides Chart,
as the the sun is a friend touch the Moons embrace on the Evening of the splendid port,
shades to that the speaking of sigh,
lens talking on the steady enter of the horizon,
a day in the said,
it is reality of the barn in a stable,
the ground that Humanity puts Feat to Know of the Breadth in the Galaxy,
a Universe shy to best the ease of Wow look at that Planet on its text.

Streaming Mountains by Valley's bridge to understand Walking,
a colorful Rainbow to enhance the clay,
drawing the Maps of pole,
hands on difference to Walls placed to being found,
loving the water on a the salts to say that shipping has lanes!!

Time coming gently to enjoy the ability to Voice a station on the prime Number,
in its foundation of rein the write on a life in the decision took to key,
as the history shepherd on a tough grown it was the Bell on the Whistle of tone,
the mind to that thought,
no theory just a fact,
it is the honest of a day,
a provision to piece the puzzle to a riddle played.

Solve vent with the Volcano style of steady as it tells of an Exploding theme on the grow,
stretching the spoke to reach the Ocean on land over Sail to procure note on the move,
dawn is the beauty of lights,
eyes are the provisions,
hands the key,
speak the turns,
delivery just a Means of shored,
all in the nature of a beautiful grain.

For without the person on the record it is left to wonder,
is the rise to thunder or Rein on what shades a storm,
that tend to a value of measure,
the purpose put on cadence preference to the bridge,
not leaving interpretation to the crowds of media on scored,
nope its just the Week of a done on the state of article of Noted,
furthermore its the basis of strength that I implore,
mystery leaves raining ducks Geese and shivering Meese,
you know the words familiar but the connection is of Weird,
so I chose the direct port of phone,
today's the marker on A written send,
not some product placement commercial to venue the next big dollar prescription selling for the flame.

I Know my Origin,
I am ready thorough on this Port of Entry,
I know of the counter Tend,
this is the balance beam to say that life is amazing,
that soaring the energy from dimension to planets scene,
that landing of up and running,
the mortal body of the foot to dance on the shock.

Raw is humanity to the discussion of such dead ends,
never have I witnessed such denial of life itself on the mile,
people perpetrating death like the inch to a tile,
that valve turned like the rust drink,
nails that say to crutch the file,
no account just dump on the next bile.

Grimm are the Fairy Tales that teach of the loaded Forests,
groves of learns to conversation on the burns,
pots boils rings and rose ease,
read purple violets to touch the classics in opera on ballet,
swans symphony to instrument the misery with a touching Romeo and Juliette death.

Where is the life that says thanks I will stride the Solar comprehension to know of that Shining,
hedges and Maize,
corn stomach mace with a drink of show me the take,
nope I just know,
the question is not begging from the origin of the flame,
for that is the eternal fire on the breadth of the Watch at Witness this Worlds dread,
shadows casting death by debt to pick up the Ticket for the price,
than stuck in the burning screams at deadly greens,
clover bunches to sway the sweets,
rye on the Wheat,
gorges that demonstrate the bog that is put to the Human flight,
oh for the bearing of shallow pickle to the understanding of what I have scene!!

Bang goes the drumming,
the Seals the Whales a Deep Sea,
that tide on the change of excitement,
the ruffle of the wave shores,
the ripple of Time in the Ages of Score,
I counter the Muse on a Oracle door,
speaking in that formal put to Tack the War!!

Get a good hold on the reins for this is the bit that says I ride the adoration of out where I speak,
to that evolution has a floor,
life is a traveling show this is a Touchdown on this fight,
but why bother to fight the channel of National Media on their ever lie,
for that is the argument left for the people wanting to waste their time for livers digest and stint.

Edge on this Now is the run,
breathing with thunder treating the lightening count as the sigh stud,
I love Lust,
simple to touch,
complex to strength,
for the Mind is a library to moving films that even I say its the ka on the ba of a ma in this strange.

I love the prowess the drive the arrival the leave the adventure the learn,
I love the truth of the comprehension not the split talkers stake,
on list theirs takes and takes to bury that shape in the six foot dive of dirt,
dead or alive it does seem a trait of Human Beings on the the prints today,
speaking to skill the death of the brain while saying that its not murder 'cause that person still is walking,
I know in the Future that the tie to cuff of prison on the words that put to Trade death by proxied will attach to suicides and sled,
pushed by buttons on applications zipping the pearl to the facial of texting tums to seal barfing at sumped within the self.

But even on that the patience for the come is of the concern of the dead going on the dones, do's and coming exactly at this moment of the tag,
nothing I can do but to say that I am writing for the Riders of the Future,
to spread that paragraph and hold those beat potters to the tack of digging the ditch fallen in per played,
so you be of the counter and I will be of the tool that knows of the sync,
in that its just the saying,
if all I have is time and all I have is hook,
than its just left to line and sinker to know the avenue of the drains,
the morbid of society spreading dread and missile mouths on magazine articles plains,
dry beds without a true slate to say that earth is a screaming deck of frenzy that is shorting the sheets on the clothes of people in the hurt.

If that is the process of building than the building abandons the special,
however the ghost, the being, the life is more on the bring,
cause death is just the shell that is left to coffin the cradle for the living to remember the Name!!

I Bot Shades The Reflection Pond Classic Is The Mere

I love the announcement on the National News Media as they barter the Millions hit a Video post,
does not the recording say to the watch that the click is minute to the screen,
that gossip of trend to trend to a share on the ankle of despair or the laugh at the seat,
to that it is the seconds it takes to keyboard it strike for got and sink to the Soap now the Anchor desk.

Entertainment on edition to edits of misery,
that squab of pigeon with the Steel sold on the Roofing,
sentence to the shingle in belief that is matters to the brief sort of already dolled,
barbwire on T posts stroking the smoke field to burn the Human being what ever its nest,
these Park Road days resolve to counter to know that L. Ron Hubbard wrote pennies on the choirs,
to word by verse Story sails with a bit.

Reins on the Cause to Now at the Quest has shored exacts of what L.Ron Hubbard put to Port,
sailing the Vats to braid the leather of the brain while putting to license the Feeds.

Back to basically the froth of Mind in said is As the decade of Vietnam never quested to speak,
the bean lines to Smileys of storm faces that language of explaining the guitar on the grain,
songs coming from the beat to tack the carriage on to the concerts of more than Mourning the drawn,
as Eyes Wide Shut was a Movie to the Nine Tees,
the club Cocktail to that Scope on the complete Mission of the toast.

Should not even a declared fact on the IRS books be interested in the Common File than wise is the streaker,
a purpose to place the picture show as just the sleeve on the snot rafter of the squirrel on a nut,
that tree of bough to flutter information as a dust jackets label than to shelf the idea on a chimney.

Today the bring to the formal introduce would have at the very least attention to the query,
this in and of itself would interest the people that Feat dead-ends as The Movie the Purge,
in knowing of the sound that grid and the found I portion reality as the dead mount no defense because their dead.

Should Hollywood once the Cutting Edge of bringing to the Public score a difference in lay,
to state of the World its more along of Hollywood is now Hens pooping eggs scrambled to feed,
mixing the purpose with no vitality of growth nor the invest of what Hollywood is selling as the Shingles,
moreover is the scandal that cover up to make up the book at the prism of a triangle of 'Who's on First',
to conversation of speak the movie to kill a mocking bird is a variable of snow on the leather.

People provide Vice to pep skits and that is the cuffs to hang the jail on prison bleating,
already the popular known is that there are more people incarcerated in America than anywhere in the world,
that there is more drug use in America than anywhere in the world,
that hunger and homelessness is a plague that has become commonly named to the out on a Parade.

Does than Africa say that they should eat their entire meal because there are starving people in America,
does the Countries that America gives Free Medical and Food and Humanity care shrug at price America??

Does not the Hollywood bull a start not remember the impact of a Film idea to tack at the Theater,
News at one time was witnessed in the Movie House independent,
the seat to find the Worlds View on what was the next or current happening at hinge,
now the bearings of price fixed to read barns have more leap in lizards than truth to sands,
speakers on screaming in political venues blare the slaughter each other to actually believe that the Presidency is end game.

At that should the radio be of the only listen to accommodate the embarrassment felt when scene,
the voices screeching back and froth to for the caught leave only more embarrassment on bossed,
to even imagine that one of these character deals will advance to be in the White House is frightening,
for in that remember these Persons of interest for the Post have their finger inevitable the pulse to declare War,
the button on the Nuclear condition of sending bombs to destroy the Earth at a moments screen,
this alone marks the hysteria witnessed on Media Coverage a worry of the Oar,
that boat on the Shipping lanes that the Maintenance is to bash be bashed and lie while parading the clause,
inch sentence to changed tides the glacier on the melt,
concerts of the pass a hundred years to the movie Idiocracy and know that is applicable to today.

Where is the Man or the Men that treat a simple Idea to be of lets see what the love,
that not performance but the real knock on the door to know that what has said,
in treat after speak its the reality of the dial to know of the preen,
now on the clock not on the deck as the saddles have been cinch and the girths have been stare ole. 

How Do You Say Please

I love photographs and the fact that so many have put page to purpose on the chapter,
history on the wall has provided but a outline to the vast in the sense of Teal,
a ruby amongst the rock diamond that gem in salt tacking the spice to brave a real,
as the boot to harbor a rider with heels down has good balance for a jump,
today people purchase screen applications to side saddle the chair of imaginary blur.

As with real visit to knock on the door,
the time on a calm,
a patience to event the place to be of invitation,
care of the sand is knowing of the beach,
that wave crashing the shore,
the habits that have brought both drownings and death.

This is a piece to no puzzle,
the News reports of always dead,
the depressing story of take another pill to skit your life,
all while more Human Beings die,
sheets that have ghost like apples,
yet the dust is scene.

Ask the answer should the swallowing of the prescription solutions math,
does the stomach reveal a broth or the digestion to speak brain in a tit,
nursed a long drink society steams the covers to sell the product of killing more lives,
nigh is the judgement of encouragement to drive,
a thought to the paragraph of spelling it out on the work of more than a quick fix.

Course sails have delivered this decade to incredible numbers,
autism to suicide hares in the state of having to plate,
no voice in the common touching is say a bell throw to the clang of a miles shake.

Hollywood or the Radio on a Televised smile puts Score to the breath,
never does the Calculation gentle the tree with an actual face to the peel,
sure the ear to the corn is announcing the dry season,
but where is the come of lets see a stand to the revolution of Man on its ability to Brave.

Examples of Scripts movies and dibs brings 'This' 'That' & the nothing to be,
I was born in a decade that People rose above the adversity to count difference,
on that is the human concert to walk and dance with open dial to thread,
a good sit down in the Elephant Room,
the chorus on collection to believe that change is possible should a choir practice,
we are the world was a grand platform of said,
that dropped like dumb bow to the connection of reality today.

As the process of just a drive to the store,
there are cold shoulders And nobody looks you in the eye And no people say hello,
how is this all the done in a World that pumped the Internet as the next huge nestle??,
through and from sew many to the disconnect of the connect on that kite.

Dating serviced the bar Scene to write what ended on being convenient to scope the seat,
to digest the burst as the meeting itself was and has born a screen between reality load,
the walk to the getting prepared to be of a grin with a dimple not a thimble,
the idea that frame is the carriage of exciting to believe that spark of special fun in delight,
now it is the profile like the FBI on a CIA mission of Impossible to possibly say its a date,
even on that odd it is the fact that those organizations at least in hope had true composition,
not the processed regurgitation of what sounds good to the prospector on the golden filed.

Speaking with nobody is that honesty of the cellphones ring,
passing roses with prickles and thorns to at pause decide should the lace bee of found,
parades of listing the face with a photo shop to conversation replaced,
look at the statistics of death by overdose for in the 60's the Flop Houses at the very least lived through those accounts,
now its the theme of alone Alone alone tasting the vernaculars bone.

Dry comes to dinner routes that deliver cost to the luck of a string,
as the saying 'another notch in your belt' fits appropriations to the fad,
with shows marking 'Blunt Talk' on the How to Pool Party for the stop,
then reality comes on the Films of more big hits to say that life is combed,
as that is not even consider of The Media and their continual screaming lies,
yet once upon a time the Public at get together with common goals could idea,
now its just throw out the trash, you don't make enough money, and, you are having an affair with the Greeter sash.

Such Primes

The point bearing is that majority believe that its all imagination of the cell stoop or movie flip,
yet people take photographs And cruise it out through leaks and product Film,
that put out to say scoop & than on the shirt state its a recipe of grape to barrel,
wine on the wait in the trust of the blend,
the thought of know,
not the guess of purse to lip,
the license is present real to a dip on the shrugged,
yet on the launch its the time that it requires to say that we are now,
accounted for and present to hour.

Loving that not one person has said Hello I can in thorough say it is just A Screen,
A Movie with no Training to advance the reality to be lather,
that Dungeon perfective has been drawn in Hollywood to empty on the perk,
purely by chance and Posture the part of whistle now is not a Cruise its a Fix.

Mask the ice to now factorial,
the scoot is pace to brought that ankle,
riding the venue to crest than dripping,
touch down the sheet or the sound,
reality is that a matrix is a rabbits foot posting,
note to no Owl but the scamper of a relation,
so that in the purr the exposure will Truth out,
not discuss bounced chairs of skating clubs to the next kicked drug.

Perhaps it is the broth of the skull on the Cruise of done,
that beacon of what should have said see organization,
it is a weird and constant tone to level,
the well manicured written,
naturally speaking on the verse,
not the field of at done's choir.

In growth parting the compass I chose Onward Forward,
knowing that beauty is the engagement of promise that real Men somewhere must have existed at one time,
now in the value of society its just left to the bedding of one night,
its not even the stand,
its the lathe to the hen to scrambled bells Numbers and silent.

The best of growing a learned approach is the Adventure of the games,
to be confident now that nobody is familiar to bdsm and its wonder I now know certain Skunk,
the stripe painted,
the clause to no where verses the aptitude of breadth,
honestly I dialed,
the stream of a piece that delivers more than In&Out,
but the berth of a Harbor on the banister of Scene,
that is the real stunner,
but real is usually the reality that real exists.

Today its just a Mist of fog on Men that log,
take pills to timber at the grove,
parking the load on a butters duck,
that does deliver the come to a pocket full of Walls,
but its that do it a chin portion,
far and away from the learn and the lens to the scope of trusting,
or is it just the loss of those silver spoons of political language on introduction of rein bridge`d.

Either status Its the steady on the Steady that produces the Incredible on boom,
that place of Trust to Know the Experience that grows,
training and games Adventures and Journals poetry And riddles,
it is the claim that brings Men to know that what is Was and now a Scale of jet^Teas,
but at the very least and for the vein the country can still say so eloquently this is An art tick Call.

The Pulse of what I have not heard in Years upon Years,
a chest with a real beating heart to hear and know the warmth of a real human being,
with out it it makes Satellites the commerce and touch explicit.


The excitement of the Future is at hand of the write to express the value of scene,
on the dust of a valley in the maintenance of a Mountains frame its the certain of a brain,
that sync.

Loving cobblers mile I wink social engagements married and for tack its best of the truck,
knowing that harness I love the freedom of dance to speak of free breeze,
in sound to the beautiful of Dawn,
horizons that breathe.

Spent by a circumstance that has stomped me at just done,
I have received and accepted being labeled as no use to any persons life or lives lived as proper company,
I know of Greater fantastic gorgeous magnificent Wow inviting presents,
sure footing to A seer at the find,
the drive is just a key with the best of known,
that fact of recreation to the vehicle of patience and grown.

The engine with ability planned to permanently be free of a particular now,
in measure I score more And more to that incredible desire to the touch of a Mountainous choir,
as that is the sing of what is obtainable,
in this existence of complete by completed each deed for those of whom had requested the theme,
this is just a note to that particular so that whom may have been of growth would be of I^Deed.

As not many shores believe in responsibility of life once Plato's voice in Tack to tile sprout,
as not many believe in the telephone to know new numbers without a screen,
I counter the done at the value of speaking naturally and accepting the Worlds response as total deny,
in such simplicity I no longer am held by the current product of what has become the rook.

The games of Chess to checkers and Ticktacktoe is just a grip on Understanding coast,
the cold introductions to nobody in existence today is meeting anyone that is new a reality of too,
that more's has been left to put downs of gossip sharing and further sheds of ilk,
for earnest application seeing eye to eye with real gentry its the replacements on speaker phones,
to be of candor I embrace this New found Place to be strong by state And verb.

As I prefer to go and enjoy what I know is of so much more than what this isolated existence has determined,
 clearly it is the planning that will bring this to fruition but at that being core it is in addition achievable,
I love Knowledge, I love Living, I love Company, I love breathing,
my countenance is report to now,
not a single person has come to inquire this Constant tone Ringing Hello is Anybody out There?,
I can hardly imagine the people that have now sent check out's as statistics for the hour to date at article Nationals,
the simple Fact that I have written and written,
asked and asked,
repeatedly stated a reason And/or wish to meet in real life a real person or persons, never getting a response,
I can only know that I have gone to great lengths and failed openly and entirely,
so the people that checked out are really a tall tale sign that this world has dropped the dime,
that call of meeting or new introductions is just a pipe dream of smoke,
best to be honest than to not acknowledge the suicide and heroin overdoses reported this past week,
sad stuff.

As per the New York Times reporting berth ferns the vernacular of Bill Mayer on HBO spoke,
these simple acknowledgements are reality to the days but I am choosing difference by accepting the sting,
this releases my adventure to be of great fun,
also to be of balance in a World that admits the tragic by articulating the position of scores.

The Future is a land that is not a dream but the reality of knowing hard work, direction and Stream,
as the satisfaction is so overwhelming for it will be just as it is at this moment just with a best compass,
the huge piece to still watch Movies and read the News,
I love the Technology of the Century that makes a location no longer bound by the factor of closed Towns,
no longer controlled by Persons not being kind enough to knock on the door to be a friend in a new begin,
these are the Times of this Ages dime,
I chose the Account of Responsible be Signed.

Knowing you can order off the Internet via Amazon,
speaking exactly the posting cadence of presently,
the see org. off a particular platter of action,
to still be a ballet with a growing orchestra,
not held by the resounding turning of cold shoulders that would/could/should be of honest observance,
I chose beauty of location over the theme of watching people watching screened.

One moment one opportunity one amazing difference to know that people are not interested in Human contact,
just knowing that the cellphone has taken the place of holding hands is proof on mortal shammed,
that the chilling silence of sentence to speak what video records to over steam the mirror its eyes be Ford.

I design an Exit to envelope life at its Witness of lives reserving a knock on the door for the busy signal of saying later,
as later is an hour and the population suffocates the seconds it proves the remainder is Choice,
touching my reality of what I know is special I place the forward walk to where Human Beings love real contact,
that campfire with stories of wonder to engage the Mind with more than what America is now consumed with and by,
the next Application.

I believe that it does not take faith to know the tax of the results of such blinding and frigid behavior,
its just the realization that Humanity no longer exists to be of new introduction or encouragement of face to face conversation,
that peaceful dinner or seductive drawing room of what trust And kink deliver,
pen a tray shin.

The wonder of an earthly plain is the incredible connection,
that eyes when they meet and fire up to that first impression of recognition new to what comes next,
the eyes with a special twinkle with the sparkle of a grin of the spice,
the giggle over something in common,
the lives that are or have the ability to know of the denominator,
breathing, learning, speaking And of Course that coffee,
oh for the Mug,
the truth of a smile in good mourning america is more suitable to slates,
 because no person is stopping to say that words matter and the Human touch saves more lives than the Screen.

In the long run, genomic medicine can underwrite mental and physical superhealth for everyone. For in principle, lifelong well-being can be genetically hardwired from conception. In the short run, better-designed research tools and therapeutic agents can probe, and then repair, our damaged minds. As chemical stopgaps go, MDMA is a magical revelation. It's perhaps the best aid to insight-oriented psychotherapy ever synthesized. Tragically, when MDMA is used to excess the outcome can be harmful, not healing. So as a weekend club drug, MDMA is seriously flawed. Today, of course, empathogens and entactogens are outlawed for any purpose. The altered states of consciousness they induce are criminalised. People who take such agents are stigmatised as "drug abusers". Yet some MDMA users feel, rightly or wrongly, they've been granted a tantalising glimpse of what true mental health may be like in centuries to come; and an insight into what the rest of us are missing.

David Pearce
(last updated 2014)

Its Not Left For The Connection Its The Face Of Locale To Be Comforted By/With The Surroundings And In Edition To Connect The Can

Expansion on this writing of truth verses the locale of what I know I have in a send,
it is the volume of this that will continue to produce,
in Newspaper Article touching the Syndicate of sewn Syndication by the Compass of Nautical land, for this World is of a large bearing to the Earths floor,
men in History took to the Ocean to from to arrive on calmer shores,
in the lens of sandy beaches Wares,
relaxed to encompass the sound.

At this I pour to improvement of the Adventure,
for not a person is in interest to the constant of a hand,
as time moves the clock towards further isolation I realize that its the logic staff that will know,
Machu Picchu a far and A Way to regard the beauty of life as a swing to laughter and hugging real people,
loving the future I spin no wool for the worth is in the work to deliver.

Gently the Wind breeze,
that Mountain say of a friend in the journal of A day,
paragraph to chapter,
living with great frame to shoulder myself,
I venture with more than stupid wishes I simple know of more on the basis of loving existence.

Being aware that friends have gone to other countries to ride and be Clinicians I am excited,
the Horse is a wonder marker,
the fact touching able to move in this World of . . . . 
as many have not grown to growing circumstances of a year to state park road,
its the A task ka dare owe that counters my part in this crest Ton to believe reason chorus,
wisdom on the drive that spoke to Future as the breadth.

Waited for the respond in this decade it is the honest found that brought channel,
the station to identification as every Clock has a date to be plan,
these are note streams to a particular area that Mailbox that once held my attention in strength of direction,
movies Films patience Satellite hours are bells,
there I put a type writer to the key board on what is a beautiful understanding of piece,
to discuss conversation thus on-going width comprehension 2015 year of The ram.