Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Fright of the hour approaches...the darkness brings encroachment of.....

I wake to know that sleep is fright
the night brings this to me.
To close your eyes, to see the past,
brings out these words you read.

Often more than not, it seems,
reality does blur.
Can you wake from fear to take
or do you sleep my Sir?

Spending life inside the strife
of Adults and their whims of life
is more than most can bare.
I seem to host the onward, forward question of
"When does this nightmare dare?"

Why do they pull you with their fear;
of life back then, the sixties were clear.
Did they think, that if they left you with their parents too,
They'd be found out for sure and tout, it's all because of you?

I do believe this must be fact,
for I was singled out.
My brother, sister, older than I,
 were raised by whom I speak about.

But, with me, it's often said,
"Where did she come from, she acts so dead."
"There is no similarity, between the siblings three."
The two you left for us to raise, speak with forked tongues to say,
" An affair did make her just this way."

Horror grasped my being that day.

Your Father agrees, "Get on your knees, your children need this sight."
Confess to us this child's deeds,
forgive yourself this night.

My Mother ran, with me in hand,
ignored her parents pleas.

Until this day, I wondered...
stayed quiet for my health was touched
sickness plagued my body
throwing up this sickness of the words I heard, the plagued.

I stick with whom declares some truth,
but lies still come blaring through.
A lesson learned of life time pain,
a turn, a glance at what took the chance
to be free and feel the wild romance
of the city lights and men.

No truth will ever be told from those,
that are so bold to lie.
You would have to lose your mind,
then try to find an ear to plead your case.

It seems until you find yourself in this type of bind,
you just continue on your way,
leaving the deadly signs behind,
never to remind yourself: Be kind.

It's always truth or dare to me,
that pressure of your exposure breeds,
my innocence to be.
Scream they do, those ones on here.

Where coats are worn like cloaks of fear.

Upon the setting Sun; Each and every one,
when darkness creeps and makes me run,
from persons of this character, they sneer.

They tout, "You'll never get away, 'cause I'll shout and block the Bay."

"I don't do!" "I'd never be!"
A Guy or Gal that you would see
out and about in the downtown fairs,
where Dungeons, Lairs and Whores compare,
the going price if you dare.

To me, it seemed a daily deed,
to watch and ready for.
You never knew which of them came through,
your home may become the next throne: Duty.

Company. That's what they'd say,
"desires your attention."
"Sit-up straight and don't you Hate!"
My way of life, or, did I mention.

Long times did pass,
this was the way, to see their dishonesty and shame.
Never did I want to be,
a human being.
To tell such lies and prepare those lines,
all to snare their prey.

Should I grow-up,
survive what's rough, this sultry type of life.
I'll always say,
"Be honest, give way,"
for I won't lie to you.

Do you enjoy the style of nights
that bring you those silk stocking tights?
Are you the type that looks and views,
lusting after more?

Be not ashamed?
Hide not behind the Internet to see.
Discretion is wise I know,
'cause of this dirty game.

Playing with these types of Chains,
will link the misery to you.
It may even shift that missing link,
forever you'll be too.

Beware of the Spook in YOU!!

A Liar is never true.