Monday, May 5, 2014

Paint By Number

More than likely it is the Oceanus Blue,
the roaring surf upon the sandy shores,
the glacier bays in melt,
that meld me to this own.

Stirring Skies with Clouds of whaling whys,
to the vastness of the herds,
galloping as shrinking occurs,
a wave of death in belittled importance.

Cliffing drops to anxious crops,
the H2O that falls Niagara,
to rivers running red with claims,
yet driest of the Winter pains.

Peaks of Mountains,
lathering sweat,
frothing over flowing let,
dams the Natural fortuned set,
just as banks hold back to bet.

The Market Place,
the timing Case,
the scribble of a note to face,
up's and prop's the issued lace,
to truth be told it's all in rolled.

The Character of Cause to Fret,
life has taught the breadth of vest,
the broadened shoulders are mine to test,
and the name in print is best,
'cause their is no Promise that is ever kept,
when what is broken was broken met.

City Side Walks

Current calls tightened sky,
the World at Large communicates Small,
the disguise of technicality,
often provides to fronting buys.

Quick returns to cautioned burns,
the Feat is to the Real.

The Investigator to the Cause,
theories ramping prove in factor,
sum of thought,
to Tales of Shock.

When is reality the opinion of Mass,
truth only has one side to task.

The eye of purchase,
the hands on mosh,
video tweets as long in posh,
ready camera to filtered screened.

Emergency Broadcast of a System,
a type to warn and to mention,
so quick, so fast and yet not slapped

No alarming for the crime,
public sites are often lined,
horrid ranked to wretched frank,
yet theirs is tolerated though frames issued links.

The Photograph Is Locked And Loaded ~ Porting

So timer means to Scrabbled brings,
the words of learned at source.

Hugely considered informed the hither,
to heed the heard in turn.

Not to be off coursed with Lead,
James Blunt deserved a Thank You.

In a Personal decide to chose not sigh,
he halted his thought 'cause World War Three was cot.

Never has the National News,
approached this subject of enormous libal.

Do to the Singular Action of a Trooped conclusion,
the result of reason considered to be leading,
was a valiant success in not not hearing the ordered kill,
rather relying upon what is at the Scene to determine appropriate move.

This Country now kills based on eminent threat only,
no proof needed,
evidence provided,
another General calling to apologize,
for the lives he took in wrong.

Not much good can come from an after consider,
should You be the One or Two or Multiple killed.

For in such breath taken at kept,
defense is reality that takes to mortality,
the people that may have been just in the wrong place at the rite time.

Again discussions came,
as if death is a game,
the players whom wipe erased,
now what is left is with a date. 

Dazing Chains

The brake in Orders far usurped,
this person states graduate makes,
the education by no mistake.

Voiced in Charge,
the palace in placed,
a resident sage now placed on Page.

Thumbed through Ride,
the vocal Scrib,
invited players to controlling lust.

The Open Court of Public thrust,
the read becomes the spark of must.

Introduce your Self to boost,
the flavor of the tackled scoot.

Rapping 'round the Theme has sound,
a global problem in mathematical pow.

Countries skate to Iced in rate,
know mention is the Set of late,
to engage a furthered spake.

Drive in the Verse of only turned,
to scrit in sand the foot to Man,
the Print is all but planned.

Revealed long before the strong,
the envelope is Google cope.

Indifference shown to be the flack,
as Country is upon such rack.

Promote an Order of Ancient staff,
the down and under rivals calf.

As discussion empties talk,
the texting fills to build the knock.

Who is there,
the Apple back,
conversion what is that,
the Tree that roots to example Pact.

Not rewritten original claps,
the riddle of the rivet snapped. 

Language Arts Class


Often played on televised,
the radio is clear,
follow Money in Teams that pry,
to buy the hoop of Clipper's scoop,
while color engaged the spear,
all while girls of sortation burn for what is lear.

No notice from the person steer,
the sadness is the place of here,
more interest in the purchased cheer,
than the save of what was pier.

Laughter brought serious spots,
no joking do I speak,
lead by my life in the freak,
nature is to speed the pee.

Once in pod the rocket prod,
attention drawn to booming wrong,
my Country seems to just belong,
to burials and collective mongs.

Glaring evidence does out the slave,
since birth the College of the day,
served with ice on the rocks,
the cutting shards as gossiped broughts.

Classic Venue to Up the Stats,
bummer it's just shown to open prat,
no care belongs with sweets in wrongs,
set up to value spying long.

Should the ball of bounced be known,
the players are in the stall,
courts that manufacture green,
building accounts that should have supported seen.

Over Seas across the be's,
just passed off as second please,
stop your News and press the Globe,
two-hundred thirty four girls are missing grown.

The age of speed in Computer deed,
the ample reporters indifferent to disclosures,
enhance the facts to strip it back,
the wonder remains that people still strain.

Photographs of missing class,
the question of is what is that,
to be boarded or trained for rack,
makes One wonder,
is actions craft.

All In Compassing Strong Arms

Squishing Human Beings in sight,
the vice of 'What' is seen,
calibration not so shared,
Society is Mirror two dream.

The talk performs produces framed,
visual contact introduce,
the psyche is the Cane.

Staffing General calls to Order,
the throttled killing enveloped Quarter,
the broken barrel spake to spun,
in question speaking done.

Victory to overt in III,
no proper congratulate indeed,
than brought to Front to Shows that sum,
the Worlds View bewildered few.

Decisioned great to just say brake,
the Set is only trained to Fate.

Left to devising proved,
my Country once again did boo,
no announce just plain do,
or will break your bones and spirit too.

Shut out like the Movie plight,
should you have clicked than you're a Red,
fork over Names or you'll be blamed.

Lets all know that passing Buck,
has gone Rogue for what the Fuck,
kids are raped as Catholics take,
now the Pope of Francis spake,
will deal with the broken Faith.

Heavy concrete consequential retired,
the Catholic Church burned inspire,
in my Country compare to buyer,
corporations closed for less a cryer.

Bad News Comments,
audible records,
pictures being a National record,
while 234 Girls are hoarded for
in the Nigerian sank of more. 

Time is relative to sums of deeds,
Dali Lama left the Rite of beads,
yet Tours to open leads,
get the hint and know the spent.

The Armed Forces

Observance lends to Owl in spout,
the morn of a Coyote howl,
a coffee cup in hand of now,
the sugared cream in pretty.

Hyped to Hi,
political spy,
the Nature of the Beast.

Symbolic signs in total design,
naturals always speak,
the language of the treat,
archaic ancient leaks,
the truth of what is Neat.

Crowd an Entry with wrong Lot,
viciousness the wolving plots,
likened Past with sourced for wrath,
the mechanics robotic twat.

Xing the cursing in zut the french,
savage rails spoke to spent,
dreams crash down to f lay,
Society takes breeching Wake.

In my Country current reside,
drugs were used and then kept dues,
put in jail many dudes,
and now the Country changed it's laws,
making legal passing pause.

First this happens,
than that happens,
and in end every Thing just brings,
the decide is the choice to Sing.

The Heat Pumped Few Scorpion Tales

In constant of the words in use,
the sentence composed themes,
to rough the sketch of drawn to met,
an arbitrary life.

Motion vein the blood in flow,
a muscular return,
from a scribble enter rote,
the time is put to yarn.

The nightingale scripts go forth,
put place the Moon is strong,
the affect of the Sun to shown,
each eve be comes to stet.

Treasured box Pandora 'ing,
to the duce so mood,
equate the facts that past in fracked,
the spoils 'Our' the water black.

Turned cold to bittered chilling fright,
a Country mine has know insight,
orders 'destroy' common stood,
eminence replaced for quicker states.

To now I've spoken care in tongue,
the twist develops rote for strung,
that farther flight from a good right,
greets harder gifts with verbal lips.

Sight with Self often held,
be ware of the Bee Hive's Nest,
the sting so filled an Inking skill,
that lift invites the red out scry,
perfection whipping blight.

Zoo let loose to voracious loot,
Mind's port entry the elbow shoot,
as fresh dish served each wish,
the dreams are terrors that flood from niche.

Hovering Self takes off as well,
memory strokes the grossed it coast,
digits pumping keys by wrote,
information seized so bloat,
the critter of the crossed.