Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harbor No Vessel Bring Letter To Sents And Bare Roll The Seal!!

I thought my song was getting a bit soggy so I took it down,
the tune reminded me of my grandfather,
thanks for indulging me now to the adventure of what life is all about,

Intrepid in the U.S.A. as a knowing of language,
Confirm as a production of Affirm,
this is a simple definition of a dictionary spoken to say that retirement will be Tile,
sprout will say grain,
feed trust to gain hey,
fountain sync ripple,
the place of planet is once a parades lest.

For the From To the Able,
the intrepid cannot retire nor present arms,
no museum may hold Teak to Jade at dragons,
file rank as tried and true is a saying that makes patty cake patty cake the sky of stewed.

"Balance truth not from bars words note,
music shimmers each particle,
breadth lasts!!
Frost only sheen ducks glimmer and egg of barnacle to talk Natural,
Nautical my compass as I stretch,
no its just a crane!!

Animals in wild loves accent a Pine,
redwoods Found,
Fathers for that boar!!,
oh how Men Chisel!!

Hammer chore Telling stores of Rein!!"