Sunday, February 2, 2014

Class Actioned

 For all intents and purposes,
the content,
with the Prose of Mere is clear.

Still a leak,
lives before,
sum of bore,
the magnitude of scene.


This Nation of know rapport,
the beast in each does why?

The killing had no digits best,
to dial in or state it's death,
the Mind of Suit displayed.

The infiltrating, 
the Map to All,
is Chose!!

The Populous that should now care,
the means to trap,
the phone a snare,
the swipe as fingers click to call,
the mouse is only Pi.

Traditional demands,
Like, Freedom, Man,
the Factor of ,
X'd out the Can,
the wait of clause in land.

the strong Arms,
the wrestle in the cast,
the muscle of the hymn,
the tortoise whom has been.

The strength of line,
comes to sign,
the contract of know phone,
the dial switched does have a glitch,
the cues of which is combed,
the rotary a hand-held cloned.